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					Table of Contents
1.          Introduction                                                      Chapter 1
     1.1.          Mission                                                       2
     1.2.          Criteria                                                      2
     1.3.          Important Contacts                                            3

2.        Roles & Responsibilities                                            Chapter 2
     2.1.        Roles                                                           4
          2.1.1.       Club Sports Coordinator                                   4
          2.1.2.       Club Sports Assistant                                     4
          2.1.3.       Advisory Board                                            4
          2.1.4.       Club Sports Executive Cabinet                             4
          2.1.5.       Club Sports Council                                       4
          2.1.6.       Club Officers                                             5
          2.1.7.       Coach                                                     6
          2.1.8.       Advisor                                                   6
     2.2.        Consequences for Missing Council Meetings                       7

3.        Policies and Expectations                                           Chapter 3
     3.1.         Annual Registration of a Club Sports Team                      8
     3.2.         Communication                                                  8
          3.2.1.           Online reporting                                      8
          3.2.2.           Council Meetings                                      8
     3.3.         Conduct Guidelines                                             9
     3.4.         Disciplinary Actions                                           9

4.          Safety and Risk Management                                        Chapter 4
     4.1.           Safety Officer                                               11
     4.2.           Insurance                                                    11
     4.3.           CPR and First Aid Certification                              12
     4.4.           First Aid Kit and Safety Binder                              12
     4.5.           Important Contacts                                           13

5.          Facilities and Services                                           Chapter 5
     5.1.            Scheduling On-Campus Facilities                             14
     5.2.            Facility Policies and Procedures                            14
            5.2.1.            Aquatic Center/Sport Club/Event Center             14
            5.2.2.            Spartan Complex                                    14
            5.2.3.            On-Campus Special Events Polices & Procedures      16

6.          Funding                                                           Chapter 6
     6.1.         Funding Process                                                17
     6.2.         Contingency Fund                                               19
     6.3.         Reimbursements                                                 19
     6.4.         Budget Worksheet                                               20
     6.5.         Student Involvement                                            20
     6.6.         Fundraising                                                    20
     6.7.         Sponsorships                                                   21
     6.8.         Donations                                                      21

7.          Travel and Special Events                                         Chapter 7
     7.1.           Travel Guidelines                                            22

8.          Public Relations                                                  Chapter 8
     8.1.          Use of University Name                                        23
     8.2.          Use of Mascot                                                 23
     8.3.          Publicity                                                     23
     8.4.          Promotion                                                     24
     8.5.          Posting                                                       24
     8.6.          Sponsorship Letter Example                                    25
     8.7.          Thank you letter Example                                      26

1 Introduction

1.1       Mission of SJSU Club Sports Program
Club Sports supports all non-NCAA athletics at SJSU and enhances the college experience by allowing
students to join a team and compete with their fellow Spartans against other universities. Each team is
comprised of and managed by students, and in terms of competitiveness, teams range from the recreational
to the national elite. Some of the main goals of the program are 1) to create an environment where students
can enjoy the camaraderie and active student life of team athletics; 2) develop skills and knowledge of a
particular sport; and 3) build character and leadership skills that will benefit students in the professional world.

1.2       Club Sports Criteria
Each new Club Sports team will undergo a probationary period of one year. If the Club Sports team
meets each requirement below to the satisfaction of the Club Sports Coordinator, the team may achieve
Club Sports status.

Club Sports Teams must meet the following criteria:

      1. Physically active or athletic in nature
      2. Includes some form of competition and availability of adequate competition (tournaments,
          matches, regattas, etc.)
      3. Maintains 8 active student members
      4. Registered with a National Governing Body and/or League
      5. Demonstrates student leadership by maintaining a minimum of 2 officers (President & Treasurer)
          within the club in addition to a Safety Officer
      6. Designates one representative for the Club Sports Council
      7. Active club members are SJSU students only. SJSU faculty and staff may participate in practice,
          but not competition or governance
      8. Select a SJSU Faculty/Staff Advisor (minimum of a bachelor’s degree or a graduate assistant
          with approval from Club Sports Coordinator)
      9. Register with Student Involvement
      10. Certify 1 club member in CPR & First Aid with at least 1 certified member present at ALL team
          practices and competitions
      11. Demonstrate financial stability and submit an annual budget worksheet
      12. Adhere to ALL San Jose State University policies and procedures
      13. Show proof of medical insurance for each club member
      14. Show certificate of team liability insurance with the specific clause stated (see instructions in the
          Safety and Risk Management Chapter)
      15. Approval by the Advisory Board, the Club Sports Council and the Club Sports Coordinator is
          required for all new clubs

Clubs will be reviewed at the end of the academic year to retain status; no club is guaranteed
permanent status.
1.3    Important Contacts

Samantha Edelman
Club Sports Coordinator
(408) 924-6327

Andy Dickerson
Club Sports Program Assistant
President, Club Sports Council
(408) 924-6274

Pauline Le
Coordinator for Student Organization Development
(408) 924-5950

Caryn Murray
Recreation Facilities Manager
(408) 924-6345

Allison Clifford
Vice President, Club Sports Council

Ashley Trant
Communications Liaison, Club Sports Council

Alex Sainz
Treasurer, Club Sports Council

Sean McDonough
Safety Manager, Club Sports Council

2 Roles & Responsibilities

2.1     Roles

2.1.1   Club Sports Coordinator
The Club Sports Coordinator provides guidance and support to Club Sports teams and acts as a liaison
between the clubs and the University. This position maintains team records, schedules and other
administration duties while communicating with team officers in maintaining up-to-date records. The Club
Sports Coordinator can be present at team events and at practices to show support and to orientate
officers, coaches, and advisors to the program policies and procedures. The Coordinator promotes,
markets, and ensures the safety of the Club Sports Program participants.

