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        Mobile Messaging 201:
        How to Create Compelling SMS Applications

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications        1
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub


                                          Why Use SMS?                                      4
                                            Market Opportunity                              5
                                            Benefits of Mobile Messaging                    5
                                            User Texting Behavior                           6
                                          Messaging Facts                                   7
                                            Mobile Originated (MO) Messages                 7
                                            Mobile Terminated (MT) Messages                 7
                                            Messaging Programs                              7
                                          SMS Applications                                  9
                                            What is an SMS Application?                     9
                                            How to Build a Compelling SMS Application      10
                                               Know Your Customer                          10
                                               Sign Up Users Effectively                   10
                                            Interactive SMS                                11
                                            What is a Good Mobile Terminated Message       12
                                            How to Design Your Mobile Originated Message   13
                                            Maximize Your 160 Characters                   13
                                          Monetizing Your SMS Application                  14
                                               Advertising                                 14
                                               How To Charge for Your Application          15
                                          Customer Service in SMS                          16
                                          SMS Examples                                     17
                                            Finance                                        17
                                            Health Care                                    18
                                            Games                                          18
                                            Entertainment and Hospitality                  19
                                            Social Networking                              19

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                 2
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                         Contents continued...

                                          Setting Up Services                           20
                                            How to Select a Short Code                  20
                                               Long Code or Virtual Mobile Number       21
                                            Operator Guidelines around Mobile Content   21
                                          Campaign Management Tools                     22
                                          Get Started Today!                            23
                                            About OpenMarket                            23
                                            Useful Contacts and Resources               23

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                              3
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                         Why Use SMS?
                                         With nearly five billion mobile subscribers in the
                                         world today, mobile is here to stay. And consumers
                                         are demanding a more personal, richer mobile
                                         experience now more than ever. As text messaging
                                         has become the most popular, fastest way to reach
                                         people, the potential of mobile is clear. Now is the
                                         time to tap into the mobile market and unleash new
                                         revenue opportunities for your business.

                                         By using the mobile channel as part of your product and marketing
                                         initiatives, you can:

                                              • Engage more consumers effectively with your products

                                              • Increase brand awareness by directly connecting with consumers

                                              • Improve customer loyalty and retention

                                              • Boost revenue streams via high campaign response rates

                                              • Tap into a growing global messaging market

                                         OpenMarket’s objective is to provide the most reliable mobile
                                         payments, delivery and messaging services for companies that
                                         want to use mobile as a marketing and communications channel.
                                         With our Mobile Messaging 101 guide, we described how a company
                                         can get started with mobile messaging. Mobile Messaging 201
                                         expands that guide for companies that wish to create compelling
                                         messaging applications using SMS.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                  4
                                    The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

According to research                            Market Opportunity
published by Ovum:                               Text messaging has gone mainstream. SMS gives you a distinct
•	 Globally, mobile subscribers send             opportunity to reach consumers in real time with your brand
   and receive more text messages in a
   month than they make phone calls
                                                 or product. News, alerts, coupons, breaking deals or promotions,
                                                 advertising, and access to social networks are just a few of
•	 More than 370 million people
   around the world regularly use text           the ways you can keep connected to your customers using
   messaging to communicate                      text messaging.
•	 In 2010, mobile subscribers are
   expected to generate 144 billion              Text messaging can be used as an entire product or application in
   text messages                                 itself, such as creating an SMS multi-player game. Text messaging
•	 2009 global mobile messaging                  can also be incorporated as a mobile component into nearly every
   revenues were more than $7 billion
                                                 product, including websites, fleet tracking systems, online games,
   with nearly 10 percent growth
   projected by 2013 to over $11 billion         health and bank information updates, and more. An experienced
                                                 mobile business partner can help you integrate text messaging
                                                 into your current marketing efforts.

                                                 Benefits of Mobile Messaging
                                                 The mobile messaging channel gives you nearly instant access to
                                                 your target audience. Within seconds, users can interact with
                                                 your offer and purchase or use your services. You can incorporate
                                                 mobile messaging as part of your product or simply use it for
                                                 marketing purposes.

                                                 By using mobile messaging as part of your product, you can:

                                                      • Increase product usage in mobile use cases, thus increasing loyalty

                                                      • Add features that make your product competitive and compelling
                                                      • Up-sell mobile features and increase revenues from product sales.

