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 The Kingston University magazine                                                                                                                                        Winter 2008                   Issue 66

Buildings boost learning experience
            hree flagship buildings have opened         was consistent across all three sites. “Each of the
 T          across the University following the
            completion of a £29 million project to
                                                        structures has very elegant proportions, with the
                                                        rhythm of the façades and the striking shape of the
expand and upgrade teaching and learning                windows common in all,” he explained.
facilities. The John Galsworthy Building at Penrhyn        John McAslan + Partners director Murray Smith
Road, the Hawker Wing at Roehampton Vale and            said one of the major challenges the team had
the Nightingale Centre at Kingston Hill all offer       faced was creating a building which could truly
students access to the very latest educational          become the focal point of the Penrhyn Road
equipment and technology.                               campus. “The L-shaped plan we developed allows
    The centrepiece of the project – the £20 million    the John Galsworthy Building to wrap around the
six-storey John Galsworthy Building at the heart        sides of a landscaped central courtyard creating a
of the Penrhyn Road campus – incorporates lecture       useful meeting point, while its stone cladding ties
theatres, flexible teaching space and information       in with the University’s existing buildings and adds
technology suites. It also boasts a ground floor        a powerful sense of size, mass and gravity to the
Knowledge Centre giving students a spacious setting     campus,” he said.
in which to complete course work either in groups          The chief executive of the Higher Education
or at a laptop bar. The exterior of the building,       Funding Council for England, Professor David
named after the Nobel prize-winning novelist and        Eastwood, who officially opened the John
playwright, is clad in German limestone complete        Galsworthy Building in November, praised the
with highly-visible fossils – an added bonus for        University for its commitment to enhancing
geologists and students at the Faculty of Science.      facilities for its students. “The new buildings make
    Elsewhere, the £4 million, three-floor Hawker       a very powerful statement that Kingston University
Wing at the Faculty of Engineering’s Roehampton         is brimming with confidence about the future and
                                                                                                               The Nightingale Centre at Kingston Hill offers students a spacious, state-of-the-art setting in which to
Vale campus serves as a lasting tribute to Australian   is determined to not only maintain but invest in
                                                                                                               complete their course work.
aviator Harry Hawker, who was a test pilot for the      its record for high quality teaching,” he said.
Kingston-based Sopwith Aviation Company. Opened
by Boeing United Kingdom president Sir Roger
Bone in early December, it contains another 10
teaching rooms and additional office space for staff
and students.
    Nearby at Kingston Hill, a £5 million extension
                                                                          Actress admires architecture
to the Learning Resources Centre provides an extra
1,500 square metres of study space, a 60-seat                                                                                            creen star Susan Hampshire took a walk down memory lane when she
learning café and meeting pods. Renamed the
Nightingale Centre in honour of nurse Florence
Nightingale who was once a regular visitor to
                                                                                                                               S         attended the official opening of the John Galsworthy Building. The actress,
                                                                                                                                         who became a household-name playing Fleur in the BBC’s 1967 television
                                                                                                                              adaptation of Galsworthy’s novel The Forsyte Saga, was guest of honour at a special
Kingston Hill when her aunt and uncle lived there,                                                                            event celebrating completion of the £20 million complex.
it also features automated self-service loans and                                                                                Galsworthy, who was born at Parkfield on Kingston Hill in 1867 and whose family
returns machines activated using radio frequency                                                                              later moved to Coombe Warren, near Malden, penned 20 novels and 27 plays, as well
identification technology. The co-ordinator of                                                                                as poetry, short stories and essays during the course of his career. The 26-episode
World Book Day, Cathy Schofield, described the                                                                                Forsyte Saga, in which Ms Hampshire starred alongside Eric Porter, Nyree Dawn
facility as both impressive and welcoming when                                                                                Porter and Kenneth More, was the last major British televised drama to be shot in
she declared it open in January. “This centre is a                                                                            black and white.
library with books at its core, but is also so much                                                                              Ms Hampshire still vividly remembers how the show charting the life of the
more,” she enthused. “Designed to make the                                                                                    prosperous upper-middle class Forsyte family gripped the nation. “It was a huge
learning experience a shared and enjoyable one,                                                                               phenomenon and became so successful that times of church services even had to be
it is a window on the world that will allow students                                                                          altered so viewers didn’t miss an episode,” she recalled. “Galsworthy had the wonderful
access to what they need to succeed in their                                                                                  gift of describing his characters so well that readers could completely relate to each
personal ambitions and make their contributions                                                                               one. Fleur was quite spoilt and I found playing her extremely exciting.”
to society.”                                                                                                                     Ms Hampshire described the six-storey John Galsworthy Building as a fitting tribute
    Construction of the buildings was overseen                                                                                to the literary legend. “It was an enormous thrill to be asked to visit Kingston University
by University-appointed project managers and                                                                                  for the official opening and reflect upon the achievements of a writer whose talent
                                                          Actress Susan Hampshire was a guest of honour at the
designers Arup and John McAslan + Partners. Arup’s                                                                            did so much for my career,” said the actress, who collected an Honorary Doctorate
                                                          official opening of the John Galsworthy Building.
associate director David Height said the team had                                                                             of Education from the University in 1994.
been conscious of the need to ensure the design

