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BMC Clubs’ Committee
Minutes of the Clubs Committee meeting held at the BMC office on 25 November 2010.

Present: John Farrow (National Clubs, Chair), Dave Brown (Peak), Paul Exley (Yorks),
Fiona Sanders (National Clubs), Rob Greaves (Wales), Tom Bond (Student Clubs),
Ewen Russell (Student Clubs), Martin Dale (Lakes), Tony Williams (L&SE), Martin
Kocsis (BMC)
Apologies: Dave Turnbull, Rab Carrington (BMC), Sam Mayfield (SW), Malcolm Rowe

1. Welcome, apologies & conflicts of interest
1.1 JF welcomed everyone to the meeting, and noted apologies from Sam Mayfield,
Malcolm Rowe. Apologies from Dave Turnbull and Rab Carrington who announced that
he was standing down from the Committee.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting
2.1 The minutes were accepted for accuracy.

3. Matters arising not covered elsewhere
3.1 Information regarding grants has been unforthcoming from clubs, so the information
that the BMC holds in Club & Hut guidelines should be sent out in a BMC Monthly
4. Committee Reviews of
4.1 Operating Procedures The committee agreed that the Club Committee’s
year runs from January to December.

4.2 Timing and impact of elections There was concern that the National Rep
elections were flawed. It was felt that National Clubs should be able to vote for
their own candidate. The new committee (as of 1st January) should reconsider the
election process, including proportional representation for all areas and types of

4.3 Student representation The committee agreed to co opt Ewen and Tom.
They will come back to the next meeting with some notion of how they are going
to take student representation forward.

4.4 Co-option of Additional Members The committee agreed that they should
keep an eye out for suitable people to invite along to future meetings.

4.5 Reporting John Farrow – as Chair of the meeting – will take the views of the
meeting to the National Council where he attends as an observer.

5 Committee Business
5.1 Club Support: Training novices. The latest version of the draft plan
was agreed and given the green light. Concern was expressed that the
allocated 2011 budget for the committee (£4,000) was rather restrictive,
given that £3,500 would go on the Club Support seminar. It was decided
that the best way of dealing with that was to come up with some good ideas
and then ask for more money.
                                                                         RG, MK
5.2 Financial provision for 2011 The committee agreed to move discussion
of this to the next meeting.

6 Guidance for Clubs
6.1 Membership rules Tony raised the issue of expelling members or
rejecting potential members and how that might affect clubs and their
officers. The issue was discussed at the recent seminar. It was suggested
that an example addition to existing constitutions be concocted by the
BMC to allow clubs to exclude or expel people without fear of reprisal.
Might it be possible for the BMC to act as an appeal body for (smaller)
6.2 Future of Cheques In summary, banks want to stop cheques due to
the cost. The Payments Council is looking at alternatives. This is all due
for some sort of denouement in 2018.

6.3 MHT Tony will contact Maxine Willetts in regard to preserving and
documenting Club records.
6.4 Structures Tony will look into the possibility of holding training
sessions for (new) members of regional and national club committees. JF
raised the possibility of using next year’s Seminar as a focus for running
clubs (and all aspects therein).

7 Affiliated Clubs
7.1 Understanding the constituency Rob will do some research on this
topic and report back.                                                           RG

7.2 Improving clubs’ profile within the BMC Various thoughts were aired.
The committee agreed that further questions should be asked regarding
other options for promoting clubs to members.                                    MK

7.3 Publicity The results of the National Rep Elections should be put on the
website ASAP The minutes of all the meetings should also be clearly
displayed within the Club section of the website.                                MK

7.4 Funding to support club members Following requests from club
members, Fiona raised this issue. The idea being to allow clubs to
“upskill” their members in various aspects of climbing, hill walking and
mountaineering. JF suggested the most cost effective way to do this is to
run courses in specific areas (e.g. navigation, first aid, winter skills). A
proposal is needed.                                                              FS

8 Dates of 2011 meetings: 3rd Feb, 31st March, 26th May, 8th Sept and 24th Nov
9 Any Other Business?
9.1 BMC Draft Loan Fund Policy. The nature of the fund was debated: is it
an emergency fund, or a casual loan fund? The repayment process
appears to be unclear. The paper needs an executive summary. The
paper needs lots of reorganization, due to duplication and what are
loosely described as “banking stupidities”. e.g. there is no “Bank of
England base rate”: it does not exist. The committee feel that the fund
should be broadened out beyond bricks and mortar.                             TW

9.2 Rateable value issue: JF briefly described his Club's challenge to the
increase in the rateable value of its Welsh hut. A specialist firm was
representing the Club in an appeal on a 'no win no fee' basis.

                                                                  Martin Kocsis
                                                                  November 2010

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