                                                 As part of your marketing efforts, mobile messaging can benefit
                                                 you by:

                                                      • Providing a higher response rate as compared to traditional
                                                        marketing channels

                                                      • Increasing brand awareness

                                                      • Providing a higher ROI while reducing marketing costs.

                                                 More users look at their text messages than their email or other
                                                 forms of communications. The response rate with text messaging
                                                 is more than 10 percent—far exceeding that of any other medium
                                                 like Web or TV.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                               5
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                         User Texting Behavior
                                         The way in which people communicate via their mobile phones
                                         is changing dramatically. Texting is not just for teens anymore.
                                         A growing number of sophisticated users are relying on text
                                         messaging and demanding a more personal experience in
                                         the process.

 Mobile Drivers                              According to Gartner the top ten drivers for mobile usage between now
                                             and 2012 are expected to be:

                                               1. Money transfers

                                               2. Location-based services

                                               3. Mobile search

                                               4. Mobile browsing

                                               5. Mobile health monitoring

                                               6. Mobile payments

                                               7. Near-field communications services

                                               8. Mobile advertising

                                               9. Mobile instant messaging

                                              10. Mobile music

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                      6
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                         Messaging Facts

                                         Mobile Originated (MO) Messages
                                         A Mobile Originated Message (MO) is a text message sent by
                                         the user. MO SMS enables businesses to effectively interact with
                                         consumers and staff by receiving SMS messages from subscribers
                                         directly into their application. MO SMS enables a range of
                                         applications, such as TV voting, chat services, product promotions
                                         and more. The popularity of MO SMS continues to drive consumer
                                         loyalty and generate additional revenue channels for businesses.

                                         Mobile Terminated (MT) Messages
                                         A Mobile Terminated (MT) message is the delivery of messages from
                                         an application to a subscriber’s handset. MT messages can be bulk
                                         SMS, standard rate or premium SMS. Examples include stock alerts,
                                         sports scores, weather reports and restaurant menus; more interactive
                                         examples include transactions, reservations and lookups. Message
                                         delivery across various operator networks and handsets is paramount
                                         to ensuring the broadest reach of applications to consumers.

                                         Messaging Programs
                                         There are three main classes of messaging programs—bulk,
                                         standard rate and premium. Each service allows you to send
                                         and receive SMS messages to subscribers, but they each handle
                                         billing services to subscribers differently.

                                         Bulk SMS is a type of standard rate program that enables companies
                                         to send or receive a large volume of SMS messages to and from
                                         consumers – typically at low costs. For example, companies can use
                                         bulk SMS campaigns to advertise their services to a large audience.
                                         Consumers are not charged by the content provider for messages
                                         received. The sender usually pays operators that support this type of
                                         SMS message campaign. Other than the United States, bulk SMS is
                                         the most common form of MT in most countries.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                  7
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                         In standard rate programs, consumers are not charged by the
                                         content provider for the text message received. Instead they are
                                         charged by the operator per their texting plan for receiving and
                                         sending SMS messages. Examples of standard rate programs are:

                                              • Alerts - news, weather, traffic, travel, entertainment and sports

                                              • Content - internal content, supply chain and customer
                                                relationship management

                                              • Coupons - instant coupons from a favorite store

                                              • Customer response-type messages, such as surveys and sweepstakes

                                         Premium programs are generally used by content providers to
                                         charge users for the services they provide. In premium programs,
                                         there is a specific charge to end us ers associated with receiving the
                                         text message, and generally a charge for receiving mobile content.
                                         When a content provider wants to charge a price for the application
                                         or service they provide to the user, they can use a premium SMS to
                                         bill the user. Premium simply means there is a fee associated with the
                                         application. Content providers must connect to a payment processor
                                         like OpenMarket to benefit from this service.

