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                        ComputerEase -- Developed for Contractors by Contractors

Executive Summary
ComputerEase Software has been serving the project            financial analysis, ComputerEase is potentially a total
management and accounting software needs of                   construction software solution.
contractors since 1983. ComputerEase is known for
innovative products that include project management, job      ComputerEase also provides you with all the crucial
costing and accounting that are comprehensive yet easy to     information and analysis you need for your company to
use. ComputerEase recently received two nationally            be profitable, all in a concise and easily accessible format.
recognized awards for FieldEase and Electronic Invoice        Its powerful Management Centers provide quick and easy
Routing and Approval. FieldEase, a field application that     access to job and company information through a mix of
works on a laptop or tablet PC, was awarded the 2008          reports and graphical formats. The ability to drill down
“Hot Product” Award from Construction Executive               into detailed information is available on most reports in
Magazine. Electronic Invoice Routing & Approval was           the Management Centers. Critical information is available
awarded “Top Product for 2009” by ConstrucTech                to owners, project managers and other key employees
Magazine. Both products go a long toward ending the           based on security access. Key trouble shooting reports are
paper chase in a contractors office.                          automatically generated through the Management Centers
                                                              as well as snapshots on Cash Flow, Jobs, Payroll,
Sold through a network of dealerships across the country,     Subcontractors, Equipment, Receivables and an overall
ComputerEase is used by more than 6,500 contractors           Financial view.
nationwide and is designed to meet the needs of General
Contractors, Subcontractors and Service Contractors. In       ComputerEase can be customized for each user. Current
addition, ComputerEase also offers FieldEase (a remote        offering of modules include:
time, and service work order system), and a stand-alone            • Job Costing with projected job cost
project management system .                                        • General Ledger
                                                                   • Accounts Payable
In 1996, ComputerEase became one of the first                      • Accounts Receivable
construction software packages to adopt Microsoft                  • Payroll
Windows, proving itself as an innovator in construction            • Management Centers
management software. ComputerEase is written in Visual
                                                                   • Project Management
C++ and is fully Microsoft and ODBC compliant.
                                                                   • Subcontract Management
ComputerEase requires Windows 2000 operating system
                                                                   • Equipment Control
or later and makes full use of 32-bit technology.
ComputerEase is compatible with most network                       • Inventory
environments, including Windows Sever 2000 or later,               • Purchasing / Purchase Orders
peer-to-peer and Linux. Built-in conversion tools allow            • Service Management
for faster startup when converting from QuickBooks®,               • Bid Day and Bid Invitation Control
PeachTree® and other software systems.                             • Tool and Equipment Tracking & Rental
                                                                   • FieldEase--remote time & field reporting
Visit            www.computerease.com         or                   • FieldEase—remote       service    work   order
www.mycomputerease.comfor more information or to                       processing
request a free DVD.                                                • QTools report writer
                                                                   • Quick Access and Task Menus
Project Management, Payroll, Accounting, FieldEase
and More                                                      ComputerEase has a strong payroll module that includes
ComputerEase is designed for the entire life cycle of a       Certified Payroll reports, union reporting, multi-state and
construction project. The fully integrated system follows a   municipality payroll. Attendance tracking is also available
construction project through crucial areas of a               in the payroll module. ComputerEase’s FieldEase
contractor’s business.                                        application is especially good for labor-intensive
From estimating (including third party and Excel
importing), project management (including scheduling,         ComputerEase will integrate with most third party
resource management and document control), invoice            software systems including, but not limited to: estimating
routing & approval, payroll (including certified payroll      systems, project management systems (including MS
reporting) and accounting to complete job cost and            Project, Primavera and SureTrack remote time keeping
systems, scale systems, , bar code readers, Create-A-        Cons
Check and pricing services.                                  • Limited options for formatting financial statements,
                                                             • Requires ODBC driver for custom reports which is
Support and Maintenance                                         very cumbersome
ComputerEase is sold and supported through a national        • No automated links with outside payroll services
channel of dealer-consultants. Local dealer-consultants      • No intercompany transactions
provide sales, support and training services directly to     • Weak fixed assets module
their customers, enabling each customer to receive           • Limited for equipment costing
support in their local time zone and helping to reduce the
                                                             • Will write a check without a signed off lien waver
cost of onsite training for customers. Rather than
                                                             • Cumbersome corrections process to transactions
directing all customer support through a central corporate
                                                                posted to wrong job or needing adjustments of any
office, customers receive more individualized, personal
and cost effective services. In addition to telephone and
e-mail support, ComputerEase has an online help manual       • Categories and cost codes must be entered for each
                                                                job or pulled from a template
built into the system..
                                                             • Bank rec. only gives bank balance but not the book
ComputerEase’s maintenance program includes all                 balance so system won't keep track of the
software enhancements and updates. These updates are            unreconciled balance
available on a monthly basis and include: year-end           • No detailed reporting of materials used on a job
updates, tax updates, W-2 changes and tax law changes.       • Weak for service maintenance tracking of equipment
All updates are available through the auto-update feature    • Cannot edit fields like invoice number before
within the ComputerEase system. In addition, the                posting
maintenance program entitles the customer to all upgrades    • Cannot print subsidiary ledger like a purchase journal
when a new version is released annually.                        or sales journal
                                                             • Multiple steps to post transactions, once to subledger
                                                                and then from subledgers to to GL
Competitive Pricing                                          • Not date sensitive for transaction batches which are
Product pricing is based upon the configuration of the          posted to selected financial period that defaults to
software that is purchased (modules and number of users         the system calendar date
purchased). The base system starts at $4,995 and includes
Job Cost, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts         ComputerEase is a menu-based system that provides
Receivable, Q Tools and ODBC for a single user.              quick and easy access to each module. Data entry is
Training and support pricing varies by dealer. Each new      consistent from module to module and can be done using
purchase includes training, a system manual and tutorial     a mouse or keyboard. Keyboard short cuts are standard
workbook. Training is available on-site, on-line or at       throughout the system. Each module includes the ability
ComputerEase’s local dealership offices at the customer’s    to quickly add new records. Parameter settings ensure
discretion.                                                  Job Cost and General Ledger stay in balance and all
                                                             transactions offer real time posting to Job Cost.
System Features
Pros                                                         ComputerEase can run on a single workstation, in a
• Management Centers                                         network environment or as a web-based application
• Fully-integrated Project Management                        through the “Enterprise” solution. The system operates on
• Ability to enter percent complete, units complete,         a concurrent user license and can be installed on an
    revised estimates and dollars to complete                unlimited number of computers. Full record locking is
• User-defined menus                                         available in the system.
• Unlimited user-defined fields in all modules
• Web enabled ASP service available
• Stand-alone project management available                   Customizable and Secure
                                                             ComputerEase offers an unlimited number of user-defined
• Display, print or e-mail all reports
                                                             fields, that include drop-down selection boxes and an
• User-defined security                                      option to designate them as required fields, throughout
• Direct deposit capabilities                                each module as well as user defined system menu, and the
• Ability to attach documents, digital photos, scanned       end user has the ability to enter date sensitive notes
    images, etc. in all modules                              throughout the system. From a vendor or customer file to
• Electronic work orders                                     collection notes on an invoice to documenting a delay on
• Electronic Invoice Routing & Approval                      a job schedule, the ability to add notes plays an important
• Fully-integrated Tool & Equipment Tracking                 role in ComputerEase.
• Templates powered by Microsoft Word
• Offers an equipment rental application
ComputerEase comes with hundreds of standard reports.
Reports can be run by date range and period. A powerful
report selector, built into each module, allows users to
select the desired report parameters. These report
selections can be set as defaults for each user. Reports        Job Cost
can be exported or pasted into Excel and all reports are
designed to be displayed, printed and e-mailed (reports
can be attached automatically as PDFs to outgoing e-
mails). In addition, the user has the ability to fax directly
from the system with the integration of third-party fax