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2     WINTER 2008

               V-C’S VIEWPOINT                                                                                                               IN THE NEWS
                he University has to write another Strategic                                                                Specialists put sustainability under scrutiny
     T          Plan by the summer – although it seems
                hardly any time since we wrote our last
    plan (only three years ago). The immediate trigger
                                                                                                                            Leading green thinkers, environmental cam-
                                                                                                                            paigners and business managers have converged
    is that the Higher Education Funding Council for                                                                        on the University to debate ways of combating the
    England needs another plan from Kingston. So we                                                                         world’s growing carbon footprint. Academics and
    have a choice – either to call up the existing Strategic                                                                industry representatives gathered at the Kingston
    Plan on the screen, change a few words here and                                                                         Hill campus to examine environmentally-friendly
    there (and, of course, the dates) and press the print                                                                   business practice, climate change and carbon
    button; or to go back to basics, examine the                                                                            emissions during two days of discussion at the
    challenges (and opportunities) Kingston faces and                                                                       Sustainability in Practice conference.
    decide whether our current plan – and, more                                                                                Green campaigner Sara Parkin, founder
    fundamentally, our mission – is still fit for purpose.                                                                  director of national charity Forum for the Future,
        I am sure it is right to choose the latter – for three                                                              told delegates that there was little doubt human
    main reasons. First, writing a strategic plan is a way          division of research universities (‘world-class’,       behaviour had led to changes in the climate
    a University can reaffirm its core values – in our              of course), or will the application of research         responsible for such phenomena as melting polar        Green champion Sarah Parkin called on
    case to be an open and accessible (and relevant)                receive new emphasis (and be linked more                ice-caps. She called for policy-makers to make it      policy-makers to make it cheaper and easier
    university but also a university committed to more              explicitly to enterprise)?                              easier for people to radically reduce energy use,      for people to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles at
    traditional academic goals, in terms of excellence           And so the list goes on… So there couldn’t be a            recycle and access public transport. “Sustainability   the Sustainability in Practice conference.
    in teaching and research. We don’t want to be boxed          better time to be writing a new Strategic Plan. It         is not just about the environment, it’s about people
    in to any particular mission, especially one that has        allows us to consider all these far-reaching changes       and it has got to become cheaper and easier to         transforming London’s approach to waste
    been defined by other people (‘up there’) rather than        in the external environment (including even more           become green,” Ms Parkin said, adding that the         management.
    by ourselves and our students. We don’t want to be           fundamental changes in social practices and                role of universities in this process could not be         Conference organiser Dr Ros Taylor said the
    pigeon-holed as either ‘research led’ or ‘business           cultural values) – and to try to triangulate these         underplayed. “They are providing the intellectual      event, run by the University’s Steering Group for
    facing’. We want to be both – and much else besides.         changes with Kingston’s past – and very considerable       foundations for change, but could do even more         Sustainability, its Sustainability Team and the Centre
    The process of writing a new Strategic Plan (as              – achievements and our aspiration to become what           to ensure the wider population becomes                 for Sustainable Communities Achieved through
    much as, or even more than, the plan itself) is              we sometimes call a 21st Century civic university          sustainability literate,” she contended.               Integrated Professional Education (C-SCAIPE), had
    a way we can reaffirm what we truly believe in as            (and the ‘Warwick of the post-92 universities’ – but          The former ward sister, awarded an OBE for          highlighted the steps people from academia,
    a university.                                                why limit our ambition to ‘post-92’ universities?).        services to education and sustainable development,     business, charities and government agencies were
        The second reason is that writing a Strategic Plan          Of course it would be wrong for me to second-           was one of a string of high-profile speakers           taking to become more sustainable. “An event such
    is, or should be, a moment of truth because it               guess the outcome of what I hope will be an                who delivered lectures at the conference. Delegates    as this is very important in championing good
    provides us with a context in which we honestly              engaged, and engaging, process across the                  also attended workshops on such topics as              practice, allowing universities and businesses to
    consider how we are doing. So it’s about (critical)          University. So just two comments – or maybe                ethical fashion, sustainable supply chains and         learn from each other,” Dr Taylor said.
    reflection as well as reaffirmation. There is no point       predictions – or maybe personal hopes:
    persisting with a mission that we have not been able         • First, the new environment will test us – severely
    to deliver, because if we couldn’t deliver it in the past       perhaps. The next decade is unlikely to be as                        University steps up presence in
    the chances are we won’t be able to deliver it in the           congenial for Kingston as the past 10 years of
    future. Let me add quickly that I don’t believe this            easy-to-access funded growth, relatively generous
                                                                                                                                           international marketplace
    is the case at Kingston; rather the reverse. During             public support and a general reluctance to over-        The University has placed itself firmly on the map     Charmaine D’Souza, who heads up the operation
    the past decade Kingston has been a very successful             determine university missions – in short, consid-       in India by opening a new office in Mumbai.            in Mumbai, said she was confident the new India
    university – the most popular in London (bar none),             erable room for manoeuvre to grow, develop and          Launched during a British Council Fair in              Office would boost those numbers even further.
    the fastest growing in England, a nationally                    innovate (within an essentially ‘public’ culture        November, Kingston’s India Office is dedicated to      “Research shows institutions with a permanent
    recognised innovator (in Foundation Degrees, but                in which there was room for idealism alongside          helping potential students find out more about         presence in overseas countries do particularly well
    much else besides), with emerging research                      the inevitable – and necessary – instrumen-             courses and life as an overseas student.               recruiting from those areas,” she said. “The
    strengths and great partnerships (especially with               talism). The next decade is likely to be charac-          Students from India already make up the largest      University already has a very good reputation in
    St George’s). But this success does not mean we can             terised by slower, and more targeted, growth and        group of international scholars at Kingston, with      India and we’re determined to build on that and
    afford to be complacent. In fact the more successful            greater emphasis on ‘alternative’ funding, i.e.         185 currently enrolled on degree programmes.           create a niche market for Kingston.”
    we are, the more we need to be tough-minded in                  someone else apart from the state will have to pay                                                                Potential students interested in getting a taste
    drawing up a balance sheet of what has worked                   – students, employers, even ourselves (through                                                                 of life in the United Kingdom while studying at
    well – and what has worked not so well (often so                greater ‘efficiency’), maybe within the context of                                                             one of Kingston’s four campuses can call in to the
    that we redouble our efforts rather than abandon                a narrower ‘business’ culture.                                                                                 office to find out about courses, accommodation,
    any key aspirations).                                        • But my second comment/prediction/hope is that,                                                                  finance and visa requirements. The extra support
        But it is the third reason that really interests me.        having been tested (however severely), we should                                                               will help speed up the application process,
    It is a truism to say that a lot is changing in higher          stick to our principles – and will be better off                                                               allowing students to get prompt feedback about
    education, but it happens to be the case.                       because of it. In the short run the more tightly                                                               whether they have the right educational
    • First, the introduction of top-up fees may not                focused universities, the niche players, may have                                                              credentials to secure a place.
        have changed much so far. The universities’ cartel          an advantage. But, over the longer haul, the future                                                               Another important function for the office,
        has held. But it probably can’t last. The cap will          will belong to universities like Kingston that refuse                                                          which was officially opened by Deputy
        one day be raised, opening the way to a proper              to have their futures determined for them. Why?                                                                Vice-Chancellor Professor Mary Stuart, will be
        market in which ‘prices’ are truly variable. Then           Because of the market, of course. But also because                                                             to consolidate links with the Shri Vile Parle
        National Student Surveys may drive more than                a proper university education, even in the most                                                                Kelavani Mandal (SVKM) trust, which currently
        just newspaper league tables.                               prescribed professions, and certainly proper                                                                   runs the first two years of Kingston under-
    • Second, the years of public expenditure aplenty               university research are concerned to open up both                                                              graduate programmes in business and computer
        are probably over. Although it never felt like it           people and subjects – often into the unknown            Manager Charmaine D’Souza has been
                                                                                                                                                                                   science. In the long term, the University hopes
        at the time, the past decade may well be                    and sometimes into the unknowable. So there will        appointed to run the Kingston University
                                                                                                                                                                                   to sign similar accords with other Indian
        remembered as golden years for higher education             always be a premium on flexibility, adaptability        India Office.
        spending – not quite on the scale of the NHS, but           and imagination. And because political fashions,
        still pretty good.                                          economic trends and social attitudes are in
    • Third, the skills/employer engagement agendas                 constant flux. So to address some political,                          Future of Bridge under review
        are being pushed harder by Ministers every year             economic or social agenda to the exclusion of
        – and some say that employer engagement                     others is a recipe for rigidity – and, ultimately       The future of Bridge is being looked at as part        It may be that we should produce a different
        is the ‘new widening participation’, if only                perhaps, redundancy and even extinction.                of a wide ranging review of how we keep you in         sort of magazine or, instead, be communicating
        because growth in student numbers is likely to           But don’t take my word for it. Please participate as       touch with what is going on at the University.         in totally different ways.”
        be slower in the future (for demographic, and            fully as you can in the writing of Kingston’s next            “It’s now more than 10 years since the                 We would like to hear your views about Bridge
        other, reasons).                                         Strategic Plan – and make it your plan.                    magazine was launched and it has developed             and other publications or communications
    • Then there is research after the Research                                                                             a loyal readership,” said new Director of              produced by the University, as well as find out
        Assessment Exercise – and enterprise too, as the         Professor Peter Scott                                      Communications Alison Cahn, who is leading             more about what kind of news you want to
        Higher Education Innovation Fund enters its              Vice-Chancellor                                            the review. “However, the time has come for us         receive and the way you most like to receive it.
        fourth round. Will we end up with a premier                                         to re-evaluate Bridge to see how well it serves        To share your thoughts, please email us at
                                                                                                                            both staff and the world beyond the University.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  WINTER 2008           3

