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					Camelot Inn and Suites
1950’s Diner at Camelot Inn and Suites
York, Nebraska
Location Stats
   Camelot Inn and Suites is an 80-room mid-level property
    sitting on 12 acres at the interchange of US81 and I80,
    just 45 minutes from Lincoln.
   20,000+ cars pass through the interchange each day.
   Primarily catering to locals, travelers, after-game drivers,
    construction crews, special events, etc.
   Interchange major brands with us are Super Wal-Mart,
    McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, Arby’s, Petro, Hampton
    Inn, Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Super 8
   Fourth busiest interchange in Nebraska
Area Map
County Stats
   96.8% white and 3.2% other ethnicities
   Most people make between $50K to
    $100K per year
   Top employment types:
       Health 13.3%
       Manufacturing 12.7%
       Agriculture 9.1%
       Education 8.3%
       Lodging 7.7%
       Construction 5.8%
Hotel Exterior
Front Desk
Hot Tub Suite
The Lounge
1950’s Diner
   Amenities/services:
      40-seat 50’s coffee shop
            Largest commercial kitchen in York (think
       2,800sf grand ballroom on the lower-level
       5,000sf bar (The Lounge) actively
       Pool, backyard and gazebos
       Plenty of parking (over 4 acres)
       All room types from economy to hot-tub
The Lounge
   Opened in September 2007
   Steady growth of customers
   Live entertainment and bands have been
    successful when the bands are actively
    promoting themselves (best lift was 3 to
    4x of normal with a popular live band)
   Stage, private room (vip) and seating for
    up to 200 guests
   Diner food options for The Lounge will
    increase sales
The Lounge Statistics
   The standard deviation of revenues for
    The Lounge is ~17% versus that of the hotel
    which is ~43%
   The Lounge has solid, stable revenue all year
    round versus the hotel industry which fluctuates
   This solidifies that the potential is excellent
    regardless of season
   Our property had a 19% year-over-year revenue
    increase during a down economy
   Steady customer base for the diner
Current Marketing Vehicles
   Web:
       Website
       MySpace
       Twitter
   Email
   Fliers
   Local Merchant Partners
   Print and radio
Diner Opportunity Benefits
 15,000+ people stay at Camelot Inn
  and Suites each year
 York is a very busy interchange
 The property is located on the
 No leasehold improvements are
 Minimal startup costs required
The Proposal
   The partners are seeking an operator to take the
    1950’s Diner from a breakfast-only operation
    (present use) to a full-service coffee shop
    feeding guests of Camelot Inn and Suites, The
    Lounge and the local community
   Base rent of $3,000 per month (all utilities
    included) plus 5% of gross sales
   Operator should have a minimum lease of three
    to five years
   We will provide marketing advice and support
Let us know your thoughts!
   Contact:
     Christopher Spencer
     Email:
     Phone: (402)210-2751