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“See how a fledging summer beachside restaurant went from losing handfuls of cash day after day to making a great profit during the height of winter... in a terrible economy"
My name is Andreas J Breitfuss, and on the following page I am going to show you the exact restaurant marketing strategy we've used to transform restaurants and cafes across the country and around the world. PLUS... I will show you the Power Marketing Formula™ and how this one strategy alone will change the way you think about marketing your restaurant, cafe, catering or hotel business for EVER...
From: Mr. Andreas J Breitfuss - Restaurant marketer. Tuesday, 9:46am

Dear Restaurateur, We may have never met before, but I think we share a common interest. That interest is achieving the highest amount of sales from your restaurant, cafe or hotel business and having a restaurant marketing strategy that really works.

If that is something that interests you then this may be the most important piece of information you may read today, this month or even this year... Because on the following web page I am going to show you how ANYONE with a restaurant, cafe or hotel business can increase their sales (which can take less that 52 hours to see some great results) and you don't even need to have any computer skills at all or be a restaurant marketing expert.

On this page I am going to show you...
Step by step expert advice on how to make the most amount of restaurant sales on a small or little budget... How to increase your restaurant or cafe sales through a comprehensive and easy to implement restaurant marketing program... How to get results from your restaurant marketing within 52 hours, that's money in the bank... How to design and implement your next restaurant marketing promotion in under 3 hours... When to run your marketing promotions to ensure you get the best return on investment... What tools you will need to track all your marketing efforts so you can maximise your return on investment... How to find 100's of new customers with some targeted marketing promotions... PLUS... a ton more

Here is just a few of the people just like you we have received letters from... People like you that have gotten great results from using this exact same restaurant marketing system.

What we have achieved together in 12 months is miraculous
"We have great faith in the ability and knowledge of Andreas Breitfuss. What we have achieved together in 12 months is miraculous. We have gone from losing money to being able to make money in a beachside location during winter – this achievement in under 6 months. With this package we have worked together to implement a number of marketing programs and how to monitor their response rates and a Privilege Card program to repay our loyal and faithful clientele. We cannot thank or recommend this highly enough to any business". A & K Meradeth Owners Se la vei Cafe

Targeted marketing
"By working with the marketing system I have been able to implement some targeted marketing and promotional campaigns for my business". MicK Bengsston

I would highly recommend Restaurant Marketing Ideas
"Over the past few years my partner and I have been involved in running a restaurant and then a cafe. While we both worked very hard and improved both business, I was always thinking, "Is this the best way to be doing this", "Is there more efficient ways, better outcomes to be had, where is my next new customer?" The information and ideas always gave me a feeling that my business was moving forward and made me feel confident that we can achieve our goals. I would highly recommend Restaurant Marketing Ideas to anyone in the hospitality industry". Gregory Davison Owner Sages Catering This is the same restaurant marketing toolkit 100's of our customers have used to increase their restaurant and cafe sales day after day and week after week. Our customers have no special skills and come from lots of different hospitality businesses like cafes, caterers, restaurants, kiosks, hotels and clubs. Prior to using and implementing our results orientated marketing systems a

lot of our customers experienced some of the same problems. And it is those same problems you are probably experiencing right now in your business...

Do you have some of these problems?
Have you ever wondered why some restaurants, cafe or hotels seem to do better than others regardless of economic conditions? Why some restaurant and cafe businesses are constantly busy all of the time and why they get new customers all the time? How to implement better ways to run your restaurant to make more sales and profit? Research has shown that 89% of restaurant and cafe businesses fail in the first 5 years of starting? How come you can't explain why your business isn't growing as fast as you want it to, and you have tried lots of stuff? Why your venue is bleeding customers day after day, year after year and you don't know how to stop the attrition that's costing you a fortune, and you probably don't even know it's happening? Why your restaurant marketing is just not producing the results you desire, if you are using any at all? Why you don't get enough time off to spend with your family or friends? Why the profits (or lack there of) in your business just don't represent the amount of hours you spend in your business? Why you don't have a defined plan of action to address the direction of the business and the business seems to own you and not the other way around? One of the biggest problems in the hospitality industry is that you never have time to develop a comprehensive restaurant marketing system that will deliver results all of the time. You are too tied up in the day to day operations of your business as you are working in it not working on it. Don't you wish you could have a cost effective marketing toolkit that delivers results? I know you may have some concerns... after all who am I to be giving YOU restaurant marketing advice? And more importantly how do you trust what I am saying to you about marketing your restaurant or cafe?

