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					John Racine                                  (301) 661-6011                                   Page 1 of 3


Address: Available upon request                                          Contact: jpr@racent.net    or 301-661-6011

A visionary, energetic, and creative professional having 20+ years in business and IT combining diverse experience as a
Technical Writer/Trainer, Sr. Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, Project Manager, MIS Manager, Programmer, DBA,
Inventory Manager, Consultant, and Retail Store Manager, I strive for excellence in sophisticated business IT
applications, from distribution to manufacturing to health insurance to retail, dealing with large, mid-range, and small
relational database management systems, in technical writing, training, development, and management. My education at
Strayer University, where I attained an MBA and the distinction of the Outstanding Graduate Award (Valedictorian), has
refined my writing experience and ability, exercised my analytical and financial skills, enhanced my teamwork skills, and
increased my knowledge of the practical workings of organizations. I think my best years are still ahead. My expertise

             Technical Communication•Business Systems Analysis & Programming•IT/Project/Inv. Mgmt.
      Managerial/Cost Acctg•Technology Innovation•Strategic Planning•Change Leadership•Workflow Optimization

   Conceived and developed a Style Guide and created a .dot template at CSC
   Co-wrote technical manuals (the TCL/Access/Retrieve instructional and reference manual and the Stacker Quick
    Reference Guide) at MAMSI

Technical Communication and Marketing, see http://examples.racent.net
   Co-wrote business reqs., system reqs., system design, & decision-support documents at CMS/IBM
   Conceived and developed Guidelines for Document Consistency and Style to limit inconsistencies
   Doubled the size of the largest SoftMed guide, created a guide, and augmented three others
   Edited a government proposal for consistent voice and grammar, usage, spelling, etc.
   Conceived and created several Purveyor Software User Manuals and maintained its website
   Trained users and programmers in Pick and college students in microcomputer applications
   Edited and prepared Olive Padden’s Memoirs for printing
   Wrote and published technical articles in computer trade magazines
   Managed project computer document directories and document binders
   Instituted Lost Sales Tracking at Aireco
   Negotiated a license agreement with Honor Foods of Philadelphia
   Conceived and wrote British Petroleum’s “beyond petroleum” strategic plan: slogan, associated HELIOS sign emblem,
    merger with AMOCO, ARCO, & Castrol, use of ethanol as 10% gasoline additive (which led to industry adoption of
    same), “Invigorate” slogan, “BP Solar” division, and alternative energy diversification ($1Billion ideas)
   Conceived and wrote Pick Systems “Flagship” strategic plan and marketing plan for “Advanced Pick (AP)”, including
    creation of Update processor, Menu processor, FlashBasic (translating Basic into C), TCL stacker, revamping Runoff as
    Output Processor, inclusion of advanced Basic features, sending ideas to Pick Licensees, Prime Information lawsuit
   Conceived and wrote plan for “MAMSI Heart Walk” charity marathon walk in downtown DC and their heart logo
   Conceived plan for Jekyll’s Hide to develop separate luggage and coat stores
   “beyond petroleum”, ”Purveyor Software”, “BuildingBlocks4GL RAD Tools”, “AccuPro” AccuTerm Integration,
    “GrabBag” & “PowerTools” utilities, “Data Integrity Package”, “SpoolerPro”, “CursorPro” GUI editing,
    “FreedomProgramming”, “FreedomSaves”, “MoveIt” ETL, “AccessPro” report writer, “SafetyNet” security,
    “QuickScreens”, “GoodByeProc” translator, “E” editor, “TermPhantoms”, “MultiMenus” marketing concepts
Business Systems Analysis and Computer Programming
   Interviewed developers to write current and future state documentation
   Developed high-level business procedures and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at CSC
John Racine                                     (301) 661-6011                                Page 2 of 3
 Developed general Change Control and Source Code Change Control Procedures at CSC
 Wrote business process documents and flowcharted business and technical processes
 Performed business process and gap analyses, requirements gathering, Use Case, Test Case/UAT/CAT
 Conceived and developed the Extract, Transform, & Load (ETL) software for the Data Warehouse (saving thousands of
  programming man-hours) and initiated implementation of a Source Code Control System (SCCS) at MAMSI
 Developed, tested, and implemented software on multiple projects, in several organizations, requiring multi-tasking
 Conceived, created, and brought to market Purveyor ERP/MRP & BuildingBlocks4GL RAD Tools; integrated them w/
  Microsoft Office and AccuTerm; designed and conducted market survey; created the marketing approach and
  documentation and present them through http://www.racent.net
 Conceived/created feature design specifications and marketing for Pick/MultiValue Databases including, B-, U-, call-
  correlatives, distributed files, user-defined functions, PASSLIST/RTNLIST/CAPTURING, IN/NOT.IN, security
  features ($20 millions ideas)
   Conceived and wrote plan for the development of the ADDS 4000 & 2900 computer workstations, especially
    the inclusion of a calculator, perpetual calendar, clock, and extended screen depth to 44 rows, 8 pgs of screen
    caching, double-wide/double-high characters, 4 extra function keys, and programmable characters/icons
Management, Strategic Planning, Procurement, and Quality Assurance
   A major project, for which I was the central contributor and was recognized by award, was the conception, creation,
    project management, and programming of an ERP/MRP/Activity-Based Cost Accounting system and many software
    enhancements which together overhauled an entire poultry and seafood distribution enterprise (saving Haldeman’s 50+
    employee company about $5 million net profit and actually saving the company itself), especially Management
    Reporting, J-I-T Inventory Management, Purchasing, Truck Routing, and Billing\Receivables\Sales\A/R, in order to
    successfully defend my assertion that the poultry business line was performing as well as the seafood line, although the
    gross profit figures denied this to the point that the company was considering dropping the poultry line
   Led Chris McIntyre’s Application Programming Team for MAMSI’s 2500+ employee regional health insurance
    company on CSC Comtech ERP software in a matrix environment
   Hired, trained, and managed personnel, contractors, and vendors; have managed a staff of 3
   Evaluated, purchased, and installed an optical storage system and PCs at Aireco Supply
   Evaluated and selected a new telephone services vendor (saving $10 thousand) at Aireco Supply
   Found a buyer for and sold a DEC3050 mid-range computer when we replaced it with an IBM RS6000
   Did disaster planning; administered Unix (AIX RS6000) system at Aireco Supply
   Managed a Wide Area Network (WAN); implemented printing system, saving many user licenses at Aireco
   Performed procurement RFP research, project planning, management, and technical writing for the multi-million dollar
    Modernized Integrated Tax System at the State of Maryland
   Managed the large 24Hr. Turnaround Time Project to help acquire the accreditation of the National Committee on
    Quality Assurance (NCQA) at MAMSI, recognized by award
   Managed 3 project years of HEDIS claims data analysis and metrics to help keep the NCQA accreditation worth $25
    million to MAMSI
    “Debugged” Ultimate Data Systems SHIMS ERP software (saving an estimated $10 million)
   Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Wholesale Distribution and Supply

