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					How to Reconcile the Payment Card

The Payment Card, formerly the Travel Card can only be used for the payment of the following expenses...

          Travel expenses
                   Rail, air or underground tickets
                   Season tickets
                   Any other public transport tickets
                   Oyster cards (season ticket or pay as you go)
                   Parking
                   Tolls
                   Congestion charge

          Accommodation and Constituency Office expenses
                   Council Tax for accommodation
                   Business Rates for constituency office
                   Electricity for both
                   Gas for both
                   Water Rates for both
                   Heating Fuels e.g. oil

Payment Card Limits
Each card has a maximum monthly expenditure limit, which was increased by £500 for all MPs from the 1st
November 2010. Additionally there is an individual transaction limit of £500. If however you need a higher
credit or transaction limit or need to check your monthly expenditure limit contact IPSA on

Further Information
For further information on the Payment Card contact the IPSA Information Team or go to the IPSA
Information for MPs and staff > Payment Card

The Reconciliation Process
Remember to keep all receipts for Payment Card transactions. Mark these receipts in the top right hand
corner with ‘PC’ and keep in a file marked Payment Card. In this way Payment Card receipts can be
distinguished from other receipts and avoid confusion with other similar receipts.

Every month Barclaycard Commercial will issue a paper statement detailing the last month’s transactions,
shortly after IPSA will send an email advising that an online Payment Card form needs to be reconciled.
To reconcile the statement with the Payment Card form and receipts you will need to establish and verify
that the transactions on the statement and form are valid and match the receipts. The key thing is to make
sure that no duplicates of previous receipts/claims are entered onto the form.

H2G Reconcile the Payment Card v1.0               Page 1 of 5                          3 December 2010
The reconciliation process is done in the online system and the process is similar to making any other
expense claim. To reconcile the Payment Card Statement with the receipts and the online Payment Card
1.0      Log onto the MPs’ Online Expense system.

2.0      From the Home Page click on Claims/Forms in Progress.
         The Payment Card form will be automatically sent to the Proxy’s
         account. If there is no Proxy, the form will be sent to the MP‘s
         account. The form can be redirected to either account on request.
3.0      Click on the Form Number of the Payment Card form.

4.0      The Payment Card form will have certain details already completed
         such as Transaction Date, Details, Reference and Expense Value.
         These details cannot be changed.
         Now click in the light blue area of Short Description and enter a
         meaningful description e.g. 2010.11 Payment Card. This explains
         that the form is for the statement dated November 2010.
5.0      Now click on the drop down menu of Select an Item.

6.0      A screen menu will list all the expenses that are claimable under the
         Payment Card category. Select the appropriate item from the list.
         The item that is selected will drive the mandatory fields (highlighted
         in light blue) that you have to complete for that row. Note that
         utilities for the Constituency Office are headed Const. Off e.g. Const.
         Office Gas. Accommodation Gas is headed as Gas.
         This guide continues with an example of a rail journey reconciliation.
7.0      The Transaction Date has already been added.

8.0      The Details field has been pre-completed and provides a brief
         description of the transaction.

9.0      For train journeys select the appropriate station from Const. Station.
         Click on the drop down list.

10.0     In the menu of stations enter the station of departure and click on
         Search by Station.
         If travelling from the constituency outside the London area enter
         and search for the Departure station e.g. the station in the
         If leaving from a London Terminal e.g. London Victoria, enter and
         search for the Destination station, which in most cases will be the
         constituency station.
         Select the station in the search results. If the station cannot be
         found go back and repeat steps 5 to 8 selecting Public Tr RAIL Other
         for MP travel or Public Tr RAIL Other MP Staff for staff travel and
         then go to step 11.
H2G Reconcile the Payment Card v1.0              Page 2 of 5                        3 December 2010
11.0     Enter the starting point of the journey in From and the finishing
         point in To e.g. from Yeovil station to Euston station.

12.0     If a journey was selected for the MP’s staff or MP’s dependant select
         their name from the drop down boxes for MP Staff or Dependant.

13.0     Click on the drop down menu for Journey and select the appropriate
         journey type.

14.0     Click on the drop down menu of Class/Reason and select the
         appropriate class of travel.
15.0     Check that the Expense Value matches the statement and receipt.

16.0     Where you have used the Payment Card to pay for several journeys
         at the same time with the same supplier, the expense value that is
         shown on the form does not represent the individual journeys.
         Therefore the expense value must be split between these journeys.
17.0     For example two return journeys were booked with the same
         supplier one costing, £162.97 and the other £151.00 for a total
         transaction of £313.97. Highlight the row that shows £313.97 in this
         example row 1.
18.0     Now click on Expense Value £.

