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					                                Pumpkin Fiesta
                        Skill Focus: Fact and Opinion

Day 2: Tuesday

Fact and Opinion Lesson
Materials Needed
   1 transparency of fact and opinion worksheet #1
   Class set of fact and opinion worksheet #2

Prior Knowledge: (3.01, 4.04, 4.05)
    Ask students to orally tell the difference between fact and opinion.

Teacher Input/Guided Practice: (2.01, 2.06)
    Complete as a class one of the worksheets about fact and opinion. (May want to
      just make a transparency.)

Independent Practice: (2.01, 2.06, 3.03)
    Students will work independently to complete the other worksheet about fact and
    Teachers will circulate to check answers.

Reading Lesson
Materials Needed
   Student Harcourt books (tiger)
   Vocabulary cards for each student
   Comprehension questions

Pre-Reading: (1.04, 3.03)
    Distribute vocabulary words to students. (You may want to have these already
      cut apart.) Say the following sentences and students will hold up the correct word
      for the missing blank.
          o The bee ____________ that its honey was the best. (boasted)
          o The ___________ stretched across the garden. (vines)
          o The king wore his ____________ on his head. (crown)
          o We found the small houses in the ___________. (village)
          o The cat ___________ quietly across the floor. (crept)
    Pumpkin Fiesta is most like a folktale.
    Gorda, Linda, and Bush Bottom are the names of _____________. (Old Juana’s
During Reading: (2.01, 2.04, 3.04, 4.05)
    Students will be paired with a buddy to read Pumpkin Fiesta.
    Remind students of rules when buddy reading.
    Teachers will circulate throughout room to monitor groups.

Post Reading: (2.01, 2.06, 3.04, 4.04)
    Students will answer the comprehension questions about Pumpkin Fiesta. (You
       may choose to have students working with their buddy, individually, or in small

Answers to questions:

   1. He is trying to dress like Old Juana.
   2. He feels shocked or disappointed.
   3. Probably not, she talks to them for her enjoyment.
   4. He thinks he knows Old Juana’s secret and he’s sure he will win the pumpkin
      crown this year.
   5. Foolish Fernando tells Old Juana he is sorry.
   6. She promises to teach Foolish Fernando to grow pumpkins.

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