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									                                       AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA
                                S.V.P. INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, AHMEDABAD–3

         PH No. 079-22858027 Fax No. 079-22885435    E-mail –aggarwalkl@aai.aero

AAI/AH/Elect-03/Tender -12/09-10/                              Date:   - 03/03/10

                                Notice Inviting tender

  1. Sealed item rate Tenders are invited by Asst. Gen. Manager (Engg-E)-II, AAI,
     SVPI Airport, Ahmedabad-03, onbehalf of Chairman, A.A.I from enlisted
     electrical Contractors of appropriate class of CPWD/ MES/P&T/ State
     PWD/Railways/PSU’s & Agency specialized in the similar nature of work for the

 S.N Name of Work                                Estimated Cost Period         Tender
  1    Provision of Split Air Conditioners at       Rs 14.13 Lacs   3 Month     Rs. 525/-
       Ahmedabad Airport

      Tenders will be issued upto 16/03/10 on all working days and office time and
      will be received till dated 29/03/10 upto 1500 hrs and shall be opened on the
      same day at 1530 hrs. The scope of work includes Provision of Split Air

  2. Tender forms will be issued to those contractors who produce certificate from
     clients of having satisfactorily completed (Phase/ Part completion of the scope of
     work in a contract shall not be considered) at least three works, each of 40% or
     two works, each of 50% or one work of 80% of the estimated cost of similar
     nature of work specialized in Split Air Conditioners during last seven years
     ending on 28/02/10.(firms showing work experience certificate from Non
     Government/Non PSU organizations should submit 'Tax Deduction at Source
     certificate' in support of their claim for having experience of stipulated value of
     works), and produce proof of annualized average financial turn over of 30% of
     the estimated cost during last three years ending 31/03/09 The firm Should
     own and possess minimum essential equipment and machinery required for the

  3. Application for issue of tender documents shall be submitted upto 15/03/10 on
     all working days along with the tender fees in the form of Non Refundable
     Demand Draft in favor of “Airports Authority of India” payable at Ahmedabad. The
     application shall be supported with self attested copies of valid registration,
     Electrical contractor License, Permanent Account Number (PAN) and client
     certificate for experience indicating date of completion as per agreement & actual
     date of completion of work. The financial turnover should be supported with
     annual report (abridge balance sheet and profit & loss account) and documentary
     proof of owning, leasing and possessing required machinery and T&P shall be
     submitted for each tender separately.
4. Purchase preference to Central Public Sector undertaking shall be applicable as
   per directives of Govt. of India prevalent on the date of acceptance.

5. If Tender is required by post, tendered should request in application and send self
   addressed envelope of size (35 cm x 22 cm) having postage stamp of Rs.100/-
   for each tender. AAI shall not be responsible for delay/ loss of documents.

6. If at any stage, any information/document submitted by the applicant is found to
   be false, the agency shall be liable for debarment from tendering in AAI, apart
   from any other appropriate/ legal action.

7. AAI reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications without assigning
   any reasons.

8. AAI reserves the right to disallow issue of tender document to working agencies   whose
   performance at on going project(s) below par and unusually poor.

9. Check list is enclosed as “Annexure-I” for reference.

          (K.L. Aggrawal)
    Asst. Gen. Manager (Engg-Elect)-II
    For & on behalf of Chairman, AAI
    AAI, S.V.P.I Airport, Ahmedabad
                                ANNEXURE -I

Name of work: - ________________________________________________

   1                2                             3                          4
 Ref.    Qualifying Criterion                Particulars              Enclosure check
 No                                                                         list
 1    Name and address of the
      firm/ manufacturer
 2    Details of Registration       Dep. ________________           Registration copy
      with CPWD/MES/P&T/            Class ___ Limit ____ Lacs       enclosed: Yes/ No
      State PWD/PSU’s/ etc.         Valid Upto _______
 3    Certificate from clients of   Details of the                  Copy of the
      having satisfactorily         three/Two/One works as          certificates enclosed:
      completed similar works.      applicable                      Yes/ No
      a) Three works of 40 %        Client :
      b) Two works of 50%           Work :
      c) One work of 80% of         Order No. & Dt.:
      estimated amount of
      each year
      in single contract of
      similar nature during last
      7 years ending on
                                    Date of completion:
 4      Whether experience from     Govt. Organization /            TDS certificate
        Govt. organization or       Private clients.                enclosed : Yes/ No
        Private clients?
                                    (Tick which ever is
                                    applicable. In case
                                    experience of private client,
                                    TDS certificate from clients
                                    to be enclosed.)
  5     TURNOVER:                  Year INR (in Lacs)

        Annualized average         2006-07                     Proof of turnover
        financial turnover                                     enclosed (Abridged
        equivalent to Indian       2007-08                     balance sheet and
        30% of Estimate                                        profit & loss A/C) :
        amount during last         2008-09                     Yes / No
        three financial years.

        Permanent Account No.
        Details of tender fee in   DD/Pay order No
        favor of Airports
        Authority of India,
                                   Date ……………………


        Details of any other


I (………………………………) hereby declare that the documents submitted/ enclosed are
true and correct. In case any document at any stage found fake/ incorrect, my EMD
may be forfeited & debarred from tendering in AAI.


                                                                Signature with stamp
                                   Authorized signatory of the Agency/ Manufacturer.

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