Well Let Me Start Here...
Hi there... I am the the creator of Restaurant Marketing Ideas. I am a 37 year old hospitality marketing professional, I have owned and managed some of the country's most successful cafes, restaurants and hotels and I have been involved in the hospitality industry all my life as I am a 2nd generation hotelier. I currently lead a team of restaurant marketing and hospitality business development consultants that help other business owners in the hospitality industry grow and systemise their businesses. My company works with clients just like YOU that have hospitality businesses from from a small corner cafe up to a major hotel chain. I trained at one of the World’s finest Hotel Management Schools where I have acquired both Swiss and Australian Hotel Management qualifications and I have been awarded over 9 regional, state and national hospitality awards in the past 10 years. These awards include winning 4 state and national hospitality marketing awards. I was instrumental in winning one of the country's most sort after awards "The best marketed hotel" 2 years running.

I have been in control of over 20 food and beverage establishments over the last 10 years and have project managed over 12 major food and beverage re-developments and hotel openings. Over this time the revenues I have generated is well in excess of $26 million dollars. I have managed to operate and grow some of the most profitable hospitality businesses in the country. I also spend time as one of the countries leading Hospitality marketing speakers, delivering presentations at National hospitality exhibitions and trade shows and I will be releasing my book about marketing for the hospitality industry in June 2007.

And in those 10 years here's what I found..
When I first started helping hospitality business owners around 6 years ago I didn't realize how many ingrown problems there were in the industry. When I had my own hotels and restaurant I was experiencing the same feelings and

emotions as you do right now so that's when I sat down to design this restaurant marketing package. I took all the things that worked from my previous businesses and designed this marketing package so it can work for you. Restaurant Marketing Ideas is not just another information product! in fact it is very far from just a couple of pages of writing which tells you how to increase your hospitality businesses sales, it provides you the simple steps and all the marketing promotional templates you will ever need. This powerful restaurant marketing toolkit tells you what to do and then provides the tools and templates to implement into your business. Restaurant Marketing Ideas is a powerful restaurant and cafe marketing tool kit to help you solve your restaurant marketing problems, systemise your marketing promotions and provide an easy solution for what would take you 1000's of hours and $1000's to compile, test, measure and implement. Not only do you receive marketing promotional templates you also get a comprehensive 224 page e-book explaining restaurant and cafe marketing in detail. But that's not all... you also receive a 44 page quick start guide to get you started, today.

Look at what you get when you sign up to my FREE restaurant marketing e-course:
Click below to receive my FREE 10 part restaurant marketing e-course, the e-course will be sent by email over the next 10 days and will include important information about marketing your restaurant, cafe or hotel such as: how to develop a your venue's unique selling proposition (USP) what the DNA is of creating a great restaurant marketing plan  what to offer in your marketing promotions to generate more new customers  what is niche marketing is and how you can adapt it to your restaurant marketing plan  how to use target marketing to get more customers to your restaurant, cafe or hotel  how to avoid restaurant sales stagnation PLUS much more... 


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In case you are skeptical (I can respect your opinion) so... let me tell you what my restaurant marketing toolkit is NOT.
Just in case you have been taken before on other restaurant or cafe marketing products and they didn't quite come up to scratch then this is what my marketing toolkit is NOT: It is NOT some old restaurant marketing program from the 90's with out of date promotions...

It is NOT a toolkit where you need special software programs or computer skills...

It is NOT a toolkit where you need previous marketing experience...

It is NOT the type of marketing that requires you to have a lot of money to get started...

It is NOT a system that requires a lot of time to implement...

Further to that... You can be up and running in ONLY 3 hours with some of my targeted restaurant marketing promotions. All of the marketing promotions have already been designed for you so all you have to do is drop in your logo and details and BANG... your promotion is done

It can be used for any type of hospitality business including restaurants, cafes, kiosks, caterers, hotels, deli's and function centres. This promotions will work for any type of hospitality business

You can be in any country of the world because all of my marketing promotion and strategies can be adapted to any market around the world. So you can have a restaurant in any country and this toolkit will work for you over and over again

It is cost effective so you don't need to have a big budget to get started, a lot of the restaurant and cafe promotions won't cost you a cent to get started. All of the promotions are cost effective... no big budget campaigns here

You WILL save lots of time by using all the pre drafted restaurant marketing templates and forms. Your time is precious so we have done all the work for you so just arrange the template and print and you are done

