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					        AL ARYAN SMS Service Profile

    Jordan – Amman
    P.O Box 4495
    Postal Code 11131
    Shmaisani , Near Safeway
    Phone :- +962-6-5000444
    Fax :- +962-6-5692477
    Email :-
    Website :-

1   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
    Table of Contents

          1.     Al Aryan Background                        ------------------- 3

          2.     Al Aryan SMS Introduction                  ------------------- 4

          3.     Al Aryan SMS Vision and Philosophy. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 5

          4.     Al Aryan SMS Management and                 ------------------- 6

          5.     Al Aryan SMS Equipments.                     ------------------- 7

          6.     Al Aryan SMS Services                         ------------------                 9

          4.A    Commercial SMS                      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 10

          4.B    SMS Banking                          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 12

          4.C    SMS Gateway – Linking                - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 13

          4.D    SMS System Services                  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 13

          4.E    SMS Push – Pull Services             - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 14

          4.F    MMS Services .                       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 14

          4.G    International and Roaming Services . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 15

          4.H    Un-Reachable SMS Bulks               - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 16

       7. Al Aryan SMS Clients                         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 17

       8. Al Aryan SMS Future Plan.                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 18

       9. Al Aryan Contact Information                  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -19

2   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
    Al Aryan Background

    Alaryan was founded in 1991 by Mr. Waleed Al-Aryan, who is currently the chairman
    of the board of directors. Alaryan started its business in 1995 in the mobile phone
    accessories line launching a new concept in the country through 8 showrooms, and
    .then since 1996 it has been working in telecommunication
    Alaryan has many contracts with official departments as the only supplier for handsets
    .and GSM lines

    Since 1996 to 2005 Al-Aryan was the biggest dealer for Fastlink (which has been
    rebranded to Zain in September 2007). Afterward in 2005 Alaryan has joined Umniah
    since its launch to be the main franchisee dealer by owning 9 retail shops (operator

    .Alaryan name can be considered number one in Jordan telecommunication market

    Nourmina satellite channel has been established on the 1st of September 2004 and
    aired on the 28th of September 2004 providing Alaryan a new mean to utilize and
    perform overall group objectives.

    Working in :-

           •        Distributing Network
           •        Umax Dealer
           •        Umniah Official Agent and Partner
           •        Nokia Services
           •        Nourmina Satellite TV Channel
           •        Al Aryan SMS Services .

3   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
    Al Aryan SMS Introduction

    Al Aryan SMS Starts working in the SMS serviced and solutions in 2007 as a
    department of Al Aryan telecommunication group .

    Starts working in the commercial SMS and for advertising purpose only , and after the
    success and the progress in offering the SMS services , AL ARYAN SMS decided to
    expand its services to allow and serve most of the market requirements .

    Al Aryan SMS mainly sending its SMS bulks through The Operator Umniah
    According to the partnership between both of them .

    SMS Services in AL Aryan has its own IT Dept. Which allow a full customer support
    for all of its services , with a full technical support from Umniah team in anything
    related to our communication with them .

4   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
    AL Aryan SMS Vision and Philosophy

    Our believe of advertising in expanding the business and allowing more success for it,
    let us decide to introduce the SMS advertising Service in the market , to help
    companies and business owners to expand their business , products , works .

    Advertising becomes one of mainly and important ways to help business owners to
    spread their works , and because of our believes of following the technology and the
    new creative way of advertising , we decided to work in SMS advertising because this
    method has its own power in effect in advertising because it allow your advertisement
    to reach to your target exactly , because SMS method can be directed to a specific
    target of people , in addition to that it reached to your target , doesn’t need your target
    to find it .

    Other traditional ways of advertising need from the target to get it such as
    ( Magazine , Newspaper , Internet Banners , etc ) , in all of the previous methods , the
    target need to get them and brows for your advertise , but in the SMS method , you
    will send the advertise to your Target Cell Phone .

