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									Activate valuable customer potential

Customer Relationship Management

Siemens IT Solutions and Services      s
More success with satisfied customers
In times of tough competition and rising customer demands, successful customer
relationship management gives you a clear competitive edge. And, as everyone
knows, winning a new customer is much more expensive than retaining an existing
one. Siemens IT Solutions and Services can help you make the best of your existing
customer relationships and steadily increase their value. As a part of Siemens, we
have the necessary industry and process know-how to offer you comprehensive
customer relationship management from a single source – from the initial consultation
through to the implementation and operation of your solution.

In recent years, you have made your busi-      Sales                                         Service
ness more customer-oriented, expanded          With our CRM solutions, you can support       Service quality is becoming an increasing-
your portfolio and optimized your internal     both your sales staff “on the road” as well   ly important sales criterion for setting
structures. By systematically building up      as strategic decision-making processes at     yourself apart from the competition. To
your customer relationship management          the office. Take a close look at the CRM      create a “we-are-always-there-for-you”
in your sales, marketing and service activi-   strategy for your sales department by         feeling, you must be accessible to your
ties, you now want to fully activate the       answering the following questions:            customers and know what makes them
potential of your customer relationships.      • Do you support your product, customer,      tick. Maybe you have already asked your-
You want to protect your investment and          sales channel and timing decisions with     self questions like these to improve your
create a clear return on your expenditures.      well-founded analyses?                      service quality:
To accomplish this, you need a CRM strate-     • Can you develop a comprehensive             • How can I use customer suggestions
gy for your specific industry, customer          customer picture across all sales              and complaints positively to improve
base and portfolio, together with an             channels without any problems?                 customer satisfaction?
appropriately customized IT solution. You      • If your regular sales representative is     • What options do I have to supply my
also need a partner who, through strategic       out of commission, can someone else            technical field staff with all the informa-
and technology consulting, is able to            access the necessary customer informa-         tion they need even while they are at
define the potential benefits for you and        tion in their place?                           the customer’s site?
who can handle transparent and success-                                                      • Can I take advantage of cross-selling
ful project execution.                         Marketing                                        and up-selling opportunities while I am
                                               You want to optimize your sales and mar-         improving my service?
                                               keting processes and link them more
                                               closely together. To this end, you ask
                                               yourself questions like these:
                                               • How can I plan activities and campaigns
                                                 and measure their success?
                                               • Are Marketing and Sales operating from
                                                 a common information platform?
                                               • How can I better align my multi-channel
                                                 strategy with my customer segmenta-

                                                Business Process Knowledge

                                                    Industry Know-how

                                                    Method Competence

                                                                                                             Your Goal:
                               Consult         Design        Build         Operate       Maintain             Activate
                                               Process- and Data Integration

                                                 „Best of Breed”-Platforms

                                                         Full Service

Comprehensive portfolio                        Individualized service                         Reliable partner
To build positive, long-term customer rela-    With our excellent knowledge of many           Siemens IT Solutions and Services is the
tionships, you need more than a powerful       different industries and processes, Siemens    right partner for your customer relationship
IT structure or a good customer database.      IT Solutions and Services develops the cus-    management. With our international net-
Most of all, you must be familiar with the     tomer relationship management that’s           work of seasoned experts, we have already
structures and processes in many different     right for you. As a service provider who       completed many successful CRM consulting
industries and be able to combine these        works with many different vendors, we are      jobs and projects for a large number of
into an integrated concept. As part of the     able to put together the ideal best-in-class   customers in many different industries. In
Siemens “global network of innovation” we      solution for each of our customers. We pay     addition, being a part of Siemens provides
do this every day. With our CRM portfolio,     special attention to integrating processes     us with a wealth of technological and
we can supply you with a future-oriented       and data into the existing process land-       industry expertise, since Siemens itself is
and comprehensive approach that will let       scape. We employ proven and stable CRM         one of the world’s largest users of CRM and
you improve your customer relationships        platforms, e. g. from SAP, Siebel or update.   puts great value on security, stability and
for the long term. Our full-spectrum portfo-   We execute your CRM project with efficient     quality. As a member of the Siemens net-
lio covers the complete service chain along    project and change management and let          work, we offer our customers state-of-the-
your CRM project. In addition to classic       provide for transparency through a step-by-    art solutions with long-term support and
consulting and project services, we also       step project approach with clearly defined     unique investment protection.
offer alternative services like hosting and    targets.

