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					                  Holy Trinity Claygate
                      Budget 2011
The 2011 budget has been driven by what we believe God wants us to
deliver through the vision process. It has been put together in
conjunction with the leadership team and has been approved by the
2010 Giving
Despite uncertainty facing many of us due to the economic downturn,
there was another generous response to the Giving Review in 2010.
Members of the church family are still putting God’s work first.
We thank God for all that He has made happen among us and for
every person who has given to the church during the past year.
         In 2010, 303 donations produced a total of £462k (including Gift
          Aid) to pay for staff exercising leadership and support together
          with the provision of buildings and resources, and gifts to local
          and worldwide mission partners. 19 of these were new givers in
         The table below shows the current pattern of giving including
 £ per       1-     20 -   40 -   100 -   150 -   200 -   300 -   400+   Total
 month       20      40    100     150     200     300     400

 No. of
 donors     75      69     83      23      17      12      10      14    303

2010 Financial Outcome
         Our total income, including miscellaneous receipts, of £530k
          was better than budget by £54k.
         Our total expenditure of £520k was up on budget by £20k
          primarily as a result of additional spending agreed by the PCC
          following additional donations. These included £10.5k to
          commence work on the Ministry Centre, £7.5k in Outward
       Giving, £16.7k (salaries and equipment) to cover full year cost of
       our Ministry Assistants offset by delayed start of Associate Vicar.
      Additional costs for Seniors Ministry and church maintenance
       were offset by prudent spending in other areas.
We praise God that we continue to be able to resource His ministry
here at HTC.

2010 Year End Cash Reserves
Through the generosity of our members we ended the year with
reserves increased to £154k. We plan to use these reserves as follows:
1. To give us a Cash Contingency Reserve of £49k to cover 3 months
   staff costs which is prudentially sensible,
2. To cover a deficit budget of £19k (see below), and
3. To set aside £87k for the Ministry Centre.

             WHAT IS PLANNED FOR 2011?
A budget that supports the vision
In 2011 we will pursue our vision of more, deeper and closer followers of
Jesus, as we continue our various initiatives, start others and encourage
each other to deepen our faith and service to God.
The Vision Booklet refers to a number of exciting ways that God made
the vision a reality in 2010. This activity, coupled with the growth in
membership, has meant that for the first time in a number of years we
have a new senior member of staff starting in January. The budget
includes £56.7k from January for salary and housing costs of the
Associate Vicar who replaces a Curate who comes to us ‘free’.

2011 expenditure budget
In order for us to continue to meet our vision, the PCC has set a budget
for expenditure in 2011 of £570k, a rise of 10% on 2010.
At first glance, this may appear as a significant increase, but the actual
amount is less than the full year cost of the Associate Vicar. Each
ministry area has taken a hard look at its expenditure in order that
inflationary increases can be contained within the overall expense
Where does the money go?

The budget is allocated as below:

                                 Discipleship inc.
                                 Associate Vicar
                                       10%           Outward giving
           Ministry Assistants                           10%
                                                                      Parish share inc.
          Property                                                      Vicar 23%

            Church Office
           inc. Admin. staff
                                         Children/Youth        inc. staff 12%
                                          inc. staff 14%

      Budgeted Expenditure 2011

Areas of major expenditure are:
Parish share (£129k)
This accounts for 23% of our total expenditure and is the money paid to
the Diocese to include the cost of the incumbent (£42.7k including
pension and housing costs) and £86.3k towards the wider ministry of the
diocese and Church of England.
Ministry salaries and housing (£237.5k)
This includes the employment and housing costs, as appropriate, of the
five Directors of Ministry who are paid directly by HTC: Valerie Bagley
(Pastoral Care), Drew Waller (Youth Ministry), Jill Griffiths (Children and
Families Ministry), Janet Watkins (Central Support) and Richard Lloyd
(Discipleship). The current four Directors of Ministry have made a
significant contribution to the delivery of the vision at HTC to date and
we welcome Richard as part of this in 2011.
The budget also includes the salary costs of three Ministry Assistants for
the first half (two for the second half) and the part-time posts of Deputy
Church Administrator and Vicar’s PA.
Property costs (£57.6k)
This accounts for 10% of our total expenditure and includes
maintenance of the Church, Church House, Emmanuel Hall and
Denman Drive.
                    FUNDING THE VISION
The PCC has decided to continue the practice started in 2009 of
holding our annual giving review in January, bringing it into line with our
budget and vision process.

The budget is about funding the vision and whilst the financial position
of the church is healthy due to exceptional generosity in recent years,
the vision for 2011 still needs to be funded.

HTC does not receive any external funding and whilst we do receive a
small amount of ‘other income’, the vast majority - 89% - comes from
our church members giving regularly and faithfully.

                   Investment      receipts
                    & property    £15k (3%)
                    £45k (8%)

                                                 Income from
       Income Required in 2011                   £485k (89%)

One possible way of achieving the budget could be as follows:
    20 new donors giving at least £80 per month, and
    income from existing donors goes up by 5%

In approving the budget the PCC accepts that a further £18k would be
required to achieve a balanced budget, but is comfortable that this
deficit can be met from our surplus in 2010.

   Through God’s grace and with your help we hope once again to
              achieve the necessary income in 2011.

       A more detailed budget statement is available on request
           from HTC’s Treasurer, Brian Howells 01372 811676
           or email