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									WHY BUY deLL™ Printers?
toP ten reasons to BUY deLL Printers
1. save up to 30% with a dell printer compared to a comparable HP model.1
  High-quality imaging can cost less with Dell. We can help you save money on hardware,
  service and consumables — for a low total cost of printing.

2. an industry commentator gives high ratings to the dell 3130cn
   color laser printer
  PC World rates the Dell 3130cn as “Very Good”, with a high score of 84 points in January
  2009. The article starts by saying: “Dell’s 3130cn Color Laser Printer is a near-perfect
  starter printer for a small office or workgroup. It’s extremely capable on all counts, and it
  has room to grow.”2

3. three Years of dell Limited Hardware Warranty3 included
                                                                                                  Dell 3130cn laser printer
   for 5-series Workgroup Printers: a dell advantage
  Dell’s advanced workgroup 5-series printers now come with a standard 3-year Limited Hardware Warranty3 and 3-year
  Next Business Day Onsite Service after Remote Diagnosis5. The Dell Limited Hardware Warranty3 helps ensure your
  printers stay in top condition for the long term. With Dell’s Limited Hardware Warranty3 and Next Business Day Onsite
  Service after Remote Diagnosis5, your purchase can be worry-free.

4. Fuser Maintenance coverage: a dell advantage
  Fuser parts/kits are included for all A4 laser printers under a valid Dell Limited Hardware Warranty3. It’s a Dell advantage
  that helps ensure your printer’s ongoing performance while helping to reduce the total cost of printing.

5. award Winning Printers
  Dell printers — 2130cn, 3130cn, 2135cn, and 2335dn — won the prestigious BLI (Buyers Lab) “Picks” for 2008.
  These models were evaluated based on image quality, reliability, productivity, cost of ownership and a number of
  performance factors.

6. easy to set up and install
  With Dell, set-up and installation are simple and straightforward. Or make your life easier by engaging Dell Services to
  manage the deployment process — you’ll be dealing with only one point of contact, from purchase to installation to service.

7. color Management
  Dell ColorTrack™ technology (available with select printers4) is designed to provide organizations with effective color
  management through access control and usage monitoring. These capabilities help businesses make the most effective
  use of color laser printers while keeping a low cost of ownership.

                                                8. easy fulfillment process
                                                   Because Dell understands that printers are more than just a one time
                                                   acquisition, we have created a simple ink and toner fulfillment system
                                                   (U.S. only) that is fast and easy, making the most out of your time and
                                                   money. We offer online ordering, competitive pricing, and free ground
                                                   shipping with optional Next Business Day delivery (additional cost).

                                                9. green technology
                                                   Keeping eco-conscious printing in mind6, Dell uses emulsion aggregation
                                                   (EA) toner in currently shipping color laser printers. This technology
                                                   produces fewer CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process than
                                                   mechanically produced toner. Furthermore, EA technology helps reduce
                                                   particle size which can lead to less energy consumption during the fusing

                                                10. Hassle-free recycling program
                                                    In this day and age, recycling is the responsible thing to do. That’s why
                                                    Dell makes it easy and affordable to recycle with instructions for trading
                                                    in your old Dell-branded printer — we’ll even pay shipping in North
                                                    America. All Dell toner cartridges come with a pre-paid shipping label to
      Dell 2135cn laser printer
                                                    return used cartridges for recycling at no additional cost to you.
Printing considerations
Managing the total cost                      When looking at the true total cost of printing, one has to consider
of printing                                  consumables and maintenance. Most business only look at the cost of the
                                             printer and that does not take into consideration supplies and maintenance
                                             over the life of the printer. In many cases, customers may be managing at
                                             least three vendors for printers — one for hardware, one for supplies and a
                                             third for maintenance. This situation can be costly and complex. Make Dell
                                             the single point of contact for all your printer components and you can
                                             make printer management easy and convenient, and help keep total cost of
                                             printing low.