In January 2007, Siemens Business Services was bundeled with four other IT and software units within Siemens
to form the new Group Siemens IT Solutions and Services.

Sales references – Putting customer
information to work
As they compete for customers, your sales staff must be able to access relevant
business information quickly and efficiently – anytime and anywhere. With its proven
customer relationship management offerings, Siemens IT Solutions and Services can
give you a valuable edge on the competition.

CONCORD – Corporate CRM solution                Telefonbanking/-brokingsystem (TBS)           Customer benefits:
for Siemens                                     for Cortal Consors S.A.                       • Attractive self-service offering
For Siemens CIO, which is based in              Online broker Cortal Consors was founded      • Around-the-clock customer support
Germany, we developed a global CRM              in 1994 and acquired by Paris-based BNP       • Quickness and reliability in executing
solution that forms the shared platform         Paribas in 2003. More than 1 million            orders
for all Siemens Groups and Operating            Cortal Consors customers take advantage       • Differentiation from competitors
Companies. Additional savings were real-        of the opportunity to trade securities of     • Flexibility in system expansion
ized by standardizing the process land-         all types using different media. Siemens IT
scapes. This corporate CRM solution sup-        Solutions and Services’ fully automated
ports key processes such as business part-      language computer system is available for
ner management, activity management,            trade over the telephone. This system
campaign management, opportunity man-           integrates the following four host systems:
agement and analytical activities.              KORDOBA, Citibank, EUREX, and BFV. In
Integrating the solution into the existing IT   conjunction with this solution, Consors
landscape, which includes SAP’s ERP sys-        offers professional customer support
tem, Office applications and a document         around-the-clock. The Telephone Banking/
management system, was another                  Brokerage System (TBS) encompasses sev-
requirement in this innovative and ambi-        eral hundred telephone lines for the fully
tious project.                                  automated language processing system.
                                                The Telephone Banking Server is the main
Customer benefits:                              component. Two units are connected to
• Cost savings in sales and marketing           it, a language computer (the so-called
• Rapid amortization of IT investments          Interactive Voice Response Server) and a
  through template-supported rollouts           fax server solution. These enable the cus-
• Improved customer loyalty and better          tomer to issue commands either using the
  customer knowledge                            telephone keyboard or orally via voice
• Realization of cross-selling and upselling    recognition. In only a matter of seconds,
  opportunities                                 real transactions are taking place on the
• End-to-end processes through integrat-        trading room floor.
  ing the solution into the existing
  IT landscape

Integrated CRM solution                      Customer benefits:
for market leader Phoenix Contact            • More efficient cooperation between
Phoenix Contact, based in Blomberg,            the sales, marketing and service
Germany, has implemented an integrated         departments
CRM solution to improve its customer         • Better customer information and
loyalty and ensure the company’s long-         systematic market coverage
term competitiveness. The mySAP™ CRM         • Customer-oriented organizational
standard solution supports all marketing,      structure with fewer interfaces
sales and service processes as well as
their mutual integration and backward
integration into downstream process
chains (ERP integration). The customized
solution which we have implemented
provides both office and field staff with
optimum support, ranging from call
preparation to activity management and
customer information feedback. The CRM
system supplies all the data needed for
efficient customer support. Via the inter-
action center, the office staff can also
access the ERP system to make any neces-
sary logistical adjustments.

Marketing references –
Addressing the customer directly
Customer Relationship Management from Siemens IT Solutions and Services helps
customers perform a variety of complex marketing activities, from consolidating
customer data and identifying profitable customer segments to controlling costs,
right through to running target-oriented campaigns.