basys, inc.                                               Linthicum Heights, MD        2010
Software Engineer
Racine Enterprises Inc. (BB4GL/Purveyor Software)         Centreville, MD       1989 – 2008
President/Contractor (System Architect/Tech. Writing, Marketing/Sales, Programming, Proj. Mgmt., Bus. Anal.)
 Ramdata Systems Ltd.                                    Leichestershire, UK        Present
 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS)/IBM     Linthicum, MD         2008 – 2009
 State of Maryland                                       Annapolis, MD                2007
 Computer Sciences Corporation                           Hanover, MD                  2007
 SoftMed Systems                                         Silver Spring, MD            2006
Wesley College                                            New Castle, DE        2008 - 2009
Adjunct Business Professor
Mid-Atlantic Medical Services Inc. (MAMSI)                Rockville, MD         1997 – 2004
Sr. Systems Analyst (also Programmer, QA, Proj. Manager, Technical Writer, Trainer)
John Racine                           (301) 661-6011                                          Page 3 of 3
J.G. Haldeman & Bro.                                    Chadds Ford, PA                   1987 – 1992
Business Analyst/Programmer/Consultant/Asst. MIS Mgr./System Architect

Degree                              Date Awarded         Institution

Microsoft Word 2003 Specialist      06/29/2006           Certiport

Master of Business                  08/13/2005           Strayer University (3.92 GPA, Outstanding Graduate
Administration (Management)                              Student Award (Valedictorian of 1500+ students))

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)                            University of Delaware (Honors Program – 30
                                                         Credits, Math through Differential Equations, 2.5
                                                         years of Engineering, Artificial Intelligence project.)

High School Diploma                                      Archmere Academy (college prep., 3.61 GPA, 5th in
                                                         class of 99 students, Vice President Biden’s school)

Pick Programmer Certificate                              Pick Accreditation Council (am one of the best in the
(CPP/MultiValue databases)                               world; scored 100% on the difficult exam.)

Course work (no degree)                                  Delaware Technical and Community College (Data
                                                         Processing major, 4.0 GPA)

                              • expert: MS Office, especially: Word, Visio, Excel, Outlook
Software Applications:
                              • proficient: PowerPoint, Publisher, MS Access, Project
                              • proficient: HTML/XHTML/CSS/FTP/DreamWeaver
                              • proficient: Lotus Notes, SameTime, NetMeeting, Webex, Sharepoint, Rally
                              • expert: ERPs - SHIMS, MDS, CSC Comtech, Purveyor, Honor Foods
                              • familiar: ERPs - Infor ERP (all, including Adage), PLM, SCM, SRM
                              • proficient: Adobe FrameMaker, Acrobat, Distiller, RoboHelp
                              • proficient: Graphics - PhotoImpression

                              • expert: User/Customer Acceptance Testing (UAT/CAT), Gap Analysis, Data
                              Modeling, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Flowcharting, SDLC
                              • proficient: Scrum, Agile
                              • familiar: Catalyst (CSC), Six Sigma, Kaizen

                              • expert: mvBase, Mentor, UniVerse, Unidata, IBM U2,TCL/Access/BASIC/Proc
Operating Systems
                              • expert: AccuTerm Smart User Interface (SUI) & Graphical User Interface (GUI)
and Programming
                              • proficient: Unix/AIX/Linux/SCO, SQL, Pick (R83/D3), Windows, jBase
                              • proficient: Printer Control Language (PCL)
                              • familiar: Oracle, Java, COBOL, ALGOL, PASCAL, FORTRAN, VMware,
                              Visual Basic (VB), .NET, C, C++, C#

Inventions: 5          Patents: 1 (#4,845,893)                  Other Industry-Accepted Ideas: over 100

Security Clearance: Public Trust

MENSA Member (#1111203)

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