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Integra Case Study Aspect Software Oracle 11i Implementation.pdf


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									                                              Integra Case Study:
                                              Aspect Software Oracle 11i Implementation
     T E C H N O L O G Y C O N S U LT I N G

                  Aspect Software                                   The Solution
                                            Aspect hired Integra as its consulting partner.
                  Call Center Software                              Integra quickly deployed a senior project team
                  Chelmsford, Massachusetts                         consisting of a Program Manager, business
                                                                    analysts, and senior technologists. Working
                  The Situation                                     together with Aspect, Integra provided a
                  The size doubling merger between Concerto         comprehensive approach to support the
                  Software and Rockwell’s FirstPoint Contact        business model changes, and the technical
                  created a new organization with scale and         expertise to implement these changes in the
                  products to dominate the contact center           go-forward production system.
                  automation market. Both pre-merger
                                                                    The Results
                  organizations relied on Oracle’s E-Business
                  Suite for managing their business. The merger     Integra’s assistance in the new implementation
                  created the need for Concerto (now Aspect,        of the Oracle applications streamlined many
                  following a subsequent merger) to unify           of the processes, including maintenance,
                  business processes and data, and realize          contract creation and renewals, revenue
                  enhanced results to win in its competitive        management, and procurement. In addition,
                  market.                                           Aspect also improved collections and
                                                                    receivables, unified pricing and discounting
                  The Challenge                                     models, reduced order management re-work
                  Aspect Software needed a strategic partner to     and improved reporting capabilities which
                  assist with the reimplementation of the Oracle    enhance their decision-making. Most
                  EBS Suite and the business process harmoniza-     importantly, Integra helped create a systems
                  tion that follows any merger. Requirements        and business process platform that supports
                  were complex due to the varying nature of the     additional growth as well as mergers and
                  separate business processes, the disparate data   acquisitions.
                  sources, and the various delivery methods that
                  were required to impart critical information
                  used to run the business. The re-implementa-
                  tion was further complicated by fact that the
                  applications were used across the enterprise.

                                                                       T E C H N O L O G Y C O N S U LT I N G

                                                                                        400 Fifth Avenue, Suite 100
                                                                                        Waltham, MA 02451
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