                                         Examples of premium rate programs are:

                                              • Buying content for your phone such as games, ringtones or images

                                              • Premium information alerts like fantasy football information

                                         A premium SMS message has special information encoded in the
                                         message. When successfully processed by the operator’s billing
                                         system, a charge will be placed on the end user’s phone bill for the
                                         amount specified by your company. You will receive your payment
                                         from the payment processor less any operator fees. The availability of
                                         premium messaging has led to the creation of entire companies that
                                         thrive on premium content offers billed through SMS.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                     8
                                      The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                                   SMS Applications

                                                   What Is an SMS Application?
                                                   An SMS application is simply a program or campaign where mobile
                                                   subscribers interact directly with your company or product using
                                                   text messaging. Just like a user might interact with an application
        Reply with #
                                                   on a smartphone or a desktop, the interaction between a user
        1. To find nearby stops                    and an SMS application is entirely using SMS. The user provides
        2. To find bus schedule
        3. To find subway schedule
                                                   input to the application using SMS (analogous to a click or a
        4. To find bus fare info                   search term on a smartphone application) and receives output
        5. To find subway fare info
        H for Help
                                                   using SMS (analogous to the feedback received inside a
                                                   smartphone application).

                                                   Examples of SMS applications include playing games, updating
                                                   Facebook pages, receiving tweets, finding the nearest retail store,
                                                   looking up directions, receiving e-commerce and credit card
                                                   transaction alerts, flight time updates, celebrity and entertainment
                                                   news flashes, weather and sports alerts.

                                                   We’ve shown an example of an SMS application for public transit.
                                                   Most of the actions that a consumer might want to do on a Web
                                                   or smartphone application can also be done using an SMS application,
  An example of an SMS application
  for public transit                               with the added benefit that SMS reaches more users than any
                                                   other medium.

                                                   SMS messages can also carry binary data or objects such as
                                                   ringtones, wallpapers or pictures, which means that SMS can be
                                                   used as the transport medium for wireless downloads. A few
                                                   examples are movie trailers, news bites and any other audio or
                                                   video that can be distributed as small clips. SMS programs are
                                                   sometimes combined with Multimedia Message Service (MMS)
                                                   in an application to enhance the user experience.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                           9
                             The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                          How To Build a Compelling SMS Application
                                          There are several things to consider when creating an application
                                          for your business. First, figure out who your customers are and
                                          consider their needs. Next, figure out what your business is trying
                                          to achieve, such as what you want to sell or offer via a messaging
                                          application. It is also useful to understand what your competitors
                                          are doing and who your partners (if any) are in your application.
                                          Once you determine the content of your application, you should
                                          decide how you will price and distribute the application. You can
                                          use the following points to build and optimize your application.

 Know Your Customers                          As with any product or marketing campaign, your company first
                                              needs to figure out your target audience. Get to know your customer
                                              demographics. Make sure your mobile messages are relevant and useful
                                              to your audience, or add features to and complement your product.
                                              Learn what your customers need and adjust your message to match.
                                              For example, if you are texting a recipe containing ingredients your
                                              company sells, you will need to know if you are building a mobile messaging
                                              campaign for chefs or everyday cooks. Likewise, if you are building a
                                              game, your mobile component should match a serious or casual gamer.

 Sign Up Users Effectively                    When you launch a mobile program, think about how customers will sign
                                              up, or opt in, for the content you want to provide. Common sense design
                                              principles apply. You will want to keep the sign-up process simple and
                                              short. Ask for only basic contact information via mobile message; you can
                                              always follow up later for more details.

                                              For website sign ups, include a keyword in the initial SMS message
                                              for people to use on a companion Web site to opt in to your program.
                                              Pricing information should be prominently displayed on the site.
                                              Terms and conditions should be easily accessible.

                                              Also, be sure to follow the published best practices for the sign up
                                              process. For example, both the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)
                                              and most U.S. mobile operators require that the first time consumers
                                              try a specific service on a specific short code, they need to be given
                                              double opt in procedures.