    Because of the success in this method of advertising , it has been chosen by the big
    establishments such as Bank , International Companies , Posts and Express , etc as a
    trusted way to send and receive the information , and that made us expanding our
    services to be customized , targeted , and secure .

5   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
    Al Aryan SMS Management

    Al Aryan SMS has many sections working on it , offering the customers full services
    in all the needed field , in addition to that we have partnerships and a strategy partners
    who works with us in sharing services .

    Sales Section :- this team is prepared to offer our services to the customers , using
    expert description , they took a full courses and trainee in our services .and those who
    are responsible of following customers and serve them after Sale service .

    IT Section :- a Team of experts in all of IT fields which is related to our type of work ,
    such as Networking , Connections , System Developments , Data Analysis , Designing
    , and Troubleshooting . And they are prepared with the needed courses in all of these
    fields , and certified by Microsoft and Cisco .

    Accounting Section :- which is responsible of any financial transactions done in the
    SMS section , handling the usernames and passwords in the system , and the quantity
    of each user , and the type of payments .

    Marketing Section :- This section is responsible of studying the market and making
    the correct plans to share our services through the sales section , and they are doing
    the pricing in its correct way taking in mind each case in an independent way
    according to the market requirements .

6   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
    Partnerships :- we have many partnerships with many companies and many fields to
    exchange the services between us , and these fields are ( IT developments , Short
    codes , Communications , Marketing )

    Umniah Partnership :- which allow us in the communications through them and its
    configuration and support .

    Kastana for Information Technology :- For Developments and Systems , and Short
    MUSE Advertising Agency :- for marketing plans and advertising issues .

7   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
    Al Aryan SMS Equipments

    Al Aryan SMS section is prepared in the best technical equipments to guarantee the
    best services to the customers .

    Security , Assurance , Fast and reliable connection , Data Analysis , and Backup plans
    are our main focuses , so we have many servers , Brand named Servers :- Dell Intel
    Xeon Processer , each of them has the most recent specifications of hardware ,
    Processer , RAM , Routers

    Our network environment in designed and studied well to be ready in any case of
    failure , so a scheduled backup and full clustering is allowed in our Servers .

    Many Gateways and connection as connected with the operator Umniah as a working
    and Backup connections , and all of these connections are a secure VPN connection
    over an SMPP protocol .

    A fast a reliable way of queuing and sending SMS bulks , developed after a full case
    study of best type with the operator , to guarantee the fast and sure sending of the
    SMS bulks

    A secure and easy web-based platform developed to allow the customers use it to
    send their SMS bulk , without the need for an expert or an IT – related user , any End
    user can use it and feel how it is easy to be used .

    A fully Licensing products and Operating System are installed in our Servers and
    Machines , Microsoft Windows Server 2003 , SQL Server , Windows 7 , Microsoft
    Office 2007 , Avast Anti-Virus .

8   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
    Our systems allowing creating many different connections , SMPP connection , VPN
    Connections ,HTTP connections , and it is configured to work in independent way
    for each customer , so we have an independent servers for the Banking Services ,
    others for Commercial SMS , others for MMS .

    Our SMS systems are divided according to the type service , such as Banking or
    Commercial , or Specified System according to the customer request , because our
    Developers are able to develop a requested system according to the customer request
    if he/she has their own specifications .

9   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
     Al Aryan SMS Services

             Commercial SMS

     The commercial SMS is to send a Bulk of SMS as a one shoot to a targeted data ( cell
     phones ) in the shape of text message .

     The text message will include your advertisement text , and this message will appear
     that it sent by SENDER ID , which you will choose it , not as a number or name , it
     may contain a Text of 11 English Characters , such as your Company name , or
     product name

     The text message able to be send in Both Languages Arabic and English , and as a
     Short message or Long message , and can be send to any MSISDN ( Cell Phone
     Number ) to the Four Operators in Jordan ( Zain , Orange , Umniah , Express ) .

