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19. Bois des Violettes Rosé                                      £14.50 bottle
France, 2008
Wonderfully fresh with intense aromas of summer berry fruit.
The palate is youthful, juicy, rich and well balanced.
Per glass: £3.80 175ml £5.00 250ml

20. Torre Alta Pinot Grigio Rosé                                 £16.00 bottle
Italy, 2009
Elegant notes of acacia flowers on the nose with a soft yet
rounded palate.
Per glass: £3.90 175ml £5.40 250ml

21. Prosecco Rabosa Rose                                         £19.50 bottle
Dry, soft and elegant with red berry fruit and soft creamy
Per glass: £4.50 125ml


22. Prosecco Corte Alta NV                                       £19.50 bottle
Italy, NV
Delicate and aromatic with a light body and fine bubbles.

23. House Champagne (please ask staff)                           £29.00 bottle
For Information on this seasons GJs House Champagne
please ask your server.

24. Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut                                     £39.00 bottle
France, Champagne, NV
Light, but displays a lovely weight of soft-apple fruit and an
easy-drinking, well-balanced style.

25. Pol Roger Réserve                                            £45.00 bottle
France, Champagne, NV
Full-bodied and toasty, as one expects of Pol Roger, with a
crisp, fresh, clean finish.

26. Veuve Clicquot Rosé                                          £60.00 bottle
France, Champagne, NV
Showing all the characteristics of the Yellow Label blend,
complimented by delicate red fruit aromas coming from
Pinot Noir grapes.
                                       WHITE WINE                                                                                     RED WINE

1. Marques de Calado Macabeo                                                    £12.50 bottle   10. La Fête Rouge                                                               £12.50 bottle
Spain, Cariñena DO, 2008                                                                        France, 2008/09
Fresh, fruity aromas of tropical fruit with crisp citrus fruit on the finish.                   Ruby red colour with a nose of blackberry, redcurrant and a hint of
                                                                                                spice. A well balanced, elegant wine.
Per glass: £3.20 175ml £4.30 250ml
                                                                                                Per glass: £3.20 175ml £4.30 250ml

2. Neblina Sauvignon                                                            £14.50 bottle
                                                                                                11. Tin Roof Shiraz Cabernet                                                    £13.90 bottle
Chile, Central Valley, 2009
                                                                                                Australia, South Eastern, 2007
This youthful, and lively Sauvignon Blanc has green herbs on the nose,
followed by a zesty citrus palate.                                                              A soft fruity red with ripe berry fruit and gentle spicy flavours in a medium
                                                                                                bodied easy drinking style.
Per glass: £3.80 175ml £5.00 250ml
                                                                                                Per glass: £3.80 175ml £5.00 250ml

3. Tin Roof Chardonnay                                                          £15.50 bottle
                                                                                                12. La Croisade Réserve Merlot                                                  £16.00 bottle
Australia, South Eastern, 2008/09                                                               France, Vin de Pays d'Oc, 2008
A soft, buttery Chardonnay, with a smooth mouthfeel and rich fruity finish.                     Showing a lively bouquet of plum, blueberry and hints of blackcurrant on
Per glass: £3.90 175ml £5.10 250ml                                                              the nose, the palate is beautifully rounded, soft and juicy.
                                                                                                Per glass: £3.90 175ml £5.40 250ml

4. Alfredini Garganega Pinot Grigio                                             £16.00 bottle
Italy, 2009                                                                                     13. Otterbrook Mill Shiraz                                                      £17.50 bottle
Dry with a fruity bouquet and a lovely, refreshing finish.                                      Australia, South Eastern, 2009
Per glass: £4.20 175ml £5.60 250ml                                                              Intense, smooth wine showing notes of plum and dark, berry fruits with a
                                                                                                delicate yet spicy finish.
                                                                                                Per glass: £4.40 175ml £6.00 250ml

5. Bantry Bay Chenin Blanc                                                      £18.00 bottle
South Africa, 2009/10
An aromatic wine with hints of white blossom and citrus fruit on the                            14. Zalze Pinotage                                                              £17.50 bottle
nose and palate.
                                                                                                South Africa, Western Cape, 2008
Per glass: £4.60 175ml £6.30 250ml                                                              Full of intense plum, mulberry and black fruit flavours with French oak
                                                                                                lending a soft complexity and well integrated tannins.
                                                                                                Per glass: £4.40 175ml £6.00 250ml

6. Fernlands Sauvignon Blanc                                                    £18.00 bottle
New Zealand, Marlborough, 2009
Bursting with gooseberry, wet grass and fresh citrus followed by a long                         15. Torre Aldea Rioja                                                           £18.00 bottle
lasting refreshing finish.                                                                      Spain, 2008
Per glass: £4.60 175ml £6.30 250ml                                                              Deep ruby in colour, packed full with ripe plums and blackberries, dried
                                                                                                fruits, liquorice and vanilla.
                                                                                                Per glass: £4.50 175ml £6.50 250ml

7. Chablis Jean Bourguignon                                                     £19.50 bottle
France, 2009
Fresh youthful fruit on the palate with classic steely minerality and clean                     16. Yali Winemaker's Selection Cabernet Carmenere £18.50 bottle
citrus character.                                                                               Chile, Colchagua Valley, 2009
Per glass: £5.00 175ml £7.00 250ml                                                              Red berry flavours from the Cabernet with spicy notes from the
                                                                                                Carmenère intermingle with hints of vanilla, chocolate and coffee.
                                                                                                Per glass: £4.70 175ml £6.70 250ml

8. Gavi La Lancellotta                                                          £21.00 bottle
Italy, 2009                                                                                     17. Premier Vin du Château de Pitray, Côtes de                                  £21.00 bottle
Steely minerality, delicious crispy citrus notes and refreshing acidity with                    Castillon
hints of apricot and peach
                                                                                                France, Bordeaux, 2005
                                                                                                Beautiful garnet-red ruby with aromas of cassis fruits coupled with subtle
                                                                                                vanilla tones.

9. Sancerre "La Pierre Blanche", Fouassier                                      £25.00 bottle
France, Loire Valley, 2008
Zesty with superb minerality and floral notes followed by touches of                            18. Fairleigh Estate Pinot Noir                                                 £25.00 bottle
                                                                                                New Zealand, Marlborough, 2008
                                                                                                Perfumed red berry fruit and subtle spicy aromas with well balanced

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