2.1.2   Club Sports Program Assistant
The Club Sports Program Assistant supports the Club Sports Coordinator with the various teams and
maintaining records. The Club Sports Program Assistant is required to be knowledgeable about Club
Sports, have familiarity with the program, and be passionate about enhancing the Club Sports experience
for students at SJSU. The Program Assistant will represent the students’ perspective on the Advisory
Board and will have an active role on the Club Sports Council.

2.1.3   Advisory Board
The Advisory Board for Club Sports is compromised of key faculty and staff members (including one
student Club Sports participant) representing various departments on-campus. The Board’s rule is to
generate a broad perspective for the direction, vision, and the counsel of the Club Sports Program.

2.1.4   Club Sports Executive Cabinet
The Club Sports Executive Cabinet has five student positions; President, Vice President,
Communications Liaison, Treasurer, and Safety Manager. The Club Sports Coordinator and the previous
year’s Club Sports Executive Cabinet appoint individuals to cabinet positions to serve a one-year term.
Appointed students should be active in the Club Sports Council for one year prior to serving on the
cabinet and a team cannot be represented in more than one position on the cabinet. Each member on the
Executive Cabinet is the Chair of a designated committee for the Club Sports Program and serves as a
leader to other Club Sports participants.

2.1.5   Club Sports Council
The Club Sports Council consists of one representative from each Club Sports team. Teams may select
any member to represent their interests on the council, and the representative is required to attend all
meetings. In representing the different teams the Council makes recommendations concerning various
matters within the Club Sports Program such as: discipline, fundraising, promotions, and policies. The
Council serves as a partnership between all the teams to address common needs and concerns in order
to create a stronger program.

2.1.6   Club Officers
It is highly recommended that every team have several officers to split the duties and responsibilities of
the club. However, the following positions are required for each team to have:

    President:          The President is responsible for enforcing the team constitution, bylaws, and
                        other Club Sports regulations. The President is also responsible for ensuring that
                        the club has a representative at each Club Sports Council meeting. Finally, the
                        President must ensure that all students participating in Club Sports activities are
                        on the roster and have completed all the required paperwork.

    Treasurer:          The Treasurer will ensure that all club financial obligations are met (including
                        league/association fees etc.) and will keep records of all club transactions to
                        provide accountability for use on all funds. The treasurer must submit a
                        preliminary budget in September and an actuals report in May.

    Safety Officer:     The Safety Officer must be First Aid, CPR, and AED certified and aware of the
                        safety procedures for their team. They must share all safety information with their
                        teammates and coaches and will attend most practices and games. If not in
                        attendance, there must be one other person certified in CPR and First Aid at the
                        game or practice. The Safety Officer will also serve as Trip Leader when the
                        team travels and will be responsible for implementing and enforcing trip safety
                        procedures. For each competition, they are responsible for filing Competition
                        Proposals and Reports.

    Council Rep:        The Council Representative is designated by the President and is responsible for
                        attending all meetings of the Club Sports Council. The Council Representative is
                        also responsible for all communication between the team, the Coordinator and
                        the Executive Cabinet. Therefore, in order to maintain consistency and open
                        lines of communication, it is preferred that only one person hold this position
                        annually; however, if a change occurs, it is the responsibility of the team to notify
                        the Coordinator and provide the replacement’s contact info.

    1. Read, become familiar with, enforce, and relate all policies and guidelines within this manual to all
        club members.
    2. Coordinate all club activities with the Club Sports Office.
    3. Register the club with Student Involvement and the Club Sports Office each Fall
    4. Attend all mandatory meetings scheduled by the Club Sports Coordinator.
    5. Check the club’s mailbox regularly located in the Student Involvement Office.

    6. Ensure accurate insurance information is on file.
    7. Maintain an accurate knowledge of Risk Management and University Policies.
    8. Report all injuries that occur at club competitions, practices or events to the Club Sports
        Coordinator within 24 hours of injury. (Complete and submit an Accident/Injury Report Form
        within 48 hours.)
    9. Submit all required forms on time.
    10. Maintain complete inventory records of all club equipment and uniforms.
    11. Enforce the club’s constitution.
    12. Train the elected officers for the next year.
    13. Inform members of Club Sports policies, operating procedures, emergency procedures, and other
        imposed regulations and monitor behavior in accordance with all departmental and University
    14. Ensure compliance with any conference, league or union rules governing eligibility, competition,
        and financial obligations.

2.1.7   Coach
    All Club Sports teams are encouraged to seek the assistance of a coach or instructor to further the
    team’s talent and aid new club members with the development of skills. The coach should be in
    communication with the advisor and the two should work as a team to further SJSU students’
    development. Coaches can either be volunteer or paid positions and can also serve as the advisor for
    the team if they are faculty or staff at SJSU and have a Bachelor’s degree. All coaches must be CPR
    and First Aid Certified and have knowledge and experience with the sport they are coaching. Club
    Sports teams are mainly student-run organizations so coaches will allow the officers to manage the
    team and perform all administrative responsibilities. Coaches will act solely as athletic advisors and
    focus only on the physical aspects of the sport as well as their team’s attitude and behavior. While
    traveling, the coach is responsible and accountable for team behavior and will act as a role model to
    students. All coaches must sign the Coach’s Agreement and meet with the Club Sports Coordinator
    before participating in the Club Sports Program. More information about coaching requirements and
    duties can be found on the Coach’s Agreement.

