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									                                      GL Reports
                                Excel Chart of Accounts

The Excel Chart of Accounts report can be used to run a report of any combination of
accounts based on the specifying criteria that you enter.

1. From the REPORTS window, select GLUAB Program GL Chart of Accounts (EXCEL).

The name of the report selected is now populating the NAME field of the SUBMIT REQUEST
window. The REPORTS parameters window will open. This is the tool used to limit the list of
accounts in the resulting report. Only the default parameters, indicated in yellow, are
required. However, it is strongly advised that at least one other parameter is selected.
                                        GL Reports
                                  Excel Chart of Accounts

2. The ASBOF TYPE field defaults to Enabled Only. This refers to the status of the
   accounts being queried. This field can be changed if disabled accounts are also desired.

Options in this field are Disabled Only, Enabled only, or Enabled and Disabled. To
change the default, type the correct option, or select it from a list of values by clicking the
LOV button.

3. Select at least one other available search parameters, as described below:

ORG FROM                  Beginning Org range. 4th segment of the account string. The Org
                          identifies the organizational unit that has the primary fiscal
                          responsibility for an account string.
ORG TO                    Ending Org range for desired accounts.
BALANCE FROM              Beginning Balancing segment range. 3rd segment of the account
                          string. Tracks activities for which UAB may need a balance sheet,
                          whether for internal or external purposes
BALANCE TO                Ending Balancing segment range for desired accounts.
BALANCING PREFIX          First two digits of the Balancing segment. Indicates the internal
                          functional grouping for the account string(s).
RESPONSIBLE PERSON        Name of the person designated by the official Responsible Person
                          attributes. Should review/manage all account attributes and activity.
DELIVER TO PERSON         Name of the person designated to receive the system-delivered
                          reports for specified accounts within an organization.
CENTRAL CONTACT           Name of the person in Central Administration responsible for the
                          central management of the specified accounts.
BUDGET TYPE               Self-Supporting Budgeted, Self-Supporting Unbudgeted, and
                          General Operating Budgeted
MISC FUNDS CODE           Identifies the primary purpose of account strings with a BAL segment
                          prefix of 20-29 Oth Unrestr (see M or S codes) or 40-49 Oth Restr
                          (see R codes) or 81 Noncapital Renov Proj (see M5500 code). Also
                          for identifying special accounts

If any search criterion is unknown, use the list of values to search for the specified criterion
by clicking on the LOV button ( ).

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                                        GL Reports
                                  Excel Chart of Accounts

4. The DISPLAY BAL SHEET ACCOUNTS field defaults to No. This means only Income
   Statement account strings will be returned in the report. To include Balance Sheet
   account strings, type Yes into the field, or select Yes from the list of values by clicking on
   the LOV button.

5. Once all desired search parameters have been selected, click OK.

6. The information you have entered will populate the PARAMETERS field of the SUBMIT
   REQUEST window. The window should resemble the one shown below.

Created on 06/10/2009                                                                          3
                                      GL Reports
                                Excel Chart of Accounts

7. Click the SUBMIT button to run the report.

8. A window that resembles the one below will appear. Click the Refresh Data button to
   update the status of the report

Created on 06/10/2009                                                                    4
                                      GL Reports
                                Excel Chart of Accounts

9. When the PHASE field shows Completed and the STATUS field is Normal, the report is
   ready to be viewed via the UAB Report Viewer. You will also receive an email
   notification that the report has completed and is ready to view.

10. Log-in to the UAB Report Viewer (https://uabreportviewer.uab.edu/) using your Blazer ID
    and strong password.

Created on 06/10/2009                                                                    5
                                      GL Reports
                                Excel Chart of Accounts

11. Locate the completed report and click on the FILE NAME.

12. A FILE DOWNLOAD window will appear. To open the report immediately, select Open. To
    save the file to open later, select Save.

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                                        GL Reports
                                  Excel Chart of Accounts

Special Note: If you are running Microsoft Excel 2007 on your computer, you will receive
the following message. Select Yes to open the file.

An example of the resulting report is below. Please note that there will be two tabs in the
Excel file. The first tab will list the parameters used to run the report; the second tab will
display the actual report.

Tab 1: Parameter Worksheet

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                                 GL Reports
                           Excel Chart of Accounts

Tab 2: Chart of Accounts

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