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									    Defining Spreadsheet Software

Defining Spreadsheet Software       1
    Defining Spreadsheet Software

               This lesson will cover:
                  • What is Excel 2003?
                       • Spreadsheet Basics
                  • Main functions of Excel 2003
                  • Main features of Excel 2003
                  • New items in Excel 2003
                  • Starting Excel 2003
                  • Important features of the Excel Window
                  • Getting Excel Help
                  • Exiting Excel

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                2
     What is Excel 2003?
Excel 2003 is a powerful electronic spreadsheet program. The next few
slides will explain what this means… Excel is developed by Microsoft, and is
currently the most widely used spreadsheet program in the world. It is the
defacto standard, so to speak.

Excel 2003 is used to organize, calculate, and analyze data and can help you
create worksheets and invoices and do both simple and complex number

 Defining Spreadsheet Software                                             3
      Main Functions of Excel 2003

• It is an electronic spreadsheet

• Excel 2003 has the ability to create charts based on the
data you have entered in the worksheet cells.

• With Excel 2003, information can be entered faster and
more accurately.

• Excel 2003 has an ability to quickly view the
recalculated results.

  Defining Spreadsheet Software                         4
      Spreadsheet Basics
Paper based spreadsheets have been used by accountants and other “number
crunchers” for many years. They are basically tables or matrices of values
that present data in an easily read or understood manner. Some of the more
common uses for spreadsheets are to present balance sheets, or financial
statements and analyses, but they can also include more complex data such
as the results of research experiments or tests.
Spreadsheets are arranged in a matrix of
Columns and Rows. Data is entered into
Cells that are the intersection of a column and
a row. Electronic spreadsheets use this
framework a bit more liberally and actually
override it by adding graphics and merging or
enlarging cells. Excel refers to each
spreadsheet page as a worksheet. A workbook
is a collection of worksheets.         For a history on spreadsheets visit this website:

 Defining Spreadsheet Software                                                          5
            Test Results Presented in a Spreadsheet



Defining Spreadsheet Software                               6
  Major Features of Excel 2003

• Excel templates
    Excel provides several templates that provide you with a
    ready-made worksheet containing formulas and formatting.
• Fill feature
    The fill feature enables you to add series of numbers or
    quickly copy information from one cell to several cells.
• Wizards
    Wizards help you use many Excel features.

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                  7
      What’s new in Excel 2003
• New Task pane
    The task pane is a special pane that appears on the right side of the
    Excel application widow when you use certain Excel features.
• Enhanced statistical functions
    Excel offers enhancements such as collinearity detection, calculations
    of sum of squared deviations, normal distributions and continuous
    probability distribution functions.
• List integration with Windows SharePoint
    Select ranges of data in Excel spreadsheets to create lists in sites
    created with Windows SharePoint Services.

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                                8
    Starting Excel

                                Excel can be started from
                                the Programs Menu…the
                                menu item may be under
                                Microsoft Office or it may
                                be on the menu by itself…

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                9
                                  Wherever the shortcut is, the
                                  icon will usually look like

                                The shortcut may even be on the
                                taskbar Quick Launch Menu…

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                 10
                  When Excel starts up you will see a window
                  similar to this…a default (empty) spreadsheet
                  will be displayed showing many familiar
                  Windows features…

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                     11
      Understanding the Excel Window

      Menu Bar                    Title Bar   Formula Bar

Active Row           Standard Toolbar         Formatting Toolbar
and Column
 Heading is                                          Task Pane
                                  Worksheet Area

                                                Scroll Bar
  Status Bar

  Defining Spreadsheet Software                                    12
 The Excel window will have                     …along with a title bar and
 Menus and Toolbars as usual…                   control buttons…the title bar
                                                shows the name of the current
                                                spreadsheet, a generic one
                                                supplied by Excel, “Book1”.

                        …a status bar at the bottom of the
                        Excel window will display various
                        types of information…right now it just
                        lets you know Excel is “Ready”…

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                               13
                                                                Column letters…
           The intersection of a column and a row is
           a Cell…it is named by its column and
           row…this one is A1.

}   Row numbers …

                            The “Worksheet” is a grid, table or matrix
                            of columns and rows …

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                                14
                                    The active cell is the basic work area of a
                                    spreadsheet. Numbers, text, formulas or
                                    complex functions can be inserted in a cell by
                                    entering them in the input box located just
                                    below the Formatting bar…

 This is cell D11 …

                                Notice the mouse pointer has become a “plus” sign.

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                                  15
                                Data entered here…

                                  …is actually being entered into the
                                  active cell here.

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                           16
                                                       Font colors can be
                                                       changed here…or
                                                       from the Format
..the look of the text can be changed by selecting
different fonts, font sizes or font effects (such as
Bold or Italic) from the Formatting bar. Or you
could select a cell formatting option from the
Format menu item. Usually there is more than
one way to do something in Excel…

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                          17
                      Each “Worksheet” has tabs…and there
                      are also scroll bars to move about…

Defining Spreadsheet Software                               18
         The Window is actually a window within a window…if
         you click the Restore Window button        …from the lower
         set of controls buttons…you will see this better….

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                         19
    How to Get Help
                                          -You can show or
                                          hide the Office
                                          Assistant from
                                          Help menu.

                                          -You can press
                                          function key F1
                                          on the keyboard
                                          to active it.

  The Office Assistant is a help program shared by all Office
  2003 applications, which in addition to answering
  questions can automatically provide advice on Excel
  features as you work.

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                   20
The best thing about Clippy is that he
“understands” natural language commands…for
example, if I wanted to find out how to “Close the
Office Assistant”, I would type that phrase into the
input box in the “balloon”...

  Defining Spreadsheet Software                        21
            The Excel help window acts like a web browser…

       There is a lot of information here, but it can be searched by
       using the Table of Contents, the Index or the Answer
       Wizard…the Wizard provides the same results as does the
       Assistant, but without the animation and sound effects…
Defining Spreadsheet Software                                          22
    Exiting Excel

              The idea is to exit safely…and with grace…

Defining Spreadsheet Software                              23
                                       To exit Excel, or just close the
                                       current spreadsheet use the
                                       File menu…to Close the
                                       current spreadsheet select

                                To Exit the program, which will also close the
                                current spreadsheet…select Exit…remember to
                                save your work if necessary.

Defining Spreadsheet Software                                                    24

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