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Facilities Management Strategies by tmv12705


Facilities Management Strategies document sample

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									Title:           Facilities Management Assignment
Category:        Assessment Example
Subject:         Sport and Leisure

This assignment covers Outcome (4) Investigate the use of ICT as a management
tool in the context of sport and leisure provision for the Edexcel H1 Operations and IT
Systems in Sport and Leisure Management Unit.               It requires the students to
investigate the use of ICT within a leisure centre and present their findings to their
group in a role play assessment.

  1. To investigate the use of ICT as a management and planning tool to ensure
     the efficient and effective running of a leisure centre.
  2. To prepare strategies to maximise the use of ICT.

The leisure industry is undergoing rapid and radical change. New technology is
challenging the industry’s working practices and altering the relationship between
provider and consumer. In this climate of change and uncertainty, it is essential to be
both proactive and responsive and to have an understanding of ICT systems in order
to take the fullest advantage of technologies that are available to leisure
organisations. For this assignment you are required to investigate how ICT is used
as a management tool in a leisure centre and make proposals as to how its usage
might be improved.

Each of you will adopt the role of an employee within the leisure centre. You will
explain and illustrate with teaching aids how ICT is used to help you in one aspect of
your job. The following are some of the topics that could be addressed:

Areas of operations: data collection, fees, registration, staffing; non leisure/sport
areas e.g. food, employee details, accidents, invoices and ordering, production of
marketing materials; customer information e.g. user statistics, bookings; budgetary
information e.g. stock control, purchasing, expenditure, or income; or environmental
management e.g. integrated energy management systems, heating controls or heat

You have to first agree with your colleagues and your tutor which of the systems you
are going to cover. The assessment will take place as a role-play in a leisure centre.
You will be expected to be ‘in character’ so you will have to dress accordingly and
play the part of your character. You will explain to the assessors (your teachers) in a
15 minute presentation how you use ICT in your chosen system and how you are
going to improve and develop this system. You will be expected to use presentation
aids as appropriate to help you with your presentation.


A PASS                                  CHARACTERISTICS           PROVE THAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED
                                                                  A PASS
Analyse areas of operations and         Identify and explain      Use a verbal presentation with teaching
administration in a leisure service     where ICT can be used     aids to outline the four major areas:
context that can be managed             in the centre.            finance, communication, personnel,
more efficiently using ICT.                                       booking & membership.
Evaluate one practical application      Explain how the pool or   An explanation of how this type of plant
of the effective use of ICT in          HVAC is controlled by     works.
controlling the environmental           computerised equipment.
conditions within a centre.
Analyse the contribution of ICT to      Clarify how ICT can aid   Use a verbal presentation with teaching
effective management within a           management of the         aids to amplify two ways in which ICT is
sport and leisure context.              centre and give two       used by management.
                                        examples of how it is
Prepare strategies to maximise          Suggest how one           Make a realistic proposal for change
the use of ICT as a management          existing ICT component    and improvement of one of the
tool within a selected sport and        can be improved and or    systems.
leisure context.                        extended.

MERIT                                                                                    HAVE ACHIEVED A MERIT

Identify and apply strategies to find    Relevant theories and techniques have been      During your role-play you refer to suitable theories and
appropriate solutions.                   applied.                                        techniques and show how these have been applied.
                                         Effective judgements have been made.            Your selection of a venue and your choice of examples in your
                                                                                         role-play enable you to explain your role.
                                         Complex problems with more than one variable    You have planned and prepared an appropriate performance
                                         have been solved.                               activity.
                                         An effective approach to study and research.    You have delivered the agreed performance activity and shown
                                                                                         evidence in it of suitable research.
Select/design and apply                  A range of methods and techniques have been     You have used a range of sources of feedback and evaluation
appropriate methods/ techniques.         applied.                                        techniques.

                                      A range of sources of information used              Your performance shows evidence of using both primary and
                                                                                          secondary sources
                                      Technique/source justified                          You have critically evaluated your own performance in
                                      the design of methods/techniques                    planning, preparation and delivery
                                      Synthesis and processing of complex                 You demonstrate good knowledge of subject area with few
                                      information/data                                    omissions or errors
                                      Appropriate learning methods/techniques             Generally well delivered.
Present and communicate               The structure and approach is appropriate           The structure fits the nature of the presentation
appropriate findings
                                      Logic has been applied with coherence               There is a logical development of ideas in the presentation
                                      Technical language accurately used                  Understanding of the terms used is demonstrated
                                      A range of methods of presentation has been         Appropriate media applied
                                      Familiar and unfamiliar contexts                    It is appropriate for familiar and unfamiliar audiences

DISTINCTION                                                                               HAVE ACHIEVED A DISTINCTION

Use critical reflection to evaluate   Synthesis to generate and justify valid             During the our role-play and/or the Q&A session at the end of
own work and justify valid            conclusions.                                        your performance you demonstrate how you have synthesised
conclusions.                                                                              or adapted theory and/or models to apply in your role.
                                      Validity of results judged.                         You show awareness of how your research may/not be valid.
                                      Self criticism of approach.                         You make recommendations for how the research could be
                                      Evaluate using defined criteria.                    You have clearly understood the demands of the assignment
                                                                                          and have used its content to inform your contribution.
                                      Undertake improvements as a result of               There is evidence that you have changed your approaches in
                                      identifying need.                                   line with exigencies.
Take responsibility for managing      Demonstrate autonomy/independence.                  You actively, positively and confidently participate in the
and organising activities.                                                                planning, preparation and delivery of a performance or
                                                                                          animation activity.
                                      Substantial activities/projects or investigations   You show excellent knowledge of subject area and talk at a
                                      have been planned, managed and organised.           level appropriate to the audience.

                                     The unforeseen has been accommodated             Be well rehearsed and fit into time limit. Show good
                                     the importance of interdependence has been       understanding with few mistakes.
Demonstrate divergent, lateral and   Ideas generated and decisions taken.             Consistently apply the appropriate qualities and skills during
creative thinking.                                                                    the planning, preparation and delivery of the role play activity
                                                                                      with a sense of ease, confidence and reliability.
                                     Self evaluation.                                 During the Q&A session at the end of your performance you
                                                                                      evaluate own contribution to the planning, preparation and
                                                                                      delivery of the role play.
                                     Application of divergent and lateral thinking.   You make links between the other roles and your own.
                                     Solutions to problems.
                                     Capacity for innovation and creative thought.    Use innovative and or creative ideas for the role-play.
                                     Receptive to new ideas.
                                     Not thrown by unfamiliar contexts.               You answer questions on tangential subjects successfully.


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