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June 16, 20053:53 PM

(1) Making projections: A spreadsheet program stores and calculates information in a
structured array of data cells. By defining relationships between information in cells, a
user can see the effects of data changes on other data in the spreadsheet (see tutorial).
Spreadsheets are "number crunchers" and are useful when ever teachers or students need
to perform numerous calculations.

   •   Both students and teachers should be able to perform "what-if" analyses to project
       budgets, grades or other numeric values. Analyze the sample family budget and
       make reasonable recommendations to balance the budget should one of the wage
       earners lose their job. Include a printout of your balanced budget.

        In the sample budget, if a family member were to lose their job, in this case Joyce,
where suddenly $1975.00 worth of income would no longer be there, several cuts would
have to be made in order to balance the household budget. In this scenario, cuts would
have to be made in the use of a vehicle: the van would no longer be driven, so no gas or
repair costs; the Ford would no get repaired; grocery costs would be cut to $100.00;
vacation saving; miscellaneous spending; church/charity, clothing; pocket money; IRA;
and entertainment would also be cut in order for Tom and Joyce to meet expenses.

The printout of balanced budget is attached to the “Links” page.

(2) Graphing and interpreting data: One of the most important analytical skills for
students is the ability to read and interpret graphs. Fortunately, spreadsheet programs can
graph data and provide opportunities for analysis and discussion.

   •   Create two or more different types of graphs (chart) from spreadsheets related to
       your discipline. Make sure the graph is meaningful and is fully and correctly
       labeled. Copy the graphs into the portfolio. Write two or more questions (and
       provide answers) for each graph.

Graph #1: (below)

June 16, 20053:53 PM

According to this graph, which of the two most populous states in the Union experienced
the most population growth between the years 1990 and 2000? By how much more did it
grow approximately?

Answer: California. It grew by approximately 3,000,000 people more than New York.

Graph #2:
In the following two graphs, explain which set of states represented by the separate
graphs is experiencing a greater rate of population growth. Give a hypothesis as to why.

June 16, 20053:53 PM

The 2nd graph contains states that have either major cities or are coastal. More people
tend to migrate to cities or coastal regions.

(3) Creating a spreadsheet for your subject:

   •   Create a new spreadsheet or a new worksheet in an existing spreadsheet file. Your
       worksheet should include a variety of useful calculations based upon cells in your
       new worksheet and/or associated ones in your modified spreadsheet file. Include a
       printout of your new spreadsheet in your portfolio and describe the purpose of
       your spreadsheet and describe how you would use it in your class.

The attached Excel spreadsheet demonstrates what happens when minimum payments are
made on a credit card with a 21% interest rate. It shows how a $1,000.00 balance can
quickly inflate into a much larger balance in just one year when minimum payments are
all that is made.


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