                                              In a double opt in, consumers receive an SMS confirmation message
                                              indicating the terms of the purchase. Then consumers are asked to
                                              positively reply to that confirmation message–either from their handset
                                              or via the Web–that they accept the premium charges associated with
                                              the service.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                             10
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                             Welcome to Mavs Mobile                       Ticket as low as $2! Buy now!
                                                                       Amy texts 1        Go to or            Amy texts 1
                                             1. Tickets                         
                                             2. Merchandise                               1. For ticket outlets
                                             3. Schedule / Tune in                        2. For special promos
                                             4. Stats                                     3. Stop
                                             5. Standings
                                             6. Alerts
                                                                       Amy texts 2
                                          Amy texts 3

                                             Mavs Schedule                              Tune into Mavericks @ Nets on
                                             1. PHI @ DAL
                                                                       Amy texts 2      12/2 @ 6:30 pm on these stations
                                               11/30 @ 7:30 pm                          TV: FSSW-DAL
                                             2. DAL @ NJN                               Radio: KESN – 103.3FM
                                               12/2 @ 6:30 pm                           KFLC – 1270AM (Spanish)
                                             3. DAL @ MEM                               1. Stop
                                               12/4 @ 7:00 pm                           2. Home
                                             S Share with a friend

                                         An example of a text based website with interaction

                                         Interactive SMS
                                         Done well, SMS enables you to offer customers compelling content
                                         and effective calls to action through your MT messages. You can
                                         use SMS messages to engage in a dialogue with your customers just
                                         like you might in a smartphone application or on a mobile website.
                                         A user can respond to questions from your application or request
                                         information from your company.

                                         Put another way, interactive SMS can give your company a permanent
                                         presence, similar to a website, through a text application using
                                         menu-driven content. Examples of interactive SMS span a variety
                                         of uses, including:

                                               • Transactions—Buy music, purchase tickets

                                               • Reservations—Get a table at a restaurant

                                               • Lookups—Check wine ratings, sports standings

                                               • Socialize—Interact with social networking sites

                                               • Schedules—Manage calendars and to-do lists

                                               • Finances – Manage your stock portfolio

                                               • Locate—Find homes, apartments, businesses

                                               • Gather feedback—Surveys, contests

                                         Through these innovative types of campaigns, interactive SMS
                                         can create even more opportunities for you to connect with your
                                         customers, increase brand loyalty and drive new revenue streams.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                                          11
                                      The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                                   What Is a Good Mobile Terminated Message?
                                                   A basic Mobile Terminated (MT) message disseminates information,
        Radio Station 105.9
                                                   such as a news update or consumer tip. Companies use MT messages
                                                   as an extension of their desktop, server and mobile products, or to
        To purchase reply w #
        1) Buddy Guy “Done Got Old”
                                                   build brand awareness about a product or service, offer coupons
        2) Robert Cray “Shiver”                    using keyword codes, or provide information. Since the size of an
        3) Bryan Lee “Lowdown and Dirty”
        4) More
                                                   SMS message depends on the device and type of service, an SMS
                                                   should be limited to 160 characters. A lot of information can be
        H For Help I for Info
                                                   disseminated across this space. There are also some mobile operator
                                                   guidelines you need to follow for administrative messages such as
                                                   requesting opt-in messages from users and purchase confirmations.
                                                   For the SMS messages that carry your content, you have complete
                                                   control over these messages and should strive to make them
                                                   effective. Here are some points to consider:

                                                        • Subject: A short line describing the content can set the context easily.
                                                          For sending bulk SMS outside the U.S., you can use the ’From’ field to
                                                          say who you are or communicate a short subject.
      A radio station example of                        • Body: When you design the copy of your message, use crisp and
      a good MT message                                   clear language right away. Create white space in the message by using
                                                          bulleted lists. (Please reference the example inside the phone.)

                                                        • Value to user: Make sure you provide value with each message. The user
                                                          should want to receive the message and find it useful.

                                                        • Call to action: Clearly state what you would like the user to do.

                                                        • Remove prior text message content in exchanges if it is not core to your
                                                          application: Replies by handsets often include the prior message text,
                                                          building up a larger text message that could exceed 160 characters and
                                                          cause concatenation – or complicate your application as it tries to find
                                                          keywords in the text.

