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     Scalable. Reliable.

 T1s engineered for today’s businesses.
 Speakeasy T1s are designed to grow as your business grows without unnecessary overhead,
 offering you a scalable solution with prioritized data routing and robust service level guarantees.

“	My	business	needed	a	connection	fast	and	            With Speakeasy T1s, you get:
  Speakeasy	delivered	on	their	promise.	With	this	         Scalability to 3 Megabits-per-second (Mbps)
  quick	turnaround,	wonderful	customer	service,	
                                                           Performance-based SLA that guarantees 99.99%
  and	a	genuine	desire	to	help	my	business,	I	will	        uptime, guaranteed bandwidth, along with low
  eagerly	recommend	Speakeasy	to	all	my	                   latency and packet loss
 colleagues.”                                              Mission-critical reliability
 — Angelina Haole – CEO, Saks Realty Group                 Outstanding, dedicated customer technical and
                                                           account support
                                                       Choose a single 1.5 Mbps T1 connection or our Bonded T1s,
                                                       which allow businesses to increase bandwidth up to 3 Mbps.
                                                       Bonding is a cost effective way to add capacity as your
                                                       business grows.

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The standard connection for businesses, Speakeasy T1s offers prioritized data routing, robust service level guarantees, and
the ideal platform for business-critical applications. There’s more:

    Competitive Pricing – We think you should get what you               Proactive Network Monitoring – With a Speakeasy T1,
    pay for. Not some of the time, but all the time. If you pay          we monitor the WAN side of your router to verify uptime.
    for a 1.5 Mbps line, you’ll get it. Guaranteed. And the              If an outage is detected, a trouble ticket is automatically
    price includes port, loop, bandwidth, and full throughput            created and troubleshooting begins immediately. It is our
    with no hidden usage charges.                                        mission to identify and resolve service issues before you
                                                                         are even aware of them.
    Dedicated Support – Speakeasy T1 business customers
    enjoy 24/7/365 technical and account support from our
    most experienced agents. When you call or submit a
    ticket online, your issue is owned start-to-finish by a
    representative who takes your business and technology
    needs seriously and will never pass the buck.

                    THE SPEAKEASY PROMISE                                                         THE PROOF

 Prioritized Data Routing
                                                                    •   Multiple OC3s and DS3s at each POP ensure there’s always
 T1 business traffic is prioritized on our private nationwide           enough capacity.
 network, increasing the performance, availability, and security
                                                                    •   T1 traffic gets priority routing over DSL traffic.
 of your business connections.

 Robust Service Level Agreements                                    •   99.99% uptime service-level guarantee and 4- hour repair SLA
 Speakeasy T1 connections offer business-critical uptime and
 reliability, keeping your fast-paced business online and moving.   •   Low latency and packet loss guarantees ensure data integrity.

 Guaranteed Bandwidth                                               •   All Speakeasy T1s consistently deliver full 1.5 Mbps.
 Speakeasy’s network architecture allows Speakeasy to               •   Not limited by lower bandwidth Information Rates/Mirror Rates
 guarantee your bandwidth at all times.                                 that don’t approach full T1 capacity.

 Mission-critical Performance                                       •   Guaranteed Committed Information Rate along with our Frame
 Speakeasy’s private national network delivers the best                 to ATM inter-networking allows customers to receive the
                                                                        dedicated bandwidth of a point-to-point connection.
 performance and reliability possible with maximum security for
 your data.                                                         •   Eight major data centers have multi-redundant connections and
                                                                        peering exchanges, so if one connection goes down, multiple
                                                                        backup connections are immediately available.

For businesses experiencing the constraints of a single T1, Speakeasy Bonded T1s are a smart, affordable solution.

Bonding enables up to two Speakeasy 1.5 Mbps circuits to seamlessly operate as a single connection. It’s perfect for server/
application hosting, multi-site businesses, and companies with growing bandwidth needs.

Saves money                                                       Grows with your business
    Uses existing wiring and infrastructure                           Add or remove 1.5 Mbps T1 circuits as bandwidth
                                                                      needs change
    You pay only for two T1 connections and a single piece
    of hardware                                                       Nationwide coverage allows multi-location
                                                                      businesses to scale with a single provider
    Eliminates the need pay for bandwidth you don’t need
    with an expensive DS3 connection

                                                                 Scalable, Low Cost T1
                                                                 Speakeasy technology enables two 1.5 Mbps T1 circuits
                                                                 to seamlessly operate as a single connection.

                                                                                                 Private Network

                  Customer Router

                   Customer Site                                 Increase bandwidth by
                                                                 simply adding more
                                                                 T1s at any time.                            Internet
           Only a single piece of
           hardware is required.
                    THE SPEAKEASY ADVANTAGE

                    Speakeasy simplifies communications for today’s small business. We offer eleven years of
                    experience, a nationwide private network built for performance, and the best customer support in
                    the industry. Our goal is to make it easy to do business with us:

                        One provider for all your voice, broadband, and hosting needs
                        One contact for technical and account support
                        One bill with simple, predictable pricing


                    Speakeasy offers a full range of innovative broadband services for worry-free productivity and
                    business continuity. Optimize your T1 connection and round out your communications solution with
                    other leading-edge Speakeasy products:

                        Speakeasy Business VoIP – Our hosted solution integrates voice, data, long distance,
                        conferencing, and better-than-PBX functionality for significant TCO savings and simplified
                        maintenance. Next-generation phone features like Voicemail to Email and Microsoft® Outlook
                        integration deliver a competitive edge for enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.
                        Speakeasy Managed Services – Speakeasy combines various hosting types, value-added
                        services and consulting to create custom solutions for specific business needs. Managed
                        Services include Colocation, Managed Hosting, and Shared Web Hosting.
                        Speakeasy Private WAN – Our private point-to-point connections provide secure interoffice
                        connectivity for multiple locations nationwide or simply across town.

                    ABOUT SPEAKEASY

                    Focused on the needs of small business, Speakeasy is one of the largest, independent nationwide
                    providers of broadband voice, data, and hosting services. We deliver simplified communications by
                    backing our complete service portfolio—VoIP, DSL, T1, Private WAN, and a range of hosting
                    solutions—with extraordinary customer support and a private network optimized for performance.
                    Visit us online at www.speakeasy.net.

                    Get Started Now. Call to learn more.
                    Please call Queens Technology @ 917-361-2261 to learn more.


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