Small business centre comes of age
                                                                                                                     ingston University’s Small Business             From the 1980s onwards, small businesses were

                                                                                                           K         Research Centre is celebrating two decades
                                                                                                                     of pioneering work and a growing
                                                                                                           influence that has helped propel entrepreneurship
                                                                                                                                                                  far more likely to be viewed as the engine of a
                                                                                                                                                                  dynamic economy, Professor Blackburn said.
                                                                                                                                                                  Reflecting that, the Centre was increasingly
                                                                                                           into the academic mainstream. Centre Director          consulted by organisations seeking to understand
                                                                                                           Professor Robert Blackburn said the subject had        business ownership and grew to be regarded as the
                                                                                                           gone from being regarded as something of an            United Kingdom’s premier centre of expertise in its
                                                                                                           academic Cinderella to a boom area since the           field. Its influence now extends to government
                                                                                                           Centre was launched in 1987. Its researchers now       departments, particularly the Department for
                                                                                                           work in a field that commands greater respect in       Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, which
                                                                                                           education circles and has increasingly captured        has commissioned major projects evaluating
                                                                                                           the public imagination, with programmes such           such topics as Business Link services, employers’
                                                                                                           as BBC2’s Dragons’ Den fuelling the nation’s           understanding of employment rights and the
                                                                                                           entrepreneurial bent.                                  effects of regulation on small firms.
                                                                                                              While acknowledging the climate has changed            The Centre’s work has also assumed an
                                                                                                           in the past 20 years, Professor Blackburn is more      increasingly international dimension. Professor
                                                                                                           reflective about the reasons growing numbers of        Blackburn was academic adviser to the European
                                                                                                           people opt for business ownership. “Research shows     Commission’s Action Plan, which forms the basis
                                                                                                           that for some this is the result of limited labour     for current European Union entrepreneurship
                                                                                                           market opportunities rather than a bid to make         policies. Currently, the Centre is carrying out a
                                                                                                           millions,” he said. “Although the current interest     study for the Treasury and Department for
                                                                                                           in start-up companies is more than just a flash in     Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
                                                                                                           the pan, we have to be measured about what they        comparing the business environment for high-
                                                                                                           can contribute to the economy and society.”            growth companies in the South East with that in
                                                                                                              Modern day fascination with all things entre-       Massachusetts and New Hampshire in the United
                                                                                                           preneurial is a marked contrast to the Centre’s        States. It is also engaged in a project with the
                                                                                                           early days, as Professor Blackburn and colleague       Department for International Development and
                                                                                                           Professor David Smallbone discovered when they         the Chinese Government exploring the support
                                                                                                           traced the emergence of the subject in a paper         that exists for small business in China.
                                                                                                           published to mark the Centre’s 20th anniversary.           Back on home turf, the team’s research
                                                                                                           “Small business research had an under-developed        activity has helped embed small business and
                                                                                                           knowledge base, with contributions from a few,         entrepreneurship in the University’s curriculum,
                                                                                                           often isolated, researchers,” Professor Blackburn      both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
                                                                                                           said. Securing Economic and Social Research            Professor Blackburn expects the subject to come
                                                                                                           Council Centre status and annual commissions           under even more scrutiny in the future as modern
                                                                                                           from the HSBC, and its predecessor the Midland         business models allow for greater entrepreneurship.
                                                                                                           Bank, helped Kingston’s reputation grow. So too        “Previously, there was division of labour within a
                                                                                                           did the line-up of clients eager to get a better       firm,” he said. “Now, with a greater amount of
                                                                                                           understanding of the small business sector, from       contracting and the evolution of more small,
Professor Robert Blackburn has witnessed small business research grow from a niche area to a
                                                                                                           accountancy firms to telecommunications giant          project-based companies, there’s increasingly a
subject that has captured the public imagination during the past 20 years.
                                                                                                           T-Mobile.                                              division of labour between firms.”

   Online resource gives Records reveal young patient’s
                             slow road to recovery
   insight into healthcare                                                                                            ix-year-old Sarah Coulson

       in Victorian era    S                                                                                          was admitted to the
                                                                                                                      Hospital for Sick Children
                                                                                                             at Great Ormond Street on 16
                                                                                                             August 1875 after her chest had
           he University’s Centre for Local History   Street between 1852 and 1914 were suffering from       been badly burned in an accident.

   T       Studies has teamed up with Great
           Ormond Street Hospital for Children
  to launch a website documenting patient
                                                      an infectious disease, one in five of whom
                                                      subsequently died, project leader Dr Sue Hawkins
                                                      said. Tuberculosis was by far the most common
                                                                                                             The youngster from Derby spent 10
                                                                                                             days in hospital but made little
                                                                                                             progress before being transferred
  admissions from Victorian and Edwardian             disease recorded. “The hospital was not supposed       to convalescent home Cromwell
  times. The online resource, compiled by a team      to accept children with such severe conditions,        House in Highgate, where her
  of 40 academics and volunteers, provides            but the doctors obviously felt unable to turn          recovery remained painfully slow.
  information about children who were admitted        them away,” she said. Most patients were local,           Sarah returned to Great Ormond
  to the hospital’s wards from 1852, when it first    coming from nearby boroughs such as Islington          Street on 1 May 1876 after suffering
  opened its doors, to 1914.                          and Shoreditch, with 20 per cent from outside          fainting fits and spent three weeks
     Researchers working on the Small and             the capital.                                           in hospital. She was then once
  Special project have logged the records                Dr Hawkins described the online repository as       again sent to Cromwell House,
  of more than 84,000 young patients, detailing       a unique resource which would provide a real           although the scar tissue from the
  their names, addresses, ages and the symptoms       insight into the workings of the first hospital        burns on her chest was still proving
  from which they were suffering. The website,        opened in England specifically to care for             problematic. On 7 August 1876 her
  developed with the support of The Friends of        children. “This is the first time hospital records     mother was unable to bear her
  Great Ormond Street Hospital, also provides         of such historical significance have been              daughter’s absence any longer and
  access to old photographs, case notes and           digitised,” she said. “The information will be of      begged medical staff to let her
  admission and discharge dates. It has attracted     great importance not only to medical historians        return home. The doctors agreed
  a steady stream of interest from history            and demographers but also for people compiling         and Sarah headed back to Derby to
  buffs and genealogists since its launch in          family trees or those studying London’s Victorian      be reunited with her family for the
  November.                                           and Edwardian past.”                                   first time in a year. Her condition      Sarah Coulson had two spells in Great Ormond
     Evidence gathered had revealed 10 per cent          The records can be viewed by logging on to          improved but she was never cured.        Street Hospital after sustaining serious burns.
  of the young patients visiting Great Ormond
4       April 2004
       WINTER 2008

    Advanced technology provides first
      aid for doctor-patient relations
               ioneering digital imaging technology developed by                The issue was brought to Dr Nebel’s attention by Dr Simon de               The new application has been welcomed by Dr Lusignan, who

