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					                                                    November 2009 Newsletter


Kothes Information Technology can provide a complete Information and Communications Technology
(ICT) service to our clients. We focus on business use of ICT.

We can help you choose the most appropriate and up-to-date hardware and software for your business.
We know best practice setup of business computers and networks. Through our long-standing
relationship with Dell we can offer attractive pricing on business-level Dell servers, desktops and laptops.

Did you know that we also supply modern VOIP phone systems for business? VOIP phone systems are
feature rich and extremely flexible because they are based on software running on a standard server
computer. If you make long distance calls, significant cost savings can be achieved by linking your in-
house VOIP PABX to an Internet VOIP provider.

Need to enhance your Internet presence? We’ll make it easy for you. We take away the complexity of
DNS management, mailbox setup etc.

Kothes IT has the skills to build simple, through to advanced, web sites using the latest standards and
Microsoft technologies, including database storage, secure login for your clients and electronic forms, if
required. Not sure where to host your web site? No problem, Kothes IT can host it on our web server
based right here in Bega. Support is a local phone call away!

If you don’t yet have an Internet presence for your business you may start by contacting Kothes IT to
secure your domain name.

Kothes IT can also provide software and database development services if you need a custom system
that meets your business requirements better than off-the-shelf software.

If your business is increasingly mobile, we can help you to remain connected to your business data with
such technology as Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and email synchronisation to your smart phone or
PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

Having problems using some software on your computer? Need help setting up that mail-merge to email
your clients? Our new Bomgar remote access technology allows us to provide remote support without
even waiting for us to call in to your premises. See last month’s newsletter for more information on

Printers, USB thumb drives, toner cartridges, backup tape cartridges, CD/DVD media, cables, adaptors, … -
try us for any of your ICT related supplies.

Just call us on 02 6491 6444 or email

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This month we continue a series on Windows 7 features to assist you in using the new version of
Windows, or maybe help you to decide whether or not to move to it if you are still using Windows XP or

Visit the official Microsoft Web Site to find out more about Windows 7.


Windows Explorer has had quite a makeover, especially if you have not used Windows Vista’s Explorer.

                                          Address bar                              Search box


                           Navigation pane

                                                                       Preview pane
                                         Properties pane

The new Explorer is easy to use and the built-in search facility makes it easy to find files and folders. It
includes a Preview pane that allows you to quickly see the contents of many kinds of files, including Word
documents and Excel spreadsheets.

The Properties pane not only displays extra information about the current file but also lets you edit and
add properties right there in Explorer for many types of files. You may add a comment to a Word
document or give a star rating to a music track, for example.

To find out more about using Windows Explorer see the official Windows 7 web site.

More on the Search facility built into Windows 7 next month.

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In previous versions of Windows, managing your files meant organizing them in different folders and
subfolders. In this version of Windows, you can also use libraries to organize and access files regardless of
where they're stored.

The navigation pane, showing the Pictures library with three included folders

A library gathers files from different locations and displays them as a single collection, without moving
them from where they're stored.

Here are some things you can do with libraries:

Create a new library. There are four default libraries (Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos), but you
can create new libraries for other collections. For more information, see Create a new library.

Arrange items by folder, date, and other properties. Items in a library can be arranged in different
ways using the Arrange by menu, located in the library pane (above the file list) in any open library. For
example, you can arrange your Music library by Artist to quickly find a song by a particular artist.

Include or remove a folder. Libraries gather content from included folders, or library locations. For
more information, see Include folders in a library.

Change the default save location. The default save location determines where an item is stored when
it's copied, moved, or saved to the library. For more information, see Customize a library.

Contact Kothes IT to find out more about Windows 7 or to purchase your upgrade.


Ph +61 2 6491 6444          Email             Web
Kothes IT - Helping business to work smarter

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