Feasibility of Textile Industry

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                                                                                                          Project status      Project cost   ( including all assets invested in the
№                    Project name                          Project Initiator           Region
                                                                                                      (available documents)                                  project)

                                                                                         Chemistry, petrochemistry and pharmacy
    Construction of pharmaceutical plant of
                                                                                                                                               3,3 mln USD, require investment
1   medicines in accordance with GMP standards           LLP "Global New Life"      Almaty region                             14 mln USD.
                                                                                                                                                        11,7 mln.USD
    of RK
    Development of industrial (stationary, force)
2   lead-acid accumulator bataries, that used to be        LLP "Kainar-AKB"         Almaty oblast                              3 mln. USD
    produced in Kazakhstan
     Production of polimer and composed
                                                                                   East Kazakhstan        Feasibility study
3   materials directed on import substitution in Ust-       LLP «LIK ZPKI»                                                    10 mln. USD
    Production of new materials (products) by
    means of new technologies utilization in
                                                         «Kazakhstan Rubber
4   complex processing of worned tire in Republic                                      Astana             Feasibility study   11,7 mln.USD
                                                           Recycling» Ltd
    of Kazakhstan

         Construction of chemical complex in
5    production of complicated mineral fertilizers      LLP "Chilisai Chemicals"       Aktobe                                 306 mln. USD
                   such as DAP/IAF
    Manufacture of composite fertilizer IAF/DAF on       LLP "United Chemical
6                                                                                  South Kazkahstan                           2,3 bln. USD
    the basis of Ushbas and Geres fields                     corporation"

    Construction of the plant for the production of
                                                         LLP "United Chemical
7   mineral fertilizers on the basis of deposits Aral                               Zhambul oblast                            2,8 bln .USD
       Tobe-Kesik Tobe) and Gimmelfarbskoe

                                                                                                      No feasibility study
                                                         LLP "United Chemical
8   Production of rubber products in Saran city                                    Karaganda region   Report on technical
                                                             corporation"                                                     49 mln. USD
                                                         LLP Minin company
9    Production of polypropylene from methanol           Kazakhstan Mineral              Uralsk                                 2 500 mln. USD
   Production of lubricating oils On existing
                                                        LLP "United Chemical
10 refineries                                                                                                                     1 bln. USD

   Reconstruction and modernization of the JSC              JSC” Pavlodar
                                                                                    Pavlodar oblast ,
11 Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant                        petrochemical plant” JSC                                                  612 mln.USD
                                                                                      Pavlodar city
                                                                                        Metallurgy and production of metal products
12 "Universal rail and structural steel mill"              LLP "KSP Steel"          Pavlodar oblast                             403 mln. USD              322 mln. USD
     Construction of metallurgy plant for production
13                                                       LLP "Мetalproduct"           Aturay oblast                              10 mln.USD
     metal roles in Kulsary city
14 Plant contruction of steel curved profile               LLP "Ilno Group"          Almaty region                               14 mln USD.

     Organization of electricity energy based on coal LLP "Corporation"       On-                       The business plan and
15                                                                                   Akmola oblast                               25 mln. USD
                       gasification                           Olzha "                                      feasibility study
    Processing plant for development of gold
                                                                                                          Feasibility study                      26,1% (0,12 bln.USD) own funds,
16 containing ores on "Ubileinoe" field and mine           LLP «Ubileinoe»           Aktobe oblast                               470 mln USD
                                                                                                                                                      73,9% (0,35 bln.USD)

    Construction of auto production full cycle
                                                                                    East Kazakhstan       Feasibility study
17 plant and production of auto parts techno park          JSC "Аsia Auto"                                                      506 mln. USD
   in Ust-Kamenogorsk

                                                       LLP "Karaganda Machine
                                                                                                          Feasibility study
18 Production of large casting for railway coaches     production plant named       Karaganda oblast                             21 mln USD
                                                          after Parhomenko"