     P         Kingston experts could soon have a major impact on how
               doctors conduct consultations with their patients. Dr Jean-
    Christophe Nebel, a senior lecturer from the Faculty of Computing,
                                                                             Lusignan, a practising GP and course director of biomedical
                                                                             informatics at St George’s, University of London, who had carried
                                                                             out initial research by setting up cameras in his own surgery to chart
                                                                                                                                                        said it could have far-reaching implications for doctor-patient
                                                                                                                                                        relations in the future. “With further development, GPCVA could
                                                                                                                                                        potentially be used as a training tool for medical students and
    Information Systems and Mathematics, has helped devise a system          doctors’ interaction with patients. “Going through this video footage      practising doctors to help improve how they deal with patients,”
    which automatically monitors patient movement during                     frame by frame proved very time-consuming,” Dr Nebel said. “Our            he said. “Eventually we hope the technology will be able to
    appointments, allowing GPs to gauge how animated their patients          goal was to see if there was any way of automating the process.”           differentiate affirmative body language, such as head nodding,
    are and evaluate how well they are interacting with them.                   The result, known as the GP Consultation Video Analysis                 from stillness or other body movement, which will help us pinpoint
       Dr Nebel worked with final year computer science student David        Application (GPCVA), automatically tracks movement from video              in even greater detail the moments where a patient isn’t being
    Forson to fine tune the new technique, which uses video images           images by searching for the outline of a human head and shoulders          communicated with correctly. This will undoubtedly lead to better
    from cameras set up in a surgery to pinpoint patient head movement.      in every frame. Each is then compared for signs of movement,               care for patients, improved performance amongst the medical
    “When the patient’s head moves a lot, it usually indicates that he       generating a motion curve for the entire film footage.                     profession and better quality of service.”
    or she is alert and actively engaged in conversation with the doctor,”
    Dr Nebel explained. “Long periods without animation can suggest
    the patient isn’t really relating to the doctor and maybe not getting
    as much as possible out of the appointment.”
       The project was prompted by concerns that an increased
    use of computers in GPs’ offices was distracting medics from
    spending time communicating directly with their patients.
    “Doctors have very limited consultation time as it is and GPs have
    to spend a significant amount of each appointment looking at
    their computers while they process information rather than
    concentrating on the patient,” Dr Nebel explained.

      Report uncovers confusion
        about consumption of
         health supplements
                                                                                                                                                                               Surgeries could soon be kitted out with
               lmost 60 per cent of athletes regularly reach for over-
       A       the-counter remedies without having a clear
               understanding of their effects, Kingston researchers have
                                                                                                                                                                                   video technology to ensure doctors
                                                                                                                                                                            communicate properly with patients rather
                                                                                                                                                                             than remaining glued to their computers.
     found. Academics from the School of Life Sciences teamed up
     with UK Sport to analyse nutritional supplements taken by
     athletes from more than 30 different disciplines.
        The researchers reviewed answers submitted by high
     performance athletes completing the United Kingdom Sport 2005
     Drug Free Survey. They discovered three-fifths of athletes sampled
                                                                                 Scientist makes waves studying
     took supplements, but their reasons for doing so did not generally
     tally with each product’s purpose. The team also found that
     relatively few supplement users appeared to be taking vitamins
                                                                                         coastal erosion
     or herbal remedies as a result of medical advice.                                  Kingston academic has put his scientific predictions under      back in laboratories at Kingston. “In the long-term, we hope the
        Dr Andrea Petróczi, who headed the research team, said the
     study showed the vast array of products available and lack of
                                                                              A        the spotlight at the largest wave testing centre in the world.
                                                                                       Professor Curt Koenders has travelled to Germany to trial
                                                                                                                                                        research findings could help the battle to save Britain’s disappearing
                                                                                                                                                        shorelines, allowing experts to identify which areas may potentially
     industry regulation made it difficult for the average person to         a theory that could soon help experts improve their understanding          be more susceptible to erosion,” Professor Koenders said.
     make an informed choice about taking supplements. Even                  of coastal erosion.
     athletes, who were likely to be more knowledgeable about how               The trip has enabled Professor Koenders, who is based in the
     to stay in peak physical condition, frequently used them without        School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, to carry out
     realising their full impact, she said. “We found, for example, that     detailed analysis of a formula to detect how different sandy soils
     an athlete trying to increase body strength might actually be           will wear away when waves wash over them. After some
     taking something designed to ward off colds,” Dr Petróczi said.         encouraging early results using a makeshift testing centre made
     The research report, published in Nutrition Journal, also               with DIY products, Professor Koenders was selected to take his
     highlighted the danger that some athletes might consume such            experimentation to a more sophisticated level using a giant wave
                                          high doses of supplements          flume at the University of Hanover’s Coastal Research Centre.
                                          that they could inadvertently      “Scientists and engineers from all over the world vie to be invited
                                          damage their health. “The          to the facility to submit original experiments, so it was very
                                          level of ignorance regarding       exciting to be chosen to use the specialist equipment available
                                          nutritional supplements and        there,” he said.
                                          their potential side effects          Working with geotechnical engineer Nick Thompson, from
                                          was really quite alarming,”        Bournemouth University, Professor Koenders prepared a sand base
                                          Dr Petróczi said.                  in the centre’s wave flume, which is 300 metres long, five metres
                                             The results raised import-      wide and seven metres deep. Water was then pumped into the flume
                                          ant questions about how            before metre-high waves were propelled over the sand. “The actions
                                          athletes found out about           of waves erode the sand bed but, because of natural variation, it
                                          nutritional supplements, she       is removed more in some places than others,” Professor Koenders
      Dr Andrea Petróczi and              added. She called for better       explained. “Our aim was to observe how the sand had shifted at
      her research team analysed education about their use and               different points after coming into contact with waves and correlate
      the nutritional supplements recommended mandatory                      that with our erosion sensitivity measurements.”
      taken by athletes                   training for sports coaches so        After the simulated surf had been pumped over the flume and             Kingston professor Curt Koenders, left, and geotechnical
      participating in more               they could play a greater part     the water drained away, the team was able to measure how the               engineer Nick Thompson from Bournemouth University have
      than 30 different sports.           in redressing the situation.       sand had worn away in 18 locations. Data accumulated on the                tested their latest scientific theories in the wave flume at
                                                                             three-day fact-finding mission is now undergoing further analysis          the University of Hanover’s Coastal Research Centre.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        WINTER 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                         April 2004            5

