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									Johnson County Local Food Alliance                                    Renew Your Membership Today!

                                                                                   March 2010 News
    In this issue:
  Upcoming Events                                                                  Time to Sign-up!
     Staff News                                                                    Join Johnson County
                                                                                   Local Food Alliance
      Internship                                                                   Johnson County Local Food
     Opportunity                                                                   Alliance (JCLFA) is an
                                                                                   association of farmers, food
  Volunteers Needed                                                                businesses (including groceries,
                                                                                   restaurants, and institutions),
    Join JCLFA!                                                                    consumers and support
                                                                                   organizations who all strive to
                                                                                   make fresh, locally grown food
                                                                                   more widely available (and
                                                                                   eaten) in our communities.

                                                    Contact Us:                    All members (farmers,
                                                                                   groceries, restaurants, farmers
                                                                                   markets, etc) receive a listing in
                                                            our local Buy Fresh Buy Local
                                                                                   Directory. Last year's Directory
                                                (319) 325-2701                     went out to over 15,000
                                                                                   individuals, businesses and
                                                                                   organizations. Members also
                                                                                         • Enrollment in the Buy
                                                                                              Fresh Buy Local
                                                                                              Campaign, which
                                                                                              gives you a listing in
                                                                                              our directory as well as
                                                                                              access to marketing
  Find us at:; (319) 325-2701; PO BOX 93, Iowa City, IA 52244                   materials such as price
                                                                                              cards and posters.
                                                                                         • Networking

+         What is Buy Fresh Buy Local?                                                        opportunities with
                                                                                              others in the area who
                                                                                              support local food and
          Buy Fresh Buy Local is a national         sell locally grown farm                   related businesses.
          collective of local campaigns that        products                             • Subscription to JCLFA
          strives to:                           •   Stimulate the long-term                   quarterly e-newsletter
                                                    vitality of Iowa agriculture         • Leadership
              •   Grow the market for local,        by making independent                     opportunities within
                  sustainable food                  farmers and businesses                    JCLFA and local food
              •   Increase sales, income and        stronger                                  campaigns.
                  stability of direct                                              Members must be committed to
                  marketing farmers             Johnson County Local Food          creating a marketplace
              •   Spotlight our local           Alliance is the local chapter of   characterized by professional-
                  treasures: farmers            Buy Fresh Buy Local.               ism, cooperation, care for the
                  markets, family farms and                                        earth, and care for our commun-
                  orchards, local meat          Contact JCLFA Executive            ities. If you share these values,
                  lockers, restaurants,         Coordinator Michelle Kenyon        then join us! Individuals are
                  grocery stores and            Brown for more information at      encouraged to join us as well by
                  businesses that serve or or (319) 325-   signing the consumer member
                                                2701.                              pledge on page 3.
 Upcoming Events                                                                        Our Mission
March 4, 2010                               Iowa Memorial Union,
Leopold Center Farm Energy Working          Lucas Dodge Room                          JCLFA is an association of
Group REAP grant-writing workshop,          Speaker: Dr. Terry Wahls, $15             farmers, consumers,
12:30 to 4 p.m. Carroll, IA                                                           professional food buyers
Space is limited so RSVP as soon as                                                   and support organizations
possible to Rich Dana, NCAT farm energy April 1, 2010
                                                                                      fostering a more local and
specialist,, (319) 530-6051. Leopold Center for Sustainable
                                            Agriculture                               sustainable agriculture in
                                            Marketing & Food Systems Initiative       Johnson County and
March 13, 2010                              and Value Chain Partnerships
Mt Vernon Farmer’s Market                                                             surrounding areas.
11 a.m. to 1 p.m.                           Gateway Hotel and Conference Center,
City Hall, 213 First St. West, Mount Vernon Ames
                                                                                      JCLFA is committed to:
March 20, 2010                             Featuring short presentations by
Springville Winter Farmers Market          leaders of projects funded by the          Local Food – we promote
11 a.m. to 1 p.m.                          Leopold Center's Marketing and Food        and support local farmers
Springville Community Center,              Systems Initiative and the Value Chain     and the people and
265 Broadway, Springville                  Partnership project. More info at:         businesses that buy from
                                                                                      local farmers
March 25, 2010
Food as Medicine: The Obesity/             Find more events listed on the New         Earth-friendly practices –
Starvation/ Addiction Triad                Pioneer Coop website here:
                                                                                      we support farmers and
6:30 to 8 pm                     
                                                                                      business people who are
                                                                                      good stewards of the soil,
                                                                                      plants, animals and other
                                                                                      natural resources
JCLFA Announcements
                                                                                      Food Democracy – we
                                           Greetings everyone! It has been a busy     strive to build a fair and
                                 time for our board members since Field to Family     just food system that is
                                 last fall. JCLFA’s board of directors decided to     accessible to all
                                 take a step forward and hire a part-time
                                 Executive Coordinator to keep our members            Ethical Business – we
                                 organized, growing and working together for the      encourage cooperation,
                                 strength and growth of Johnson County Local          loyalty and fairness
                                 Food Alliance (JCLFA). Michelle Kenyon Brown,
                                                                                      between and among
                                 former Executive Director of Iowa Renewable
                                 Energy Association and Program Organizer for
                                                                                      farmers, consumers, and
                                 other Iowa nonprofits, began serving as our          businesses
                                 Executive Coordinator late January. Michelle is
                                 working with JCLFA to:                               Celebration of Community
                                                                                      – we share the joys of a
                                 * Increase our membership base                       community-based
    *Expand our volunteer program
                                                                                      agriculture, where people
                                                                                      are connected to the
    * Increase our visibility                                                         seasons, the land, the food
    * Expand our educational offerings                                                and each other
    * Recruit volunteers and train them to serve as community leaders

