; Celebrities Like Their Pearls
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Celebrities Like Their Pearls


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									Celebrities Like Their Pearls

From : http://topjewelrystore.blogspot.com

Pearls never go out of style – they are always a classy and traditional wardrobe accessory that will never
disappoint you. But this year they are a “front and center” fashion statement! Just ask celebrities like
Sandra Bullok, Jennifer Anistan, or Courtney Cox.

So with more people in the market for pearls now is a good time for some “pearl talk.”

The pearl has always been a rather prim and proper piece of jewelry – classic and seeped in tradition.
Well things they are a changing! The pearl is has had a very glamorous make over!

Yes, the classic strand still exists as it always will. But we warned we are seeing some vary daring looks
from the pearl this season. Extra long lengths, tasseled multi strands, pearls with semi precious stone
accents, pearls on gold or silver chains. The pearl has been transformed into a fun and fashionable

So if you’re going to be in the market for pearls this year here is what the Celebrities say you should

•        The glow or radiance of a pearl is the most important quality. Avoid pearls that are chalky or
dull as they will be weak and may crack or peal.

•       The surface of the pearl should be blemish free – no bumps or cracks. Inspect under a bright
light. Baroque pearls are the exception to this rule – their charm is in their irregularities.

•       Pearls are measured in millimeters. The larger the pearl the higher the cost. A 6 mm pearl is
going to be much less than a 12 mm pearl

•       The least expensive pearls are the freshwaters which mainly come from China. They come in all
shapes, sizes, and colors. Average size is around 7 mm

•      The best way to care for your pearls is simply to wear them. The natural skin oils keep them
moisturized. Do not put them on until you are done with your cosmetics. This includes hair, facial, and
perfume. The residues from these products will ruin your pearls. Do not wear your pearls in the water –
chlorinated and salt water will damage them. Polish with a soft cloth and never use jewelry cleaning
products on your pearls.

Quality pearls are not cheap but they will last a lifetime. Freshwater pearls are becoming very
affordable. Not all of us will be in the market for “Real Pearls” and lucky us there are plenty of options.
Swarovski makes a crystal pearl that is of the finest quality and quite difficult to tell from a true pearl for
a fraction of the cost and they are available in a variety of colors.

There is an endless supply of imitation pearl or costume jewelry pearls on the market. These are offered
in a wide variety of styles and colors. Great fun at affordable prices. Do you think Jennifer Garner wears
the real thing for bumming around?

So you ask what’s “In Style” this season? Well I’m glad you asked!

•       Pearl rings get the green flag – from low settings to monster large solitaire pearls, they are all
the rave. A pearl ring can go from romantic and simple to sleek and stunning.

•       The Bib Necklace makes a very dramatic statement. A broad necklace that tapers towards the
back just like a baby’s bib [thus the name]. They range from extremely wide to as narrow as a ½”. This
style works great with a simple black dress or strapless neckline.

•        The multi-strand necklace is ever so preppy. They range from 12” to 18” and pearls are usually
small to medium. The object of these necklaces is for every pearl to be in perfect placement. Very
versatile and fashionable.

•       The opera length necklace simply never disappears from the fashion scene. They measure 36”
or longer and they can be worn as a long single lean line, doubled up, tied in a knot, wherever the
moment takes you. These long strands are terrific for dressing up a pair of jeans or semi casual look.

•       The tassel necklace from the footloose and fancy free1920s has made a come back, and rightly
so! Today tassels are often made from tiny seed pearls or irregular baroques. They range in length fro
short at 16” to navel length at 36”. The tassel necklace swings and sways with your movement making it
a must have for those night of dancing.

•       This season for first time, we are seeing pearls mixed with colored gems such as amethyst,
peridot, or topaz. They compliment each other nicely – pearls with their soft and subtle shades mixed
with semi precious gems with their vibrant and bold color. Picture it – what a fashion statement!

•        Pearls mixed with silver is also new this season. Long silver chain dangle earrings accented with
pearls, or freshwater droplets set on silver.
•       This season the pearl is all about the color. Pearls are available in many hues but this season the
“hot spot” is “lavender” and the lavender family ranging from pale iris to plum.

If you already own a beautiful classic pearl necklace its very easy to transform it into something from
this season. Try adding a group of charms or pendants, fastening a vintage brooch or clip[ on earring at
the bottom. You could mix various lengths or sizes of pearls together or entwine a silver or gold chain.
How about mixing your real pearls with your fake pearls? The options are as endless as your

Remember when you freshen your wardrobe for the spring, freshen your costume jewelry too and Make
Your Fashion Statement!Visit us : From : http://topjewelrystore.blogspot.com

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