           Life-changing events                                                                                 Partnership poised
           lead shoppers online                                                                                to perfect pedestrian
                                                                New mothers are one of the biggest
                                                            customer groups likely to log on to buy
                                                                                 groceries online.
                                                                                                                        company that has played a key role in           Legion’s head of product development James
                                                                                                               A       crowd control projects for the Olympic
                                                                                                                       Games is tapping in to the knowledge
                                                                                                                                                                     Amos said the company turned to the University for
                                                                                                                                                                     support because of its excellent reputation for
                                                                                                              and experience of staff from the University’s          pioneering research in visual surveillance. “The
                                                                                                              Digital Imaging Research Centre to improve its         project will make it much quicker and easier for us
                                                                                                              software. Pedestrian behaviour simulation              to map behaviour, allowing us to expand our
                                                                                                              specialist Legion Limited is working with senior       database of pedestrian profiles which we will be
                                                                                                              lecturer Dr Dimitrios Makris from the Faculty          able to integrate with our existing software,” he said.
                                                                                                              of Computing, Information Systems and                     The partnership demonstrated the important
                                                                                                              Mathematics as part of a two-year Knowledge            contributions the University was able to make to
                                                                                                              Transfer Partnership (KTP) project.                    company performance and profitability across
                                                                                                                 The company was eager to automate data              the region, Dr Makris added. “The fact we were
                                                                                                              collection for its software programs, which            approached to assist such an internationally-
                                                                                                              replicated the movement of people inside build-        renowned company as Legion Limited shows just
                                                                                                              ings and public spaces during the design process,      how highly regarded the Knowledge Transfer
                                                                                                              Dr Makris explained. “The software tests the           Partnership scheme is within industry and
                                                                                                              functionality of the architect’s concepts to see       demonstrates how companies can benefit from
                                                                                                              how each structure would cope once completed,          accessing the University’s wealth of resources and
                                                                                                              looking at how many people can be accommo-             expertise,” he said.
                                                                                                              dated, how easily they can move
                                                                                                              around inside and what would
                                                                                                              happen if an emergency evacu-
             ecoming a new mother or suffering          influenced by the convenience and flexibility of      ation had to take place,” Dr

   B         health problems can be key factors in
             making customers turn to internet
 shopping, new research has revealed. Experts
                                                        online shopping, Unit Director Dr Ruth Rettie
                                                        contended. Some were likely to find visiting stores
                                                        in person too tiring, while others could prefer
                                                                                                              Makris said. “Legion’s software
                                                                                                              is based on real-life measure-
                                                                                                              ment which involves filming
 from Kingston Business School’s e-Commerce             avoiding shopping with their children.                pedestrians and going through
 Consumer Research Unit, who have analysed                 In contrast, decisions to stop shopping by         CCTV footage manually, analy-
 customers’ reasons for using the internet to buy       computer seemed to be more closely related to         sing each frame. The company
 groceries, have identified major triggers that         supermarkets failing to live up to expectations       wants to streamline this labori-
 influence shoppers’ decision-making processes.         of online shopping. This suggested that there         ous process by finding a way
 Having a baby and developing mobility problems         were tactics retailers could employ to make the       of automatically gathering
 were among the significant events which led            experience more appealing, Dr Rettie said.            data relating to pedestrian
 people online, they found.                             People who returned to the aisles had often           behaviour.”
    Reader in marketing Dr Francesca Dall’Olmo          encountered problems with internet orders or             The partnership, overseen
 Riley said consumers’ choices to begin shopping        deliveries and were concerned about the quality       by the University’s Enterprise
 from home might lie outside grocery retailers’         of produce.                                           Exchange, is being part-funded
 control. “Supermarkets are always looking for             The researchers also found customers were          by Legion and the Department
 ways to increase their market share and attract        unlikely to stop venturing out to the shops           of Business, Enterprise and
 more customers to use their website shopping           altogether and frequently re-evaluated whether        Regulatory Reform. Most of the
 facilities,” she said. “However our findings suggest   they would rather shop online from the comfort        work will be carried out by a
 that buyers are usually motivated by their own         of their own homes. This suggested there              dedicated Knowledge Transfer
 distinct needs when they opt to shop online,           was potential for retailers to offer incentives to    Partnership associate who will
 rather than being mindful of the advantages.”          shoppers who found themselves more house-             be guided by Kingston academics      Dr Dimitrios Makris has stepped forward to share his expertise
    Customers choosing to replenish their               bound following changes in their circumstances,       as the new computer program          in digital imaging with leading pedestrian mapping company
 cupboards with the help of the internet were           they concluded.                                       takes shape.                         Legion Limited.

Sarajevo students set to work on high-specification equipment
         eography students at the University of Sarajevo now                                                                                           Professor Guy Robinson, who worked on the project with

 G       have some of the latest electronic mapping tools
         at their fingertips after receiving a helping hand
from Kingston academics. Staff from the Faculty of Science
                                                                                                                                                    Kingston colleagues Professor Nigel Walford, Dr James O’Brien
                                                                                                                                                    and Dr Ken Field, said hands-on experience gained in the new
                                                                                                                                                    laboratory would boost opportunities for students from the Balkans
have played a pivotal role in creating a new Geographical                                                                                           to compete for jobs in the global marketplace. “Geographical
Information Systems (GIS) laboratory at the institution in                                                                                          Information Systems is becoming increasingly important to
Bosnia-Herzegovina, fitting it out with an array of cutting-edge                                                                                    decision-makers across a wide range of organisations concerned
equipment. The collection of computer hardware, software                                                                                            with land, resource and environmental management,” he said.
and associated data allows students to display and analyse                                                                                          “Working on this venture has been a rewarding way for us to impart
a range of intricate information as they progress through                                                                                           our expertise and ensure Sarajevo students stand the best possible
their degrees.                                                                                                                                      chance of graduating with the confidence and credentials
   The Kingston team, renowned as a world leader in GIS, was                                                                                        demanded by big business and government.”
drafted in to spearhead the project as part of a European Union                                                                                        The laboratory is the latest knowledge-sharing initiative involving
Trans-European Mobility Scheme for University Studies                                                                                               Kingston and Sarajevo. The relationship between the two institutions
(Tempus) programme, which encourages institutions to work                                                                                           has flourished since Kingston staff first visited the Balkans back in
together to modernise course provision. Collaborating with                                                                                          1997 to help update the Sarajevo University curriculum. The links
specialists from the University of Graz in Austria and the                                                                                          were expected to continue to thrive in the long term, Professor
University of Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) along the way, they also         Professor Guy Robinson has overseen the launch of a new                    Robinson said. It had already been agreed that Kingston academics
compiled a comprehensive training programme to embed GIS                 Geographical Information Systems laboratory at the University              would form an external advisory panel to ensure Sarajevo students
in Sarajevo’s geography curriculum.                                      of Sarajevo.                                                               were able to keep up to speed with further advances in technology.
6      WINTER 2008

                               New research projects under way
                  Kingston academics have embarked on a range of research projects after successfully securing backing from leading funding bodies.