     We have a ready and big amount of categorized data ( Cell Phone Numbers ) to send
     your text message to it , these 2.660.000 Numbers are processed by our team of data
     analysis to guarantee that it is correct numbers , and correct target , and clean of
     duplicate , clean of the Blacklist ( * This list include the numbers who don't want to
     accept advertising SMS's ) each 14 days , so we can guarantee a 3% of the quantity of
     the sent bulk as an error rate .

     A Web-based application can be used by the customers to allow them send their own
     bulks , using authentication method of username and password , and that system is
     simple and easy to be used ,and allow you to upload your own data and use the
     system to send your bulk and follow your account status and to generate a reports of
     your SMS bulk and its status of delivery .

             •       Ready Proposal about this system upon request .

10   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
     Our data is categorized according to ( age , gender , income , location , city , country ,
     province , occupation , interest , etc )

     These data have been collected using campaigns to inform their data and they sign that
     they accept to receive an advertising messages according to that form, other data is for
     our customers and they allow us to use it for our bulks, and the rest of them collected
     by our team personally from the market.

     Our categorizes is :- (   Males , Females , Students , Hotels , Clothing
     Shops , Malls , West Amman – Each City , East Amman ,
     Universities , Electronic Shops , Computer Shops , Clothes
     Shops , Cafes , Army , Province , Association , Pharmacies ,
     Iraqi residents in Jordan , VIP , Contractor , Companies ,
     Numbers according to Operator , ages 18 - 25 , 25 – 30 , 30 –
     40 , 40 + , Furniture’s , Schools )

             •       Contact us for more information about the quantity for each category

11   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
            SMS Banking

     Al Aryan SMS offering SMS banking solutions, which the Banks use to serve its
     customers, by sending them text messages informing them about their financial
     transactions, and other requests, in addition to the commercial SMS which may the
     bank send as an advertising way to its campaigns.

     SMS banking can be done in two ways
            1.      Full SMS banking Services: - in this way we handle all the issues
            related to the System that the bank will use to generate the messages and link
            all the devices related to it in the system such as ATM's, Website links,
            transactions Machines, etc, and we will do the linking of this system to be
            sending through the operator.

     Linking may have many possibilities such as a direct link with the operator through
     VPN Tunnel and SMPP connection, or through Al Aryan Servers, and then it will
     forward it to the operator

     In all SMS banking services the data will be encrypted and over a secure connection
     and it will take priority all over other SMS bulks in al Aryan Servers , to reduce the
     delay and to guarantee a success message delivery .

        2. SMS Banking Linking:- in this way the bank usually has its own system
        running , so we will just do the linking of that Bank Server ( interface ) through us
        to the operator , and this type of service also may has two possibilities as we
        mentioned before

            •       Contact us for more information or to ask about the financial issues.

12   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
            •       Each case has its own specifications according to the bank services and
            its prepared which need to be discussed

            SMS Gateway – Linking

            For those customers who have their own Systems working on, we are able to
     do the connection though our servers to use our Bulks without the need to change the
     system that they are using.

            These links can be generated as HTTP links or SMPP connections according to
     the customer request, and we are able to generate both connections, and to do the
     entire configuration needed.

            Linking may take place in all scenarios as a commercial SMS or SMS banking
     or any other case.

            SMS System Services

            Al Aryan SMS are able to build and develop and specific requested system for
     the customers who want to specific services which is not common used or already
     exists, such as E-points Cards system, DHL systems, Posts Systems, or ANY OTHER
     request to let it meet the customer requirements, after that we will do the linking
     between that system and our servers.

            All what we need is a proposal about the services that the customer need to
     apply and then we will develop the needed system and link it to our servers to be run

                    •       Any estimated time or cost will be discussed according to that
                    system specifications

13   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
              SMS Push – Pull Services

              Push – Pull Services is the SMS service which need a Short code (Reserved
     Number by the Operator) to use it to REQUEST for something and get the RESULT
     of it.

              This service can be applied in many scenarios such as Baking, Postal orders,
     Money orders, examinations, School marks, Voting, Ring Tones, and Many others.

