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					Appendix 4: DILO template
[Sample document from Carrick DC – Benefits Review project]

                                                                                                                    DILO - Floating Benefits Assessor

                                         First                                                                       Correct    Correct
                                       time of    Document    Checked                                                 items     advice                                           Customer
                                       contact     Checked    Correctly     System Checked      Photocopied         requested    given    Calls to assessor for further advice    satisfied   Total
                                                                          I World   RKYV                                                                                                      Time
     Type of document / query            Y/N        Y/N/Na     Y/N/Na       Y/N/Na   Y/N/Na   Y/N      Time spent    Y/N/Na     Y/N/Na                   What                       Y/N       spent

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