PENISTONE EAST WARD PANEL

                          Thursday, 29th April, 2010
                   Barnsley Town Hall (Committee Room 4)

31.   Present:

      Councillors Barnard, Wilson and Hand-Davis
      J. Peachey, J. Openshaw, F. Tennyson and A. Poole: Customer and
      Neighbourhood Services.

32.   Appointment of Chairman

      There was a discussion as to who would be the Chairperson for the

      IT WAS AGREED That Councillor Barnard act as Chairperson for the
      meeting and up to the appointment of a new Chairperson at the next
      Penistone East Ward Panel meeting.

33.   Declarations of Personal Interest

      There were no declarations of personal interest.

34.   Minutes of the Ward Panel Meeting on 4th February, 2010

      There was a discussion about matters arising from the minutes of the
      last Penistone East Ward Panel on the 4th February, 2010. There was a
      discussion about the attendance of officers at the Penistone PACT and the
      need for additional information on Council services to be made available at
      that meeting. Grit Bins was raised and the need to discuss this matter
      with Highways and Engineering Services. Members requested
      information on litter/dog bin locations in their Ward.


      (i). that the minutes of the Penistone East Ward Panel Held on 4th
      February, 2010 were accurate and were approved;

      (ii). that the locations of dog/litter bins in Penistone East Ward be
      forwarded to the Ward Councillors by the Area Partnership Team;

      (iii). that the issue of Grit Bins be an agenda item for discussion at a future
      Penistone East Ward/ Panel meeting.

35.   Ward Engagement Events

      The Senior Local Support Officer gave a brief summary of events held to
      date and the actions resulting from the consultation. The need to hold
      ward meetings to discuss the detailed action and feed back from these
      events was recognised.

      The Senior Local Support Officer circulated a proposed programme for
      future the community engagement events and there was a discussion on
      the frequency, location and venues for these events. In addition the desire
      to hold an event with the Parish Councillors collectively to discuss their
      areas was recognised as a useful event along with such events as the
      Penistone Show. The need to programme the Area Conference was also


      (i). that a Penistone East Ward meeting be arranged to finalise actions
      and method/s of feedback;

      (ii). that the community engagement events for Penistone East Ward
      continued to be organised for Saturdays with three locations each
      Saturday and that they are initially clustered in Cawthorne/Thurgoland/
      Silkstone (Common) and Tankersley/ Hood Green/ Oxspring;

      (iii).that the aim is for community engagement events to be held at each
      venue up to a maximum of four times a year to allow feedback and to
      allow the remaining Parishes areas to be incorporated in the community
      engagement events.

36.   Ward Updates

      The Neighbour Pride South West Deputy Manager gave an update
      on the work undertaken in the area and how the ‘Future Jobs Fund’ Staff
      were involved. There was discussion on litter and dog fouling and the SW
      Tasking Officer outlined an initiative that had been delivered in parts of
      Hoyland to deal with these issues. There was a discussion about the
      PACT priorities which related mainly to the Penistone area.

37    Community Support Fund (CSF)

      A report was circulated from the South West Area Coordinator which
      summarised the Penistone West Ward’s CSF expenditure for last financial

      The following schemes/applications for funding out of this financial year’s
      CSF allocation (2010/2011) were identified within the Area Coordinator’s
      report as already agreed by the Ward Councillors and were subject to
referral to the Executive Director, Customer and Neighbourhood Services
for approval :-
(a). Youth Service request for financial support towards the provision of
Summer Events for Young People in the Ward at cost of £1250;
(b). Provision of 6no Hanging Baskets in the Ward at a cost of £462.90p;
(c).Grant of £600 to Tankersley Parish Council towards the cost of
replacing two vandalised picnic benches with steel versions in Pilley
Pocket Park.

There were a number of additional schemes/applications for CSF funding
at the meeting:-

(a). There was a request for a £1,500 grant towards the cost of a
drainage scheme for Oxspring Playing Fields. The total cost of the
scheme is £43,777. There was a discussion about the way the Parish
Council intended to finance the scheme and when the approvals would be
forthcoming. It was proposed that appropriate Officers look to identify
alternative sources of funding for the scheme;
(b). Silkstone Parish Council had requested to extend the period to expend
CSF grants totalling £2,500 for the Silkstone War Memorial Project. The
issues relating to finalising a lease with the Borough Council were
(c). Tankersley Community Association had submitted an application for
a £400 grant towards the Tankersley Gala;
(d). Roggins Local History Group submitted a grant request for £788 (+vat)
to replace a laptop computer, LCD projector and associated software to
continue the group’s work;
(e). Thurgoland Parish Council had requested for matched funding for a
dog bin at new location at Crane Moor Road, Crane Moor;
(f). Thurgoland Parish Council had applied for a £1,500 contribution
towards a new land drain at Thurgoland Cricket Club.


(a). that a £1,500 contribution to the Oxspring Playing Field drainage
scheme be referred to the Executive Director, Customer and
Neighbourhood Services for approval subject to the balance of the
scheme costs being secured;

(b). that Ward Panel Members required further information on the term of
lease offered by the Council and the decision to extend the period for
Silkstone Parish Council to expend the CSF grant on the Silkstone War
Memorial Project was deferred;

(c). that Tankersley Community Association submit a revised application
and the application be deferred pending its arrival;

(d). that the application by The Roggins Local History Group was outside
the CSF scheme’s funding criteria and was refused;

     (e). that the request for funding towards a new dog bin in a new location
     was rejected on the basis that there are a finite number of litter and dog
     bins that Neighbourhood Pride can service in the Ward.

     (f). that a £1,500 grant to the Thurgoland Parish Council’s new land
     drain at Thurgoland Cricket Club be referred to the Executive Director,
     Customer and Neighbourhood Services for approval subject to the
     balance of the scheme costs being secured.

38   Date and Time of Next Meeting

     The next meeting of the Penistone East Ward Panel will be at 10.00am on
     Thursday, 22nd July, 2010 subject to the draft Council Diary being agreed
     at the Annual Council Meeting.

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