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									Small Business Credit Share                            SM
                                                                Mitigate risk and
                                                                maximize revenue
portfolio risk scores

             Developed exclusively for the Small Business Credit Share
             consortium and powered by Experian’s robust analytics,
             Small Business Credit Share portfolio risk scores enable you

             to quickly identify financial accounts most likely to become
             delinquent. These powerful scores allow you to proactively
             address accounts most likely to pose future business risk.
             Reduce costs and maximize revenue by utilizing Experian’s
             most powerful scores for financial portfolios.

             Built for today’s economic climate             •	 The	all	financial	model	for	broad		
             Small-business risk assessment has                financial risk across multiple
             never been easy given the scarcity of             financial products
             commercial information that is often           •	 Two	targeted	models	to	
             available with smaller firms. This                optimize performance on
             problem is compounded as scoring                  product-specific portfolios:
             models developed under better
             economic conditions prove less reliable          – Commercial credit card
             in today’s unprecedented economic                – Commercial retail credit card
             environment. Developed based on
             recent market performance and fueled           Experian has engineered these

             by exclusive small-business information,       scores so that members of the
             Small Business Credit Share portfolio          financial services market achieve
             risk scores are highly effective in            maximum benefits:
             identifing commercial accounts most            •	 Bad	rate	definitions	are	better	aligned		
             likely to become severely delinquent on           with financial portfolio objectives
             financial, loan, credit card or retail card
             payments within the next 12 months.            •	 Delinquency	is	predicted	for	financial		
                                                               product types rather than for the
                                                               business as a whole
             Refined segmentation,
             optimum performance                            •	 All	models	predict	severe	delinquency		
             Small Business Credit Share portfolio             over a 12-month performance period
             risk scores provide three model options
             to maximize portfolio performance:
475	Anton	Blvd.
Costa	Mesa,	CA	92626
T: 1 800 520 1221

                       Powered by exclusive information           Consultative approach accelerates
                       from	some	of	America’s	largest	            insight and results
                       small-business creditors                   Experian Business Information Services
                       The Small Business Credit Share            can provide client validations of score
                       program is a true give-to-get credit       performance associated with specific
                       consortium made up of creditors            client portfolios. Our Decision Sciences
                       providing business-to-business             group also can provide consultation on
                       credit relationships across multiple       score performance and custom model
                       industries. These relationships include    development using the Small Business
                       information on commercial cards, loans,    Credit Share aggregates. Working with
                       lines of credit, leases and trade credit   our industry experts puts you in a better
                       relationships reported by some of the      position to utilize all the capabilities
                       largest small-business creditors in        Small Business Credit Share provides.
                       the	country.	As	a	trusted	information	
                       steward with more than 30 years of         Highly effective service at a low cost
                       credit risk experience, Experian has put   Small Business Credit Share portfolio
                       strict safeguards in place to maintain     risk scores are available as either a
                       the quality of information delivered       flat, monthly subscription service or
                       through the Small Business Credit          as a transactional portfolio scoring
                       Share program and to ensure the safety     service. Small Business Credit Share is
                       of members’ data.                          flexible by design to accommodate the
                                                                  varying sizes and needs of companies.
                       Small Business Credit Share portfolio
                                                                  Members of any size can benefit from the
                       risk scores are an exclusive membership
                                                                  exclusive, expanded content and state-
                       benefit of the Small Business Credit
                                                                  of-the-art analytics available through the
                       Share program.
                                                                  Small Business Credit Share program.

                                                                  To find out more about Small Business
                                                                  Credit Share, contact your local Experian
                                                                  sales representative or call 1 800 520 1221.

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