    Grant Holder              School/Centre                         Project Title                                                                   Funding Body                                            Amount/Duration
    Mr S Brown                Performance and Screen Studies        British Colour Cinematography                                                   Arts and Humanities Research Council                    £40,098 – three years
    Professor B Cathcart      Humanities                            New Perspectives: Exploring the Potential for the Natural History Museum        Arts and Humanities Research Council                    £16,255 – one year
                                                                    Collection as a Resource for Arts and Humanities Research
    Professor R Istepanian    Computing, Information Systems        Mobile Communications to Improve Monitoring of Heart Disease                    British Council                                         £15,000 – three years
                              and Mathematics                       and Diabetes
    Dr K Whiting and          Life Sciences and Computing,          The Interaction of Primitive Haemopoietic Progenitor Cells in Aplastic          British Society of Haemotology                          £7,000 – one year
    Dr A Hoppe                Information Systems and Mathematics   Anaemia with Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells
    Dr K Whiting and          Life Sciences and Computing,          An Investigation of the Role of Mesenchymal Stem Cells                          The Aplastic Anaemia Trust                              £15,000 – one year
    Dr A Hoppe                Information Systems and Mathematics   in Aplastic Anaemia
    Professor K Truss         Leadership and Human                  Managing Employee Engagement                                                    Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development        £130,000 – two years
    Resource Management
    Dr N Wilson               Entrepreneurship Centre               Entrepreneurs in the Corporate Workplace                                        Cripps Sears and Partners                               £14,560 – seven months
    Professor R Blackburn     Small Business Research Centre        Growth Challenges for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises:                       Department for Business, Enterprise and                 £40,000 – three months
                                                                    A United Kingdom-United States Comparative Study                                Regulatory Reform
    Dr J Collis               Accounting and Finance                Directors’ Views on Accounting and Auditing Requirements                        Department for Business, Enterprise and                 £24,993 – six months
                                                                    in Company Law                                                                  Regulatory Reform
    Mr M Humphreys            Law                                   Urban Regeneration                                                              EC1 New Deal                                            £56,700 – three years
    Professor S Sayce         Surveying                             National Land Use Database of Previously Developed Land – Scoping Study         English Partnerships                                    £97,960 – one year
    Professor M Stuart        Education                             Student Diversity, Extra-curricular Activities and                              Higher Education Authority                              £27,581 – one year
                                                                    Perceptions of Graduate Outcomes
    Professor M Stuart        Education                             The Impact of Social Identity and Cultural Capital on                           Economic and Social Research Council                    £81,881 – 18 months
                                                                    Different Ethnic Student Groups at University
    Professor J Wen           Engineering                           Glazing Behaviour in a Fire Environment                                         European Union Marie Curie                              £110,000 – two years
    Professor C Koenders      Pharmacy and Chemistry                Investigation of Slurry Flow by Means of Simulation and Theory                  Leverhulme Trust                                        £13,377 – three years
    Dr J Orwell               Computing, Information Systems        To Research and Trial an Autonomous or Semi-autonomous System                   Ministry of Defence                                     £75,000 – one year
                              and Mathematics                       To Detect, Identify and Locate Threats in a Hostile Urban Environment
    Professor E Chell         Small Business Research Centre        The Identification and Measurement of Innovative                                National Endowment for Science,                         £118,692 – one year
                                                                    Characteristics of Young People                                                 Technology and the Arts
    Professor C Edwards       Leadership and Human                  Survey of Working Life 2007                                                     Kingston Council                                        £25,000 – four months
                              Resource Management
    Dr L Y Meng               Small Business Research Centre        Revitalising Rural China Through Land Policy Reform and                         UNDPR and CIRD, China                                   £24,600 – two years
                                                                    Innovation in Governance and Public Service Delivery
    Dr W Skok                 Business Information Management       Knowledge Transfer Partnership: To Develop a Generic                            Department for Business, Enterprise and                 £110,528 – two years
                                                                    Information Technology Solution for Medium-sized Charities                      Regulatory Reform
    Dr S Pretlove             Architecture                          Knowledge Transfer Partnership: To Establish a Specialist                       Technology Strategy Board                               £110,528 – two years
                                                                    Sustainability Service for Clive Chapman Associates
    Professor W Lomax         Strategy, Entrepreneurship            Secondment into Knowledge: To Develop a Strategy to Enable                      London Development Agency                               £14,000 – 12 days
                              and Marketing                         New Blood Art to Strengthen its Client Base and Expand Operations
    Dr D Stokes               Enterprise                            Secondment into Knowledge: To Develop a Diagnostic Tool and                     London Development Agency                               £14,000 – 12 days
                                                                    Innovation Route Map for the Ethnic Hair and Beauty Sector

       Academic accomplishments                                                                                            Experts secure ground-
    The University has announced the most recent recipients of its prestigious research degrees.
    Shehla Darr has been named a Doctor of Philosophy after examining the ‘Compression Recovery
                                                                                                                         breaking database contract
    of Rigid Polymer Foams Following Confinement at Elevated Temperatures’.                                                         Kingston research team has won a
    Abdenour-Karim Khelifi has been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy after exploring ‘Attitudinal
    Determinants of Consumer Behaviour: An Empirical Study in the United Kingdom Credit Card Sector’.
                                                                                                                          A        sought-after contract to examine
                                                                                                                                   the process through which the
                                                                                                                         Government collects, stores and provides access
    Youssef Ouchagour has been named a Doctor of Philosophy after investigating the ‘Suitability of
                                                                                                                         to information about brownfield sites across
    Recycled Concrete Aggregate for Use in Binary Cement Concrete’.
                                                                                                                         England. University experts have embarked on
    Oliver Reutter has been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy after undertaking an ‘Assessment of Masonry                   a nine-month project to review the National
    Flexural Bond Strength’.                                                                                             Land Use Database of Previously Developed
    Sven Riedel has been named a Doctor of Philosophy after exploring ‘Developments in Tensiographic                     Land (NLUD-PDL), which provides an
    Multivariate Analysis Leading to a New Approach with Prevalent Applicability for Sample Fingerprinting               inventory of vacant and derelict plots as well
    and Data Representation’.                                                                                            as information about occupied land and
                                                                                                                         buildings with redevelopment potential. The
    Susan Simpson has been named a Doctor of Philosophy after undertaking ‘An Investigation into
                                                                                                                         Head of the School of Surveying, Professor              Professor Sarah Sayce has brought together
    the Uptake and Farmer Acceptance of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme in Southern England’.
                                                                                                                         Sarah Sayce, said the database was essential            researchers from across the University to
    Mark Thomas has been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy after examining the ‘Geomechanics of                             to the National Brownfield Strategy for                 review the national database of previously
    Volcano Instability and the Effects of Internally Elevated Pore Fluid (Gas) Pressures’.                              England. “The project forms a key part of the           developed land.
    Yiwei Wang has been named a Doctor of Philosophy after concluding a study focusing on ‘Improving                     Government’s policy to make sure land across
    3D Polymeric Matrices for Tissue Engineering Using Advanced Drug Delivery Techniques’.                               the country can be put to best use,” Professor          Syms said reviewing the way data was collect-
    Caroline Saffell has been awarded a Doctor of Business Administration after completing a study                       Sayce said. “By building up a definitive                ed would ensure information was as reliable,
    entitled ‘Values, Value, Risk and Satisfaction as Antecedents to Continue in Farming with Specific                   database of land uses, we will be helping the           accessible and comprehensive as possible.
    Reference to Farming in Great Britain’.                                                                              Government manage its most precious                     “This work will help the Government meet its
                                                                                                                         resource effectively.”                                  targets for bringing brownfield land back into
    Andreas Steinbauer has received a Master of Philosophy after completing ‘An Innovative Study of                         Launched in 1998, the database has been              productive use,” he said. English Partnerships
    Private German Real Estate Investments in United States Residential Real Estate with Reference to                    refreshed annually since 2001 with data sup-            and the Department of Communities and Local
    the Cultural Dimension’.                                                                                             plied by local authorities. English Partnerships        Government are funding the cross-Faculty
    Teresa Payton has been awarded a Master of Science by Research after exploring the ‘Representational                 national brownfield adviser Professor Paul              project, due to be completed by mid-2008.
    Effects in Casual Judgement’.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      WINTER 2008            7

Top dancer takes leading role at Kingston
           West End star and former backing              contemporary background. “It will be about