2.1.8   Advisor
    Every student organization at SJSU is required to have a faculty/staff advisor. This faculty/staff
    advisor must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and can also serve as the team’s coach if they
    meet the coaching requirements. A faculty/staff advisor will work together with the coach to
    encourage positive interaction between Club Sports participants, University employees, and other
    teams. The advisor will not assume leadership of the organization; instead the focus will be on the
    officers’ leadership development. The advisor will meet with Club Officers and consult on team issues
    or challenges that the team may be facing. The advisor can provide continuity in a team’s program by
    bridging the gap in student changes from year-to-year, and supplying knowledge of University
    policies. All advisors are required to meet with the Club Sports Coordinator prior to participating in the
    Club Sports Program (and sign the Advisor’s Agreement).

2.2       Consequences for missing Club Sports Council meetings

Only one absence of any kind allowed per year.
          1 Absence = Warning
                o   A verbal/written warning shall be issued to team after 1 meeting missed.
                    Representative must meet with Coordinator

          2     Absence = Fine
                o   A fine of $300 will be issued.
                o   Representative must meet with Coordinator

          3     and subsequent absences = Suspension
                o   Team is not allowed to practice or compete
                o   The remainder of team funds is frozen.
                o   Team representative must meet with advisory board and executive cabinet to present
                o   Suspension will be lifted at discretion of advisory board and executive cabinet

3 Policies & Expectations

3.1       Annual Registration of a Club Sports Team
      In order to remain a recognized student organization, all existing Club Sports teams must complete
      the student organization recognition process with Student Involvement. This process is entirely online
      and must be completed by September 18 , 2009 in order to be considered for recognition during the
      2008-2009 academic year. In addition, two members (1 officer and 1 general member) are required to
      attend the Student Organization Leadership Conference on September 26 , 2009 that is held at the
      SJSU Student Union.

3.2       Communication

3.2.1     Online Reporting
Each Wednesday teams are required to submit Competition Proposals for the coming week’s
competitions AND submit Competition Reports for the preceding week’s competitions. In addition, teams
are required to submit Accident Reports for all injuries/accidents by the Wednesday following the
competition in which the accident occurred. All proposals and reports must be submitted by 5PM to avoid
the following disciplinary action:
         Competition Proposals
              o   $50 fine if proposal is submitted within 7 days past due date.
              o   $300 fine if competition is held without the submission of a proposal.
         Competition Reports
              o   $25 fine if report is submitted within 7 days past due date.
              o   Failing to file 2 reports will result in suspension of team for 1 game
         Accident Reports
              o   $25 fine if report is submitted within 7 days past due date.
              o   Failing to file 2 reports will result in suspension of team for 1 game

Outstanding fines that are not paid within 7 days of assessment will result in the suspension of
the offending team’s game and practice privileges until payment is received. In addition,
outstanding competition proposals and/or reports not submitted within 7 days of being late will
result in the suspension of the offending team’s game and practice privileges until those
competition proposals and/or reports are submitted.

3.2.2     Council Meetings
Attendance at Club Sports Council meetings is required for ALL Club Sports teams. One designated
representative from every Club Sports team is required to attend, however meetings are open to any
persons involved in Club Sports. If a Council Representative is going to be absent, it is required that the
excused absentee find a replacement team member for the meeting. The meeting schedule is provided at
the beginning of the semester for planning purposes within your club. Missed meetings will result in
disciplinary actions (see section 3.4).

3.3       Conduct Guidelines

Club Sports teams should add a positive image to the University and any behavior that serves otherwise
will be handled appropriately. Team officers and coaches are accountable for the behavior of all members
and should serve as role models for appropriate behavior.


         Maintain contact and communication with the Club Sports Coordinator
         Be responsible for myself and team members and act professionally at any and all Club Sports
         Demonstrate respect towards: teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, spectators and
          University property
         Comply with all club polices and University regulations as well as maintain full responsibility to
          abide by all local, state, and federal laws

No Club Sports member shall engage or participate in any form of hazing. Hazing is defined as any action
taken or situation created which, regardless of location, intent, membership status, or consent of the

         Produces, or is reasonably likely to produce bodily harm or danger, mental or physical discomfort,
          embarrassment, harassment, fright, humiliation, intimidation, degradation, or ridicule, or otherwise
          compromises the dignity of an individual;
         Compels an individual to participate in any activity which is unlawful, perverse, publicly indecent,
          contrary to the rules, policies, and regulations of the University, or which is known by the
          compelling person to be contrary to the individual’s genuine moral or religious beliefs; or
         Will, unreasonably or unusually, impair an individual’s academic efforts.

Concerns regarding this matter should be brought to the attention of the Club Sports Coordinator.
Complaints will be investigated and if found legitimate, disciplinary action will be taken.

It is the responsibility of each individual team member, advisor, and/or coach to understand the
policies and procedures put forth in the Club Sports Manual, the Student Involvement Packet, and
the SJSU Student Code of Conduct prior to registering with the Club Sports Program. Failure to
abide by these guidelines or report any incidences to the Club Sports Coordinator may result in
disciplinary action, with the Club Sports Coordinator and/or the Office of Judicial Affairs.

3.4       Disciplinary Actions

Warning Period (Determined by Coordinator/Advisor)
An individual or team is placed in a Warning Period based upon behaviors demonstrated that may result
in disciplinary action. At this time individual participants and teams are still eligible to participate in
practices and competitions. During this period the sanctioned individual’s and/or the entire team is

observed and at the conclusion of the Warning Period their behavior is reviewed and evaluated for a
possible change in status.