I will explain to you in great detail what you need to do... (the strategy) ...and then I will give you some of the pre made restaurant marketing tools for you to profit from your marketing

efforts... (the action)
I will lead you through the steps to make you fully understand what restaurant marketing ideas is in two parts: PART 1 - I will lead you through all the necessary theory about restaurant marketing and promotions. I will tell you how to define your market, find a niche market, perform a competitors analysis, structure your marketing promotions and let you in a little known strategy which I call the "Power Marketing Formula™". Once you have learnt all the foundations of marketing I will then show you how to easily use all the marketing tools and templates... PART 2 - I will show you how to use my advanced marketing templates and promotions to drive your sales up in your restaurant or cafe through the 44 page Quick Start Guide

What YOU can expect to achieve and how it will benefit you and your business...
    More customers coming into your establishment from implementing just some of the promotions, which in turn will increase your sales and profit...(I will show you how) Your customers coming back more often once you implement your customer service initiatives like the VIP card program... you have 3 to choose from. How to guide your customers to eagerly want to purchase the high profit items on your menu, and they will do it subconsciously. You will be able to capture the names and addresses of all your customers so you can keep in touch and drive new marketing promotions too as this literary will one of the most important things you do for your business... You will be able to develop a complete marketing blueprint to help you drive your business in the right strategic direction by answering some very specific surveys... You will discover how to know what your customers are thinking by tracking your customer comments which will allow you to make positive changes in your business to give what your customers want...



You will discover the systems that will drive your business to success which means you will be able to create more profits and more time to spend with

your family and friends.

OK, so what do you receive in the Restaurant Marketing Ideas toolkit?
Well... firstly you get some cutting edge restaurant marketing strategies that will allow you to increase your sales literally within 52 hours. These strategies include...           Lots of special event marketing promotions Lists of special days through out the year that you can run a promotion on The inside secrets to set up profitable joint ventures Designing a system to capture every customer that walks through your doors Turning customers into long time customers with email How to get thousands of new customers to come and dine at your venue Using database marketing to build sales How to explode your sales with exclusive referral strategies How to use a newsletter campaign to increase sales Using "bounce back" offers to get your customers coming back to your venue more often

... and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Part One - Restaurant Marketing
Learning the foundations of restaurant marketing and how the "Power Marketing Formula™" will grow your business faster...
You will learn the fundamentals of marketing and how this will change your business. Everything is explained in a easy to read step-by-step detailed 224 page e-book, you will also learn about the "Power Marketing Formula™" and how this one strategy will change the way you think about marketing. You will also learn; * The fundamental sales drivers of your business and how you can adapt these drivers to your business to skyrocket your sales * I will show you which is the best type of marketing to use and which marketing strategy will give you instant response * Why you have to build a customer driven business and how this will help you scoop hundreds or thousands of more dollars to your business * How to define your market and how to get laser targeted customers rushing to your restaurant * How performing a SWOT analysis with literally open your eyes to the opportunities that lie with in your restaurant or cafe * How to extract valuable information from your current customers to compile market research and how to use this information to get more customers through your doors * How performing a breakeven analysis on your marketing that will allow you to market at the most effective times of the year * Learn how to set up a marketing database and then how to use database marketing to increase your sales overnight * How to setup a marketing blueprint to drive your sales forward

* Developing a unique selling proposition (USP) and how this one element will differentiate you from your competitors * Learn how to plan your marketing using the "sales generation" strategy and how this will explode your sales within 17 days * How using customer testimonials will brand your business as a reputable restaurant or cafe * Why providing a guarantee will ensure that you build credibility with your customers * How to set up and operate your customer VIP program and how this will generate up to a further 13% in sales

Part Two - Restaurant Marketing Promotions

Implementing the many pre-designed restaurant marketing promotions into your business... ...PLUS learning how to design your own "Power Marketing Formula" and put together your marketing strategies and tactics
You will learn and implement all the pre-designed restauranht marketing promotional templates, this is the fun part of using what you have learnt in part one and putting it into practice. Your promotional mix will include all of the "Power Marketing Formula" strategies that is fully explained in your 44 page easy start manual. You will have the tools at your disposal to attract 100's of new customers to your cafe, restaurant or hotel. Your marketing tool box will include: * A database template to store all of your customers important details * A range of customer comment cards to capture important marketing information * A template to design your frequent customer cards * Marketing letters to get a customer to "bounce-back" to your restaurant or cafe straight after they have been there * Marketing promo to get "lost" customers back to your restaurant, cafe or hotel * Newsletter templates * Pre-designed vouchers for $5, $10, and $20 notes * Pre-designed vouchers for 5, 10, and 20 pound notes * Gift vouchers for free or discounted desserts * Customer survey promotion letter