 A        dancer for some of the biggest names in
          the music industry has bowed out of
show business to take centre stage in the lecture
                                                         developing their existing knowledge and skills and
                                                         applying them in new ways,” Mr Piper explained.
                                                         As well as paving the way for graduates to become
theatre. Jason Piper, who performed in singer Kylie      dancers and choreographers, the course also
Minogue’s sell-out Fever world tour, has become          provides an academic and creative grounding for
course leader for Kingston’s recently-launched           those keen to specialise in outreach and youth
dance degree. The 31 year old is confident the           work. Students contemplating a stage career of
breadth of professional experience he gained             their own are set to benefit from Mr Piper’s bulging
during a career which also included top billing          contact book. “There will be people coming in
in the critically-acclaimed, all-male version of         from the top end of the industry to share their
Swan Lake will make him an inspirational role            knowledge,” he said. “I’m determined the students
model for students.                                      will build and develop industry relationships right
   After beginning his love affair with dance            from the start.”
aged just five, Mr Piper honed his talent                   The degree also examines the relationship
performing with the National Youth Dance                 between dance and the wider community, a sub-
Company before gaining a degree from the                 ject close to Mr Piper’s heart. Students will delve
London Contemporary Dance School. “Over the              into urban, ethnic and popular styles as well as
years I’ve been involved in many aspects of              more conventional contemporary techniques in
dance, from ballet and street to working with            a programme designed to capitalise on London’s
artists ranging from Kylie and Christina Aguilera        vibrant multicultural dance scene. As part of
to Shirley Bassey,” he said. “Performing around          their course work, they will be expected to forge
the globe has been an amazing experience and             links with festival organisers and dance out-
now I’m ready to take a fresh direction and give         reach groups across the capital. “Dance is the
something back.”                                         path of least resistance to the heart of any
   Taking a broader approach than many other             culture,” Mr Piper said. “It doesn’t have a
dance courses, the Kingston degree caters for            political agenda and is a great way of breaking
students who may not have a classical or                 down boundaries.”

   Navy personnel deployed                                                                                         Jason Piper has swapped his stage career
                                                                                                                   for a star turn launching Kingston’s
                                                                                                                   BA (Hons) in Dance.

     on academic operation
              en Royal Navy sailors have become the                                                                  Alumni mark 65 years of
   T          first students to embark on a new
              Kingston Business School course. The
                                                                                                                      architecture education
  two-year, part-time Foundation Degree in
  Operations Management will enable service men
  and women to acquire an academic qualification                                                                         ndustry professionals from around the            Founded in 1942 by Eric Brown, the School
  complementing their on-the-job experience.
      The course includes modules on innovation
  and entrepreneurship, information management
                                                                                                                  I      globe relived their student days when they
                                                                                                                         converged on the Knights Park campus
                                                                                                                to celebrate the School of Architecture and
                                                                                                                                                                       has developed a strong reputation for academic
                                                                                                                                                                       excellence. The associated School of Planning
                                                                                                                                                                       was established in the 1960s along with an
  and human resources. Eight of the first group                                                                 Landscape’s 65th anniversary. The reunion saw          Architectural Psychology Research Unit – the
  of students to sign up for the Kingston pro-                                                                  staff mingle with 90 graduates at a champagne          first of its kind in Britain. Later, with Professor
  gramme work at HMS Collingwood in Fareham,                                                                    reception followed by the official opening of a new    Peter Jacob at the helm, the School joined forces
  Hampshire, while two are ship-based. They will                                                                exhibition charting the School’s history.              with Merrist Wood College and introduced
  complete the bulk of their course by computer                                                                    Guests included alumnus Phil Allsopp, now           landscape architecture to the curriculum.
  using the University’s online web-based learning                                                              president and chief executive of The Frank Lloyd          Current Head of School Professor Sarah
  management system, Blackboard.                                                                                Wright Foundation in the United States. He joined      Chaplin has overseen its transition into the
      Naval Accreditation Manager Lieutenant                                                                    Financial Times architecture critic Edwin              digital era, with high-specification computing
  Max Sennett said returning to the books would                                                                 Heathcote, who graduated in 1994, and architects       facilities complementing existing workshops.
  enhance the future prospects of the warrant                                                                   Sidney Bernstein (1963), Terry Pawson (1982),          Welcoming so many familiar faces back to
  officers and senior rates by consolidating their                                                              Andrew Waugh (1988) and Anthony Thistleton-            the University for the reunion as well as
  specialist skills and giving them official             Petty Officer Mark Abrams has been one of the          Smith (1993) in a roundtable discussion focusing       renewing links with graduates the School had
  recognition for what they learned at work.             first students to sign up for the Foundation           on the School’s multi-faceted approach to              lost touch with had been an enlightening
  “Today’s Royal Navy is committed to encour-            Degree in Operations Management.                       architecture education. “Kingston in 1968 was a        experience, Professor Chaplin said. “What was
  aging the continuing professional development                                                                 magical place,” Mr Allsopp recalled, crediting his     most remarkable was discovering, despite the
  of its staff in every way possible,” Lieutenant        of each student’s workplace role into the              course with giving him confidence in his ideas.        many physical changes at Knights Park, how
  Sennett said. “We are determined to redress the        curriculum,” Mrs Pinder-Young said. “The               “There was tremendous freedom. I absorbed              constant the sense of community and shared
  situation where, in the past, many senior              course framework gives us the scope to easily          whatever discipline I could by osmosis and it served   ethos of the School has remained over the
  officers who had dedicated their entire working        adapt it to suit other Armed Forces personnel.         as an amazing springboard for my career.”              decades,” she added.
  lives to the Navy had no official qualifications       We also hope to roll it out in the civilian
  to show for the huge amount of experience they         workforce catering for employees heavily
  had accumulated along the way.”                        involved in field work, such as environmental
      Petty Officer Mark Abrams, who is based at         officers and the police.”
  HMS Collingwood, is confident his Foundation              The University already has a strong track
                                                                                                                                                                                               Financial Times
  Degree foray will pay dividends in his career.         record of tailoring work-based learning
                                                                                                                                                                                               architecture critic
  “I’m really looking forward to putting what I          programmes to meet the needs of the Armed
                                                                                                                                                                                               Edwin Heathcote,
  learn from my lecturers into practice and              Forces. Kingston’s MSc in Technology
                                                                                                                                                                                               who graduated from
  becoming a better manager,” he said.                   (Maritime Operations) for naval officers has
                                                                                                                                                                                               Kingston in 1994,
      Course leader Deborah Pinder-Young said the        been running for five years, while equipment
                                                                                                                                                                                               pored over exhibits
  programme had been designed to fit around the          support staff from the Army’s Royal Mechanical
                                                                                                                                                                                               of a bygone era at
  students’ ongoing duties both on the ocean             and Electrical Engineers (REME) have been
                                                                                                                                                                                               the School of
  waves and back at base. “One of the key features       enhancing their skills completing the MSc in
                                                                                                                                                                                               Architecture’s 65th
  is that it is flexible enough to incorporate aspects   Technology (Equipment Support).
                                                                                                                                                                                               anniversary reunion.
8      WINTER 2008