Probationary period (Determined by Coordinator/Advisor)
An individual or team is placed in a Probationary Period based upon behaviors demonstrated that may
result in disciplinary action and a required behavioral contract is developed and signed. Teams cannot
use or apply for the Contingency Funds. Disciplinary actions are determined based on the severity of the
offense. During this period the sanctioned individual’s and/or the entire team is observed and at the
conclusion of the Warning Period their behavior is reviewed and evaluated for a possible change in

An individual participant or an entire team can be eliminated from the Club Sports Program, without the
Warning or Probationary Period (for severe behavior), which will be referred to the Student Conduct and
Ethical Development Office. However, a team can also be eliminated after the Warning and Probationary
Period because behavior was not improved. This decision is at the discretion of the Club Sports
Coordinator. If an individual becomes eliminated from the Club Sports Program, he or she cannot become
a participant in any Club Sports team for their remaining years at San Jose State. If a team becomes
eliminated, they cannot renew their club status for one year from the date of elimination.

4 Safety and Risk

4.1         Safety Officer
All Club Sports teams are required to have a Safety Officer. The duties of the safety officer include
but are not limited to the following:
           Currently certified in CPR & First Aid
           Knowledgeable of the emergency plans
           Inform and train team on the steps of emergency plan
           Attend monthly Safety Officer Meetings
           Responsible for the First Aid Kit (return to Club Sports Office in May)
              o   Bring kit to ALL team events
              o   Keep kit fully stocked (including accident and incident report forms)
           Responsible for the Safety Binder (return to Club Sports office in May)
              o   Bring Binder to ALL team events
              o   Keep Binder up-to-date with correct information
              o   Keep Binder safe and out of others view
           Responsible for training one team member in ALL duties if unable to attend a game or practice
           Report injuries or incidents and submit proper paperwork for such occurrences
           Inspects equipment for safety on a weekly basis, while in season
           Report safety hazards to Club Sports Coordinator
           Responsible for gathering teammates waivers, participant forms, insurance cards, drivers licenses and
            any other information that the Club Sports Office requires
           Promote and model club safety

4.2         Insurance
There are various types of insurance, such as liability insurance or participant accident insurance.
           Participant accident insurance is coverage in the event that you, the participant, is injured.
           Liability insurance is coverage for third party individuals that are attending your event and are
            injured or if the facility is damaged.

What’s Required?
Club Sports teams are required to meet the insurance requirements, which are mandated by the
Chancellor’s Office Executive Order No. 849. The insurance requirements are as follows:
         $1 Million or $2 Million (if applicable) Liability Insurance Certificate & Endorsement turned into the
          Club Sports Office (with the following clause stated on the Certificate) before Fall practices begin.

    LESSEE shall name the Student Union, Inc of San Jose State University,
    Associated Students, San Jose State University, the State of California, the
    Trustees of the California State University and the officers, employees,
    volunteers and agents of each of them as additional insured’s, except for
    professional liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

         The Student Union, Inc. Risk Manager will review all Certificates of Insurance or Self-Insurance for
          final approval.

How do I obtain this document?
Step 1: Call the person in charge of your Liability insurance (this could be either your Association or a
separate company)

Step 2: Communicate to the appropriate person the following requirements that must be fulfilled
           Introduce yourself (name & club) and your affiliation with San Jose State
           Explain the Liability Policy requirements that are being asked of you:
                o   In order to remain in Club Sports at SJSU we need to give the Club Sports Coordinator our
                    certificate of Liability Insurance holding SJSU harmless (refer to the previous clause) with
                    an attached Endorsement
            o       The certificate should provide at least 30 days advance written notice to the CLUB
                    SPORTS COORDINATOR in the event of any modification, change, or cancellation of any
                    of the insurance coverage.
                o   The clause that SJSU requests on the certificate can be faxed or emailed.
                o   The Club Sports Coordinator needs this certificate before you begin Fall practice
                o   Please fax or email a copy to Club Sports Coordinator
                o   Please mail a hard copy to Event Center 290 South 7 St., San Jose CA 95192

Step 3: When the Club Sports Coordinator receives the Certificate, it will be reviewed. The club contact
will be notified if the certificate is correct or changes are needed.

Step 4: The Club Sports Coordinator sends the correct certificate to the Risk Manager for approval and

4.3         CPR and First Aid Certification
Club Sports recommends that every club officer is CPR and First Aid certified, but a minimum of two
officers (including your Safety Officer) and ANY coach must show proof of certification before practices
and competitions can begin. Certification classes occur throughout the year, contact the Club Sports
Office for further information.

4.4         First Aid Kit & Safety Binder
At the beginning of every year, the club Safety Officer will be given a First Aid Kit and a Safety Binder.
The Safety Officer is responsible for the safe keeping of these items. Teams will be fined $50.00 the loss
of the kit and/or binder during the year. In addition, if these items are not returned to the Club Sports
Coordinator by May 30 , 2010 teams will be fined $50.00/month until they are returned.

4.5      Important contacts
In case of a LIFE THREATENING ACCIDENT or a MAJOR EMERGENCY, the following people
should be contacted IN THE ORDER LISTED:

      1. University Police Department
         (408) 924-2222 or 911

      2. Samantha Edelman
         Club Sports Coordinator
         W: (408) 924-6327
         C: (936) 581-0638

      3. Caryn Murray
         Recreation Facilities Manager
         W: (408) 924-6345
         C: (831) 419-5099

      4. Pauline Le
         Student Organization and Leadership
         Coordinator for Student Organization Development
         W: (408) 924-5950
         C: (408)206-8752

      5. Kris Kelly
         Associate Director, Administrative Services
         W: (408) 924-6315
         C: (408) 439-6620

5       Facilities and Services
5.1     Scheduling On-Campus Facilities
All Club Sports teams are responsible for scheduling their own practices and competitions with the
appropriate person. If a team does not have the appropriate paperwork completed or is facing disciplinary
actions, the Club Sports Coordinator has the right to call schedulers to cancel practices or competitions.
Facilities                                                        Contact