19 Production of light helicopters                       LLP "Aviaconsulting"           Astana              Business Plan        25 mln USD               1 mln. USD
                                                                                    East Kazakhstan
20 Plants for extinguishing                              LLP "Pozhkomplekt"                                                      10 mln.USD
     Construction of the plant for the production of
21                                                            LLP LeMar             Zhambyl oblast                               61 mln USD
               tractors and attachments
                                                                                                Prior feasibility study;
                                                                                               Business plan is under
   Development and serial production in Ust-                                                   Technologica
   Kamenogors kazakhstan ultra light plane.                                  East Kazakhstan   lscheduale available;
22                                                 LLP «Aviator-2000»                                                       2,2 mln. USD              Know how
   Assembling of ultra light plants of kit tools                                  oblast       Test reports of finished
   European and Russian producers                                                              plane (Kazakh:
                                                                                               individually except of
                                                                                               engine avionika)
   Organization of electricity production with
                                                                                                   Feasibility study
23 small hydropower stations on the river Chizh in LLP "Cascade small HPS"   Almaty region                                  88 mln.USD
   the Almaty region
                                                                                               Feasibility study,
                                                                                               Expertise documents,
                                                                                               all agreements of
                                                                                               authorities; Minutes of
                                                                                               intentions and
                                                   JSC « Kandiagash                            guarantee letter on gas
                                                                                                                                           Guarantee of government of RK for
24 Costruction of gas turbine station              Hudroelectro station –     Aktobe oblast    supply 200 mln.m3 per       201 mln. USD
                                                                                                                                                30% of the project cost
                                                   100»                                        year
                                                                                               agreement; Gas pipes
                                                                                               project from the cut
                                                                                               place to production

       Construction of cogeneration power piston
25                                                         Wartsila          Zhambul oblast                                41,6 mln USD
               electric power of 50 mW

     Issyk hydroelectric power plant 1, Issyk      LLP «EnergoAlem”                                                        4,8 mln.USD+2
26                                                                            Almaty oblast
     hydroelectric power plant 3                                                                                              mln.USD
     Bartogaiskaya hydroelectric power plant 28
27                                                 LLP «EnergoAlem”           Almaty oblast                                 21 mln USD
                                                      JSC "Kazakh-Russian
     Nuclear station construction РУ ВБЭР-300 in
28                                                    company "Nuclear           Mangistau Oblast                              2,4 bln. USD         Budget and debt funds
     Mangistau oblast 2 blocks
                                                       LLP Baiterek Sayakhat
29            Construction of the ski center                                       Zhambul oblast                              14 mln. USD
     Construction of a tourist center "Jana Ile" on
30                                                        LLP "Nur Saulet"          Almaty region                              20,4 bln.USD
     the coast of Kapshagay reservoir

         Construction of an international resort        Akimat of Manbistau                                                                                  100%
31                                                                                Mangistau oblast   passport of the project   2,3 bln. USD
                       Kenderli "                              Oblast                                                                                  Investment funds
     Project for tourist center "Burabai"              LLP "Borovoe Tourism
32                                                                                  Akmola region                              60 mln USD         100% required investment
     development                                               City"
                                                                                              Transport and communication

              Development of cross-border
             trade and economic, scientific,                                                                                   2552,5 mln.
33                                                      AO MTSPS "Khorgos           Almaty oblast    passport of the project                   Gov. Budget - USD 491.5 million,
             cultural cooperation with China                                                                                      USD

34                 Caspian Energy Hub                 LLP "Caspian Energy Hub"    Mangistau oblast                             13,9 bln USD
       Provide local market high quality building
35                                                         LLP "AS TMK"            Zhambyl oblast                              57,8 млн USD
36           Manufacture of ceramic tiles                  JSC "Ceramics"           Aktobe oblast                              122 mln.USD
   Costruction of aerated concrete plant in Aktau                                                                                                    required investment
37                                                       LLP "Grup Spfinx"        Mangistau region                             10 mln.USD
   city                                                                                                                                                  4 mln. USD
                                                                                                                                                 22,2 % - 10 000 000 USD - JSC
                                                                                                                                                "ACIG"; 11 % - 5 000 000 USD –
     Сonstruction of Hantau cement plant
38                                                          LLP «ACIG»             Zhambyl oblast                              56 mln.USD     Shareholders of JSC "ACIG"; 66,8% -
                                                                                                                                                30 000 000 USD - Development
                                                                                                                                                      Bank of Kazakhstan.
39 Construction of cement plant                           LLP "BI-Cement"           Akmola oblast
                                                                                                                                 mln Euro
       Construction of infrastructure for expanded                                South Kazakhstan
40                                                       LLP «Avenue UKO»                                                      1,7 mln USD
                 vermiculite production                                                region
     Construction of plant of gypsum board                                                                                       19,5 mln
41                                                        LLP "Feniks Isa"          Aturay oblast
     production                                                                                                                    .USD
     Construction of plant of gypsum partitition
42                                                        LLP "Feniks Isa"       Aturay oblast                                3,9 mln.USD
                  blocks production
43 Construction of plant of dry construction              LLP "Feniks Isa"       Aturay oblast                                2,6 mln USD
   Gupsum production
44 mixtures plant with vertical heater                    LLP "Feniks Isa"       Aturay oblast                                3,9 mln USD
45          Manufacture of ceramic tiles                  JSC "Ceramics"         Aktobe oblast                                122 mln.USD
     Development of production of oil and gas and                               West Kazakhstan
46                                                      LLP «KazArmaprom”                                                     11. mln. USD
                   energy valves                                                    oblast