QTools, a built in, user-friendly report writer, allows
users to customize standard reports and create their own
reports using their user defined fields. These reports can
then be saved as new report templates and may also be
exported to Excel and other databases.

Additional report writing capabilities are available using
third party report writers such as Crystal Reports, Excel,      Pros
Word and Access. Additionally, ComputerEase
dealerships offer custom report services to create custom       •   Strong inquiry and reporting
reports for their customers.                                    •   Job Center
                                                                •   Projected job costing
System security can be assigned down to the menu item,          •   Separate billing and costing schedules may be linked
giving the end user the power to decide which employees         •   Computation of percentage of completion
have access to which features. ComputerEase security            •   Drill down capability in reports
includes executive payroll settings.        The system          •   Troubleshooter reports
administrator can quickly and easily assign and copy            •   Unlimited user defined cost codes
security settings from one user to another. There is no         •   Multiple input options for calculating percentage
limit to the number of user logins and passwords that can           complete and projected job cost
be created.                                                     •   In AIA invoicing and Unit billing, option to update
                                                                    original values and amounts completed directly from
An unlimited number of companies can be run using                   Job Costing Reports
ComputerEase. The name of the active company is
displayed on all screens in the software. All companies         Cons
have their own data files and consolidated financial
statements can be prepared in the General Ledger.
                                                                    •    Cumbersome process required to transfer costs
                                                                         between jobs
ComputerEase’s “practice mode” creates a duplicate of
the company data that looks and feels like the real
                                                                Integration between Job Cost and the other ComputerEase
company. This allows the user to practice a transaction
                                                                modules is strong. Vendor and subcontractor invoices are
without affecting the “live” data.
                                                                posted to Job Cost from Accounts Payable. Job billings
                                                                are posted from Accounts Receivable. Change orders can
                                                                be posted from Job Cost, Document Control or Accounts
Accounting Practices
                                                                Receivable (AIA and contract billings). Purchase orders
ComputerEase follows Generally Accepted Accounting
                                                                update committed cost on job reports. Employee hours
Principles (GAAP) and provides detailed audit trails. Soft
                                                                (regular and overtime), gross pay and labor burden are
close procedures within each module allow the system
                                                                posted to the category level from information posted in
administrator to determine, by user, how transactions are
                                                                payroll. Job notes, including files such as digital pictures,
posted (to prior and future periods). Transaction postings
                                                                Excel and Word files, scanned images or any electronic
are date driven, not period driven.
                                                                file, can be attached to each job. These attachments can
                                                                be transactional or merely informational. Job Cost
                                                                interfaces with several tool tracking systems for costing
                                                                and tracking tool usage on jobs.
Job file                                                        Projected Job Cost
Jobs are identified by a 10 character alphanumeric job          A unique feature of ComputerEase is its ability to project
code, a four-character alphanumeric phase code, a six-          a job’s profitability based upon information that has
character alphanumeric category code, and up to 16 cost         already been entered. This feature allows the end user to
types. The system comes pre-defined with five cost types,       see where your job will end up, providing the job
and up to 11 user-defined cost types may be added, each         manager with the tools he needs to make effective
linked with a General Ledger code. For each cost                changes. The ComputerEase Troubleshooter highlights
combination, users can enter estimated dollars, hours and       the problem areas on a job in plain text so Pproject
quantities. User defined job fields are available in a date,    managers can locate potential problems quickly and easily
text, number, yes/no or phone number format, and are            in time to correct them before the job is completed. There
available at the job, phase and category level.                 are five different Troubleshooters in ComputerEase: Job,
ComputerEase can track quantities, which are used to            Field Manager, Payroll, Subcontractor and Receivables.
track production, in both units and dollars.                    These Troubleshooters include budget vs. actual, labor
                                                                hours or rates, units complete, cost-to-date as a percentage
Third-party estimating packages easily interface with the       of estimate, billed-to-date as a percentage of contract and
ComputerEase import function. This interface can be used        many other comparative statistics.
to create job budgets, pull list and purchase orders in
ComputerEase.                                                   A new feature added to release 7.0 was the Profit
                                                                Variance or“Fade/Gain” report. Now from week to week
ComputerEase allows you to see the true labor cost by           or period to period a project manager can easily see how
posting actual labor burden, in addition to direct wages, to    much the revised estimate either increased or decreased.
Job Cost. The burden is pre-defined to include all payroll      This new feature saves the project manager a lot of time
taxes, workers compensation and general liability               in analyzing changes to their jobs.
insurance and union fringes as well as other company
paid benefits established in Payroll. In addition, the user     Change Orders
also can choose a percent of burden to use, either by itself    An integral part of a contractor’s success, change orders
or in conjunction with the actual labor dollars. You may        can be managed from Job Cost or the Document Control
also post direct costs as a percent of one or more of the       modules. A new feature in the latest release, 7.5, allows
cost types - for example, material, equipment, labor,           for detailed change order pricing for detailed pricing of