Aquatic Center                                                    Student Union
Sport Club                                                        Caryn Murray
South Campus                                                      (408) 924-6345
       Tennis Court                                               caryn.murray@yahoo.com
       Mini Gym
       Aerobics Room
       8 Racquetball Courts
       2 Dance Studios (A&B)
       YUH 6 (AFTER 1:30pm)

Spartan Complex                                                   Student Union
       SPX 44A                                                    Event Services, 3 Floor
       SPX 44B                                                    Leanne LoBue
       SPX 89                                                     (408) 924-6302

5.2     Facility Policies and Procedures

5.2.1   Aquatic Center and Sport Club
Scheduling procedures for the Sport Club and the Aquatic Center facilities, effective as of June 1 2008.

Facility Request form
Every student organization must completely fill out the Facility Usage Request Form. When filling out the
form, Section I. Organization Information must clearly indicate the exact number of participants (e.g.
SJSU students, community members, etc.). Once approved, student organizations must keep this form
with them at all times.

Student Organizations
Recognized Student Organizations must have insurance for event type of reservation made, but not for
standard practice times.

Insurance can be obtained at the Event Services office on the third floor of the Student Union.

Group members that are not SJSU students (i.e. community members) will be charged a guest fee of
$5.00 for each facility visit.

Time Frame
The Facility Usage Request Forms must be turned in advanced, with a minimum of 3 business days of
the requested usage date. Requests turned in less than 3 business days will not be considered.

Forms should be submitted to the Recreation Facilities Manager, Caryn Murray. Her office is located in
the Event Center Sport Club.

5.2.2   Spartan Complex Scheduling Procedures and Rules
Each club must provide the following information before their reservation can be confirmed:

   1. Certificate of insurance evidencing general liability coverage for non-student members with limits
       not less than $1,000,000.00.
   2. A completed and signed information form (by the advisor or coach of the club).
   3. Any damages incurred will be billed to the scheduled organization, and their privilege of
       scheduling the facility may be suspended.
   4. Each organization must have a faculty or staff advisor or coach present at EVERY activity. The
       advisor must be a San Jose State University employee; the Club Sports Coordinator must
       approve the faculty or staff advisor and the coach.
   5. Failure to cancel an event or activity within a series of dates without 48 hours notice may be
       reason to cancel ruture use of the SPX facility
   6. Locker rooms are NOT available for use. Violation of this rule will suspend all scheduling
       privileges immediately.
   7. Any group using the pool must hire a Red Cross certified lifeguard to be present on the pool deck
       at all times. Copies of current CPR, First Aid and American Red Cross certifications must
       accompany reservation form.
   8. A University police officer will open facility doors for the designated faculty or staff advisor or
       coach only. To gain entry to reserved room the advisor or coach must have the facility reservation
       form in their possession and show university ID card to officer.
   9. The facility needs to be left clean and the way you found it. If a clean up is required the club will
       be held financially responsible.
   10. If a team has checked out the key, the person checking out the key will be responsible for locking
       the facility.
   11. The key may only be used when a team has been approved for the faciliy.

These guidelines must be followed or all scheduling privileges will be suspended/ revoked:
   1. Absolutely no alcohol or drug usage allowed in Spartan Complex.
   2. Food, drink, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, gum or similar substances are not allowed inside gym
       or building, including hallways.

   1. Street shoes and black-soled rubber shoes are not allowed.
   2. Hanging on rims of basketball hoops or other nets is not allowed.
   3. Signs or banners on walls with tape are not allowed.
   4. Chairs and tape may not be placed on gym floor.
   5. Leaning against the partition is not permitted.
   6. Raising or lowering of basketball backboards or door partition (except by gym supervisor) is not
   7. Appropriate workout attire (shorts, tennis shoes, t-shirt) is required.
   8. Roller-skates, in-line skates, skateboards and bicycles are not permitted.


    1. Patrons may enter the pool only when a lifeguard is on duty.
    2. Running on the pool deck or horseplay in the pool area is not permitted.
    3. Roller-skates, in-line skates, skateboards and bicycles are not permitted in the pool deck.
    4. Diving into areas less than six feet deep or from the pool ladders is not permitted.
    5. Glass objects are not allowed in the pool area.
    6. Children under four feet or forty-eight inches in height must be accompanied by an adult at all
        times while using the facility.
    7. Only appropriate swimwear may be worn in the pool. No street clothes except t-shirts are
    8. Maximum capacity is 35 people.

5.2.3   On-Campus Special Events Policies and Procedures
These policies and procedures can be found at http://www.union.sjsu.edu/clubsports/forms.htm.

6 Funding

6.1       Club Sports Funding System
This new approach to the Club Sports Funding System is designed to allocate funds to each of the Club
Sports teams in as equitable a fashion as possible. Main determining factors are a team’s participation
(measured in terms of approved members) and fiscal outlook (measured through the annual submission
of a comprehensive budget). In order to become eligible for funding under this system, teams must meet
ALL of the following requirements:
      1. Must be a Recognized Club Sport
      2. Minimum 8 Approved Participants
      3. Minimum Dues of $20/Player
      4. Minimum $100 Association/Insurance Fees
      5. Minimum 1 Approved Competition

