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					 www.corporatebridge.net               Course Objective
                                                                                           Agenda and modules
                            The main goal of the course is to enable               Module 1      Mastering Excel
                            students/professionals to enhance their skills in
                                                                                   Module 2      Financial Statement Analysis
                            Equity Research & Investment Banking through
                            practical examples and exercise, the Course            Module 3      Macroeconomics
                            illustrates the fundamentals of techniques used by     Module 4      Trading Comparables
                            finance practitioners. The Course also covers excel    Module 5      Transaction Comparables
                            best practices and efficiencies that are extremely     Module 6      Valuations
                            integral to financial modeling and pre-requisite for
                                                                                   Module 7      M&A Considerations
                            any junior banker / professional or MBA student.
                            The seminar will also provide a brief overview on      Module 8      IPO Analysis
                            how to use the financial model to create               Module 9      Financial Modeling
                            discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis.

                                       Course Highlights
Corporate                                                                                     Module 1: Mastering Excel
                                                                                        Excel Basics (Analyst's Excel Formulae and
Bridge                          Learn professional analysis to evaluate
                                historical and current trends of a company
                                                                                        functions, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, CHOOSE)
                                                                                        Graphs and Charts (Two-axis graphs, Band
Academy                         Effectively forecast trends and performance
                                of the firm using analyst’s tool like horizontal
                                                                                        charts – PE, EV/EBITDA, P/BV, P/Sales, Ratio
                                analysis, Vertical analysis and Ratio Analysis          Pivot Table
                                                                                        DATA Tables
                                Insights to various sophisticated
   Computer Based               fundamental valuation tools as used by Buy
                                Side/Sell Side analyst and Investment
Comprehensive Course on         Bankers with key focus on DCF, SOP, Equity           Module 2: Financial Statement Analysis
                                and EV Multiples.

 INVESTMENT                     Learn complex financial modeling by
                                identifying and utilizing key business drivers
                                                                                        Ratio Analysis:
                                                                                        Liquidity Analysis, Common size statements,
                                                                                        Internal liquidity analysis, Operating / Risk /
                                and integrating them into a three statement
   BANKING                      forecasting model.
                                                                                        Growth Analysis, Dupont analysis - Return
                                                                                        on equity, Risk analysis
                                Learn to efficiently build revenue drivers of           Inventory Valuations
                                FMCG, Retail and Cement sector models                   Depreciation Policies
An IIT-IIM Alumni Venture       Learn Merger & Acquisition Considerations               Capitalization vs Expensing
                                Learn IPO Analysis                                      Income Taxes
   Module 3: Macroeconomics                                Module 6: Valuations                            Excel Beyond Excellence!
  Revenues, Costs                                  Discounted Cash Flows                             Corporate Bridge Academy is a global full-service
  Fixed asset, capital expenditure and             Terminal Value (Exit Value, Perpetuity Growth     training firm, providing instructor-led training and e-
  depreciation schedule                            Method)                                           learning       services     to professionals       from
  Capital lease, Amortization schedule             Discount Rate (Cost of Debt, Cost of Equity,      top investment banks and financial institutions. Our
  Working capital and change in working            CAPM)                                             training programs have attracted working
  capital schedule                                 Sensitivity Analysis (TABLE Function)             professionals fromtop notch firms like J.P.Morgan,
                                                   Equity value multiples: P/E, P/CF, P/BV, PEG,     Citi group, RBS, LIC, Religare securities, Reliance
  Module 4: Trading Comparables                    Dividend Yield and Other Valuation Approaches     capital, Nomura, SSJ Securities, J M Financial, ICICI
                                                                                                     Securities, DBOI, HDFC Securities, CRISIL, Grid
  Gathering information                            Asset based valuation, Sum of parts, Mergers      Stone, ICICI PRU, Mitsubishi, BSE, NSE, India Bulls
  Choosing appropriate peer group                  and acquisitions comparables, Replacement         Securities,     Capgemini,      Corporation       Bank,
  Calculating equity value and enterprise          cost method, Qualitative factors in valuation -   Cognizant, Central Bank Of India, India Infoline
  Value(EV)                                        management quality                                 Ltd, Edelweiss, HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank, Tata Capital,
  Normalizing earnings                                                                               Reliance Money, CNBC, TCS, E&Y, Birla Sunlife etc.
  Calculating last twelve months (LTM)           Module 7&8: M&A Considerations & IPO                to name a few. We also conduct in-house training
  Adjusting the enterprise value (EV)                                                                for firms like CLSA India, JM Financials, Capvent
  Calculating fully diluted shares outstanding     Cash flow/headroom available for strategic        Indiaetc. Candidates of Corporate Bridge have been
  (options & convertibles)                         purposes                                          preferred by firms like ICICI Direct, Share Khan,
  Equity value multiples: P/E, P/CF, P/BV,         Cash and stock mix for deal financing             Adventity, Accenture, CARE Ratings, KR Choksey,
  PEG, Dividend Yield                              Accretion/ dilution analysis                      SMC etc. for employment.
                                                   Potential credit rating impact
  Calculating various multiples                                                                      Corporate Bridge has conducted training programs
                                                                                                     and seminars at some of the most prestigious
                                                      Module 9: Financial Modeling                   academic institutions and corporations in the world,
Module 5: Transaction Comparables                                                                    including IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIT Delhi, IIT
                                                                                                     Kanpur, MDI Gurgaon, FMS Delhi, NITIE, NMIMS,
  Gathering information                            Hands-on working along with the Instructor        BSE, Indian Institute of Capital Markets etc.
  Choosing appropriate deals                       Overview of Financial Modeling
  Discuss strategic rationale
  Regulatory roadblocks/challenges
                                                   Excel Best Practices                                                Contact Us
                                                   Modeling Warm Up
  Control premiums, synergies                      Key Financial Statements                                 Corporate Bridge Academy
  Calculating equity value and enterprise          Working Capital Schedule
                                                                                                           318, A Block, Sagar Tech Plaza
                                                   Depreciation Schedule
  Normalizing earnings                                                                                    Sakinaka Junction, Andheri East
                                                   Amortization Schedule
  Calculating last twelve months (LTM)                                                                        Mumbai, India 400 072
                                                   Long Term Items (Others) Schedule
  Checking and interpreting results Other          Building Income Statement                           Phone Nos: 92222 87738, 92222 87739
  Valuation Approaches                                                                                      92232 33568, 92232 33569,
                                                   Shareholder’s Equity Schedule
  Asset based valuation, Sum of parts, ,                                                                          022 - 3222 5058
                                                   Shares Outstanding Schedule
  Replacement cost method, Qualitative
  factors in valuation - management
                                                   Preparing for Debt & Interest                         Email: info@corporatebridge.net
                                                   Trouble Shooting                                          www.corporatebridge.net
                                                   Completing the Financial Model

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