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									Appleton Excel
Volleyball Club

•   Origin
•   Vision
•   Excel Staff
•   The Season
    –   Teams
    –   Practice
    –   Tournaments
    –   Fees
• Volunteer Opportunities
• Tryouts
    – Paperwork
    – Logistics
• Fundraising
                Club Origin
• In 2003, parents and coaches at Appleton
  East identified a need to create opportunities
  for committed Appleton East and other area
  volleyball players to get more “touches”
  during the off-season.
• Effective the 2011 club season, Appleton
  Excel has opened to include any and all
  athletes in the surrounding area.
• Identified six layers of a successful club
   –   Player passion
   –   Practice facilities
   –   Quality coaches
   –   Revenue
   –   Competent administration
   –   Parent support                        3
                  Excel Vision
It is our vision, through the joint efforts of parents, players,
    and coaches we will:

•   Develop and prepare athletes to play volleyball for area
    high schools.

•   Provide organized training, competition, recreation and
    education for athletes.

•   Provide an opportunity for girls to play at a high level of
    competition through in-state, regional, and national
    tournament play.

•   Help create a culture that is synonymous with excellence.

         Excel Board and Staff
        Board of Directors:
                                         Gary Jahnke
President/ Director: Stacey Foley
                                         Tim Weis
Vice President: Don Scharenbroch
                                         Steve Brown
Assistant Director: Tracey Chosa
Treasurer: Barb Kirk                       Coaches:
Secretary: Nichole Meidl                   Stacey Foley
At Large: Sarah Kranski and Brian         Tracey Chosa
                                          Nichole Meidl
         Staffing Positions:            Brian Zimmerman
Facilities: Krista Braun                    Tim Weis
Web-Site: Brian Zimmerman                  Kristin Cates
Clothing and Equipment: Stacey Foley      Sarah Kranski
Winter Challenge: Tracey Chosa             Jon Zierren
                                          Mike Smolinski
        Parent Involvement:               Becca Betters
   Each team will need one-two parent   Tammy Wittmann
                                        Courtney Harvancik
              Age Definitions
USA Volleyball has established age definitions to set up fair

The following dates are the cutoffs and divisions for the
upcoming 2010-2011 club season:

12s   -   Players who   were born on or after September 1, 1998
13s   -   Players who   were born on or after September 1, 1997
14s   -   Players who   were born on or after September 1, 1996
15s   -   Players who   were born on or after September 1, 1995
16s   -   Players who   were born on or after September 1, 1994
17s   -   Players who   were born on or after September 1, 1993

Players may play in an older age group based on need and

Projected 2010-2011 Teams

   12-1s Girls        13-1s Girls
  Tournaments – 3    Tournaments: 4
 Practice: 2/ week   Practice: 2/ week
    Fee: $375           Fee: $425

   14-1s Girls        14-2s Girls
  Tournaments: 7     Tournaments – 6
 Practice: 3/ week   Practice: 2/ week
    Fee: $675           Fee: $625
Projected 2010-2011 Teams
   15-1s Girls                           15-2s Girls
 Tournaments – 7                        Tournaments – 6
 Practice: 3/ week                     Practice: 2/ week
     Fee: $675                             Fee: $625

   16-1s Girls                           17-1s Girls
 Tournaments – 7                        Tournaments – 7
 Practice: 3/ week                     Practice: 3/ week
     Fee: $695                             Fee: $695

** 10 girls per team. The final number of teams is subject to
interest, quality of players, gym time available and coach
              Team Practices
•   Practices for all teams will be held at Tanner’s, Madison
    Middle School, Wilson Middle School, or Soccer Heaven.
•   Practice start times range from 3:45 pm – 7:30 pm Monday
    through Thursday with additional practices for 14-1’s, 15-1’s,
    16’s and 17’s teams on Sunday evenings.
•   Practice schedules are set by coach availability and facility
•   All practices are mandatory, and we do NOT hold make up
•   Training by Big Impact will be incorporated into practices, so
    no additional travel is necessary.
•   Players are required to be on time and ready to begin
    practice at the practice start time.
•   If players will miss practice, they must inform the coach
    BEFORE practice begins via phone or email.
•   Missed practices could result in a loss of playing time.    9
  Referee Scoring Clinic
• Mandatory for all players to
  – Players will learn how to score keep, libero track, down
    ref, and line judge for all competitions this season.
  – Even if players have had this training before, they MUST
    attend every year.

• Date: Saturday, December 4
• Time: 12-4
  – A beginner and advanced class will be offered during this
    time. Times for individual classes will be announced.