In addition, each team must register their participants online and must submit a copy of their annual
budget, documentation of any off-campus accounts (bank statement, voided check, etc.), and any other
necessary documentation to the Club Sports Coordinator by September 15 , 2009. After these steps
have been completed, the Club Sports Coordinator, the Advisory Board and the Executive Cabinet will
review the application and determine whether the team qualifies for Club Sports funding. Qualified teams
will receive funds based on the following system of review:
      1. The total Club Sports budget will be divided by the total number of approved Club Sports
          participants, resulting in a Flat Tax (per player dollar amount).
      2. Each team’s annual budget will then be divided by its total number of approved Club Sports
          participants, resulting in a cost per participant (C/P) ratio. This ratio will then be multiplied by thirty
          percent (30%)*, resulting in the maximum dollar amount per participant that team will be eligible
          to receive from Club Sports.
      3. Each team’s C/P ratio will then be measured against the Flat Tax:
              a. If a team’s C/P ratio is LESS than the Flat Tax, the team will be awarded funds through
                  the multiplication of the team’s total number of approved participants and the 30% Club
                  Sports funding threshold.
              b. If a team’s C/P ratio is MORE than the Flat Tax, the team will move on to the next level of
      4. After disbursing funds to teams with C/P ratios below the current Flat Tax, the Flat Tax will be
          recalculated to reflect the remaining number of approved participants and the remaining amount
          of funds available in the Club Sports budget.
      5. Steps 2-4 of this process will be repeated until all of the remaining teams’ C/P ratios are higher
          than the current Flat Tax. Once this is achieved, the remaining teams will be awarded funds by
          dividing each team’s total number of approved participants by the total number of Club Sports
          participants remaining and then multiplying that percentage by the remaining amount of funds
          available in the Club Sports budget.

*The system does not place a fixed maximum dollar amount on individual team funding; however, it does
limit the amount teams can receive to no more than thirty percent (30%) of their annual budget. In
addition, 1 year teams will be limited to receiving only fifteen percent (15%) of their annual budget from
Club Sports; a percentage that will increase to the full thirty percent (30%) in a team’s second year and
beyond. These percentages will be evaluated and modified annually based on a variety of factors,
including the fluctuation of the Club Sports budget and the overall number of approved Club Sports

The rationale behind this system is to distribute funds as evenly as possible between all Club Sports
teams while additionally rewarding those teams that demonstrate fiscal responsibility, sustainability, and
maintain a high level of participation. To ensure that every team is fully insured and registered with a
local, state, and/or national association, Club Sports will automatically debit the cost of their
insurance/association fees from their initial allotment. Each team’s final allotment will then be awarded in
mid-October. After teams have been granted funding, invoices for items purchased must be submitted to
the Club Sports Coordinator. The Club Sports Coordinator may withhold funds granted from the Funding
System for any reason, including disciplinary issues, poor communication, and late submission of
paperwork. On May 31 , any unused funds will transfer back into the Club Sports Program.

Funds CANNOT be used for the following (please note, this is not a complete list):
    1. Salaries for coaches or instructors
    2. Food during travel or for team events
    3. Any event where alcohol will be served

Example: Imagine there are only 3 Club Sports teams (Team A, Team B, and Team C), a total of 100
Club Sports participants and a total Club Sports Budget of $10,000 (which would make the Club Sports
Flat Tax $100/participant).
    1. Level 1
                a. Team A has 60 approved participants and an annual budget of $5,000, which makes their
                     C/P ratio $83.33 and the maximum amount they can receive from Club Sports
                     $25/participant. This amount is less than the $100 Flat Tax, so they are granted $1,500
                     ($25/participant ratio x 60 participants)
                b. Team B has 25 approved participants and an annual budget of $10,000, which makes
                     their C/P ratio $400 and the maximum amount they can receive from Club Sports
                     $120/participant. This amount is greater than the $100 Flat Tax, so they move on to Level
                     2 of the system.
                c.   Team C has 15 approved participants and an annual budget of $30,000, which makes
                     their C/P ratio $2,000 and the maximum amount they can receive from Club Sports
                     $600/participant. This amount is greater than the $100 Flat Tax, so they move on to Level
                     2 of the system.
    2. Level 2

              a. Removing Team A from the equation leaves 40 Club Sports participants and $8,500 left
                   in the Club Sports Budget (which would make the new Club Sports Flat Tax
              b. The maximum amount Team B can receive from Club Sports ($120/participant) falls
                   under the new Flat Tax so they are granted $3,000 ($120/participant ratio x 25
              c.   The maximum amount Team C can receive from Club Sports ($600/participant) is greater
                   than the new Flat Tax, so they move on to Level 3 of the system.
      3. Level 3
              a. Removing Team B from the equation leaves $5,500 left in the Club Sports Budget. With
                   Team C being the only team left in the system, they are granted the remaining $5,500.
              b. If there were multiple teams left at Level 3 and all of them were above the re-calculated
                   Flat Tax, they would split the remaining Club Sports funds based on their number of

6.2       Contingency Fund
The Contingency Fund is comprised of unused funds from the Club Sports account. A process separate
from the regular Club Sports Funding System is used for this fund and only takes place during the spring
semester. These funds are used strictly for any unforeseen costs, such as traveling to a national
competition or equipment repairs and replacement. Contingency funding can only be used PRIOR to the
incurrence of such costs. All requests must be submitted to the Club Sports Coordinator by April 30,
2010. Exceptions to this deadline will be made on a case-by-case basis. Requests will be reviewed and a
presentation must be made before the Club Sports Advisory Board, whom will grant funds as they see fit.
Any unused Club Sports funds will transfer back into the Club Sports account on May 31 , 2010.

Criteria for Contingency Acceptance:
         Active, eligible team
         Free of disciplinary action as noted in section 3.4
         Team must have less than $300 in fines
         Unforeseen events only (national championship, equipment repair)
         One request maximum per academic year
         The Contingency Fund request form can be found on the Club Sports website

Submit the Contingency Fund request to the Club Sports Coordinator and schedule a presentation
(PowerPoint only! No longer than 10 minutes) to discuss cost breakdown of funding.

