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May I take this opportunity to express my thanks for
completing our first local survey for Chase
division. I am delighted with the response we
have had to the questionnaire as it is crucial to
understand the local issues that are important to you
in your community. The survey focused upon
‘Community led spending’ and gave you the
opportunity to influence how this will take shape
in Chase division. Please find below the results of this
survey and how we are going to put into action what                                       Chief Superintendent
was recommended.                                                                          Nick Baker

What you told us:
You told us how you would like to see the money that has been set aside by the Chase division for
improving local public services to be spent.

The majority of you would like to see the money spent on dealing with a particular issue or theme
such as anti-social behaviour or crime or activities for children and young people.

What the money should be spent on…
                                                            You would like to see the money spent on the
      12%                                                   following specific policing issues:
                                                            • Activities for young people
                                 specific policing issues   • Tackling anti-social behaviour and crime
                                 such as tackling anti-     • Dealing with youth issues
                                 social behaviour or
                                 crime                      You said the most effective way for members of the
                                                            public to decide how the money should be spent
                                                            would be through:
                                 improving particular       •   Questionnaires/ Surveys/Votes
                                 local areas generally      •   Open days/meetings/forums
                                                            •   Local panels


What we are going to do:

The money that has been set aside to improve local public services has now been split between the
three council areas that cover Chase division. This money is being managed by a Chief Inspector who
is responsible for partnership working across the area. We are committed to ensuring this money will
be spent on areas identified by residents living in Chase division. We are now working with residents
and young people to decide the best use of this money. One scheme we have already identified for
spending some of this money on is in relation to Sports Coaching of young people between the ages of
11 and 19 in Cannock Chase.
 Force Survey of Police Station Opening Times
 All panel members across our 4 divisions of Chase, North Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent and Trent Valley
 received questions about front desks at police stations. The results are as follows:

 What you told us…
 • 73% of you are aware that front desk police stations are only open for members of the public during
   certain times
 • 79% of you are aware that when front desks at police stations are closed, police officers are still working
   24 hours a day from police stations
 • 83% of you are aware that you can contact the police in a number of ways if the front desk is not open
 • 54% of you are not aware that if the front desk is closed you can use the intercom system situated
   outside giving access to our 24hr service
 • Telephone and mobile would be the most useful methods for you to contact police stations when they are

 What we are doing with the results
 As part of our efforts to improve frontline policing we are reviewing ways to make our police stations more
 useful to members of the public. We will seek your views again on this as we move forward.

Our Key Commitments To The Public
All of our money and savings are invested in 10 priority areas which are shown in the table below. Our
priorities are based on the things our communities say are most important to them. For each priority the Force
has a target. The Table below shows how we are currently performing against each target.

        Better than our target                  Very close to our target              More work to be done

                                                  Current        Cutting bureaucracy
 Our Ten Key Commitments
 Understanding needs, delivering                                 As well as the money the Force receives in
 service                                                         grants we are always looking for
 Increasing the percentage of people who                         opportunities to cut unnecessary
 agree the police and local council are                          bureaucracy and reinvest time and money
 dealing with the crime and anti-social                          saved into improving services to members
 behaviour issues that matter in their area                      of the public living in Staffordshire. More
 To deliver a service to crime victims                           recently the Force has implemented:
 which meets their needs regardless of
 their age, ethnicity, gender, disability,                           •     A more streamlined procedure for
 religious beliefs or sexual orientation                                   dealing with domestic incidents
 Ensuring at least 85% of victims of crime                           •     Voice recording facilities preventing
 feel satisfied with the service we provide                                the need for officers to return to
 Ensuring at least 85% of victims of anti-                                 stations to complete forms
 social behaviour feel satisfied with the                            •     Roll out of hand held data recording
 service we provide                                                        devices across the whole force area
 Reducing crime                                                            allowing more front line officers
 Reducing violence with injury crimes                                      access to online services away from
                                                                           police stations, thus allowing them to
 Reducing serious acquisitive crimes such                                  maximise their time spent in local
 as burglary, vehicle crime and robbery                                    communities
 Reducing business-related crime such as                         To date these and other initiatives have
 burglary of business premises, damage                           identified savings to the equivalent of:
 to business premises, robbery of
 business premises and shoplifting                               •   74 extra officers on our streets
 Protecting people
 Increasing detections for most serious                          •   £451,352 money saved
 violent crimes
 Increasing detections for serious
 acquisitive crimes
 Reducing the number of people killed or
 seriously injured in road traffic collisions
                                                                                       +             X 74

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