                                                   There is also a growing trend toward interactive SMS. These MT
                                                   messages engage the subscriber by offering them a menu-based
                                                   response system to complete an action. For example, a radio
                                                   station could send a daily text message to opted-in subscribers.
                                                   The message would note the top three most requested songs of
                                                   the day with an offer to purchase one or more of the songs
                                                   or ringtones by responding to the text (see example). Similarly,
                                                   the same type of interactive SMS message could work in a game
                                                   where a user can feed his pet a different type of food. This type
                                                   of MT message can drive more immediate responses to your SMS
                                                   messaging campaign offers.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                                      12
                                         The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                                      How To Design Your Mobile Originated Message
                                                      Since an MO is a message that a user sends to your application,
        Welcome to “Retailer X” Mobile
                                                      it is important to make it as simple as possible for the user to interact
        Reply with # to                               with your application. As mentioned above, interactive SMS uses
        1. Join the community
                                                      a menu-based response system to engage customers and provide
        2. Deals in your area                         more opportunities to monetize your content. Depending on your
        3. Find a store
        4. Order a product
                                                      objective, users respond to your MT by pressing a number or letter
        5. Apply for Retailer Credit Card             and sending a Mobile Originated (MO) message back to your
        6. Your Wish List!
        7. Invite Friends to go shopping
                                                      company. This could be as quick and easy as pressing 1, 2 or another
                                                      number on your phone (see example).

                                                      Keywords are another good way to encourage users to take action if
                                                      your technical platform can also process various words. If so, select a
                                                      memorable keyword that matches your program and is easy to type
                                                      into multiple devices. For example, if you are marketing a mobile
                                                      game about race car driving, you could include the keyword STAT to
                                                      check on the winning times of top drivers or TIX to buy tickets to an
                                                      upcoming racing event.
  An example of an SMS application
  for a retailer                                      Similarly, you can build a search interface using an MO message.
                                                      For example, if you are a retailer and would like a user to search for
                                                      products in your stores, you can have the user text any name to your
                                                      application such as “Diapers” or “Jackets.” Your application can
                                                      search by keyword and reply back with the list of stores where the
                                                      product is available in your area. Note that you can have the user get
                                                      the same information by selecting a menu-based list of categories
                                                      and products.

                                                      Maximize Your 160 Characters
                                                      Mobile messages must be concise to fit on a device screen.
                                                      The maximum is 160 characters, which includes letters and spaces.
                                                      To help you keep the message brief, get right to the point of
                                                      your text. Use commonly known text abbreviations—or shortcut
                                                      language—such as RU for “are you,” EZ for “easy” and the number
                                                      4 for “for.” A helpful tool might be a shorthand guide available at
                                             You can also use a URL shortening scheme
                                                      such as to minimize the length of a website address
                                                      included in the message. Using a link is similar to using a menu-based
                                                      system for information retrieval.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                                   13
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                         Monetizing Your SMS Application

                                         If monetizing via the mobile channel is part of the mobile strategy
                                         for your company, then you need to figure out a way to bill users for
                                         the services you provide. The typical ways of billing on the Internet
                                         include advertising and credit cards. Other options are debit cards,
                                         gift cards and purchasing service credits.

                                         Monthly billing or subscriptions are other options to consider.
                                         Mobile is similar to online billing with a couple of nuances of its own.
                                         If users are signing up for your service using the Internet, then your
                                         company can use the online ways of billing. (e.g. you can have them
                                         pay via credit card). For users who do not have credit cards, you
                                         can use operator billing. Both of these options are covered below.
                                         You can also use mobile advertising to monetize your content.

 Advertising                                Advertising is an exciting new marketing channel in mobile messaging.
                                            Advertising in SMS simply means an advertiser wants to send a marketing
                                            message to their target audience. If you are an advertiser, you can use
                                            the entire body of the SMS message to send your marketing message.
                                            Please reference OpenMarket’s Mobile Messaging 101 guide for
                                            information on how to get started with SMS.

                                            If you deliver some other form of mobile content and would like
                                            to monetize the content with advertising, you can do so by going to
                                            advertisers or advertising networks and getting text advertisements
                                            to insert at the end of your content. People can respond to the
                                            SMS advertisement by replying to the message if appropriate, clicking
                                            on a Web URL (click to web) or by clicking a phone number to call
                                            (click to call).

                                            For instance, if you owned a rock climbing gym, you could develop a
                                            mobile program that sent strength-building exercises for subscribers
                                            to perform when not at the gym. At the bottom of each message, you
                                            could insert 20 – 60 character advertisements that might be related
                                            to the content, such as an advertisement for your customers to purchase
                                            climbing gear from a store in the area, or an advertisement related to
                                            a company that organizes rock climbing trips.