6.3       Reimbursements
At the discretion of the Club Sports Coordinator, teams may have some of their expenditures reimbursed
by the Club Sports Program. The process for receiving reimbursements is as follows:
         General Expenses (Equipment, Uniforms, etc.)
              o    Submit original receipts

          Travel Expenses (Airfare, Hotel Costs, etc.)
               o   Submit original receipts
               o   Submit accompanying competition proposal
          Contingency Fund Requests
               o   Submit original receipts
               o   Submit accompanying competition proposal
               o   Submit contingency fund request AND approval forms

When payment is made using a credit card, the team must submit an original receipt that shows the last
four digits of the card and the cardholder’s name. All reimbursements will be made out to this individual.

All reimbursement requests are to be submitted directly to the Club Sports Coordinator and must be
submitted by Tuesday at 4PM in order to be processed and paid by, at the earliest, Friday of the same
week. All reimbursement checks will be available for pick-up from the Club Sports Coordinator.

6.4        Budget Worksheet
In order to be eligible to receive funding from Club Sports, all teams must submit a 2008-09 budget report
(futures) by September 15 , 2009 AND must submit a 2008-09 budget summary (actuals) by
May 28 , 2010. A sample budget worksheet can be found at

6.5        Student Involvement
In order to create greater on-campus awareness for the entire Club Sports program, teams will be
required to participate in various organized Club Sports events throughout the year. These requirements
include (please note, this is not a complete list):
      1. Team must have at least 1 representative present at 3 of the 9 Summer Orientation Sessions
           (must participate in 3 Resource Faires and 3 Interest Sessions).
      2. Team must have at least 1 representative present at New Student Admittance Day.

If any team fails to meet these requirements they will be subject to disciplinary measures (including fines,
suspension of field usage, etc.) at the discretion of the Club Sports Coordinator. Participation in these
events is important in that teams will not only help create greater visibility for Club Sports as a whole, but
will also significantly increase their own club’s recognition amongst the student population. In addition,
participation in these events may also yield a significant increase in membership for individual teams,
which indirectly boosts the amount of funding teams are eligible to receive from Club Sports.

6.6        Fundraising
Club Sports teams may conduct fundraising events on- or off-campus, provided the project is consistent
with the purposes of the student organization and in agreement with University policy.

6.7       Sponsorships
Corporate sponsorships are a valuable fundraising source. Proposals should be professionally written
and well considered before they are submitted. Finding a corporation willing to give money or product(s)
to a club can often be frustrating and time-consuming endeavors. Once accomplished, though,
sponsorships are invaluable in helping clubs reach their goals.

If the sponsorship requires using a corporate logo on a jersey or T-shirt, you should receive a letter from
the corporation or organization stating that it gives your team permission for the logo to be used. The
corporate logo may not be larger than the University’s name on the uniform or jersey.

The following are guidelines for soliciting and maintaining long-term relationships with sponsors.
1) Identify companies most likely to sponsor your team.
      a) What other clubs or organizations have they sponsored?
      b) Do you know someone in the company?
      c) Are they interested in the college market?
      d) Is someone in the company an alumnus?
2) Get the name, title, and address of the company contact.
      a) Make sure the contact name is spelled correctly.
      b) Make sure the title is correct.
      c) Make sure the company name is correct.
3) Send a letter. See Public Relations Chapter for example.
4) Follow up with a phone call.
      a) Give the contact a week or two to receive your letter.
      b) If you receive the sponsorship go to 5.
      c) If you don't receive the sponsorship, find out why. If they don't sponsor your type of group, thank
          them for their time. If it is a matter of timing and budgeting, find out when the corporation should
          be contacted for the future.
5) After receiving the sponsorship, send a thank you letter.
      See Public Relations Chapter for example.
6) Make sure to give the sponsor everything that was promised for their sponsorship.
7) Take pictures; send the sponsor copies of anything with their name on it.
8) Invite the sponsor or a representative to any special events or the event they are sponsoring.
9) Follow up the season with a year-end recap.
10) Thank the sponsor once more, and ask for their sponsorship for the following year.
*Alcohol and Tobacco Sponsors Are Not Allowed

6.8       Donations
If your team receives a donation, see your Club Sports Advisor for further processing.

7 Travel

7.1       Travel Guidelines
Teams are responsible for their own transportation to and from club activities, which include bridge tolls,
parking fees, moving violation fees, and costs for car repairs. A Competition Proposal must be filed by
5PM Wednesday before a competition. Disciplinary action will occur if forms are not submitted on time.

If a team travels without approval, the team is subject to automatic suspension.

First Aid Kits and Safety Binders must be with teams at all times. The Safety Officer is responsible for
these items. If the Safety Officer is not present, one person will be designated to take over their

Additional Requirements for Travel:
         All drivers must be approved by the Club Sports Coordinator
         Drivers must be at minimum 18 years of age
         All drivers and passengers must wear seat belts
         For longer trips (more than 4 hours) drivers must rotate drivers every 4 hours
         No more than 8 hours of driving can be completed in one day
         Driving between Midnight and 5am is prohibited
         Alcohol and Drugs are not allowed in any vehicle traveling for Club Sports
         Observe all traffic rules and regulations
         Drive carefully, courteously, and cautiously

8       Public Relations

8.1     Use of University Name
Club Sports teams are granted the right to use the name "San Jose State University" or “SJSU” in
describing their organization. However, club teams must have all marketing, merchandise, uniforms and
any other products using SJSU’s name, approved by the Club Sports Coordinator. Club Sports
themselves must understand and make it clear in their representation to third parties that they speak only
for their team/players, not the University, the Student Union, Inc., or the Associated Students. Club Sports
teams are not agents of the Student Union, Inc., the Associated Students or of San Jose State University.

