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									EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBER GROUP:                       GROUP #
   NJ State FMBA                                     K1030
                                            Username: K1030
                                          Password: member1

                      THE BUYER'S EDGE is a consumer buying service that guarantees the lowest prices on most major
                      purchases for its 4 million members in the tri-state area of NY, NJ, CT and greater Philadelphia. Through the
                      convenience of toll-free numbers, you can call our vendors direct and talk to a "live" specialist who has product
                      and service expertise, knows inventory availability and, in many cases, can arrange delivery directly to your
                      door A.S.A.P.

                                           BUY-BY-PHONE                                                        BUY-IN-PERSON
                      1.    SHOP FIRST—decide on your exact specifics                          CARPETING, DIAMONDS, EXERCISERS
                            (e.g., make and model or style number, then…                       FURNITURE, LUGGAGE, PIANOS
                      2.    CALL—participating vendor for price. See phone                     • No need to know make, model, etc.
                            numbers below.                                                     • Free in-store services may be available
                      3.    BUY-BY-PHONE—using credit card or check.
                            The items will be delivered to you.
                                                                                               • Call vendor for local dealer (below)

                      MAJOR APPLIANCES                                        800-377-3700 CAR PLAN           NEW & USED CARS              800-543-8381
                      TV & VIDEO EQUIPMENT                                    800-377-3700 FREE a cooperating dealer for new and
                                                                                                                   used cars and trucks (Buy or Lease).
                      AUDIO EQUIPMENT                                         800-543-0911 1. SHOP- FIRST: decide on make and model of your vehicle.
                                                                                          2. CALL- for a confirmation number and appointment
                      CARPETING & FLOORING                                   800-526-5389             with management of a participating dealer.
                                                                                          3. SAVE- at the dealership: You will be given best price,
                      CONTACT LENSES                 Code BYE08              866-234-1393       trade value, warranty value, experience and much more.
                                                                                          “Guaranteed the best overall transaction” Our car vendor's
                      DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, WATCHES                             800-635-9136 experienced auto representatives will assist you in every step
                                                                                          of the car buying process.. from beginning to end.
                      EXERCISE EQUIPMENT                                      800-541-9905 KITCHEN CABINETS & COUNTERTOPS 800-327-3599
                      FURNITURE & MATTRESSES                                  800-631-0286 1.       CALL—and speak with a client liaison who will help
                                                                                                    you gather everything you need for your free design
                      LIGHTING                                                800-510-6348          consultation (rough measurements, appliance specs).
                                                                                               2.   MEET-with your designer at vendor’s showroom or via
                      LUGGAGE                                                 800-543-8237          your personal computer.
                                                                                               3.   SAVE – Buyer’s Edge members receive the lowest
                      PIANOS                                                  800-526-6825          factory direct pricing guaranteed.

                      TRAVEL                                                  800-634-8538 Receive Bonuses: FREE sink with cabinetry & countertop
                                                                                               purchase as well as FREE decorative hardware.
                      VACUUM CLEANERS                                         800-377-3700 Deferred Payments: for up to a year with approval.

                                              BUY-ON-LINE                                      MOVING PLAN                                 800-356-7771
                      24/7 ON LINE: Computers, Contact Lenses, Kitchen
                                                                                               Professional services, household goods/autos. Free in-
                      Cabinets, ........ more to come.                                         home estimate. Save up to 64% on interstate moves and
                                 FREE MEMBER SERVICES                                          FREE Full Value Protection up to $75K with no deductible.
                      FREE: Car Rental Discounts, Medication Info Check,                       Save 5% on local hourly rates.
                      Theme Park Discounts .... more to come.                                  $50 in FREE BOXES when you use the moving plan!

                      LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE                                                   REAL ESTATE PLAN                             800-232-6766
                      If you buy a product for $150 or more through a
                      Buyer's Edge Plan and within 30 days (24 hours on                        Savings on purchase or sale of home in most cases.
                      Travel) and 50 miles and find the exact item for                         Call referral service before contacting broker.
                      less at a factory authorized dealer, THE BUYER'S                         HEARING SERVICE         code Buyer’s Edge   866-955-4500
                      EDGE requires that the participating vendor mail
                      you the difference, plus 20% of that difference.
                                                                                               MEMBER PROTECTION SERVICE
                      This guarantee even covers advertised sales, discount houses             THAT WORKS FOR YOU
                      and other buying plans. Computers, car rentals, silver and gold          If you ever receive less than superior treatment with
                      items, services, paid buying clubs, merchandise offered with limits
                      on availability or quantity, dealer installed options and prices after   regard to price, delivery, or service, speak to manage-
                      manufacturers' cut-off dates for model year on new cars are not          ment of the vendor. If you don’t get results, contact:
                      covered by this guarantee.
                      ___________________________________________                              THE BUYER’S EDGE, INC.
                      NOTE: Product coverage is constantly being improved; however some        667 Shunpike Road, Suite 4, Green Village, NJ 07935
                      products or services may not be available in your area.
                                                                                               or email:
                     Visit for more details                               Be prepared to give your Group # (see above)
                     re: hours, coverage, "What's New" and "Specials"                           whenever you contact a participating vendor.
                     Revised: April 2010 (Tri-State)

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