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					                               Route Sales News
US and Latin America                                                                   August 2009

SALES TIPS FROM THE FIELD-                           HAVE YOU SEEN?
ENVIROSECURE                                         Have you seen these new sales materials
                 Thank you to Jae                    available from BouMatic?
                 McDermott, Route                       • Laminated Product Reference Card –
                 Specialist, Mountain View                  Route Specialist’s quick guide to all
                 Electric, Enderby, British                 BouMatic chemical products
                 Columbia for his photos and                     o Contact your BouMatic District
                 sales story on BouMatic’s                          Sales Manager for additional copies
                 new EnviroSecure.                      • EnviroGuard Defender Profile – Eliminates
                                                            Chlorine from CIP and protects rubber
“We demoed this exciting new product by                     goods
scooping some off into baggies to show                           o Print additional copies from the
customers. One of the customers we demoed                           BouMatic Dealer Sanitation website
EnviroSecure for was getting ready to host a 4-H        • Gladiator Super Dry Profile – External dry
meeting. The dairy producer was concerned with              cow teat sealant formulated with chlorine
getting everything on the dairy as clean as                 dioxide
possible. We sprinkled some EnviroSecure on the                  o Print additional copies from the
concrete let it sit for about 20 minutes and the                    BouMatic Dealer Sanitation website
came back with a light brush and a hose. After          • Gladiator Super Dry
hosing the product off the concrete not only                Coop ad
looked great, all the slipperiness was gone too”                 o Customize with
Says Jae.                                                           your
“The chemical reaction that causes the foaming                      contact
and bubbles is great to show dairyman because                       information.
they can see it working. These bubbles are a
great way to start a conversation with the           PROMOTION REMINDERS!
dairyman about how the product works and the           • HydraAid promotion expires August 31,
applications it may have on their dairy.” He             2009.
added.                                                 • Hot $avings on BouMatic milk coolers
                                                         expires August 31, 2009.
                EnviroSecure has several               • Free Xpress Liner Trial Promotion credit
                applications and is the only             requests due by September 1, 2009.
                product of its kind on the market.     • BouMatic KenAg Milk Filters volume
                This photo is from a rotary parlor       discounts – Replaced with Low Everyday
                entrance and exit where biofilm          prices, see Dealer Mail from August 7,
build ups can make the concrete slick and cause          2009 for more details.
cows to slip. EnviroSecure restored the traction
and helped keep the cows entering and exiting at     NOW OBSOLETE
the proper pace. This photo was sent in by Bill      Maxi-Guard                  All Sizes
VanderSluis, BouMatic District Sales Manager.        Replace by Maxi-Power

Thanks again to Jae for sharing his success
stories with the Route Sales News. Please send
your sales tips and stories to
                               Route Sales News
US and Latin America                                                                  August 2009