subcontracts, etc.                                              labor, material, subcontracts etc, as well as multiple
                                                                markups for overhead, profits, taxes, bonds etc. User
ComputerEase allows copying from one job to another,            definable fields and extensive note capabilities make the
even if the jobs are in different formats. Billing line items   change order system flexible. Change order documents
for a schedule of values is defined at the phase level in the   are created and tracked within ComputerEase. Pending,
job setup. ComputerEase handles time and material               approved and denied change orders are tracked for both
billings, AIA, Contract, Unit, and user formatted billing       internal and customer levels. The current contract on a
through the Accounts Receivable module.                         job is automatically updated once a change order is
                                                                approved. Change orders are easily tracked and edited as
Jobs can be set as active or inactive, allowing the system      the job demands and they can be printed for the approval
to sort out the closed jobs, but maintaining the data for       process. Change orders are tracked as they progress
reporting purposes.                                             through the approval stages and from delivery to the
                                                                architect, customer, and subcontractor.        Reports in
Job Cost Transactions                                           ComputerEase show the pending, approved and denied
Job cost estimates can be entered for each cost                 status of each change order.
distribution or can be duplicated from another job (or
master job template). Users can duplicate the phases            Inquiries and Reports
and/or categories from this template.                           ComputerEase offers many standard reports, most of
                                                                which can be broken down by either a posting date,
Users will normally enter the transactions in a source          posting period, cost type, job number, phase or category
module, but a number of different transactions can be           number, or active/inactive. These sorting criteria are
entered directly into the Job Cost module.             All      available on most standard reports and all summary
transactions are posted to the General Ledger in either a       reports have a drill down feature to the original entry. Job
detail or summary format. The user can either use a job         analysis provides the opportunity to view multiple
cost summary or a balance screen to assist in                   selected reports for a single job rather than having to
reconciliation to the General Ledger. ComputerEase also         specify a job for each report you wish to print.
provides features for tracking construction loan draws and
associated information.                                         Percentage of completion is calculated at the cost
                                                                distribution level. The software compares the budget for
                                                                each line item to actual costs, and figures the percent
complete from there, including costs remaining, although    subcontractor and notes can be attached to the vendor and
this can be overridden. One of the strengths of             accessed in the invoice entry screen. The system prompts
ComputerEase is the ability to run reports for prior        the user for a Worker’s Compensation expiration date and
periods and have the data reflect just that information.    General Liability insurance, and warns you when this date
This enables a user to re-run a report when needed and      has expired.
use it in reconciling to the General Ledger.         The
Troubleshooter is located on the Job Center and clearly     For those companies that have an arrangement with their
points to areas that are over or under budget, detailing    state to pay sales and use tax directly, ComputerEase
what may be causing the discrepancy.                        provides Direct Pay features that will keep track of sales
                                                            and use taxes by taxing authority.
Accounts Payable
                                                            Invoice Entry
Pros                                                        Invoice entry has been enhanced to allow for an invoice to
• Warning if invoice distribution exceeds cost estimate     be scanned into the system and electronically routed for
    or purchase order                                       approval. Invoices can be entered in batches or
• Flexibility in selecting invoices to pay                  individually. The posting period will default to be the
• Workers Compensation expiration date warning              month of the invoice, but can be overridden. Invoices can
• General Liability expiration date warning                 be posted to multiple posting periods in the same batch
• Subcontractor Center                                      and each invoice can either be labeled as payable, on
                                                            hold, or a credit memo. Each Purchase Order can be
Cons                                                        accessed in Accounts Payable. If receiving is not done
   Cannot reuse the same check no. if printer jams          through the Inventory Control module, it can be done in
                                                            Accounts Payable. When applying a voucher to a
                                                            Purchase Order, there is an option to receive and invoice
The Accounts Payable module was significantly               all items.
updated with the release of 7.0. A powerful new
                                                            Each invoice can be sent to an unlimited number of jobs
feature allows for invoices and other documents to          and cost distributions as well as General Ledger accounts.
be scanned into the system and routed to project            The system will default to the Purchase Order for job
managers for approval. The project manager can              information, and the vendor master file for default
view the invoice with the purchase order or other           General Ledger accounts, and verifies that the codes
important documentation side by side. The project           match the defaults set up. However, you may always
manager can enter notes relating to the invoice             override the default. In addition, the system will not
status. This will cut down the paper chase for              permit you to enter an invoice if the same invoice number
contractors.                                                exists in open payables or vendor history. The system
                                                            will also warn you if you try to enter line items to be
Posted entries of both costs and quantities can             posted to a non-“related-to” account (such as posting job
automatically update Job Cost, Inventory, Equipment,        transactions to the wrong cost type).
Purchase Orders/Subcontract and General Ledger. The
payment process can be done manually or by selection        Vendor information fills in the middle part of the screen
criteria. The module offers standard vendor reports.        with the purchase discount, retention percentage, and the
                                                            workers compensation to be withheld.

