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Implement a call center solution
that will help generate revenue and
drive alternative moneymaking
                                        Profile in Success: e-TV
In a very short time frame,
implement a CRM application that
will allow the call center to be a
profit-generating center, rather than
a cost center.
                                        Broadcaster Grows With
                                        Cincom Encompass
Since implementing Cincom
Encompass, e-TV's business plan
has evolved, sales are going very
well, and plans for expansion are
Key Results:
• Agents can now easily navigate
  and get access to the information
  they need.
• The e-TV staff can now generate
  either full or summary reports to
  track customer history for future
  prospecting, to solve problems,
  and provide feedback to the
  programming department.
• The Cincom Encompass system
  has enabled e-TV to understand
  more about their viewers.
• Revenue is being generated at a
  steadily growing pace.

                                        A new television broadcasting company has discovered how a well-
                                        implemented call center software system can promote sales as well
                                        as help it comply with its obligation to viewers. The result moved one
                                        e-TV manager to write in praise of our Encompass implementation
                                        saying, “I am delighted to say that I believe that our call center,
                                        although small, is a showcase of what the product can deliver with a
                                        little bit of innovation and initiative.”
First, understand that e-TV is breaking new ground for                            Manuel says Encompass was selected for several reasons,
commercial broadcasting in South Africa. It helps to                              among them, system features, the need for a fast
explain the company’s enthusiastic embrace of call center                         implementation, and the service from Cincom’s South
technology.                                                                       African agent, National Data Systems (NDS). Luckily, he
                                                                                  already understood the software technology for call
With only the state broadcaster, SABC, serving the same                           centers.
market, e-TV is the country’s first free-to-air commercial
station – the non-subscription programming available to                           “In fact, when we started the call center and we were
anyone with a TV and an antenna. “Basically, it means that                        looking at different offerings from different companies,
the only way we make any money or get our income is                               nobody could come up with a solution within the short
through advertising and revenue-generating                                        space of time that we had to implement. We didn’t have a
opportunities,” explained Jezreel Manuel, e-TV’s customer                         lot of time – two weeks – and people didn’t even come
care manager.                                                                     forward with any concrete proposals.” The e-TV
                                                                                  management looked at such systems as Siebel and
Programming is a broadcaster’s currency, but at e-TV, the                         GoldMine, Manuel said, but they couldn’t deliver in the
call center drives alternative moneymaking initiatives.                           short time frame and couldn’t be customized as easily.
Urgency Demands Fast Implementation                                               With its license coming up for review and pressured to
                                                                                  generate revenue, e-TV couldn’t wait while other vendors
e-TV started transmitting in October 1998 with
                                                                                  comprehended their needs.
headquarters in Cape Town. Its call center immediately
performed a core function by providing data collection                            “The thing that really impressed me was the fact that
and reporting for viewer complaints – a requirement of e-                         Encompass came in, NDS implemented it glitch-free, and
TV’s license with the nation’s Independent Broadcasting                           it was virtually up and running within two days,” Manuel
Authority (IBA).                                                                  recalled.
“The CEO felt that it was imperative that we got                                  “I’ve had experience with other products, but not an
something up and running very quickly,” Manuel says.                              external application that could link so effectively to all our
“Our license required us to be able to supply the IBA with                        back-end systems. And that is the beauty of Encompass,
good figures to support the awarding of our license and                           that even when there was a lack of back-end systems to
also any future amendments by the channel.” Specifically,                         support it, they [NDS] could implement and it would work
e-TV needed a viewer database.                                                    without a glitch. In fact, it’s become our key business
                                                                                  system that we use for the order processing and
                                                                                  everything else, and it links very nicely into the rest of our

  At left, Wandile Zote, head of corporate affairs at e-TV, and Jezreel Manuel,
  customer care manager at e-TV
PowerGuide, the Tool of Choice                               Putting Encompass to Work
Manuel is especially impressed with Encompass’               Since implementation, e-TV’s business plan has evolved.
PowerGuide, the user interface guiding agents through        “We are looking at the call center as a profit-generating
their tasks.                                                 center, rather than a cost center,” Manuel said, citing local
                                                             current affairs, news, and magazine programming, “which
“PowerGuide is an extremely quick way for the agents to      are definitely selling very well at the moment.”
navigate around and to get access to the information that
they require,” he said. Faster and easier than connecting    “Eventually we can actually put up clips on our website
to the internet, PowerGuide lets e-TV keep Word files and    [ ] , where people will actually be able to view
spreadsheets as HTMLs linked to other sites, which the       clips of the different archive materials and footage that we
broadcaster accesses for information for viewers and         have available and then order that via an interactive
customers.                                                   program with our call center.