Supporting your                              You can control your printer environment by using Dell OpenManage™,
printer fleet                                an optional print manager tool that can be downloaded to help optimize
                                             toner usage and forecast consumables through one console. Dell
                                             OpenManage is compatible with some non-Dell network printers, and with
                                             advanced management features, you can monitor and control your printer
                                             fleet efficiently with easy-to-use report templates.

Maintaining your                             Dell service and support is designed to keep your printer line up and
printer fleet                                running and your repair costs low so you can focus on core business goals.
                                             You can use one point of contact for help on both your hardware and
                                             services. Dell’s 5-Series Workgroup printers come with a standard
                                             3-year Limited Hardware Warranty3 with Next Business Day Onsite Service
                                             After Remote Diagnosis5. Fuser parts/kits are included for all
                                             8.5 x 11 laser printers for the life of the Limited Hardware Warranty3.

Servicing your                               With Dell ProSupport for IT7, you are treated like the expert you are —
printer fleet                                allowing you to satisfy the needs of your internal customers while freeing up
                                             your time to focus on more important strategic IT projects. Some incidents
                                             require expert level tech-to-tech support to quickly diagnose and resolve
                                             problems with you, while others just need fast parts dispatch without your
                                             internal resources getting bogged down repeating basic troubleshooting
                                             processes they’ve already completed. Through Dell ProSupport for IT,
                                             you and your IT staff can receive Dell training and certification in order to
                                             qualify for Fast-Track Dispatch7, where you can skip basic troubleshooting
                                             and quickly and easily dispatch parts and/or labor when you already know
                                             the issue.

Managing capital                             The economy is challenging many businesses. To help you, Dell is offering
                                             qualified customers opportunities to acquire new Dell printers with
                                             attractive lease and financing options. Conserve your capital, take
                                             advantage of easy-to-budget payments, and benefit from a low total cost
                                             of ownership.

Environmentally-                             Dell Printers incorporate customer-relevant green technologies today
conscious equipment                          enabling a green printing experience that can help reduce energy
                                             consumption through:
                                             •	 Instant Warm-Up on select Dell laser printers which allows printers
                                                to start printing right out of energy-saving standby mode
                                             •	 ENERGY STAR qualified printers are available with power-saving features.

    Savings is based on total cost of printing between Dell’s 5330dn vs. HP’s     5
                                                                                      Remote Diagnosis is determination by online/phone technician of cause of
    4015dn, assuming 2,000 pages a month over a 36 month period. Total                issue; may involve customer access to inside of and multiple or extended
    Cost of Printing model assumes exclusive use of high-yield consumables            sessions. If issue is covered by Limited Hardware Warranty (www.dell.
    after ship-with consumables run out. List prices from SMB sections of dell.       com/warranty) and not resolved remotely, technician and/or part will be
    com and hp.com as of 3/20/09. NOTE: Testing methodologies for toner               dispatched, usually in 1 business day following completion of Remote
    yield claims may differ across manufacturers, which could have significant        Diagnosis. Availability varies. Other conditions apply.
    impact on toner yields and Total Cost of Printing results.                    6
                                                                                      See http://www.dell.com/content/topics/topic.aspx/global/learn/printers/
    http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/product/43918/review/3130cn.html,                  en/us/bsd/gogreen?-ck=In&c=us&1=en&Inki=O&s=gen
    January 27, 2009.                                                             7
                                                                                      Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more
    For copy of Ltd. Hardware Warranty, write Dell USA LP, Attn: Warranties,          information, visit www.dell.com/servicedescriptions. Dell ProSupport
    One Dell Way, Round Rock, TX 78682 or see www.dell.com/warranty.                  options are available for the following printer models: 1125, 1230c,
    Included in printers: 1320cn, 2130cn, 21365cn, 3115cn, 3130cn, and 5110cn         1320c, 2130cn, 2135cn, 2330d, 2330dn, 2335dn, 3115cn, 3130cn, 5110cn
    color laser printers                                                              and 5330dn.
                                                                                                                                                         AD# 910006862

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