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									____________________________________________FASHION                                  DESIGNER
Fashion Collection Drawing

     What is a Fashion Designer

                                                           Objective of Instruction
     In the course of time the role of the
     fashion designer has changed drastically.             The primary goal of the course is to offer
     Especially during the period of post-war              complete professional training through
     of World War II and the industrialization of          personalized instruction. The curriculum
     fashion, the designer influenced socio-               covers theoretical study, but hands-on
     culture change that allows the liberty and            experience by making a collection that is
     diversity we see in fashion design today.             representative the student’s skill and
     Nowadays the designer does not solely
     design a collection, he is responsible for
     planning, translating, and transforming
     the mood and look of society. He defines
     fashion trends; and often enough his                  Course Syllabus
     fashion intuitive can go so far as to
     predict the future demands of the market.             A major section of the curriculum is
     Because clothing is a form of personal                gaining practice and experience by
     expression, his ability to create new                 studying the following: the human figure
     designs offers new ways of dressing and               (woman, man, and child) and different
     style.                                                parts of the body and face, stylization and
                                                           illustration, material functions, and
     The fashion designer also needs to                    rendering techniques. In the end the
     possess familiarity with the functional               student can demonstrate his skill by
     value as well as the esthetic value of                creating a collection.
     different fabrics.                                    This course also covers accessory design
                                                           (ties, purses, gloves, hats, and wallets),
     This professional works closely with                  clothing details (collars, sleeves, cuffs,
     consulting studios or businesses, he also             pockets, buckles, and buttons), and
     stays in close contact with commercial                technical drawings.
     areas, the prototype production, quality              The course also covers the following
     control, and mass-production. He also                 theoretical subjects: color theory,
     works with traders, stylists, and the                 costume history, product analysis, the
     warehouses.                                           study of major designers, and fashion

     Istituto di Moda Burgo            Vocational guidance & training Fashion Courses   1
trends and ideas followed fashion                      and most importantly, because they work
marketing.                                             inside the fashion network, fashion-
The lessons are unique because of our                  forward. Our highly qualified staff inspires
teaching method that allows the following:             and motivates the students. They give
•       To focus on and reinforce certain              their lessons in the classroom and
areas where the student has the most                   workrooms, which boast the most modern
difficulty                                             equipment used in the professional world.
•       To advance forward in the
curriculum with highest efficiency
•       To develop an optimal relationship             Exams and Process Reports
with the teacher
Despite the individual personalized                    The staff gives tests in order to check the
lessons, we often organize group projects              students’ monthly progress. This way the
that allow students the experience of                  instructors are aware of the student’s
working in a team. This schoolwork gives               level and can immediately help him in any
students a point-of view of the                        difficulties he might face within the
professional world.                                    curriculum. At the end of the course, the
The vocational education includes field                student receives a qualified vocational
trips to nearby clothing and fabric                    diploma. The final exam is presented to
companies, fashion shows, museums and                  outside reviewers. These reviewers are
exhibitions pertaining to this field of work;          professionals in the field who evaluate the
and there is the possibility of participating          fashion portfolio of the students. Once the
in several important international                     student presents his work, he must also
competitions.                                          be prepared to answer the examiners’
                                                       questions and even mild criticisms. The
Textbooks                                              student must be able to perform
                                                       successfully and with confidence in the
Istituto Moda Burgo’s published textbook,              subject.
“IL FIGURINO,” is a reference point for
students all over the world. It touches on
and explains the most important subjects               Career Outlet
for a fashion design student. It contains
many subjects, such as women, men,                     Generally the fashion designer can work
children and accessories. The book                     either as a freelancer or for a fashion
boasts biographies on the most influential             house. He is responsible for creating the
designers of our generation and major                  collections with help from his team or
ideas of costume history. The text is                  sometimes alone. He works with the
consistently updated to keep the students              marketing team, production team, the
informed with the latest news from the                 head designer, the prototype office, the
fashion world.                                         quality management, and coordinates the
The book is also in both Italian and                   steps necessary to successfully launch
English.                                               the products.


Our instructors are among the best
professionals in the field. And while they
continue to work in fashion firms,
workshops, and studios, here they are
able to share their knowledge and
experiences with the younger generation.
Our instructors are dynamic, effective,

Istituto di Moda Burgo             Vocational guidance & training Fashion Courses   2
                                                                                    DURATION & FEES

                                                                  Total hours: 900
                    PROGRAMME of STUDY                            Lesson duration: 3 hours
                                                                  Duration: 2 years (20 months)
                                                                  Weekly attendance: 4 lessons
                                                                  Fee :
    •    Drawing Techniques                                       € 4700/year or € 500/month (20 months)
    •    Base of Drawing
    •    Measurements Study                                       INTENSIVE
    •    Fashion design history                                   Total hours: 900
    •    Colours Theory                                           Lesson duration: 3 hours
    •    Fashion Rendering Techniques                             Duration: 1 year (10 months)
    •    Creativeness                                             Weekly attendance: 8 lessons
    •    Fibers and Yarns                                         Fee:
    •    Fabrics and Materials                                    € 9400 or € 1000/month (10 months)
    •    Decoration
    •    Fashion Design                                           The textbook and teaching materials are included in
    •    Fashion design sketch                                    the fees.
    •    Illustration
    •    Fashion design portfolio                                 The course begins in September, October, or
    •    Method of Research                                       January. It is possible to start the course in other
    •    Fashion Accessories                                      months if necessary. For more information please
    •    Flat Pattern Drafting                                    contact the reception desk (phone. no. 0039
    •    Techniques Schedule                                      02783753)

The course is available either in Italian or in English.

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Istituto di Moda Burgo                      Vocational guidance & training Fashion Courses      3

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