              STEPSEPT COUPON PROMOTION                            SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE
              CONTEST UPDATE                                       CATALOG LAUNCHED ONLINE!
              In May BouMatic announced the                        It is your single source for
              Free StepSept FB-T100 18.9L and                      BouMatic spare parts and dairy
              FREE handsprayer with purchase of                    farm maintenance management. In
              56.8L StepSept CSE-200 coupon         addition to the complete catalog, separate easy-
              promotion. It was also announced      to-print sections are available including:
that the Dealership Route Sales Team that               • Dealer to Dairy Service Agreement
redeems the most coupons will receive                   • Handy Guide to BouMatic Maintenance
$150.00 of BouMatic merchandise from                    • Complete BouMatic Equipment The                  Maintenance Schedules
current leader is Finger Lakes Dairy Service with       • and more!
8 redeemed coupons.                                 Expansion of this catalog will continue, so be sure
                                                    to check your Dealer Web site often.
Redeem your coupons through customer service
to take advantage of this great deal, promotion     This catalog is a great educational and sales tool,
runs through October 31, 2009.                      be sure to check it out today for all the details.
                                                    Here are some excerpts regarding why Genuine
CIP OPTIMIZER REAGENT REORDERING IS                 BouMatic Parts and trained service professionals
EASIER THAN EVER                                    have a vital role on today’s dairies.
Have you checked your reagent’s expiration date         • “A milking system with vacuum levels that
lately? BouMatic CIP Optimizer reagents should             are INCORRECTLY SET or system that is
be replaced annually to ensure accurate testing            POORLY SERVICED can create conditions
results. Now, reordering reagents is easier than           that facilitate the transmission of bacteria
ever. Read the number off of the reagent bottle            from one teat to another teat or to other
or chart inside the kit’s lid (Most of these               animals.”
numbers look similar to BOU-XXXX-H). Then use           • For optimum milking performance,
CIP Optimizer Reagent cross reference sheet to             profitability and animal comfort, change
look up the BouMatic part number used to order             liners regularly. If cow milking
the reagent. This sheet has now been posted on             performance changes at the liner change
the BouMatic Dealer Sanitation website.                    interval, the liners were used too long or
                                                           chemical concentrations are incorrect
Be sure to check the expiration dates on the               within the wash cycles.
following reagents:
                         HARDNESS REAGENT #5,       Information regarding the impact of neglected
BOU-4483-E     8522192   15ML                       service is valuable knowledge when approaching
BOU-                     HARDNESS REAGENT #7,       dairy operators regarding their system operation.
4487WT-H       8521095   60ML
                         HARDNESS TABLETS #6,
BOU-4484-J     8522193   100/VL
BOU-4450-G     8522195   IRON REAGENT #1, 30ML
                         IRON REAGENT #2
BOU-4451-S     8522196   POWDER, 4.5G
                         TOTAL ALKALINITY
BOU-2786-E     8523684   INDICATOR, 15ML
                                Route Sales News
US and Latin America                                                                    August 2009

MORE PRODUCTS APPROVED FOR ORGANIC                    I’ve received a “bloated” barrel of product,
DAIRY USE                                             what should I do?
BouMatic is proud to announce that the Ohio           Contact the BouMatic Chemical Department if you
Ecological Food & Farm Association (OEFFA)            encounter a “bloated” barrel, have the lot
recently has certified the following products for     number, product name and size available. Barrels
use on organic dairy farms.                           can bloat from a variety of causes which rarely
                                                      effect product performance.
   •   Udderdine 110 – Post Dip Only                        • Vented bungs become clogged
   •   Udderdine 55 – Post Dip Only                                o During transport product is
   •   Udderdine 102 – Post Dip Only                                   splashing within the barrels and
   •   Udderdine 105 – Post Dip Only                                   can clog the vents on the bungs
   •   Udderdine 502 – Post Dip Only                                   which will then no longer vent the
   •   ActiveOxy 110 – Post Dip Only                                   product.
   •   Bovi-Kote – Post Dip Only                            • Installation of incorrect bung
   •   Supreme* – Post Dip Only                                    o Certain products require vented
   •   Udderdine Apex – Post Dip Only                                  bungs to release gas. BouMatic’s
                                                                       vented bungs are bright yellow in
*Only with documented evidence that other                              color
options have stopped working.                               • Improper stacking of pallets
                                                                   o If a pallet is going to be double
If you have are looking for organic certification                      stacked ensure a pallet of 55’s
for a product please have the certifying agency                        never goes on top of a pallet of
contact BouMatic’s Chemical Department for the                         15’s. – Same rule applies for all
documentation required for product certification.                      sizes, keep the smaller sizes on
Check out the April 2009 Route Sales News for                          top.
more information regarding organic certifications     99% of the time product from a bloated barrel is
and requirements.                                     still capable of proper performance, but a new
                                                      vented bung should be installed. BouMatic will
PRODUCT Q & A                                         supply these bungs to you upon request.

Are there any potential complications when            Remember, always handle chemicals with the
switching dairies from Maxi-Power to                  proper Personal Protective Equipment.
Challenge (Kleenline, LCD, Guard 50, or
Guard 100)?
Maxi-Power and Challenge (and the products
listed above) are formulated with different
alkaline technologies. If even a small amount of
the two different alkalines are mixed a precipitate
will be formed. This precipitate often appears like
crystallization. It is important to replace draw
tubes on chemical pumps and thoroughly wash or
replace drum pumps when changing between
these types of products.

Never mix chemicals unless the label directs you
to do so.

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