BULK- SMS
Customers: insurance companies, news agencies, payment systems, inquiry services, educational institutions,
car dealers, medical centers and other entities.
All the companies and institutions can send informational SMS-messages or any non-advertising SMS-messages to a
subscriber of any mobile operator in Ukraine or worldwide (GSM, CDMA and other standards).

♦ SMS-informing on the operations in payment terminals.
Virtual example: Public utility charges on personal account No. 99999 to the amount of 500.00 UAH are paid on
01.10.2009. Thank you.
♦ Supplying SMS-information to the clients of insurance companies.
Virtual example: Dear Mr. Petrenko! Your insurance police No. 99999 expires on 01.10.09. Please, call at our office to
prolong your insurance police. Dial 9 044 999 99 99 for more details.
♦ SMS-education. Information for parents of pupils.
Virtual example: 1. Your sun came to school at 10-25. 2. Your sun received 12 grade in mathematics. Congratulations!
♦ SMS-news for your clients.
Virtual example: Company's headlines. News from Kiev, Ukraine and worlwide. Wheather forecast and other news.
♦ SMS-inquiry, financial information.
Virtual example: Telephone of the Kiev cinema - 9 044 999 99 99. Work schedule of Shevchenkivska District State
Administration and other information.
Virtual example: Exchange rate, discount rate, stock indices, equity prices.
♦ SMS-taxi. Taxi traffic controller.
Virtual example: Sending orders to taxi drivers. Confirmation of receipt of an order, etc.
♦ SMS-avia. Confirmation of ticket reservation. Information of the flight.
Virtual example: Dear Mr. Petrenko! Your flight No. 9999 to London delayed for 2 hours. Registration begins at 21-00.
Sorry for discomfort. Telephone 9 044 999 99 99.
♦ SMS-information for IT-companies concerning technical problems (uncovering / resolving a problem).
♦ SMS-information for the management of IT-companies concerning movement on settlement accounts, etc.
♦ SMS-some other. Your proposals – our implementation.

Benefits to you:
♦ Personal channel of communication with a client, partner of a financial institution using SMS;
♦ Sending SMS-messages to the networks of ALL mobile operators in Ukraine and worldwide;
♦ Sending SMS-messages to stationary telephones in Ukraine and worldwide (SMS2Voice);
♦ Low-price channel of communication with clients. Connection to the service is free;
♦ Fee is charged for delivered SMS only;
♦ Reduction of costs associated with maintenance of the Customer’s call-centre;
♦ Alphanumeric name enables personalization of your SMS-messages;
♦ Personalization of messages for your clients (name, account number, etc.);
♦ Capability to independently send your SMS-messages using convenient web-interface;
♦ Availability of detailed statistics and reports concerning SMS-message delivery;
♦ Our experience in working with many companies is at your service.

Our technical capabilities:
♦ Redundant direct connections with mobile operators;
♦ Inter-operator SS7 protocol provides zero-delay message delivery to clients;
♦ Message sending time-rate – up to 25 sms-messages per second (up to 900 000 sms-messages per day);
♦ Connecting clients using SMTP, SMPP, HTTP/XML or other protocols;
♦ Web-interface and on-line statistics;
♦ 24х7х365 technical support service

              Interested? - > Our contacts : +38(044)284-0302, vas@gmsu.ua
                                             +38(044)284-0303 (вн. 312), t.yatsenko@gmsu.ua
              Yatsenko Tetyana, deputy director on VAS.
              Office 11, 20-A, Velyka Zhytomyrs’ka, Kyiv, 01025, Ukraine. www.gmsu.ua

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