    Stay tuned to our website and your email to hear about ways you can get more
    involved in our work to expand the production of local foods in Johnson and its
    surrounding counties.
                                                                                          Board and Staff

                                                                                              James Nisly

   Please show your commitment to                                     GOAL:
                                                                                              Jay Bennett
    building a more local and more                                 Spend 10%
                                                                  of your weekly              Vice President
 sustainable food economy in Johnson                               food dollars
       and surrounding counties.                                    with BFBL                Jean Donohue

I PLEDGE TO:                                                                                 Janee Weaver
         SPEND 10% of my weekly food dollars with                                               Secretary
         participating BFBL members
                                                                                           Andrea Heffernan
         USE the BFBL directory to locate BFBL farms,
         restaurants, grocers and other food businesses                                       Jeff Hughes

         SUPPORT the local economy by using my food                                          Scott Koepke
         dollars to strengthen our local food system
                                                                                             Lucie Laurian
         MAKE A DIFFERENCE in my community by
                                                                                              Leah Wilson
         sharing my enthusiasm for fresh, local foods
         CONSERVE energy and protect the                                                          Staff:
         environment by purchasing local foods                                          Michelle Kenyon Brown
         LEAD a healthy lifestyle by serving fresh and
                                                                                          Executive Coordinator
         local foods to my family
                                                                                        Interested in becoming a
         ENJOY the delicious flavors and diversity of
                                                                                          part of JCLFA or know
         fresh, local Iowa foods                                                            someone that is?
To Join Buy Fresh Buy Local and Johnson County Local Food Alliance (JCLFA) as a
Consumer Member, please fill out the form below and return to JCLFA by mail at PO BOX    Have something to sell,
93, Iowa City, IA 52244 or by emailing us at                        an event to announce, or
                                                                                           seasonal recipes or
Name ________________________________________________                                     photos to share in the
                                                                                        next newsletter? Contact
Address _____________________________________________                                   Michelle Kenyon Brown
City _____________________ State ___ Zip ________________
                                                                                          Or at (319) 325-2701
Email address ________________________________________

Signature ____________________________________________

Internship Opportunity                                       Volunteers Needed
for Social Marketing Digital Media Intern                    Several opportunities are available
We are the Johnson County Local Food Alliance (JCLFA),       We are the Johnson County Local Food Alliance (JCLFA), an
an association of farmers, food businesses, consumers        association of farmers, food businesses, consumers and
and support organizations, who all strive to make fresh,     support organizations, who all strive to make fresh, locally
locally grown food more widely available (and eaten!) in     grown food more widely available (and eaten!) in our
our communities. JCLFA is a chapter of the Iowa Buy          communities. JCLFA is a chapter of the Iowa Buy Fresh Buy
Fresh Buy Local, a national collective of local campaigns    Local, a national collective of local campaigns that strives to
that strives to grow the market for local, sustainable       grow the market for local, sustainable food, increase sales,
food, increase sales, income and stability of direct         income and stability of direct marketing farmers, spotlight
marketing farmers, spotlight local food providers and        local food providers and businesses and stimulate the
businesses and stimulate the longer-term vitality of Iowa    longer-term vitality of Iowa agriculture by making
agriculture by making independent farmers and                independent farmers and businesses stronger.
businesses stronger.
                                                             We are looking for volunteers who are able to offer their
We are looking for an intern who has great online social     time and skills to help grow our organization.
networking skills and has some basic marketing
experience to help us develop and execute a social           These include:
marketing strategy to promote our message, increase          Business, Farmer and Consumer Membership Recruiters
our membership and market our events.                        Event Planners. (JCLFA holds an annual Local Food Summit as
Requirements: Experience with social media tools and         well as our Field to Family events)
technologies - (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Constant             Board Members
Contact, Twitter, Linked In, Google Analytics) and an        Writers (newsletter articles, website content, etc.)
understanding of viral marketing and social media.           Media Advocates
Experience with one or more software applications used       Accountants
to create and/or update websites
Must possess strong communications skills with keen          Requirements:
attention to detail and editing; excellent organizational    Ability to maintain regular volunteer hours. The exact
and interpersonal skills; a proven track record of           times/days are flexible
prioritizing and completing multiple assignments and a       Must possess strong communications skills; excellent
self-starter that is able to work both independently and     organizational and interpersonal skills; a self-starter that is
within a team setting. Familiarity with Adobe Creative       able to work both independently and within a team setting.
Suite, basic digital video editing and video equipment a
plus. This position reports directly to the Executive        Volunteers report directly to the Executive Coordinator of
Coordinator of the Johnson County Local Food Alliance.       the Johnson County Local Food Alliance.

This internship position is an excellent opportunity for     This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in
students looking to pursue a career in public relations,     eating more local food and helping to educate others about
marketing and communications, nonprofit advocacy,            the value of local food.
digital design and website design as well as those
interested in entering the fields of local food production   To apply please send the following to JCLFA Executive
and child nutrition.                                         Coordinator Michelle Kenyon Brown at
                                                    by April 1, 2010:
10 Hours a week for the first 2 weeks, flexible schedule
5 to 7 hours a week thereafter                               A cover letter describing:
                                                             Your interest in volunteering for JCLFA
To apply please send the following to JCLFA Executive        Any past experience working for or volunteering with non
Coordinator Michelle Kenyon Brown at                         profit organizations by March 5, 2010:                 Skills you have to offer
                                                             Time you are willing to donate
A cover letter describing experience and/or knowledge
of social marketing, digital media, creating websites and
working for or volunteering with nonprofit organizations.
Your resume
A writing sample
Link to Website you created and/or updated
Three references


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