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Some years back a telephone was just another rigid communication
device but today the mobile phone has transformed to become one of the
hottest personal accessories everyone carries around. One of the features
that have been built into the mobile phone technology for convenient
communication is the short message service (SMS), which has become so
much effective than other comparable media.

SMS (Short Message Service) is a communication service component
of the GSM mobile communication system, using standardized
communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages
between mobile devices. SMS text messaging is the most widely used data
application in the world today, with estimated 2.4 billion active users, or
over 74% of all mobile phone subscribers worldwide. The term SMS is
used as a synonym for all types of short text messaging, as well as the user
activity itself, in many parts of the world.

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Facts and data in recent years have shown that the penetration of
mobile phones into our local market is above 50% of Nigerian population,
which simply means that in a country with estimated population of over
120million people, approximately 60million people own mobile phones
and all of them are equipped with SMS features. A careful look at these
figures proves that communicating to millions through SMS is definitely
one of the most effective ways of disseminating information to anybody
instantaneously regardless of where they are.

From the analysis below, there is no doubt that Short Message Service
is the quickest and most effective means of reaching a large audience than
any other single or combined communication channel.

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                                                 COMMUNICATION CHANNEL
      CHARACTERISTICS                    SMS     EMAIL   TELEPHONE                PRINTS     TELEVISION     RADIO


Speed to reach large number of           HIGH    HIGH      LOW        LOW        MEDIUM       MEDIUM         HIGH


Delay before recipients reads/listen/   NONE     LONG      NONE      LONG        MEDIUM       MEDIUM       MEDIUM
watch message


No of users with access to channel      LARGE    SMALL     LARGE     LARGE       MEDIUM       MEDIUM        LARGE


Probability that users will read/        HIGH     LOW      HIGH      MEDIUM        LOW        MEDIUM         HIGH
listen/watch message


Expenses accrued to reach multiple      MEDIUM    LOW      HIGH       HIGH         HIGH         HIGH         HIGH

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Besides general advertising functions, which is the most common reason for
texting to a large audience, we introduce to you our new product called Value
Added Service Texting (VAST). It is a feature that enables you reach your
customers or a target audience on schedule at important moments.

It offers the opportunity of sending greeting messages for birthdays,
anniversaries, celebrations of any kind and public holidays. You can even set
alerts for bill/fees payments, reminders, meetings, tasks, will pick ups, prayers
and general event scheduling.

A simple scenario is to schedule personalized birthday or festive
greetings for all your customers on your database to be delivered at 07h00 on the
morning of a set date.

This is one simple gesture that can be much more appreciated by customers
and patrons than any other channel of communication.

Organisations that practice the "one customer culture" do similar tasks with
other means like writing personal letters to customers which can in turn pose
lots of challenges to keep up the messaging culture but, now we have a more
convenient and effective means of delivery.
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Another scenario is that a religious organisation can now send out prayer
points to members at the same time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

They can send SMS to all their members on their database at the same time
and also schedule future messages to be delivered at a future date and time.

Another scenario is to alert customers or patrons immediately a transaction
is effected, it helps authenticate transaction, boost customer/consumers
confidence and in return keeps records on their phone for them as proof of
payment for them to refer to in future, if the need arise.

Another example is to use SMS as follow up messages to keep clients &
customer abreast with information and protocols. It can be used to confirm
examination numbers/centres to applicants, announce results, send
appreciation, send transaction details and emergency numbers to passengers,
send interview appointments and passport collection dates to applicant, inform
customers that mails/goods have arrived and are ready for pick up, inform
customers prior to an event or show, with comprehensive venue information like
security, parking, change in time, wheel chair accessibility, smoking restriction

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We have three methods you can employ to implement this application, these are:

!   Transactport user-friendly web interface

!   Desktop Application

!   Transactport Application Programming Interface (API) for
     HTTP connection

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Transactport user friendly web interface

     Our application comes at no cost once you provide the data required to
     effectively send SMS. It can be accessed via a computer or mobile devices with
     mini browsers and you can use the unlimited phone book feature with grouping
     functionality for easy number recall. Also note that it is an international
     messaging portal, so country code is require for all numbers with no plus (+) sign
     added e.g. for a local number like 08033539240 please write number as
     2348033539240 with no plus (+) sign, cross check to ensure that all numbers are
     separated with commas.


•         Senders name or numbers not exceeding 11 characters

•         Mobile phone numbers of recipients

•         Message to be delivered (exceeding 160 characters but will charge as multiple SMS)

•         Scheduled date/time of delivery or just send instantly

•         Internet Access via a computer or mobile device

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Desktop application

     A customised desktop software will be specifically
     designed for your business and installed on your
     system with which you can use to instantly start
     sending messages.


•    Database of intended recipient

•    Internet Access

•    Minimum of one computer

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Application programming interface

     An API has been made available for HTTP
     connections to your existing website for automatic and
     convenient integration. Download and study manual on
     how to connect to your account on Transactport


•    An Existing Website

•    Internet Access

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Benefits of using vast

The benefits of Value Added Service Texting are:

•    Customers’ confidence and loyalty guaranteed

•    High probability of message being read

•    High retention rate

•    Cost Effective Medium

•    Personalised advantage

•    Easy to use features

•    Instantaneous effect

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     FEATURES of vast

•     SMS to millions                          •    Connectivity to all GSM networks nationwide

•     Scheduled Sending Feature                •    Connectivity to over 700 GSM networks nationwide

•     Fraud proof 4-digit authorisation code   •    Import contacts from MS Excel and notepad

•     Transfer credit to other users           •    View purchase, transfer and sending history reports

•     Multiple Messaging Features              •    Duplicate number sorting feature

•     Application Programming Interface        •    Convenient credit purchase via bank transfer for resellers
      (API) for HTTP connection
                                               •    The more you buy, the more you save
•     Unlimited online address book with
      grouping feature                         •    No long term commitment, setup or hidden charges

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Value Added Service Texting (VAST) is a product of Transactport
Bulk SMS, owned and managed by Urban Touch Transactport Limited,
duly registered with RC-849094, a fully indiginous information
technology based entertainment company in the business of providing
integrated bulksms, online media store, directory, tickets sales and services
for entertainment lovers.

We have quality solution developers with several years of joint
experience in various fields, including science, economics, information
technology and web solutions development.

Our solutions are built with international best practices in design and
technology with core interest in securities and protocols management

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Our rates begin at N5:50k per credit/SMS for no less
than 100credit units per purchase. Premium rates are
available for bulk purchase and prices can be further
negotiated than the displayed online cost for resellers and
corporate bodies that consume in very large quantities, we
are in a business that is driven by volumes, so each client is
treated specially based on their performance.

The most exciting thing about VAST is that you can be
totally liberated from all expenses, just shift the cost to the
customer/client and you are in business.

Note: SMS credits do not expire nor go dormant.

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Let us all join the world in going green to save the earth from
depleting any further so that the next generation will live
comfortably, why print a paper when you can digitally stay ahead in

BULK SMS marketing is an exciting and promising tool. When
used, it is one of the best ways to quickly reach a large number of
people at an affordable cost with a high level of response and

Register at our website at to start
sending messages to your customers and clients.

For more information on reasons to send SMS, click on the
“Why Send SMS" button at the top of the home page after login.

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