                                                            The system will keep track of the different posting
                                                            periods that the invoices are being sent to, and when the
                                                            batch posting report is run, it will update all periods. If a
                                                            temporary vendor is needed, you may type a one-
                                                            character code to enter the needed information without
                                                            setting up a “real” vendor. You can also setup a joint
                                                            check in the entry process. Recurring invoices may be set
                                                            up and posted on a period-by-period basis to the General
                                                            Ledger and Job Cost.
Vendor Master File
Vendor payments, purchases and workers compensation         ComputerEase provides a lot of flexibility in the selection
deductions are tracked on a yearly basis. Default payment   of invoices for payment. Invoices may be selected by all
terms, General Ledger account numbers, discount and         vendors, range of vendors, specific vendor, jobs,
1099 information can all be assigned to each vendor. The    subcontractors vs. suppliers, specific voucher, discount
system also tracks whether the vendor is a supplier or      dates or due dates. You may force the system to take the
discount even if the discount date has expired. You can          Cons
also choose whether or not to pay retention or how much          • No FASB 95 cash flow statement
retention to pay. In the selection screen, you can choose        • Two separate steps required to post GL - first to
to issue joint checks by invoice and still use temporary            subsidiary ledgers and then to GL
vendor information. The system also allows partial
payment to vendors and prints lien waivers (partial and
final) for suppliers and subcontractors. However, you can
print a check with a signed off lien waiver.

Once invoices are selected, the system indicates how
many checks will be needed to pay the selected invoices.
When the checks are printed, the system prompts for a
posting period to be selected, defaulting to the current
General Ledger period. A check register may be printed
after the checks have been posted. You may set up an
unlimited number of checking accounts, and can print
from one account at a time. When checks are printed,
they can be sorted by vendor name or vendor number.

History is maintained for all vendors and invoices until         The General Ledger is the backbone of the ComputerEase
deleted by date. You can run paid invoice reports by job         accounting system. Transactions from each module
or vendor, and include unpaid invoices. When a check             update the General Ledger and Job Costing. One of the
register is displayed, you can drill down to the original        unique features is the ability to work in multiple periods.
invoice entry.                                                   Payroll can be in one period and the General Ledger in
                                                                 another period. Using parameters, you can control the
Inquiry and Reporting                                            number of periods forward or backward which may be
A variety of options are available for reporting open            posted. You may also disallow postings to closed General
payables. You can run the reports by job or by vendor            Ledger periods. Reports can be sorted by posting date or
and then select other selection criteria.     History is         source code.
maintained on the system until the user decides to delete
                                                                 Chart of Accounts
The open payable reports can be run with either a cutoff         Account numbers may be up to nine characters. The size
period or cutoff date to assist the user in reconciliations at   of the account number as well as the number of characters
month end. Aging periods are pre-defined in the system           for the department codes are completely user definable.
and reports are available in a detail, summary or totals         Each account is defined as a financial statement type, for
only format.                                                     example, asset, liability, equity, sales, cost of sales and
                                                                 expenses.     Each account can be set up as either a
In addition to open payable reporting, Accounts Payable          summary or detail posting. Reports can be selected based
includes a cash flow report, showing open payables by            on Active, Inactive or all accounts.
vendor in one-week increments for the next three weeks
and into the future. Cash flow reporting includes                Budgets can be set up on either a monthly or yearly basis.
projections of inflows from Accounts Receivables and             If the yearly basis is used, the system will automatically
outflows from Accounts Payable, showing the projected            allocate the budget equally over all of the periods.
cash balance for the week. You may override the
ComputerEase calculations to reflect other items the             Chart of Accounts Inquiry
system has not counted (e.g. special one time purchases or       Entries from all of the other modules update the General
disbursements).                                                  Ledger. The posting routines need to be run before
                                                                 financial statements are run for the sake of accuracy.
General Ledger
                                                                 The general journal entry screen is presented in a “T-
Pros                                                             account” format, showing account number, account
• Multiple custom financial report options                       description, debit or credit amount and date and entry
                                                                 description. Each entry is posted to a user specific period
• T-account for easy entry of journal entries
                                                                 and may be automatically reversed. In addition, these
• Post in summary or detail by account
                                                                 entries can be posted to any period or year. If the period
• Cash flow reporting                                            is outside the defined open periods, a warning message is
• Financial Center                                               displayed and the entry is not posted.
• Integrates to job costing
Month-end close is a menu option and is the only step         • Customizable payroll entry screen
needed after the other modules have been posted. The          Cons
system will automatically open the accounts for a new
year with no extra steps needed.                                  •   Does not easily handle third-party sick pay
                                                                  •   Not able to change skill rate by specified date for
Inquiry and Reporting                                                 union payrolls
For inquiry purposes, there is a report that will show all
activity since the system was started, if desired, for all
accounts, or for a specific account. In the General Ledger    One of ComputerEase’s strongest features is a
report, only the current year’s activity will be shown if a   powerful multi state, multi local, multi union,
date range is selected. The beginning balance for the
                                                              prevailing wage payroll system. ComputerEase also
period will always print first.
                                                              has strong labor reporting for labor intensive
Pre-defined monthly and yearly statements for the             subcontractors. ComputerEase has a confidential payroll
Balance Sheet and the Income Statement are included in        capability included with this module. The confidential
the system; however, users canformat financial statements     payroll is password controlled, and if the user does not
without having to use a special report writer. Users have     have password authority, they cannot access any
control over report titles, line items and subtotals. The     information about those employees.
standard income statement will print by department(s),
company or consolidated multiple companies.           The
system can consolidate Charts of Account and you can
print the P&L for a single period or a range of periods.
There is also a journal import/export capability.