                                            As a content publisher, your company can generate revenue from
                                            SMS advertising by charging the participating companies placing the
                                            advertisements based on different pricing models. You can also use

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                       14
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                             ad networks for sourcing the ads. An ad network matches advertisers
                                             with content publishers. Ad networks typically keep a share of the
                                             revenue from the advertisements they source. Another option is to
                                             use an advertising platform like OpenMarket that aggregates several
                                             ad networks. Ad platforms give you the choice of picking a network
                                             or picking advertisements from several different networks. They can
                                             sometimes help you find the best price for your content. Ad platforms
                                             also provide you with ad targeting information and help with reporting.

 How To Charge for Your Application          Another option of monetizing your SMS application is to charge the
                                             user for your content. There are two main ways in which you can charge
                                             a consumer. One way is to use premium SMS by placing the cost of the
                                             application on the user’s mobile phone bill. Another way is to use a credit
                                             card. There are advantages and disadvantages to each billing method.

                                             Pros and cons of operator billing:

                                                 • Has widest reach since anyone with a mobile phone can be
                                                   charged (in theory)

                                                 • PSMS interface is fairly straightforward when understood.
                                                   An experience where a user can purchase an item with a single
                                                   click can be enabled on a WAP site.

                                                 • Prepaid users sometimes have insufficient funds, which can lead
                                                   to failed purchase transactions

                                                 • Operators typically keep anywhere from 30 to 50 percent
                                                   of revenue

                                                 • Maximum amount spent by user using this method is limited
                                                   by most operators to under $50.00

                                             Pros and cons of credit card billing:

                                                 • Credit card companies keep only 2 to 6 percent of revenue

                                                 • Not all users have credit cards

                                                 • Credit card numbers need to be entered manually for each
                                                   transaction (Studies have shown that successful transactions are
                                                   inversely proportional to the number of entries by the user on
                                                   a mobile device.)

                                                 • Once the credit card number has been entered, future
                                                   transactions can be completed with very few clicks

                                             If possible, your company should consider implementing both of these
                                             payment methods.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                            15
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                         Customer Service in SMS

                                         For any type of SMS program you offer, consider the best way to
                                         provide service to your customer. Map out the types of problems
                                         customers may encounter (i.e., not receiving requested content,
                                         receiving the wrong content, questions about their bill) and think
                                         about what kind of service options will be most convenient.
                                         Examples include texting in customer service-related keywords,
                                         initiating a text chat session with the customer, viewing FAQs
                                         in SMS or on an affiliated website, or providing a toll-free number
                                         to call.

                                         At a minimum, your SMS applications should support a universal
                                         HELP command, which gives consumers easy access to support
                                         services and control over their participation in your mobile programs,
                                         and STOP command to give subscribers control over when to opt
                                         out from receiving messages from your campaign. Neither of these
                                         keywords should result in a premium charge to the subscriber’s
                                         account. Working with an experienced mobile business partner can
                                         help you determine the best HELP and STOP commands for your
                                         SMS campaign.

                                         Where possible, design self-service options into your SMS application
                                         to respond to issues and reduce your operational costs.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                   16
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                         SMS Examples

                                         The following are some examples of companies in various market
                                         segments effectively using SMS to have a richer, more personal
                                         dialogue with customers:

                                         Stock alerts are a very common use of SMS. They are typically
                                         triggered by a value provided by a user on a desktop or mobile
                                         application due to some event in the stock market or the user’s
                                         portfolio. As you can see from the example above, you can make
                                         the alert more useful and allow the user to request more information
                                         or take another action based on the information in the alert.
                                         This engages the user more deeply with your service, thereby
                                         increasing loyalty and revenue for your application.

                                                Daily Portfolio Update 7/19:          7/19 Portfolio:
                                                CGX +0.97                             1. CGX +0.97
                                                LLV -1.23                             2. LLV -1.23
                                                VVT -0.46                             3. VVT -0.46
                                                                                      4. Dow +123.90
                                                Dow +123.90                           5. NSDQ +89.45
                                                NSDQ +89.45
                                                                                      Reply with number to get trending,
                                                                                      history, and news for any symbol

                                                 Traditional Text App:                    Text Applications:
                                                Basic, simple, low value.                Interactive Content

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                            17
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                         Health Care
                                         There are various uses of SMS in healthcare, including reminders as
                                         shown below. The options on the right show an example where you
                                         can provide other relevant information. For your own application,
                                         think about the user’s overall experience, not just the content you are
                                         trying to provide. You can generate more value for your user in your
                                         application by considering the bigger picture.

