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					                                 Financial Modeling I:
                                 Model Development
                                 Technique and MS
                                 Excel Capabilities
                                 Who should attend
                                 „   Credit analysts
                                 „   Chief financial officers
                                 „   Financial analysts
Duration                         „   Managers of all branches of the economy
2 days / 16 academic hours       „   Employees responsible for budget planning, writing company
16 CPD-units / 14 CPE credits        operational and investment plans.

Required level of preparation
                                 „ To familiarize participants with the key stages of model development
Knowledge in financial
                                    and the “golden rules” of Modeling
statements, ability to prepare
a Cash Flow Statement            „ To familiarize participants with MS Excel capabilities used in financial
by direct and indirect methods      Modeling
and to use MS Excel              „ To instruct the efficient use of MS Excel functions for evaluating
                                    behaviours pattern of expenses and application of regression analysis
                                 „ To instruct how to carry out income sensitivity analysis
                                    and evaluation of profitability index sensitivity to changes in market
                                    conditions using Data Table macros
                                 „ To exercise practical skills for targeting profitability indexes
                                    and solvency indicators using the Goal Seek macros
                                 „ To familiarize participants with the theory and practice of operational
                                    decision optimization: choice of assortment, scheduling, optimization
                                    of investment portfolio by application of the Solver tool
                                 „ To exercise practical skills for computation of investment
                                    performance measurements using MS Excel: PV, FV, PMT, NPV, IRR,
                                    XNPV, XIRR.
                                 The theory is illustrated by practical examples on personal computers.
                                 This training requires computers with lowered security levels that allow
                                 macros application.
                                 Important: the training program does not allow case studies
                                 to be performed on PCs running Windows Vista.
Financial Modeling I: Model Development Technique and                                                        2

Training peculiarities                                  Day 2
„ Application of MS Excel capabilities for their use    „ Decision optimization by linear programming
  in meeting tactical objectives in making                choice of assortment, scheduling, optimization
  managerial decisions (computation                       of investment portfolio, transport route
  of break-even points, regression analysis, etc.)        optimization. Case Study: SOLVER
„ Technique of data definition while developing         Section 3. Investment decision making
  financial models, evaluation of individual factors’
                                                        „ MS Excel application for computation
  impact on the final result
                                                          of investment project parameters
„ Training customization according to a particular
                                                        „ MS Excel functions and Case Study: PV, FV,
  industry at client’s request under a preliminary
                                                          PMT, NPV, IRR, XNPV, XIRR. Cash flow
  agreement with the instructor (applicable
                                                          adjustment for investment project evaluation
  for corporate clients).
                                                        „ Applying SPINNER macros for scenario analysis
Training methodology                                      of investment project.
„ Training is conducted in an interactive form
  and includes a number of case studies.
„ Training participants are provided with specially     Certificates of the Ernst & Young
  designed training materials in Russian.               Academy of Business.

Training outline                                        Place and time
                                                        Open trainings are conducted at Ernst & Young
Day 1                                                   Academy of Business from 9:30 to 16:30.

Section 1. Modeling objectives and rules                In-company training
„ Objectives of financial Modeling and forecasting,     „ Preliminary analysis of clients’ training needs,
  application sphere of models                            identification of aims and goals
„ Key stages of Modeling (planning, development,        „ Training adaptation industry
                                                        „ Flexible approach to training location
„ Modeling “Golden rules”                                 and schedules
„ Practical suggestion. Case Study in mini-groups       „ Report on the training results.

Section 2. Modeling of operational decisions. Cost      Recommended training scheme
and price management. Sales, income
and profitability management                            „ Cash Flow Statement: Preparation Techniques
„ Estimation of expenses’ behavior pattern.             „ Financial Analysis I-II
  Regression analysis. Case Study: Regression           „ Financial Modeling I: Model Development
„ Estimation of profit sensitivity to changes             Technique and MS Excel Capabilities
  in market conditions. Factor analysis.                „ Financial Modeling II: Financial Business
  Case Study: Data Table                                  Situation Forecasting
„ Analysis of return on equity (ROCE, ROE).             „ Risks: Computer Modeling and Assessment
  Factor analysis. Goal seek.
  Case Study: Data Table, Goal Seek                     „ Business Valuation

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