                                                              Employee Master File
                                                              The attachment and user defined field features allow for
ComputerEase has a bank reconciliation module built into      tracking and storage of all important and sensitive
the General Ledger module but does not keep track of the      employee data. This provides a valuable tool for your
unreconciled balance. All deposits for a single day are       human resource department. The master file allows setup
summarized. ComputerEase includes the ability to clear        of employee information, pay rates, taxes, unions, and
deposits and enter bank charges. However all deposits for     non-union fringes and deductions. It supports pay rates
a single day are summarized.                                  based on skills and skill levels. 401(k) plans can be
                                                              established to handle both the employee and employer
                                                              contributions as a fixed amount, percent of gross or
Payroll                                                       hourly rate. The system also handles Section 125 plans.
                                                              User defined fields can be set up to track any additional
Pros                                                          information that the user desires.
• Confidential payroll
                                                              Benefits and Deductions
• Ability to enter and post quantities from time card
                                                              ComputerEase provides the ability to compute benefits
    entry to Job Cost and Equipment Costing
                                                              and deductions for unions and Workers’ Compensation
• Ability to track employee absences
                                                              insurance based on a variety of different methods, such as
• Direct deposit transmission and reports                     a rate per hour, percent of gross, percent of net or fixed
• Ability to run termination checks in middle of cycle        amount per pay period. Miscellaneous deduction and
• Ability to re-issue a lost payroll check easily             fringe amounts are entered at the employee level.
• Handles all local and state reciprocities
• Creates Certified Payroll reports
ComputerEase tracks hours worked by risk category, will          any past period and manual payroll check adjustments can
calculate and report on Worker’s Compensation insurance          be easily prepared.
premiums and also calculates General Liability insurance
premiums. Both Workers’ Compensation and General
Liability risk categories can be tied to either the job or the   Employee Absences
employee.                                                        ComputerEase Payroll gives you the ability to enter
                                                                 absences for employees and track them throughout the
Customizable Time Entry Screen                                   year. Notes about the absence may be entered and a
You may custom design the entry screen to show which             report may be run by employee or by date.
fields you want and the order in which to show them,
greatly increasing ease and quickness when entering              Inquiries and Reports
Payroll. The grid entry is designed to look like a time          ComputerEase has a broad selection of reports available.
sheet and may be tailored to mimic your company’s                Most state and federal reports are available on a quarterly
format.                                                          basis. Workers’ Compensation reports are available by
                                                                 date range and code selection, and Certified Payroll
Payroll Processing                                               reports are available for any period provided that the job
Timecards can be entered by the employee or by the job.          was set up as a Certified Payroll job. The system has the
There is a non-job entry screen available for non-job            ability to report W-2 information both on the W-2 form
employees. Time can be entered as a variety of types             and as a magnetic media file.
including regular, overtime, double-time, sick, vacation,
holiday, other and non-taxable. The non-taxable method           A month-, quarter- or year-to-date report is available for
allows the employer to reimburse an employee on his              each employee. Complete date sensitivity throughout the
paycheck without affecting payroll tax computations.             Payroll module provides for the ability to recall all prior
Time can be entered either as hours worked or by entering        pay periods. History of fringes and deductions are
the start and end times. They system will also calculate         maintained for each employee and Union reports are
daily overtime hours automatically if this option is             available with a date selection in either detail or summary
desired.                                                         format.

Hours may be imported from the Service Management                Accounts Receivable
module or remote time entry may be imported using
FieldEase. Once time entries are imported into Payroll,          Pros
they can be edited before posting.                               • Flexible billing methods
                                                                 • Multiple AIA billing formats
Time card entry can include equipment and associated             • T&M billings integrated with Job Cost
costs for the job, the operator’s gross pay and related          • Unit billing available
burden. All information will update the job file. You can        • Invoices can be e-mailed
also select an hourly billing rate for a piece of equipment      • Quoting
used to update time and material billing information.
After the time has been entered, there are several reports
                                                                 • Does not support prepaid invoices with zero balance
available to proof the distribution of costs and hours to the
employees and jobs. Once the proofing is complete, you
may run the payroll register, which calculates the taxes
                                                                 Accounts Receivable integrates with job costing and
for each employee, determines the tax deposit due and
                                                                 general ledger and provides for income recording and
prints the checks. There are options to have employees’          reporting. Six types of invoicing are available: Time &
social security number, payroll period dates and
                                                                 Material, AIA, Contract, Unit, Freeform and batch.
remaining sick and vacation time printed on the check
                                                                 Accounts Receivable also accommodates payments,
stub. Once the checks are printed, the system will prompt        adjustments and retention. Sales and use tax files are set
you to post the checks and the General Ledger is then
                                                                 up in the Accounts Receivable module for use by the
automatically updated.
                                                                 other modules.
Since each deduction and fringe posts the expense to
                                                                 Customer Master File
different accounts by payroll department, it does not
                                                                 The system tracks month-to-date, year-to-date, previous
require additional allocation of payroll taxes and fringes.
                                                                 year’s sales and last payment date in each customer’s
Gross payroll, hours and quantities are posted to job cost
                                                                 master file. Statements can be printed and finance
files along with the labor burden after the payroll checks
                                                                 charges generated. The customer master file has two
are processed. Earnings and taxes are updated for each
                                                                 discount types available: trade and finance. A separate
employee during posting. Payroll checks can be voided in
                                                                 table is available to track sales representatives.
Data Entry                                                     quote into a new quote. Once the quote is approved, you
ComputerEase provides the option of manual invoice             can quickly turn the quote into an invoice.
numbering or automatic invoice numbering in certain
forms of billing.