    Exhibitions and Events...
    WINTER 2008

    EXHIBITIONS                                                             THURSDAY 21 FEBRUARY                                                   THURSDAY 28 FEBRUARY
    MONDAY 18 – FRIDAY 22 FEBRUARY                                          6.00pm     Entrepreneurship and the Creative Economy                   4.30pm    Theatre without Borders
                                                                                       A panel discussion led by Endemol UK chairman Peter                   Part of the Think in Kingston Festival.
    9.00am– Sustainable Education                                                      Bazalgette and brand evolution expert BJ Cunningham,                  Guest speaker director Jatinder Verma.
    5.00pm An exhibition being staged as part of London Student                        being staged as part of The Entrepreneurship Experience               Rose Theatre, 24-26 High Street, Kingston
            Go Green Week showcasing project work examining                            seminar series.
            economic environmental principles.                                         Main Lecture Theatre, Knights Park campus                   6.00pm    Bridging the Gaps
            C-SCAIPE Reading Room, Penrhyn Road campus                                                                                                       Former diplomat and visiting professor Sir Roderic Lyne
            Open evening: 5.30–8.30pm, Tuesday 19 February                                                                                                   explores future trends in the global environment,
                                                                            SATURDAY 23 AND SUNDAY 24 FEBRUARY
                                                                                                                                                             communication between the boardroom and the front line
    WEDNESDAY 5 MARCH – SATURDAY 26 APRIL                                   10.00am– Cello Festival                                                          and the lack of understanding between the private and public
                                                                            4.00pm Featuring workshops and performances from a line-up of                    sectors. Part of the Strategy into Practice lecture series.
               International Orange                                                  professional cellists and a masterclass conducted by expert             Lawley Lecture Theatre, Kingston Hill campus
               Ben Kelly presents a series of collaborative projects with            William Bruce.
               such leading designers as Peter Saville, Michael Marriot              Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill campus
               and DJ Simpson.                                                                                                                     EVENTS – MARCH
               Stanley Picker Gallery, Middle Mill, Knights Park
                                                                            MONDAY 25 FEBRUARY
               Gallery opening times: Tuesday-Friday 12.00-6.00pm;                                                                                 MONDAY 3 MARCH
                                                                            1.15pm     Lunchtime concert
               Saturdays 12.00-4.00pm; Mondays (by appointment only)
                                                                                       First year music students showcase original compositions.   1.15pm    Lunchtime concert
                                                                                       Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill campus                              Second year music students showcase original compositions.
                                                                                                                                                             Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill campus
    EVENTS – FEBRUARY                                                       4.00–      The Enforcement of International Human Rights
                                                                            6.00pm     Law: The Challenges Ahead                                   THURSDAY 6 MARCH
    MONDAY 18 FEBRUARY                                                                 Part of the Human Rights and Corporate Responsibility
                                                                                       seminar series.                                             5.30pm    Google and Maps: Why Where is Important
    1.15pm     Lunchtime concert                                                       Speakers Professor Richard Ennals and Paresh Kathrani.                The Annual Industry Lecture from the Faculty of
               Featuring Kingston University music students.                           Room 6032, Frank Lampl Building, Kingston Hill campus                 Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics. Guest
               Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill campus                                                                                                      speaker Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist for Google.
                                                                            WEDNESDAY 27 FEBRUARY                                                            Roberts Lecture Theatre, Penrhyn Road campus
                                                                            1.15pm     Lunchtime concert                                           6.00pm    Entrepreneurship and the Market
    1.15pm     Lunchtime concert                                                       A tribute concert being staged in honour of senior music              A panel discussion led by director of the Kingston
               Featuring pianist Ted Beament, drummer Adrian Macintosh                 lecturer Dr Tim Ewers.                                                Innovation Centre Chris Fogg, being staged as part of
               and bassist John Rees Jones from the Trio Time jazz group.              Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill campus                              The Entrepreneurship Experience seminar series.
               Rose Theatre foyer, 24-26 High Street, Kingston                                                                                               Lawley Lecture Theatre, Kingston Hill campus

                                                                                                                                                   SUNDAY 9 MARCH

                                                                                                                                                   2.00pm    Jazz Futures
                                                                                                                                                             The borough’s annual jazz festival run in association with
                                                                                                                                                             Kingston Council.

           Theatre-goers flock to                                                                                                                            Rose Theatre foyer, 24-26 High Street, Kingston

                                                                                                                                                   MONDAY 10 MARCH

            University gala night
                                                                                                                                                   1.15pm    Lunchtime concert
                                                                                                                                                             Third year music students showcase original compositions.
                                                                                                                                                             Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill campus

                                                                                                                                                   WEDNESDAY 12 MARCH

              eading business people and influential alumni filled                                                                                 7.00pm    Towards The Light

     L        the auditorium at a Kingston University gala night
              celebrating the opening of the borough’s Rose Theatre.
    Drama enthusiasts turned out in force to watch a performance
                                                                                                                                                             Philosopher Anthony Grayling discusses his new book as
                                                                                                                                                             part of the Think in Kingston Festival.
                                                                                                                                                             Clattern Lecture Theatre, Penrhyn Road campus

    of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya directed by University                                                                                          THURSDAY 13 MARCH
    Chancellor Sir Peter Hall.
       Inspired by the former 16th Century Rose Theatre on                                                                                         5.00–     Reflections on Professional Ethics
                                                                                                                                                   7.00pm    A seminar in which speaker Dr Bob Brecher from the
    London’s Bankside, the 900-person capacity complex cost                                                                                                  University of Brighton presents the case Against Professional
    £11 million to complete, with the University contributing                                                                                                Ethics and Dr Joan McCarthy from University College Cork
    £500,000. Sir Peter told guests at a reception following the                                                                                             examines the hysterectomy scandal at Our Lady of Lourdes
    performance that the opening of the venue was a huge                                                                                                     Hospital in Drogheda, Ireland.
    achievement. “If it wasn’t for the backing of the University                                                                                             Boardrooms 3 and 4, Hunter Wing, St George’s,
                                                                                                                                                             University of London
    and the extraordinary strength and belief of the borough
    council we wouldn’t be here now,” he said.                                                                                                     MONDAY 31 MARCH
       Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Mary Stuart said the
    University and theatre would maintain strong links in the                                                                                      6.30pm    Creating the New Design Aesthetic – Meeting the
    future. “We are thrilled that our students will be rehearsing                                                                                            Global and Environmental Challenges
    and exhibiting their work at this fabulous venue very soon.                                                                                              Chief executive of the Design Council David Kester shares
                                                                                                                                                             his views on the importance of design in the ecology of the
    It gives us the chance to have a strong presence in a                                                                                                    21st Century as part of the Think in Kingston Festival.
    landmark town centre location,” she said.                                                                                                                Knights Park campus
       Uncle Vanya cast member Neil Pearson praised the venue’s
    layout. “The Rose has what all the best theatres have – space
    for both actors and the audience without losing that sense                                                                                                      Editorial Information
    of intimacy,” he said. Gala guest Kevin Whately, who starred
                                                                                                                                                    Editor: Nicky Baird, ext 63166 (internal); 020 8547 7166 (external)
    in television drama Inspector Morse, echoed those
    sentiments. “I believe both the town and University stand to                                                                                    University staff are invited to submit ideas for possible stories
    gain a great deal from their stunning new theatre. It works                                                                                     and features. Contributions should be sent by email to
    a treat for audiences and actors alike,” he said.                                                                                      or by internal mail to Bridge, Room 2,
                                                                                                                                                    River House.
           The cast of Uncle Vanya played to a packed house
                                                                                                                                                    The editorial team reserves the right to amend articles
            at a University-organised gala night at Kingston’s
                                                                                                                                                    as appropriate.
                                          new Rose Theatre.

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