              We are able to do all the requirements needed to this project such as the system
     will be used, the short code reservation, and the communication linking with the

              MMS Services

              Multimedia Messaging is a service may be used for advertising , which allow
     you to send any multimedia contents in your message to the cell phone such as ( Voice
     , Pictures , Slideshow , Video ) , allowing you to send at MAX a 300 kilo byte of data.

              We are able to give you a web-based link or a system will be installed in your
     machine, including a composer to your MMS message, or to create a linking through
     us if you have your own, or to send your messages through us using our data and our

14   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
            International and Roaming Services

            Al Aryan SMS allowed to send an international Text Messages in all of its
     type of businesses and methods to the countries listed below :

            Algeria :- ATM mobilis / Orascom Algeria / Wataniya Algeria
            Bahrain :- MTC Vedoa Phone / Betelco Bahrain
            Egypt :- Etisilat Egypt / Mobinil / Vodafone
            Iran :- Iran telecom / Iran cell / MTCE
            Iraq :- Asia Cell / Atheer Cell / Korek Cell
            Israel :- Cellcom Israel / Mirs / Pelephone
            Kuwait :- MTC , NMTC
            Lebanon :- MTC touch / Alfa
            Libya :- Al madar / Libyana Mobile
            Morocco :- Maroc Telecom / Medi Telecom
            Oman :- Nawras Oman / Oman Telecom
            Qatar :- Q-tel / Vodafone
            KSA :- Etihad Telecom / MTC / Jawali
            Syria :- MTN / Syria Mobile Telecom
            Tunisia :- Orascom / Tunisie Telecom
            UAE :- EITC / Etisilat UAE
            Yemen :- Sabafon / Spacetel Yemen

                    •      contact us for more countries and pricing information

15   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
               Un-Reachable SMS Bulks

               This Service is a brand new service and AL ARYAN SMS is the first and
               only in the market who offers this kind of SMS advertising service .

               This BULK of SMS allow you to add you TEXT MESSAGE in all of Un-
               reachable cases happened in all operators within one month that your
               advertisement Message will appear after the un-reachable information
               message .

               According to statistics from the four operators in Jordan ( Zain , Orange –
               Umniah – Express ) that there is approximately 18.000.000 un-reachable
               cases happened in all the cell phones , that will guarantee for you to let a
               18.000.000 SMS containing your advertisement in all over Jordan and in
               all the Operators within one month .

               This Bulk of SMS can be divided to THREE Bulks , 10 days for each , or
               can be sold as one shoot for 1 month , No Text Change can be done in the
               message within a period of time .

16   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
               Al Aryan SMS Clients

17   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
               Al Aryan SMS Future Plan

               According to our success in this field and following our vision and
               philosophy , we are planning to expand our business in this field to allow a
               full telecommunication and advertising Services in one package .

               Full SMS services is our main target , to allow the market to use this
               feature in all different types of communicate

               Soon we will introduce the SMS Service in the website links , which allow
               the website owners to send the registration information to their clients to
               their mobile numbers

               Payment online for our services will be soon on work , to facilitation the
               process of buying from us .

               A New website to share and exchange the ideas and the suggestions from
               our customers and from the market about this service , and many
               questioners will be introduced in it to let our market analysis team work in
               it , to check the market new specifications and requests .

18   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010
                Al Aryan Contact Information

     Address :- Jordan – Amman
                P.O Box 4495
                Postal Code 11131
                Shmaisani , Near Safeway

     General Manager :- Mr. Waleed Al Aryan
     Phone :- +962-6-5000444
     Email :-

     Sales and Marketing Manager :- Ms . Sewar Al Aryan
     Phone :- +962-6-5000444
     Mobile :- +962-7-85555577
     Email :-

     IT Dept :- Mr.Alaa Murad
     Phone :- +962-6-5000444
     Mobile :- +962-7-85505577
     Email :-

     For Suggestion and More Information Please contact us at :-

     Al Aryan Group Website :-
     Al Aryan SMS Website :-

19   Al Aryan SMS Services – Al Aryan telecommunications 2010

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