  “I definitely think Encompass is the way                   “At this time, we’ve got six [Encompass] seats installed,
                                                             but we have more agents than that.” Manuel said the call
  to go, in terms of CRM application for                     center averages about 13,000 calls a month as of January
  the call center business. I would be                       2000, just four months from the September
  glad to recommend Encompass to any                         implementation.
  enterprise or concern that is looking to                   e-TV will eventually increase the number of seats: “We are
  have good interaction with the                             quite comfortable that the system can deliver in terms of
                                                             the customer needs. So we’re looking at doing that now
  customers and also to have a good                          to increase the volumes.
  tool to monitor the relationships with
                                                             “At the moment we’re just looking to intensify the
  the customers.”                                            program sales of the local stuff. We’re looking at an
                                                             innovative way of having the calls come into the call center
Manuel said e-TV staff sorted its call transactions among    through a cellular number. We actually split the revenues
the station’s business sectors and attached result codes,    with the cellular company,” Manuel explained.
one for each call. And at the end of a reporting period,
they can generate either a full or summary report. In this   “We’re aiming for a national market. Basically, in our
way, e-TV tracks customer histories for future prospecting   transmission, we cover about 65 percent of the country at
or to solve problems.                                        this stage. In terms of viewership, we are probably very
                                                             close to SABC3. In the last figures, we were looking at six
                                                             million viewers.

                                                                      Pop Goes the Screen
                                                                      Jezreel Manuel estimates that 90 percent
                                                                      of the call center’s work is inbound, with 10
                                                                      percent outbound in the form of callbacks
                                                                      to viewers. “Encompass actually gives a
                                                                      screen pop [alert window] to the agents
                                                                      that this notification is overdue, and it
                                                                      constantly gives them reminders of the
                                                                      callbacks which they’ve logged.” With the
                                                                      computer-telephony integration (CTI)
                                                                      module’s installation, Manuel said, “We’ll
                                                                      be able to proactively identify them
                                                                      [viewers] through the screen pop when
                                                                      they call in.”
“Obviously the commercial time sells. Companies                           Scope Expands
[advertisers] require a response answering service together
with the advert. Part of my business plan is to actually offer            Having met e-TV’s original goals for Encompass, Manuel
our commercial time sales clients the service of handling                 was emphatic: “Revenue generation and other
the responses for them, as well. I’ve already spoken to                   opportunities for business have actually become key now.
NDS about some enhancements to the system that give                       The call centers are also an extremely important business
me the capability to do this.”                                            tool to the rest of the organization, because we provide
                                                                          feedback to the programming department. They get to
e-TV already uses a fulfillment server on the supervisor’s                know what our viewers like to see. They get to hear
PC to send out the order. Once customers agree to                         directly from the e-TV viewers how they are doing. So it’s
comply with the conditions and terms of usage, “they                      an extremely useful tool that goes to all the different
send the confirmation back to us together with a bank                     heads of department.”
deposit slip,” Manuel explained.
                                                                          It is a point underscored by Wandile Zote, head of
e-TV is considering Encompass for alternative payment                     corporate affairs for e-TV. “The system has enabled us to
methods online, for example, by credit card. “We are                      understand more about our viewers, which has proved
going to be doing business with people outside of the                     invaluable for strategic planning,” he said.
country, as well, especially if we put clips out on the
website. I’ve also asked NDS to look at some more                         From an Encompass database of frequently asked
advanced reporting and also investigate types of products                 questions and answers, call center agents respond to
we can load onto the system. At the moment, we’ve only                    nearly any viewer complaint or issue with all the links that
got video sales, and we may want to add some other                        PowerGuide provides, or they can quite easily navigate to
external products,” he concluded.                                         the answers. “Ninety-nine percent of the time the agents
                                                                          will be able to access the information immediately,”
                                                                          Manuel said.

                                                                          e-TV’s Outlook with Encompass
                                                                          “We envision that the call center will expand from being a
                                                                          cost center to a profit center within 12 months of its
                                                                          inception. We like the modularity of Encompass and its
                                                                          capacity to grow with us,” Manuel said. “As we start
                                                                          diversifying our business to becoming more outbound, we
                                                                          could make use of the predictive dialing and the
                                                                          outbound campaign modules that are available.
                                                                          “I’ve been in the call center industry for almost 10 years,”
                                                                          Manuel said, “and I definitely think Encompass is the way
                                                                          to go, in terms of CRM application for the call center
                                                                          business. I would be glad to recommend Encompass to
                                                                          any enterprise or concern that is looking to have good
                                                                          interaction with the customers and also to have a good
                                                                          tool to monitor the relationships with the customers.”
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