                                                       Company "Tasstone" IE    North Kazakhstan
47 Construction of plate glass plant (float method)                                                                           150 mln.USD
                                                         Suleimenov M.A.             Oblast

   Production of composit materials and profiles,
   with use
48                                                           SP "ABM"            Almaty oblast                                707 mln.USD
   fiber glasses, kevlar basalt fibres

                                                                                           Agriculture and textile industry
                                                       LLP «Global Ecological
49   Productionof the logistics centre"GEGA"                                        Almaty                                    105 mln. USD
                                                          Group Almaty»

                                                           LLP Business
50   Communal food market with vegetable-storage                                 Aktobe Oblast                                1,37 mln USD
                                                       Development Center "
        Organization of processing wool and yarn
51                                                        LLP Posh Taraz        Zhambyl Oblast                                4 mln. Euro
52       Construction of meat processing plant         LLP Tabigat Service D    Zhambyl Oblast                                3,3mln USD
53   Construction of a plant to process horse meat       LLP Brig company       Zhambyl Oblast                                5,1mln USD
     Production Line unitsifirovannogo pasteurized     LLP Burnensky cheese
54                                                                              Zhambyl Oblast                                2,3 mln USD
                          milk                                 plant
                                                                                                                                             required investment
55 Construction of elevator                               LLP "Enbek Nan"        Akmola region                                6,4 mln USD
                                                                                                                                                5,7 mln. USD
     Construction of heating storages by 3,65
56                                                      LLP "Green House"        Almaty oblast                                 8 mln. USD
57   Plant for production of food and technical salt      LLP "Caspiy Salt"       Atyrau Oblast                                8 mln.USD

58     Organization of modern textile production           JSC "Utex kz"        South Kazakhstan                              101 mln .USD

     Construction of the plantfor deep processing of   JSC "NC"Food Contract    North Kazakhstan
59                                                                                                                            152 mln. USD
     grain                                                  Corporation"             Oblast
   Construction and equipping of an elevator for
                                                       JSC "NC"Food Contract    North Kazakhstan
60 storage of oil crops and a plant for production                                                                            33,7 mln. USD
                                                            Corporation"             Oblast
   of vegetable oil
                                                                               Akmola, Karaganda,
      Creation of breeding farms to 1000 head of                                                  Looking for a partner .
61                                                       JSC Mal Onymdery        Almaty region                                8,11 mln USD         3,38 mln USD
                        cattle.                                                                    No Feasibility study

       The establishment of two dairy farms with                                                    Looking for a partner .
62                                                       JSC Mal Onymdery        Zhambyl Oblast                             16,89 mln USD.          3,4 mln USD
                   1200 head of cattle                                                               No Feasibility study

                                                                                                   No Feasibility study,
                                                                                                                                                    3,5 mln. USD
63   Furniture plant                                  LLP «Zhak»                     Astana        there is esquisse of the    5 mln. USD
                                                                                                                                              (cost of 2 mini sections)

   The introduction and development of
   innovative and investment projects "AKMP-18"
64                                                           SP "ABM"            Almaty oblast                                348 mln.USD
   in a group organization of production of export-
   oriented agricultural

65 Harvesting processing of wool                         SEC "Tekes Tubit"       Almaty region                                 29 mln.USD
   Construction of water-alcohol extraction of soy
66                                                       LLP "Vita industry"     Almaty region                                 2 mln.USD
   protein manufacture
  Avalability of infrastructure
  (rail roads; higways; water;
          electricity etc.)

     Infrastructure available

        Land is available

Infrastructure available
  Infrastructure available

  Infrastructure available

Plot of 5 hectares in the SEZ
 Production place is defined,
Production capacity and material
base is available, All
infrastructure available

Production place is defined; 137
hectares of land; cut in gas pipe
Zhanazhol Aktobe on the
distance 19 km
Infrastructure available
Infrastructure available
Looking for a land

Looking for a land

land is not defined

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