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									                              Business Finance Division
                                    Position Announcement

                                   SBA 504 Loan Packager

Job description:
The contractor (“Packager”) position duties will include doing the credit memorandum for every
SBA 504 loan application, arranging and completing the credit committee process, packaging the
application to send to the SBA and assisting the SBA during the approval process. The
contractor will manage these duties from their home office through email, phone, fax and some
face to face visits with the BFC staff.


   1. College degree with emphasis in finance or accounting and/or relative industry
   2. Risk management and Credit evaluation skills.
   3. Access to a computer and telephone.
   4. Effective communication and organizational skills.
   5. Strong IT skills in Microsoft Word and Excel.
   6. Easily accessible from 8am to 5pm.
   7. Ability to manage multiple priorities at once.


   1.   Flexible work hours.
   2.   Work from home.
   3.   Attractive compensation.
   4.   Great risk, credit and SBA experience.
                                   The Sale Cycle of a 504 Application

    1. Business Development Officer (BDO) finds lead
    2. BDO prequalifies lead to make sure fits SBA standards
    3. BDO works with bank and borrower to get all pertinent information
    4. BDO then completely hands deal off to Packager (contractor)
    5. Packager does credit memo and enters info into LMS (loan management system)
    6. Packager has credit memo double checked by BFC staff
    7. Packager works with Mary Callaway to set up credit call
    8. Packager presents credit memo to credit committee
    9. If approved Packager starts packaging the deal for SBA submittal
    10. Packager overnights the package to SBA
    11. Packager works the deal with SBA till approved
    12. Packager hands deal off to Debi Meise to close the deal

                      Estimated Sale Cycle Time Frame for Packager Position

    1.   Start Packager process
    2.   Credit Memo/LMS: 2-6 hours
    3.   BFC checks Credit Memo: 30 minutes
    4.   Set up Credit Committee Call: 0 (Mary will do)
    5.   Credit Committee Call: 30 min – 1 hour
    6.   Packaging: 4 hours
    7.   Overnight Package: 0 (Mary will do)
    8.   Work with SBA for Approval: 2-6 hours

         Total: 9 - 17.5 hours

These times are estimations and the actual sale cycle time will depend on the complexity of the loan and the
experience of the loan packager.

If you are interested in applying for the contractor “Packager” position please email a
cover letter, resume and any references you may have to the email below.


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