                                                Hospital X:                                Hospital X:
                                                Reminder that you have an appoint-         You have an appt. with Dr. Lincoln
                                                ment with Dr. Lincoln tomorrow             at 1:45pm
                                                at 1:45pm at Hospital X. Call 800-         1. Directions
                                                555-1212                                   2. Reschedule
                                                                                           3. Appt Info
                                                                                           4. Copay Info
                                                                                           Reply with # for more info
                                                                                           H for Help

                                                 Traditional Text App:                      Text Applications:
                                                Basic, simple, low value.              Compelling, Interactive Content

                                         When developers think of games, they traditionally imagine
                                         stand-alone games in SMS or writing smartphone applications.
                                         You can increase playing time and interest in your game by
                                         combining SMS with desktop and other mobile games. For example,
                                         you can make moves in board games, strategize with teammates
                                         in multi-player games, set up leagues, send top scores to others
                                         and engage players in a variety of ways. Combining MMS with SMS
                                         campaigns can also provide a more interactive experience
                                         for games.

                                                GangBattles Game                           GangBattles Game
                                                                                           JoeKryp has just challenged you
                                                JoeKryp has just challenged you            to a fight.
                                                to a fight.                                1. Do a job
                                                                                           2. Fight Him
                                                Reply “?” or reference options on          3. Get your stats
                                                FriendBook for all response options.       4. Check your $ balance
                                                                                           H for Help

                                                 Traditional Text App:                        Text Applications:
                                                Basic, simple, low value.                    Compelling Content

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                                 18
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                                         Entertainment and Hospitality
                                         If you are a business in the entertainment or hospitality industries,
                                         you already know how important your customer is to you. One critical
                                         aspect of the customer is that they are also on the move, whether
                                         it is visiting a theatre, a restaurant or a museum. SMS and MMS are
                                         great ways of engaging your mobile customers. You should build
                                         your mobile strategy into your overall marketing efforts rather than
                                         keeping it a separate piece.

                                                Topeka Entertainment for 6/17          Topeka Entertainment Guide
                                                “Can’t Take it With You” @ the         1. Events near by
                                                Playhouse, 8pm                         2. Movies
                                                “White Snake” Concert @ the            3. Concerts
                                                Pavilion, 8:30                         4. Plays
                                                Local Band Showcase @ BarX,            5. Bar Specials
                                                10-2am                                 Reply with number for more
                                                Call 800-555-1212 for Tix              info and to purchase tickets.

                                                 Traditional Text App:                    Text Applications:
                                                Basic, simple, low value.                Interactive Content

                                         Social Networking
                                         Social media is all the rage. And just because a user does not have
                                         a smartphone does not mean he cannot update a favorite social
                                         networking site or receive updates from family and friends. SMS is
                                         an effective and simple way of enabling these actions on consumer
                                         or corporate social networking sites.

                                                FriendBook:                            FriendBook (Reply with #)
                                                Dianna Garrett has requested you       Dianna Garrett requested you join
                                                join her network.                      her network
                                                Tom Cummings updated his status.       1) Confirm, 2) Deny
                                                Log on to FriendBook to take action.   Tom Cummings updated his
                                                Reply H for Help                       status. 3) View
                                                                                       Esty Rodriguez commented on
                                                                                       your status 4) View
                                                                                       H for Help

                                                 Traditional Text App:                     Text Applications:
                                                Basic, simple, low value.                 Interactive Content

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                            19
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                                         Setting Up Services

                                         As a mobile marketer or content provider, you must comply with
                                         a standard set of rules and policies to market and sell mobile
                                         content and services directly to consumers. To that end, several
                                         industry organizations, as well as mobile operators, have created
                                         various acceptable-use policies with best practices for interacting
                                         with consumers. With so many policies and rules to navigate,
                                         you need an experienced mobile business partner who can
                                         guide you through the process.

                                         Short codes are an important part of any mobile campaign in the
                                         United States, making it easy for your customers to interact with you.
                                         In the rest of the world, you can launch an MT or bulk messaging
                                         program without a short or long code. In order to receive an MO,
                                         you always need a short or long code. A long code is also called a
                                         virtual mobile number (VMN) in some countries.