* Full function pack to sell functions in your restaurant or cafe * Customer referral card template * Promotional tracking spreadsheet * SWOT analysis chart * Press release template * Joint venture marketing letter and template * VIP card template * VIP promotional letter PLUS much much more... Further more... you will also receive A full package of special individual promotional dates and restaurant promotional packs for your promotions. The packs include: * A4 flyer templates * Letter size templates * A5 flyer templates * Bill fold flyer template * Newspaper advertisement templates * Table tent card template * Newsletter and a point of sale card template ... you will have promotional packs to use on such important marketing events like: * Valentines day * Fathers day * Mothers day * Christmas

Plus much more.....
Note: All of the Restaurant Marketing Ideas bundle has been written in Microsoft word (.doc) or Microsoft Excel (.xls) files for PC. They have all been zipped into an file for quicker download and is compatible to Windows 95/98/2000, Me and XP, . Some files are in PDF so your will need a PDF reader like the one at Adobe. Total size is 20MB in 3 separate files.

My 18 Year, $96,255 Education Is Yours Risk Free
With this information, believe me you will make thousands more with all the tools and marketing promotions in this marketing bundle. So...what would you pay for such a comprehensive package...... well to be honest I couldn't find any one else out there with a package like this at all, it is a package packed full of benefits. Most of the other providers of restaurant marketing either have a subscription website that charge you month after month even if you don't use your subscription. And the others offer a CD of similar information which takes weeks to get your hands on and cost anywhere between $120 - $500. Well...there is no waiting can download Restaurant Marketing Ideas right now for a fraction of the cost Now here is the best news of all as you are just in time to take advantage of this special offer. My accountant doesn't really like what I am about to do as he thinks that my normal $167.00 price is too low anyway. But because my costs are reduced so much by marketing this online I have been able to save on my usual costs, so I am going to test this theory and pass on the savings to you. But this offer is only available until Tuesday, June 26, 2007. Depending on how this affects sales I may not continue the special discount after this date. However, if you order by midnight on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 it's yours totally risk-free for a great price of only $97.00. That's 41% discount off the everyday price, trust me you will get so much valuable restaurant and cafe marketing information out of the toolkit it will pay for your investment many times over or you can return it for my 200% double money back

guarantee. Now...I want you to get the best value for money so what I will be offering for a limited time only is the following FREE bonus. I will give you this great bonus if you purchase online by Tuesday, June 26, 2007 so be quick.

FREE If You Act Quickly A Great Quick Response Bonus If You Order Now...
If you order by Tuesday, June 26, 2007 I am going to include with your Restaurant Marketing Ideas package a great marketing e-book to further your marketing toolkit... here's what you get for FREE...

Bonus # 1 1001 Restaurant Marketing Ideas
The e-book "1001 marketing ideas for your restaurant or cafe" provides you with over 1000 individual marketing promotional ideas for your business. Yes that's over 1000... This exclusive e-book is only available on this page and only available today. The e-book is fully downloadable and is available to you immediately when you download the Restaurant Marketing Ideas toolkit. The e-book contains up to 10 different promotional ideas on any given day over the year. This e-book is packed with ideas you probably never would think about.

Valued at $29.95 ... yours FREE

Now I want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase so what I will be giving you is a total money back guarantee.

200% Money back Guarantee

I insist that you order the Restaurant Marketing Ideas Toolkit entirely at my risk. There's is absolutely no risk on your part. Like every investment that you make you want some type of protection or guarantee that the investment is going to work or perform to the way you think it will. That's why I stand behind the product and services I provide with a double money back guarantee, very simply here's how it works: If within 30 days of purchasing the toolkit you are not totally satisfied I will provide you with 100% of your money back, no questions asked. You can download today and start using the toolkit tonight and you have a full 30 days to try it out. Then if after 60 days you are still not satisfied you must provide me with proof of how you implemented no less than 4 of the strategies and how it made no noticeable difference in your business. Then provided you give me proof I will give you 200% of your money back, that's right double your money, but only after 60 days. I want you to feel absolutely certain there is no way you can "get taken". After all, I am a respected consultant in the hospitality industry and my reputation is on the line, so I want you to feel 100% confident that I stand behind what I sell. Is that fair enough.