Prior to working on the AIA invoice, you can obtain an         Change Orders for AIA and Contract billing is entered
AIA worksheet, listing all of the amounts and percent          through Accounts Receivable so that the invoice correctly
complete by phases previously billed. Space is available       reflects the Change Order. You can assign an RFC
on the worksheet for the project manager to enter the          (Request for Change) number and once the RFC is
amount or percent that is to be billed for the current         approved, a Change Order is issued.
period. Even after an invoice is posted, you always have
the option to undo, edit and reissue or just reprint           Inquiries and Reports
                                                               On-screen inquiry of open receivables and paid customer
Contract billing is done exactly like the AIA, but the         history is available by customer. Aged trial balances are
schedule of values does not print. Information from the        available by customer or by job, in detail, summary or
worksheet can easily be entered into the system via either     totals only. Other reports include a Sales Register, which
a percentage complete or dollar amount of work done this       can be run several different ways and statements that can
period. Retention can easily be computed based upon a          be printed by customer.
percentage established for each phase in Job Cost.
                                                               History is maintained for all customers, however, you can
Time & Material invoices can be used to bill a job for the     choose to delete various types of data, invoices or
dollar amount of labor and materials. Multiple line items      payments.
can be billed per phase and this billing can be pulled from
Job Cost with edit capabilities. Once the billing is
created, you can use the freeform invoice screen to finish
the bill. Markup percentages can be established at the job     Project Management
level and standard bill rates can be set up to expedite
billing. Options to bill for all incurred costs (accounts      Pros
payable, inventory, payroll- both posted and unposted,         • Job organization automatically flows from Job Cost
equipment costs, and committed costs) make it virtually        • Instant breakout of two-week sub schedule for project
impossible to miss billing for an item.                            meetings
                                                               • Schedule may be e-mailed or printed
Unit billing allows the user to bill based on quantities in    • Schedule crews, subs & equipment
place. This is especially helpful for the heavy highway        • Access all documents from a single list
contractor, whose job costing is based on units. This          • Special tracking of submittals
information will also update the percentage complete.
                                                               • Create and track Change Orders
                                                               • Integrates with Project, SureTrack and Primavera
Non-job billing is handled through the freeform invoice
entry, and is very similar to Time & Material billing. In
                                                               ComputerEase’s Project Management module offers
addition, non-job invoices can be used to bill for items
                                                               contractors a fully integrated scheduling, resource
sold out of inventory. When billing inventory items, the
                                                               management, document control and meeting minute
system will default to the description and unit price of the
                                                               solution. It comes with a complete site map to assist in
item and inventory is automatically relieved.
                                                               creating schedules and managing documents. The site
                                                               map will offer links to common tasks and some beginner
Invoices can be printed an unlimited number of times
                                                               hints and instructions. Built-in exports to Microsoft
prior to and after posting. AIA invoices are printed on
                                                               Project, SureTrack and Primavera make this an
preprinted forms and all other invoices can be printed on
                                                               unbeatable project management system.
plain paper or pre-printed forms.
                                                               Job and Resource Scheduling
Cash payments can be applied to a specific invoice or on
                                                               Release of version 7.0 includes several enhancements to
account but you cannot prepay an invoice, print and show
                                                               the scheduling module. The ComputerEase schedule is
it with a zero balance. The apply payments screen shows
                                                               now fully integrated with job costing. Estimates, labor
the customer balance, name, phone number and address.
                                                               hours and actual job costs along with percent complete
Invoices may be adjusted from this screen as well.
                                                               information read in directly from the job cost module.
                                                               You begin building your schedule by copying the project
Quotes and Change Orders
                                                               breakdown from Job Costing. You can build the time line
Included in Accounts Receivable is the ability to create
                                                               by stretching and moving time bars or by entering detail.
and print quotes for current and future customers. To
                                                               Sequential tasks can be connected with links and they will
save time, you can copy items from a previously entered
1 - 10
automatically position themselves on the time line. There      Bid Day
is an option to highlight the critical path as well. As the
job progresses, revised dates may be entered and the           Pros
schedule will correct itself for rapid completion or delays.       •     Generate Request for Bid documents
                                                                   •     Track invitations to bid, bids received and bids
You can schedule an activity for five days and 40 hours,                 awarded
and the system will automatically calculate and show that          •     Compare bids from different vendors
you need eight man hours each day, allowing you to                 •     Award bids and change contract amounts
effectively schedule your resources. Resources scheduled           •     Bid information is easily pulled into a
can optionally be moved when the schedule changes, with                  subcontract agreement
a warning if there is a conflict created as a result (a
resource assigned to more than one activity/job on the         Cons
same day). The built in CrewBuilder allows for greater            •      Multiple screens      required    for    entering
flexibility when creating and scheduling crews. You may                  subcontractor bids
specify a percentage complete on any activity and the bar
graph will show the completed section in black and the         The Bid Day module interfaces with the Subcontract
uncompleted in green or red.                                   module and Job Cost. Bid Day allows the user to create
                                                               and track bid invitations. The system tracks invitations by
The schedule is available for printing as well as emailing.    bid item, which vendors have responded, the low bid
                                                               amount, awarded amount and who the bid item is awarded
Document Control and Meeting Minutes                           to. The user has access to reports, can breakdown bids by
Document Control allows you track submittals,                  item, easily compare bids from different vendors and get
transmittals, RFIs and RFCs. Documents may be sorted           historical bid information. Subcontract agreements are
by due dates, description, contract amount, budget             automatically generated for awarded bid items that pull
amount, status or change order code. Correspondence            pertinent information from the bid into the contract.
may easily be sent to multiple contacts at the same time.
When working on a particular job in Document Control,          Service Management
you may directly access the schedule for that job.
Job meeting minutes allow you to track open and closed
                                                                   •     Integrates with payroll
issues from prior meetings, automatically generating the
                                                                   •     Schedules warranty type work
agenda for the next meeting. Meeting minutes may be
                                                                   •     User-defined Dispatch Boards
printed to Microsoft Word for editing, e-mailing and
printing.                                                          •     Allows for assignment of employee to work
Subcontract Control                                                •     Allows for maintenance schedule for customer’s
Pros                                                               •     Generates scheduled work orders
    •    Create new Subcontracts or add Change Orders
         to existing Subcontracts                              Cons
    •    Multiple subcontract templates available in              •      No automatic dispatch of work orders to field
         Microsoft Word format
    •    Approved Subcontracts interface to Accounts           Electronic Work Order Processing
                                                               Electronic work order processing is a new feature in
Subcontract Control interfaces with Accounts Payable and       version 7.5. With this feature, field techs now have the
Bid Day. The user can generate subcontract agreements          ability to receive and process work orders in the field.
by subcontractor type with all pertinent information. The      Parts from inventory, billing rates, flat rate pricing codes
agreement creates the purchase order for the project and       and customer information are accessed from the
allows the user to track approval status, retention amount,    interfaced accounting system at the home office. When
bond requirements, original start and finish dates, actual     the work order is complete inventory is updated, accounts
start and finish dates, Project Manager and Architect.         receivable is posted, site history is maintained and all
Change orders to subcontract agreements can be created         accounting is updated through wireless connection. Best
and tracked as well. Worker’s Compensation and General         of all the customer can be asked to sign the work order
Liability insurance is tracked by vendor. The user is          right on the tablet PC for electronic storage and transfer
alerted when a venders’ certificate expires and the system     back to the home office. The tech can also include
will generate the renewal letter to forward to the expired     electronic notes to accompany the work order or the
vendors.                                                       invoice. These could be in the form of a diagram or
                                                               special billing instructions for the home office.
                                                                                                1 - 11