                                         How To Select a Short Code
                                         A short code is a number to which a user can send a text message
                                         and receive information or content in return. Short codes are
                                         typically five to six digits (i.e., 12345). They can be a random number
                                         assigned to you or you can select a vanity code. For instance, if your
                                         company sells painting supplies, you could choose a specific vanity
                                         number that corresponds to your business, like 72467 for PAINT.
                                         If you decide to select a vanity code, make sure it is easy to type into
                                         various mobile devices. It is also simpler for consumers to remember
                                         sequential numbers, such as 121212. In the U.S., it is more expensive
                                         to use a vanity code.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                     20
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                         A short code may be specific to one mobile operator, or may be
                                         common and supported by all major operators. Short code services
                                         need to be approved by each participating operator network.
                                         In the U.S., you can visit the Common Short Code Administration
                                         (CSCA) website to learn more about U.S. short codes and to check
                                         the availability of a vanity short code at
                                         Short codes in other regions are governed by individual country
                                         policies and operator networks. Check with your mobile business
                                         partner for more information on country-specific guidelines.

 Long Code or Virtual Mobile Number          A long code or virtual mobile number (VMN) is an 11-digit mobile number
                                             that enables your SMS application to receive inbound SMS text messages
                                             from almost any mobile user on any mobile network worldwide, as long as
                                             the user is able to send a text message to an international number. Check
                                             with your mobile business partner about program provisioning on these
                                             operator networks.

                                         Operator Guidelines around Mobile Content
                                         Understanding the mobile channel can be a complicated endeavor
                                         as there are many industry rules and operator guidelines to follow.
                                         Mobile operators want to protect their subscribers from spam
                                         and unwanted activity. For the latest cross-operator standards and
                                         guidelines on what types of innovative SMS campaigns you can
                                         run in the U.S., please reference the Mobile Marketing Association’s
                                         Consumer Best Practices Guidelines (
                                         bestpractices.pdf). U.S. operators typically have the most stringent
                                         program rules; however, there are standard guidelines such as always
                                         having a user’s permission to send them SMS messages that should
                                         be followed as a matter of good business practices.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                          21
                            The Most Reliable Mobile Transaction Hub

                                         Campaign Management Tools

                                         Managing a mobile program is like juggling. There are many things
                                         to manage at one time. At the campaign level, you have to develop
                                         the marketing strategy, craft a concept, source content and create the
                                         individual offer for each text message you send. You will also need
                                         to manage your application’s subscribers and keep track of their
                                         permissions. You will need to use a combination of advanced
                                         technologies to deliver your SMS messages across a complex mobile
                                         ecosystem in which dozens of mobile operators’ guidelines exist.
                                         Campaign management tools allow you to create applications easily
                                         and send content to users who have signed up for your services.

                                         Campaign management tools typically include the
                                         following functionality:

                                              • Create and save content for individual SMS messages your
                                                company sends

                                              • Provide templates of standard types of programs, such as
                                                sweepstakes, alerts, auctions, and premium purchasing campaigns

                                              • Manage content transcoding if your company does video other
                                                multimedia content

                                              • Create lists of users
                                              • Manage opt ins and user permissions; request permission if needed

                                              • Manage user’s contact information

                                              • Manage subscriber preferences for various content your
                                                company supports

                                              • Keep track of and manage mobile operator rules

                                         Working with an experienced mobile business partner like
                                         OpenMarket and using a reliable messaging platform with
                                         high-volume transaction capabilities will further streamline
                                         and simplify the process. This leaves your company free to
                                         dream up additional ways to reach your customers and
                                         generate revenues.

Mobile Messaging 201: How to Create Compelling SMS Applications                                                     22
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                                                potential, every player in the marketplace needs to focus on the
                                                consumer’s experience.

                                                The organizations listed below provide valuable resources for
                                                launching compliant and successful SMS applications.

                                                     • Mobile Marketing Association —

                                                     • Best Practices for Mobile Marketing —

                                                     • Mobile Data Association —

                                                     • GSMA —

                                                     • Cellular Telephone Industry Association —

                                                     • Common Short Code Administration —

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