• Location: Wilson Middle School
• Tournament play begins in January and
  ends in March
• Tournaments are held on Saturday or
   – Usually have to be at the gym by 7:30 am
   – Run until mid to late afternoon.
• There are overnight tournaments
• You will know tournament schedule in
• 14-1’s, 15-1’s, 16-1’s, and 17-1’s teams
  will attend the Badger Region
  Championships in Milwaukee               11
• Try-out Fee
  – $25 if registering day of try outs
     • Try-out fee is non-refundable.
     • Make check payable to “Appleton Excel
       Volleyball Club, Inc.”
• Club Fee
  – Due at kick-off meeting being held on Nov.
    30th 2010
  – Club Fees include:
     • Uniform, insurance, tournament fees, team
       equipment, facilities, strength & conditioning &
       nutrition training, and other club expenses
• Travel Expenses
  – Anything related to tournaments, including meals,
    hotels, etc. are responsibility of family.
  Excel Winter Challenge
• Date: Saturday in February
• It is MANDATORY for parents and
  players to help out if they are not at a
  tournament of their own.
• Sign-up will go through the Team
  Parents and happen in January.
• Please watch for more information.
  ***The club reserves the right to cancel this event due
   to attendance and scheduling problems. Information
     regarding this event will be shared with athletes and
       their families in December for planning purposes. 13
          Team Parents
• We ask that one parent from each
  team volunteer to be a team parent.
• What a team parent does:
  – Coordinates Hotel Information
  – Helps call parents with any information
    sent from the board or coaches
  – In charge of team fundraising information
  – Distribute clothing orders
  – Take pictures and send to website
  – Email scores and results after contest
   To Tryout for Excel…
• Register with USAV on WebPoint
  – Log onto the Badger Region website
  – http://www.badgervolleyball.org
     • Link can be found on our website
     • http://www.appletonexcel.org
• Returning players
  – Follow instructions on WebPoint for returning players
     • DO NOT create a new form if you are already in
        the database. All returning players will be there
• New Players
  – Log-in and create new WebPoint account (user name
    and password). Complete forms on-line, print hard
    copy, sign, and bring membership card to try-out.
• Register for tryout on Excel website
  – Fill out form for EACH PLAYER coming to tryout
          Day of Tryouts…
• What to Bring:
   1. Completed USAV member card from WebPoint
   2. Completed (signed) Player Medical Release form.
       • Get this form at www.appletonexcel.org
       • Be sure forms are signed in multiple locations.
         Both parent and players must sign
   3. $25 try-out fee
   4. Excel Express Registration Form
       • Get this form at www.appletonexcel.org


A parent should accompany player at registration portion of
        try-out if possible, in case there is a question.
  What is different this
• Things that are           • Things that are
  the same                    different
  – Players register in       – Use WebPoint & club
    advance on a website        websites instead of
  – Players come to one         Sign Up To Play site
    or more club tryouts      – Choose level of
  – Players try to obtain       USAV membership
    one or more offers          when you register
    to join a club            – No paper USAV
  – 1st offer accepted is       registration forms at
    final                       tryouts now
  – Club Offer process
    Trouble Registering at
• Work with a friend or teammate

• Use help content on Badger Region website

• Send e mail to exceldir@tds.net and show
  “WebPoint Help” in subject line

• Come for registration assistance to Excel
  open gyms November 8th and 10th

• Stay after meeting tonight for Q&A

            Try-outs Schedule
        Appleton West High School
    Saturday,                                     Sunday,
November 13, 2010                            November 14, 2010
  12s 1:00-2:30 pm                           12s   8:00– 9:00 am
  13s 1:00-2:30 pm                           13s   8:00– 9:00 am
  14s 10:30-12:30 pm                         14s   11:30-1:00 pm
  15s 3:00-5:00 pm                           15s   1:30-3:00 pm
  ***Note the change for the 14’s and 15’s
     due to scheduling conflicts.            16s   9:30-11:00 am
  16s 8:00-10:00 am                          17s   9:30-11:00 am
  17s 8:00-10:00 am
** Registration begins 30 minutes before scheduled try-out time
                         Please plan accordingly.
 *Athletes should notify club personnel if they are not going to be
    present for BOTH tryout times at the time of registration.
**Girls will receive Adult small t-shirt with number to wear for try-
   outs. Must wear same issued t-shirt at both tryouts. Some   19
                     mediums and larges available.
                 Offer Process
Offer Received
At the end of tryouts each time, girls may be offered a position for a
   team. If you do receive an offer:
• Offer sheet will contain information regarding what team, what
   coach, when offer expires and how to respond to the offer.
• 1st wave of offers expire on Nov. 18th at 9:01 pm and may, or may
   not, be extended again. Offers continue until Nov. 22nd at 6:00 pm.
•   Important to note that athletes are NOT allowed to accept a
   position for more than club team, 1st offer accepted is final. So,
   make decisions carefully.

Offer NOT Received
•   If an offer is not extended to an athlete at the end of a tryout, it
    DOES NOT mean that an offer will not be extended.
•   As athletes decline offers, coaches will move to make other offers to
    athletes via telephone.
•   As this process can be lengthy and frustrating, Appleton Excel will
    update our website with information on a regular basis during tryout
•   Athletes will also be given an informational flyer at the end of tryouts
    to help them through this process.                                 20
• Mandatory fundraiser: Tastefully
  – Sell for a two week period after starting
    after Parent/Player meeting.
  – Start date: November 20th
  – End date: November 30th
  – Minimum sales goal of $100 per player or
    $50 buyout option.
  – Top seller in the club is refunded ½ their
    club fees
  – Money raised is used to offset facility and
    uniform costs in order to minimize club
    fees for all families.
          Important Dates
• Open Gyms: November 8th/10th
    – 5-7 pm
    – Appleton West High School
    – Must have USAV sheet (generated from WebPoint)

• Tryouts: November 13th/14th
• Fundraiser:
    – Start date: November 20th
    – End date: November 30th

•   Kick-off meeting: November 30th
•   Score/ Ref Clinic: December 4th
•   Tournament Season begins: Jan.
•   Winter Challenge: February                         22

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