ComputerEase allows for the scheduling of repairs needed     Cons
without forcing the user to create a job. The system         • Third-party depreciation schedule required
enables tracking of scheduled maintenance for customer’s
equipment as well as warranty tracking. Customers, jobs
and sites can all be entered without moving in or out of
the work order program. Addresses in the Service module
are connected to MapQuest on the Internet, allowing for
easy and quick directions to service sites.

Data Entry
Work Orders are created and include pertinent
information such as: customer, date requested, date
required, purchase order number, who promised the work
and a description of the work to be performed. Estimated
time to complete the service call is requested per work      Equipment Costing tracks the revenue generated by the
order and the total time scheduled per tech is shown on      piece of equipment as well as the costs. This allows the
the schedule board. The user then assigns the work order     user to decide if the piece of equipment is costing the
to a service employee and schedules the date to perform      more than the revenue it is generating.
the work.
                                                             These costs can be accumulated in the Accounts Payable
After the work order is finished, an invoice is created to   module and posted to each individual piece of equipment.
update Accounts Receivable. The system allows for a          In payroll, the hours of usage are calculated and the
variety of invoice types including: contract billing for     appropriate revenue and costs for the use of the
service contracts, work order, and Freeform invoices.        equipment is sent to the job. Certain types of inventory
During billing, warranty information and aging of            adjustments can also be posted to Equipment Costing.
customer’s Accounts Receivable is readily available.
Multiple work tickets may be added to a single invoice.      Service schedules are tracked by piece of equipment with
Work tickets are added individually, by customer, by site    inquiries available on service history and future service
or by work order. Cash receipts may be recorded when         scheduling. The service schedule can be established
entering work from a work ticket and time from work          based on the miles of use, hours of use or date for service.
tickets may be imported directly into Payroll.
                                                             For each piece of equipment, you can establish equipment
ComputerEase also includes a warranty tracking system.       codes which are the operations that are either done to or
Warranties are maintained by “type of warranty,” for         by the equipment. There are three types of equipment
example, parts only, labor only, etc. Warranties may have    codes available: revenue, cost to own, and cost to operate.
multiple user defined fields and special notes may be        These codes determine how the equipment transactions
maintained for each warranty. These notes are accessible     are posted to the General Ledger and Job Cost. Revenue
from the warranty report.                                    codes are used to post an equipment billing rate to the job
                                                             and to customer invoicing for T&M billing. Cost to own
Inquiries and Reports                                        codes capture actual equipment cost transactions from
ComputerEase has a wide selection of reports available       Accounts Payable, Payroll and Inventory.
for the user. Reports include unscheduled work orders,
customer histories, equipment histories, site histories,
contract and equipment master reports, scheduled             Inquiries and Reports
services, contract expiration report, and a work order       Equipment Costing comes with four standard reports to
report. Profitability reports are available by technician,   track the costs for each piece of equipment. The
site, customer and work order.                               Equipment List shows basic master file information
                                                             relating to the equipment, the Equipment Usage report is
                                                             used to print the detail postings to revenue codes, the
Equipment Costing                                            Equipment Cost Report includes detail transactions to
                                                             cost to own and cost to operate codes and an Equipment
Pros                                                         Cost Summary report is also available.
• Preventive maintenance scheduling
• Updated by time card entry                                 A Scheduled Service Report is available in summary or
• Can set billing and costing rates per piece of             detail and includes the next service, last service and
    equipment                                                current status of hours, miles and date by service code.
• Equipment Center                                           Inventory Control
1 - 12
                                                               •   Entry of receipts not required to process Purchase
Pros                                                               Orders
• Multiple pricing levels                                      •   Lot prices
• Flexibility in tracking to multiple locations and            •   Handles backorders
    warehouses                                                 •   Multiple vendor pricing
• Ability to purchase and sell in different units of           •   Multiple purchase orders can be created from a
    measure                                                        master pull list.
• Added assemblies for easier billing                          •   Shares database with inventory

• Average costing is the only inventory valuation              Cons
   method available                                            • Purchase Orders cannot be made Inactive

Inventory Control is integrated with Job Cost, Accounts
Payable, Accounts Receivable, Equipment Costing and
Purchase Orders. Invoices entered in Accounts Payable
can be posted directly into Inventory. Purchase Orders
can be written to purchase inventory without a job.
Billings entered into Accounts Receivable can also be
posted to Inventory. The inventory database is available
to the work order system.