OK lets get down to business, you are now probably thinking this right now: "I've got to be crazy not to get in on this! Heck the bonuses alone are worth the cost of the product and they're free even if I get a the worst case scenario is that I get a refund and keep all of these awesome free bonus gifts! and the whole toolkit as well. That makes this a no brainer!" I have put everything together to make one awesome restaurant or cafe package that you have no risk whatsoever...

*** WAIT ***
As part this offer if you are one of the next 250 people to claim your copy of "Restaurant Marketing Ideas" I will also give you...

FREE updates to the restaurant marketing ideas toolkit for life
One last added bonus... if you order by Tuesday, June 26, 2007 I will be going to be providing you with all the updates to Restaurant Marketing Ideas That's right... you will get every FREE update to the package that I make. What that means to you is that when I add any new products to the package you will get those updates for FREE for ever.

It comes with innovative promotions
"The comprehensive approach Restaurant Marketing Ideas provides is the building blocks to making any restaurant a success. The customised solutions include all aspects of marketing and promotions. It comes with innovative promotions which are easy to understand and implement. Alongside of this, the changes made in the business allow for more lifestyle and time with family and friends”. Doug Roberts Two Dogs Restaurant

I was a bit sceptical at first
"I am so pleased that I bought the marketing package, I was a bit sceptical at first but as soon as I downloaded the product it was certainly more that what I thought it would be, my first promotion was a success" Marianne Saville Bakers Restaurant

I have paid for the restaurant marketing ideas 100 times over
"This stuff is great, thanks Andreas you have really put together a great product. I have tried 2 joint venture promotions so far and both of them worked great, the first one gave me a 562% ROI and the second one gave a massive 943% ROI. I have paid for the restaurant marketing ideas 100 times over, well done". John Bannun Bannun Catering

Ok.... so lets quickly recap on what you will receive by investing in the purchase of Restaurant Marketing Ideas.
A full instantly downloadable 224 page E-book packed with easy to read marketing strategies A instantly downloadable restaurant marketing ideas quick start manual to get you started right away A full selection of individual restaurant promotions to use on special occasions like, Valentines, mothers day, fathers day, Christmas and many more... A full selection of restaurant promotional packs, pre-designed ready to go... A total selection of customer service templates, and VIP card programs A selection of promotional vouchers that you can customise to your business instantly All the restaurant marketing promotional material you will ever need for your restaurant, cafe, hotel or hospitality venue Bonus e-book - 1001 Restaurant Marketing Ideas 200% money back guarantee for 60 days

Free updates to Restaurant Marketing Ideas for ever Ok...lets add up the whole package and see what value you are getting for this brilliant product. If you add together the package plus the free bonuses and the life time of free updates it comes to a total of over $190.00 If you order today you will only pay US$97.00 for a product that has over $190.00 worth of product and bonuses. YOU SAVE $99.00 on the whole toolkit and bonus item that's a 50% saving. $97.00 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you could make by using the whole restaurant marketing ideas toolkit. Don't forget the price is tax deductible if you are using it for your business.

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Buying this toolkit will let you skip the learning curve and implement the restaurant marketing promotions straight away in your business.

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through the secure server at Clickbank which includes your FREE bonus for only US$97 on the instant download server all major credit cards welcome and PayPal. All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it's totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information and it will take you less than 5 min to download dependant on your internet connection speed.

Security Alert! If ordering online your purchase will be logged with your unique IP address. Our company works with various organizations involved with the prevention and investigation of online credit card fraud so you can be assured that your purchase is 100% secure. Customer authentication (all network access is logged) IP Address Regards,

logged: Confirmed

Mr. Andreas J Breitfuss P.S. Remember you get a powerful toolkit of restaurant marketing templates, restaurant marketing e-books, restaurant marketing forms, marketing sales letters and restaurant marketing tools to help you market your restaurant, cafe or hotel. This is the best valued in depth and detailed package of restaurant marketing tools found anywhere on the internet. You will also receive our FREE bonus 1001 restaurant marketing ideas valued at over $196 so click here now to get started for only US$97.00 and remember you SAVE $99.00. P.S.S. If you don't order the Restaurant Marketing Ideas right now how will your learn all the in depth marketing that literally could cost you thousand of dollars in lost sales. Don't forget your package is tax deductible so be sure to tell your accountant. P.S.S.S You are also protected by my 200% double guarantee, if before 30 days you are not completely satisfied you can receive 100% of your money back. And after 60 days, provided you show me the compelling proof that the toolkit didn't work for you I will give you back double the money you paid, that's 200% I don't think I could be any fairer than that..

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