              Customer satisfaction survey at Linotype       Customer benefits:
              How satisfied with its products and services   • Short-term execution of multi-language
              are the international customers of the           customer and employee surveys
              Linotype Library? What needs to be             • Rapid analysis of survey results
              enhanced or improved? When Linotype            • High level of acceptance of the online
              (Germany) wanted to get answers to these         medium
              questions, it turned to Siemens Business       • Manageable costs
              Services, today Siemens IT Solutions and
              Services, who carried out an online survey
              with their ComeON solution in four differ-
              ent languages and identified potential
              improvements. In addition to the customer
              satisfaction survey, Siemens also conducted
              a wide-ranging employee survey that iden-
              tified the current situation and options.

Membership administration                    Customer benefits:
for the Federation of Austrian Industry      • New and efficient tool for customer-
The Federation of Austrian Industry is the     oriented services
country’s largest association of companies   • Fast and easy-to-use access to
and businesses with voluntary member-          up-to-date information
ship. It represents the interests of its     • Development investment protection
members at regional, national and              through standard software
European level. Modern lobbying requires
extensive knowledge of one’s members'
interests and minutely focused communi-
cation of information. Both are possible
only with networked, IT-supported

We helped the Federation select its IT
solution and implemented the software,
which was customized to meet its exact
needs. In addition to a membership ad-
ministration system, we also reorganized
the dues processing system with Visual
Basic programs and integrated it into the
CRM software. Today, the approximately
100 Federation employees have direct
access to all member and prospect infor-
mation. In addition, payments can now be
entered in the CRM system.

Service references –
Long-term customer ties
Nowadays, many industries generate their profits not from selling the actual product,
but from after-sales. Siemens IT Solutions and Services has helped many of its
customers make the successful transition from being a product-oriented business
to becoming a service-oriented business. Our Customer Relationship Management
solutions give you what you need to respond to all of your customers’ needs quickly
and individually – across all communication channels and media.

CRM call center solution                        Customer benefits:                             Individual citizens or companies can check
for Toshiba’s Global Support Center             • Increased customer satisfaction and          the status of their call at any time. To
Toshiba produces world-class notebook             customer retention                           ensure process consistency, the database
PCs. The business environment can be            • Decreased warranty costs by supporting       of the local Registry Office, the knowl-
characterized as oversupply with eroding          industry standard service processes,         edge management system and the tele-
margins. This situation has convinced             minimizing software integration and          phone system were integrated into the
Toshiba to set-up a Global Support Center.        operation costs                              new CRM system. The CRM system also
The major objectives were to increase cus-      • Global harmonized service standard           pays close attention to data protection
tomer satisfaction and reduce warranty            based on harmonized processes by             considerations and incorporates data
costs by abolishing country / subsidiary          implementing a single global CRM call        encryption mechanisms.
specific service call centers and integrate       center solution
them into one virtual global support            • Global view on all customer service          Customer benefits:
center. This support center is driven by a        issues                                       • Enhanced service quality with faster
global CRM call center software solution,                                                        response times
which supports all service processes. The       Call center with integrated knowledge          • Cost savings
solution covers various customer channels       management for the City of Cologne             • Optimized staff deployment and
– voice, e-mail, fax, white mail, and web       The City of Cologne, Germany’s fourth-           stronger employee motivation
and is tightly integrated into various          largest city with slightly over one million
Toshiba backend systems (other CRM sys-         inhabitants, places its citizens squarely at
tems, warranty claim systems, reporting         the center of local politics and govern-
systems, order management systems).             ment. The city wants to be able to process
Furthermore the CRM solution is integrat-       all daily inquiries and questions profes-
ed into an Aspect telephony system, sup-        sionally and competently.
ports address matching, and allows the
handling of credit cards. The challenge for     We implemented the “Call Center
Siemens Business Services was to design         Cologne” solution with an integrated
and implement the first release within a        knowledge management system in only
timeframe of less than six months, includ-      four months. With the new CRM solution,
ing a process analysis and harmonization        up to 250 call center agents can answer
phase for the call center specific processes.   incoming questions either directly over
                                                the phone or via e-mail, or forward them
                                                for further processing. In the latter case,
                                                the call is categorized with the call center
                                                system’s help and forwarded to the appro-
                                                priate back-office person or department.

