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					Asia Pacific: Debit cards show strong potential to grow Asia-Pacific region over next decade                                                                             Page 1 of 10

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About                Asia Pacific: Debit cards show strong potential to grow Asia-
News Alerts          Pacific region over next decade                                                                         Succeeding with SMS Today
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Events               (Thai Press Reports Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) Section: Business
                     News - Debit cards have the strongest potential to grow in the Asia-Pacific                             ----------------
Advertise            region over the next decade, according to Howard Allen, CEO of the Lafferty                             No More Limits: CRM On
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                     Group, a supplier of data and analysis on more than 60 credit-card markets                              Demand Goes Strategic
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                     worldwide, the Bangkok Post reports.
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Asia Pacific: Debit cards show strong potential to grow Asia-Pacific region over next decade                                                                              Page 2 of 10

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Free Newsletters                                                                                                             Telecom Industry
                                                                                           In many markets, he               On-demand: the new face of
Conference Events                                                                          said, credit-card                 contact centers
                                                                                           markets had matured or            ----------------
Publications                                                                               reached saturation, seen                             View All White Papers
                                                                                           in declining margins for
                                                                                           issuers due to growing                       Top Stories |
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Content Submission
                                                                                           Worldwide, the growth
                                                                                           of debit-card usage over                     Beceem's Chipsets Make
                                                                                           the past few years has                       Possible Mobile WiMAX
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                                                                                           doubled that of credit
                                                                                           cards. The debit-card                        ABI Research Predicts Continued
                                                                                           market has room to                           Advances in Digital Media
                                                                                           grow in the Asian
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                        region due to its currently low base.                                                                           WhiteFence Provides Call Center
 VoIP                                                                                                                                   Solution to Incorporate One-
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                        learn more.
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ATCA                                                                                                                         ---------------------------
                        Mr Allen said ATMs would continue to grow in the region thanks to its large
                        network while money-transfer services have strong potential China,
Billing                 Philippines and India due to remittances from their nationals in the US and
                                                                                                                             Related VoIP News |
Broadband Telephony
                        ''The golden age of the credit-card market may have gone. It is profitable if                        Nortel and BT Help U.K. Human
                        done well. If it is done in the wrong business cycle, it can have a detrimental                      Services Agency Handle More Than
                                                                                                                             One Million Calls Per Day
Business Phone
                        impact on the economy, as in what happened in Korea, Taiwan and Hong                                 --------
                        Kong,'' Mr Allen said.Growth opportunities for consumer credit are also                              LiteScape Integrates WebEx, VoIP in
                                                                                                                             Unified Communications Offer
                        inconsistent across the region. Consumer-credit growth in China is                                   --------
Call Accounting         constrained by price competition, but Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have                          Brekeke Performs Interoperability
                        room to expand.                                                                                      Testing With VoIP-Express
Call Center Recording                                                                                                        Nortel Unveils New Architecture for                                                                                                                       24/08/2007
Asia Pacific: Debit cards show strong potential to grow Asia-Pacific region over next decade                                                     Page 3 of 10

Call Center Recording
                                                                                                           Communication Server 1000
                                                                                                           --------                               Ads by Google
                          Mr Allen said the giro system was a significant player in the bill-payment       PhoneBrasil Signs LOI with CityNet
Call Recording                                                                                             Wireless
                          market, due to its high technology and cost advantages.                          --------

Conference Call / Audio   He noted that non-bank institutions had been competitive players in the
Web                       consumer-finance market, but commercial banks would likely dominate at
                          the end of the day as they offer comprehensive services to customers.
Contact Center
Recording                 In addition, the said, he regional consumer market remained fragmented as
                                                                                                                                                Free VOIP
                          the degrees of market forces and how they acted differed among countries.
                                                                                                                                                  PBX for
                          Tarisa Watanagase, the governor of the Bank of Thailand, said the central
                          bank's payment-system framework over the next four years was aimed at                                                  Windows
Headsets                  reducing the use of cash and cheques.

                          The high-value money-transfer Bahtnet system had received a satisfactory                                              Leverage VOIP
Hosted VoIP
                          rating by the IMF's financial sector assessment programme, she said.                                                   across your
IMS                       Dr Tarisa said the priority of the central bank's 2010 payment-system
                          framework was on promoting electronic transfers.                                                                      Download 3CX
                                                                                                                                                Phone System
Industry Research
                          She said local consumers and businesspeople were still heavy users of cash
                          and cheques, resulting in high operating costs and inefficiency.
                          Thailand's usage of cash currently stands at 11.3% of gross domestic product,                                
                          compared to 6.4% in Malaysia, 5.5% in Indonesia, 8.4% in Singapore, 16.3%
IP Phone System           in Japan and 3.2% in Korea.

IP Presence               The country's usage of cheques stood at 1.4 per person, compared with 6.9 in
                          Malaysia, 0.3 in Indonesia, 20.5 in Singapore, 1.2 in Japan and 26.7 in Korea.
IP Telephony              Charumporn Chotikasatien, a vice-president at Siam Commercial Bank, said
                          the popularity of debit-card usage in the country remained low as local
                          consumers preferred to use credit cards for high-value purchases and cash for
                          low-value items.

Open Source PBX                                                                                              24/08/2007
Asia Pacific: Debit cards show strong potential to grow Asia-Pacific region over next decade                                                             Page 4 of 10

Open Source PBX
                      ''The debit-card market is squeezed in the middle between credit cards and
                      cash,'' he said.
Phone Systems

                      Copyright 2007 Thai News Service, Source: The Financial Times Limited
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Asia Pacific: Debit cards show strong potential to grow Asia-Pacific region over next decade                                                                                        Page 7 of 10

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