8.2     Use of Mascot
Club Sports teams have NOT been granted the rights to use the SJSU Athletics’ Spartan Head or Spear.
The Club Sports Program has created its own version of the Spartan Head for club team use. Teams
must obtain approval from the Club Sports Coordinator to use the Club Sports Program Mascot or the
Club Sports Program Logo.

Mascot and Logo:

8.3     Publicity
Each club should assign someone to track data/statistics of competitions. This information should be
included in the Competition Reports and should be reported on a weekly basis during Monday
communication with the Club Sports Coordinator. The Club Sports Coordinator will then communicate
accurate statistics and highlight information to various University Departments. The Club Sports
Coordinator should be promptly informed of any schedule changes so the most up-to-date schedule can
be published and correct information can be given about competitions.

A club must always give the press very accurate information. The University and Student Union, Inc.
support the Club Sports Program and promoting a positive image is of utmost importance. The Club
Sports Coordinator and Advisory Board will review any comments against the Club Sports Program, the
Student Union, Inc., the Department of Student Involvement or the student athletes of the San Jose State
University. Any controversial comments or issues should first be mentioned to the Club Sports
Coordinator before they are discussed with the press.

8.4      Promotion
As the Club Sports Program becomes larger and more noticeable on campus, it is extremely important
that all promotion and publicity is professional. All postings must be created using a computer or other
form of professional media. Team funding from the Club Sports Program can be used to create
professional publications.

8.5      Posting
Before posting anything on campus, it must be approved and stamped by the Club Sports Coordinator
and the administrative office of the building being used for posting. All publicity, advertising, or tickets
should accurately represent the event, must be in good taste (as determined by the Club Sports
Coordinator and the appropriate scheduling office), and be approved 30 days in advance of the event
date. Publicity may not be sponsored by, or make any reference to, alcohol or tobacco products, nor may
it allude in any way to illicit/illegal substances. Discovery of such advertising will result in the cancellation
of the event. Use of unauthorized/unapproved advertising (including internet websites) will result in
cancellation of the event.

Posting is prohibited anywhere on campus except authorized kiosks, bulletin boards and other designated
indoor areas. If the promotion or posting guidelines are not followed, a team will be brought in front of the
Club Sports Coordinator for disciplinary action. Additionally, clubs may face other University sanctions for
repeat offenses, flagrant offenses, and blatant disregard for regulations. These sanctions may include

8.6      Sponsorship Letter Example


Mr. Brian Mikeal
Play It Again Sports
5545 Midway Rd.
San Jose, CA 95192

Dear Mr. Mikeal,

My name is Jeremy Pallor, President of the San Jose State University Men’s Volleyball Club. This is our
6th season as a club on campus. During this time we have gone from a few interested players to a
recognized club that is capable of competing against schools such as CAL, Davis, Sacramento State, and
Fresno State to name a few. In the previous seasons we have competed in the NIRSA Collegiate
Volleyball Sport Club Championships. We are proud to represent the Spartans as the officially sanctioned
volleyball club recognized by the university.

The team and I are attempting to raise funds to help us train and compete against other universities within
our region. As you can imagine with the cost of facility space, travel, and equipment, we have a high
overhead for a non-varsity sport, and our budget allocation is small from the university. We are
conducting a fundraiser on campus this April to not only raise revenue, but also awareness of our
presence on campus. We would like to raffle off a gift certificate from your store, as well as some other
sponsorship we have secured for the event.

I understand the gift certificate is very expensive and that you don’t give them out to just anybody who
solicits your company. In return for your sponsorship (at whatever level you choose) we would place a
banner advertising your store in a prominent student flow area where we will be conducting our fundraiser
for two weeks. In addition we will advertise our fundraiser on fliers showing your logo all over campus. We
would also be willing to silk screen your logo on our jerseys. I would like to suggest that we reach some
sort of mutually beneficial agreement that might help us both out.

It is clear through your excellent reputation that your store is a champion for supporting under funded
programs, and financially less fortunate athletes. I hope we can offer the opportunity to extend that
commitment further. Thank you very much for considering this proposal. I would welcome the opportunity
to discuss the matter at greater length.


Jeremy Pallor
President, SJSU Men’s Volleyball Club
(777) 989-2312

8.7      Thank You Letter Example

Mr. Brian Mikeal
Play It Again Sports
5545 Midway Rd.
San Jose, CA 95192

Dear Mr. Mikeal,

On behalf of San Jose State University (SJSU) Men’s Volleyball Club, I would like to thank you for your
support and generous donation of five $100 gift certificates to Play It Again Sports. You commitment to
helping our team is sincerely appreciated.

Each year the Men’s Volleyball Club has gained a stronger presence on SJSU’s campus and this year
our home game record attendance was over 300 students, faculty, staff and community members. In
particular with the support from our sponsors we were able to fundraise enough money to give two
volleyball scholarships to students who could not afford to play. The addition of these two students
assisted our team to the Gold Bracket in the National Championship held in North Carolina.

The goal of the Men’s Volleyball Team at SJSU is to continue to gain a presence on campus and to have
the opportunity to offer scholarships to SJSU students to continue playing and competing for SJSU. With
the help of donations from supporters such as you, our team can continue to improve upon our goal.

Thanks again for your generous support of our efforts to play and compete in volleyball at the National

Best Wishes,

Jeremy Pallor
President, SJSU Men’s Volleyball Club
Student Union, Inc.
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0201
(777) 989-2312


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