Contact center for the Dutch Tax Office         As a result, the solution not only reduces       CRM contact center solution
The Dutch Tax Office receives more than         costs, but also makes call handling and          for the Blue Assistance Support Center
fifteen million inquiries each year. These      contact center management much more              Blue Assistance is the contact center of the
are handled by a maximum of 1185 agents         efficient. For the Dutch Tax Office consis-      insurance company Reale Mutua
at 13 different locations. To optimize the      tency is of high importance. Our solution        Assicurazioni. It is open around the clock,
Tax Office’s processes and reduce opera-        leads to consistency: If ten different callers   seven days a week, for customer support,
tional costs, Siemens Business Services,        ask the same question, they will all get the     pre- and post-sales and other services. The
today part of Siemens IT Solutions and          same correct answer.                             strategic CRM solution utilizes new tech-
Services, developed a multi-channel cus-                                                         nologies and functionalities to improve
tomer contact center (voice and e-mail)         Customer benefits:                               customer satisfaction while keeping invest-
with a central point of contact. Another        • Central point of contact with improved         ment costs at average levels.
project goal was to significantly reduce the      customer service
Tax Office’s operating costs. The design,       • Customer inquiries handled consistently        Our solution covers the various channels
development and maintenance of the                across all channels                            such as telephone, e-mail and fax. All
complex solution were handled in close          • Lower operating costs and more efficient       media are linked to the back-end systems
cooperation with the customer.                    processes                                      of Blue Assistance and Reale Mutua
                                                • One knowledge management system for            Assicurazioni (insurance database and
The contact center handles inquiries via          many different uses                            claim system). By migrating the contact
interactive voice response (IVR) and distrib-                                                    center from a classic infrastructure to one
utes them automatically over Voice over IP                                                       that is IP-based, Siemens has implemented
lines to the 13 locations. A HiPath 4000                                                         an innovative solution with more avail-
telephony system (PBX) from Siemens is                                                           ability, more continuity, dynamic routing
the heart of the solution. A specially devel-                                                    strategies, a structured reporting system
oped agent application handles the com-                                                          and better operations monitoring and con-
plete interaction. The interaction character-                                                    trol.
istics are automatically integrated in the
appropriate back office applications. This                                                       Customer benefits:
considerably reduces the handling time.                                                          • Improved customer service
                                                                                                 • Internal cost optimization
An integrated knowledge management sys-                                                          • Faster employee orientation in all service
tem supplies the agents with the informa-                                                          areas
tion they need. In addition, a contact cen-                                                      • Highly flexible solution with a simplified
ter management and reporting system,                                                               infrastructure and integrated voice and
developed by Siemens Business Services,                                                            data channels
was fully integrated into the solution.

Your benefits
at a glance

                Siemens IT Solutions and Services offers    • Continuous access to the latest innova-
                customized and innovative Customer            tive solutions thanks to our partner-
                Relationship Management solutions with        ships with market-leading makers of
                a variety of benefits:                        CRM platforms

                • Sustained development of your             • Integration of telephony and IT: single-
                  customer potential with a strategic         source stationary and mobile solutions
                  Customer Relationship Management            based on your telephone system

                • More productivity through best-in-class   • Long-term partnership with one of the
                  solutions for implementing your CRM         world’s leading providers of IT services
                                                            • Protection of your investment thanks
                • Optimization of your business processes     to competent project support from a
                  based on our extensive process know-        strong Siemens partner
                  how in many different industries

                • Integration of the CRM solution into
                  your current IT landscape and business

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                                         names used are brand
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                                         of their respective holders.
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