Item File
Up to 15 alpha-numeric characters are available for            The purchase order module enables users to create
defining item numbers.        Items can be assigned a          Purchase Orders from a material list which can be
secondary item identifier, a class, unit of measure,           shopped between multiple vendors for the lowest pricing.
minimum reorder point, unit cost, six resale prices and a      Pull lists can contain non-inventory items as well.
primary vendor. Inventory can be bought in one unit of
measure, and sold in another, for example, you can             Invoice entry transactions entered in the Purchasing
purchase 1 box of bolts but use 1000 bolts. Inventory          module can be automatically transferred to Accounts
provides the capability of storing items in multiple           Payable. Information from Inventory allows the user to
locations and multiple areas within locations.                 purchase in one unit of measurement and maintain the
                                                               inventory in another unit. Inventory does not have to be
Data Entry                                                     active to use the Purchase Order module. The Purchasing
A number of different transactions are possible within the     module allows for lot prices, which enable users to enter a
Inventory module. You can receive items into inventory,        group of items that is quoted in a lump sum price.
transfer them to multiple locations, sell or adjust
inventory or place inventory on a job site. You can also       Data Entry
transfer material from a job site back to a truck or           Header information, such as Purchase Order description,
warehouse.                                                     category, shipping terms and address and Purchase Order
                                                               number is entered in this module while vendor address
Inquiries and Reports                                          and other related information is automatically transferred
An on-screen inquiry allows you to view current data           from the Accounts Payable vendor file. The ship-to
regarding each item, such as quantity on hand, average         address defaults to the job address for job purchases and
cost and total value. This same information is available       to the company address for all others.
for each location and area for contractors that store
inventory in multiple locations.                               Inquiries and Reports
                                                               Reports available include an Under Stock report which
Standard reports include Inventory History, a listing of all   indicates when items need to be ordered based on
transactions for a single item, range of items and all items   minimum quantities specified. Other reports include an
within a given class or by job. A Stock Status report          On Order Report, Status Report, Expediting Report and a
provides a listing of quantities on hand. Other reports        Purchase Order Balance Report.
include a physical count worksheet and inventory
valuation (using the average cost method).                     Outstanding purchase orders are listed as committed
                                                               costs. Outstanding subcontract orders are listed as
                                                               committed subcontracts.
Purchasing/ Purchase Orders
Pros                                                           Tool & Equipment Tracking & Rental
                                                                                                     1 - 13
The Tool & Equipment module is designed to provide               Field techs can receive and process work orders in the
you with the ability to invoice, track, and evaluate the         field. Parts from inventory, billing rates, flat rate pricing
performance of all your tools and equipment- from the            codes and customer information are accessed from the
smallest hand tool to the largest piece of equipment.. You       interfaced accounting system at the home office. When
can charge jobs directly for the usage and cost or generate      the work order is complete inventory is updated, accounts
invoices for rentals to your customers.You can track your        receivable is posted, site history is maintained and all
usage cost and the associated revenue for any period with        accounting is updated through wireless connection. Best
the history reports available in the software. This module       of all the customer can be asked to sign the work order
offers special customer pricing and grouped quantity             right on the tablet PC for electronic storage and transfer
discounts. Multiple location and tool and equipment alert        back to the home office. The tech can also include
reminders allow you to track where and what shape your           electronic notes to accompany the work order or the
inventory is in at all times, to allow for more accurate and     invoice. These could be in the form of a diagram or
efficient scheduling of your assets.                             special billing instructions for the home office.

Invoicing or charging to the job for tools and equipment is      Electronic Forms and Notes
easy. Everything is driven right from the original order         This new tool uses hand writing recognition on the tablet
number. Exchanges, returns, recurring and final invoices         PC to create custom fill in the line forms with the
generate with just a few clicks of the mouse. Pull tickets,      capability to write separate pages of notes to transmit with
ticket lock-out features and purchasing of damaged or lost       the form back to the office. The form and notes can be
equipment are just a few of the built-in features of this        filed electronically in a job or customer folder at the home
module.                                                          office. The forms can be easily accessed by anyone in the
                                                                 company at any time. They can also be e-mailed to
FieldEase                                                        customers, subs and suppliers. One example of this new
                                                                 tool is work authorizations from the field. A field
Pros                                                             supervisor can prepare a work authorization, have the
• Quick and east time entry from the job site                    customer or sub electronically sign it for approval and e-
• Provides for accurate up to the minute job cost                mail a copy to the home office and or to the contractor.
    reports                                                      All documents are stored in job and customer files at the
• Electronic work order processing                               home office. Purchase orders can also be created in the
• Electronic forms and notes                                     field with special instruction notes or drawings that can be
Cons                                                             emailed to home office and suppliers or subs.
• Requires Tablet PC or laptop in the field

The fastest growing technology in the construction
industry is remote job to office communication. For
around a $1,000 you can purchase a tablet PC or a laptop
that will give you the ability to enter electronic data in the
field that can be sent to the home office. In addition, the
tablet PC gives the end user the ablilty to enter
information by writing directly on the screen. This
information can be converted into electronic data or
captured as a hand written diagram or note

Electronic Timesheets
One of the more important new applications are electronic
timesheets that can be prepared in the field daily and
emailed back to the home office payroll accounting
system. This eliminates dual entry in the accounting
system and insures timely job costing and payroll
preparation. The supervisor uses either drop down boxes
containing employee and job information from the home
office, or entry can be made simply writing in the job and
the employee. Hours worked are simply written in under
each day by employee and cost code. Units and per cent
complete can also be handwritten onto the PC screen and
sent to the integrated home office accounting system for
job costing and billing preparation.

Electronic Work Order Processing

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