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					                                  Terry Whiteman
                                  Terry Whiteman has extensive experience in Applied Economic Analysis,
                                  Infrastructure Investment Evaluation, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Public Policy
                                  Formulation, Regional Economic Strategy Development and Transport Planning. In
                                  particular, Terry has undertaken a number of high profile economic feasibility
                                  studies for significant highway, public transport and airport projects. Terry has
                                  practised extensively in the Australian market and has experience in undertaking
                                  international commissions.

Position                          Qualifications and Memberships
Very experienced economist        Bachelor of Economics, University of Sydney
Specialisation                    Expertise
Feasibility & Regional Economic   Terry has key experience in infrastructure planning, economics and business case analysis developed over
Impact Studies/Infrastructure
                                  30 years in both the private and public sectors. He has practised in Australian and international projects
Analysis/Transport/Property       across the full range of industry sectors including transport, commercial development, energy and mining
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis     utilising strategy development and discounted cash flow analysis. He is also experienced in the management
                                  of impact assessments.
Years in industry:                Key Project Experience

                                  Representative projects in Australia and Internationally

                                  Infrastructure Evaluation (all Australia)
                                   Airport Link Detailed Feasibility Study (QLD)
                                       Economics leader for the identificaton and assessment of the economic impacts for this major tunnel
                                       project in northern Brisbane with an estimated capital cost of $2.2 billion. The range of economic
                                       tasks that were undertaken include the development of Airport Link Cost Benefit Analysis model,
                                       managing of the Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modelling of the construction and
                                       operational expenditure and the identification and assessment of other qualitative economic impacts
                                       in the Airport Link corridor.
                                   Northern Busway Concept Development and Impact Management Plan (QLD)
                                       Economic leader responsible for conducting the economic impact analysis of the $536 million
                                       Northern Busway Project in Brisbane. This analysis included the cost benefit analysis modelling of
                                       public transport and road user benefits, discounted cashflows and the Computable General
                                       Equilibrium (CGE) modelling of the capital expenditure and operational maintenance expenditure.
                                   North South Bypass Tunnel (QLD)
                                       Responsible for undertaking the assessment of tenders with respect to the proposed road user and
                                       other ecomonic impacts of the $2 billion North South Bypass Tunnel in Brisbane. Tasks included the
                                       development of a cost benefit analysis model to assess the proposed traffic forecasts in terms of
                                       travel time savings and reduced vehicle operating costs.
                                   Gateway Motorway Upgrade Project (QLD)
                                       Conducted the economic impact analysis and cost benefit analysis for this $1.4 billion project in
                                       Brisbane which will provide a major duplicated cross Brisbane River bridge to support the future
                                       growth of Brisbane Airport, Port of Brisbane, Australia Trade Coast and the broader south east
                                       Queensland region.
                                   Albury Wodonga National Highway Project (NSW/VIC)
                                       Responsible for conducting a comparative economic analysis of route options (ranging in costs from
                                       $60 million to $500 million) using inputs from traffic modelling and endorsed economic parameters
                                       from ARRB and state road authorities.
                                   AusLink Darwin to Brisbane Corridor Study (DOTARS)
                                       Led this major AusLink Corridor Study that identified current road conditions and industry drivers
                                       between Darwin and Brisbane. Other tasks included assessing corridor deficiencies and proposing a
                                       range of upgrading and maintenance initiatives to meet future industry and traffic demand.

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Terry Whiteman

Business Case Analysis
 150MW Cogeneration Plant (Thailand)
   Prepared the financial feasibility study for a private client for a 150MW combined cycle cogeneration
   plant in south-east Thailand. The study included the development of a financial model that was used
   as the basis for running a number of scenarios for capital costs, gross capacity factors, discount
   rates and financing options.
 Banten Rail (Indonesia)
   On site development of the project proposal and programme for the pre-feasibility study to upgrade
   the railway line between Jakarta and Merak in Western Java. The study sought to identify existing
   and future demand for rail in Banten Province and the railway engineering investment options to
   meet forecast demand.
 North Coast Rail Corridor Analysis and Business Model (QLD)
   The preparation of a report and model which identifies road and rail freight flows, freight logistics and
   transport cost structures in the Brisbane to Cairns corridor in Queensland, Australia. The report also
   identified committed and planned major projects and assessed their implications for future rail
 Burrum River Vehicular Ferry Pre-Feasibility Study (QLD)
   Project Leader for study for Hervey Bay City Council and Isis Shire Council which identified the key
   issues and constraints of operating a vehicular ferry service for the 3 km crossing of the Burrum
   River in central Queensland , Australia. Tasks covered in the study include the development of a
   capacity constrained operating model, estimates of marine and onshore infrastructure costs,
   environmental and marine safety approvals and community consultation.

Aviation (Australia)
 Bundaberg Aerodrome Master Plan (QLD)
    Project Leader for the preparation of airside and landside master planning for Bundaberg
    Aerodrome. Directly responsible for passenger movements forecasting, landside development
    opportunities, business plan and marketing plan to drive the commercial operations of the
    aerodrome to 2020.
 Ballina Airport Master Plan Review (NSW)
    Conducted a review of Ballina Airport’s Business and Marketing Plans to identify actions to increase
    scheduled air services and passenger throughput at Ballina Airport. In addition, land development
    options surrounding the airport were assessed and recommendations put forward for short and long
    term commercial development.
 Bunbury Airport Relocation Study (WA)
    Responsible for conducting a comparative economic analysis of relocating Bunbury Airport
    elsewhere and selling/developing airport land for residential and/or industrial development.
    Projected cash flows were established for relocation options including returns for land sales, capital
    expenditure for new airport (including new airport land acquisition) and additional Council rates.

 Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy (QLD)
    This strategy study developed planning principals, a shared vision and regional strategies to facilitate
    the future economic and business development for this major Queensland region. The participants
    were presented with the Planning Institute of Australia merit award for this study.
 Temburong District Plan (Brunei)
    Sectoral leader for the macroeconomics, transportation and population tasks that are required for
    this district plan. The study’s was undertaken for the Brunei Government's Town and Country
    Planning Department and will provide an economic infrastructure and land use planning framework
    to guide development in the Temburong District to 2025.
 Bougainville Wharves Rehabilitation Project (Papua New Guinea)
    Economics leader for the preparation of the Baseline Survey Report of pre project conditions (i.e.
    copra and cocoa production, shipping, materials handling, etc) in Bougainville as part of this AusAid
    project. The report was used as a benchmark to identify and monitor economic and social
    improvements resulting from the rehabilitation and construction of the wharves at Buka and Kangu
    Beach respectively.

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