19.0     The row Split Tool will open. Enter the cost of the first journey
         £162.97 in First Split Value and click on Split.

20.0     The first row has now been split into two rows, leaving the First Split
         Value in row 1 and the newly created row 2 with the balance of
         £151. If required, the new row could be split further. Now complete
         the required fields for the new row (steps 5-6 and 9-14).Remember
         to split all rows that have been used for multiple transactions. Use
         Your Notes to explain what rows have been split and why.
21.0     Row splitting can also be used where the Payment Card has been
         inadvertently used for an ineligible expense item or family member’s
         travel. The ineligible expenditure must be refunded to IPSA by
         cheque with your ‘Payment Card Package’.
         Where the Payment Card has been used for ineligible expenditure
         select Not Claimed To repay in the drop down menu for Private
         Expense? Remember to split the row between eligible and non
         eligible expenses.
         Note: the Payment Card should NOT be used purposes other than
         those intended.

H2G Reconcile the Payment Card v1.0              Page 3 of 5                       3 December 2010
Disputes and Queries -If the form shows a transaction that you did not make, contact the named supplier
direct. Where a credit is due, ask the supplier to raise a refund voucher; this will then be processed back onto
your account, and will appear on your next month’s form. If you cannot resolve your query with the supplier,
then contact Barclaycard Commercial Customer Services on 0844 822 2160.
22.0     Remember to add any additional notes that will help to justify the
         expense in Your Notes. Add details of a non travel related expense
         e.g. Row 2: Electricity bill for accommodation covering period
         08.08.10 to 09.11.10.
23.0     After you have entered the required details (steps 5-6 and 9-15) on
         all the rows; save the form by clicking on Check and Save.
         Tip: Use the Check and Save button on a regular basis to guard
         against losing any data.
24.0      If more data needs to be added later, then having Saved the form
          click on Close.
          The form can be revisited at any time later to add more data by
          looking in your Claims/Forms in Progress.
25.0     To submit the form to IPSA for processing, click on Submit Form. The
         Payment Card form can be completed and submitted by both Proxy
         and MP. However, the Proxy can only submit forms to the MP for
         authorisation. Only the MP can submit forms directly to IPSA.
26.0     Proxy submission to MP
          After step 26.0 you will be asked to confirm the action. The Expense
          form will be automatically submitted to the MP. (See Step 27.2)
27.0      MP Submission to IPSA
          27.1 Form completed by the MP
          When the Submit Form button is clicked a Confirmation dialogue
          box will open. Click on I confirm to accept the message. Go to step
          27.2 Form completed by Proxy and sent to the MP for Confirmation
         On the Home page of the MP’s view, click on Claims/Forms for
         Confirmation and click on the form number to open and review it.
         To submit the form to IPSA click on Submit Form. Go to step 28.0.

28.0     Click on I Confirm in the Confirmation dialogue box.
29.0     You will then be asked if you want to print the Payment Card form
         Cover Sheet. Click on Yes to take you through the print routine.
         It is advisable to print the Cover Sheet at this stage.
30.0      The Print Page will open...
          Click on the print icon. Do not use the browser print button as this
          will not print the cover sheet in its entirety.

H2G Reconcile the Payment Card v1.0               Page 4 of 5                             3 December 2010
31.0      The Print Options Dialogue box will open...
          Click on OK.

32.0     The PDF Dialogue Box will open...
          Now click on the print icon in the PDF Dialogue Box
         Note: The cover sheet that accompanies the Payment Card package
         to IPSA (explained in step 35.0) must have the barcode as shown in
         the diagram. The barcode is added to cover sheets only after the
         expense form has been submitted to IPSA.
33.0      Now your Printer Dialogue box will appear
         Click on OK to print.
          Remember to set the printer properties to print Landscape. Some
          printers will automatically print the orientation that is shown on
          your screen.
          Please refer to the How To Print Out Cover Sheets guide for full
          details of printing.
34.0     After you have printed out the cover sheet, close the print dialogue
         boxes that were open.
          Now click on Cancel in the bottom left hand corner, which will
         return you to the list of submitted forms. From here you can
         navigate to your Home Page and continue working or Log Off.

35.0     Attach the Cover Sheet to the receipts, statement, and then send
         the combined ‘Payment Card package’ to IPSA. Don’t forget to
         include payment for any ineligible transactions.
         Remember to keep a copy of the package for your records.
36.0     End. You have now reconciled a Payment Card.

H2G Reconcile the Payment Card v1.0             Page 5 of 5                     3 December 2010

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