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									                                                                       ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH and SAFETY VIDEO LIBRARY

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      updated 10/26/10 (recent additions in red)          TOPIC (sorted by)                                       DESCRIPTION                                                     VENDOR                YEAR MIN        COMMENTS
                                                                               This video discusses unsafe working conditions and will help workers explore creative      Coastal Training Technologies
Accident Investigation - The Big Picture              Accident Investigation   solutions that prevent future accidents                                                    Corp                          2002   19
Getting the Facts: Accident Investigation             Accident Investigation                                                                                              ITS Corporation               1986   20
                                                                               Featuring Tom Harvey, the nationally recognized safety motivational speaker, this video
                                                                               will help everyone involved in an investigation understand their roles in the process.
                                                                               Viewers will also learn how to recognize common mistakes made during investigations
                                                                               and how to make the right changes that can prevent injuries and improve workplace
Accident Investigation for Everyone                   Accident Investigation   safety.                                                                                 American Training Resources      2006   22
Close Calls and Near Misses                           Accident Prevention                                                                                              ERI                              2000   19

                                                                               This video will help employees recognize hazards and control them before they become Coastal Training Technologies
Hazard Recognition and Control                        Accident Prevention      accidents. It also reviews unsafe conditions and acts that can lead to accidents.     Corp                          2004        18
Reduce Accident Rates by as much as 90%               Accident Prevention                                                                                            Safety Short Production, Inc. 1990s       10
                                                                               This video program provides an introduction to asbestos and how it is used, the three
                                                                               forms of asbestos, adverse health effects, where asbestos can be found, hazardous     Coastal Training Technologies
Asbestos Awareness - Are you at Risk?                 Asbestos Awareness       communication, personal protection, and housekeeping requirements.                    Corp.                         2000        21

                                                                               Most of us have been trained to lift objects with the traditional bend your knees and
                                                                               keep your back straight technique, but it doesn't work. This method forces us to
                                                                               overuse our knees and legs and our backs still end up bearing the brunt of the load.
                                                                               Dr. Michael Schaefer has recognized the flaws of the conventional lifting technique and
                                                                               developed a safe, easy and stronger lifting position...The PowerLift.

                                                                               - The structure of the back and why back lifting can be so harmful.
                                                                               - Flaws of the traditional "squat lift" technique.
                                                                               - Cumulative injury and scar tissue.
                                                                               - Keeping the spine in a "neutral position" and the basics of the wide stance PowerLift.
                                                                               - The four lifts derived from the PowerLift concept: Tipping Load, Tripod Lift, Golfer's
                                                                               Bend and Lean-Bar Lifting techniques.                                                                                                 Mike McGhie - LAG -
PowerLift: Lifting Training That Works!               Back/Lifting Safety      - Adding strength and balance to a lift by bridging.                                       American Training Resources   2010   19    Sep 16 10
                                                                               This video program reviews proper procedures and makes workers realize how
                                                                               important lifestyle is when it comes to avoiding injuries. Also includes: Dramatizations
                                                                               to emphasize importance of lifestyle, proper lifting procedures, consquences of            Coastal Training Technologies
Back at Work                                          Back/Lifting Safety      shortcuts,                                                                                 Corp.                         1994   16

                                                                               This video compares the physical rigors workers may face on the job to the physical
                                                                               challenges of many professional athletes, always stressing the right techniques for back Coastal Training Technologies
Back Safety - Defending Your Safety Zone (2 copies)   Back/Lifting Safety      safety. Also includes: employee handbooks, and leader's guide.                           Corp.                         1998     19
                                                                               As a popular motivational speaker, Odie uses his unique experiences to connect with
                                                                               audiences and explain how to work safely in a high-risk and sometimes dangerous
                                                                               environment. In this program, Odie discusses the concept of calling a “knock it off”
                                                                               immediately when recognizing dangerous behavior, while his friend and fellow fighter
                                                                               pilot Wes Sharp encourages viewers to speak up and tell co-workers to “keep off the
                                                                               grass” when they witness an unsafe act.

                                                                               •Anyone can call a knock it off, whether you’re fresh out of training or been with the
                                                                               company for 30 years.
                                                                               •Anytime you hear a knock it off, you must call a time out and stop the work
                                                                               •Once a knock it off has been called, you need to listen and reassess the situation to
                                                                               get everyone’s situational awareness up to speed before returning to work.
                                                                               •We can’t rely on luck to save us from situations where a knock it off should have been
                                                                               called immediately.
                                                                               •We must share close calls and other experiences that occur in the workplace because
                                                                               we are the only ones who know what really goes on when no one is looking over our
                                                                               shoulders.                                                                              Coastal Training Technologies
Knock It Off! With Jeff "Odie" Espenship              Behaviorial Safety       •We should embrace a culture in which people feel compelled, if not duty-bound, to say Corp.                          2010      16

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                                                                    ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH and SAFETY VIDEO LIBRARY

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      updated 10/26/10 (recent additions in red)        TOPIC (sorted by)                                       DESCRIPTION                                                    VENDOR                  YEAR MIN      COMMENTS
                                                                            Jeff Bell received the phone call that every parent fears. His son Brian, a young man full
                                                                            of potential and promise, had been killed on the job. In this powerful presentation, Jeff
                                                                            Bell introduces his son Brian and takes the audience step by step through the events
                                                                            leading to his death. During his presentation, Jeff, an experienced safety facilitator for a
                                                                            large paper mill, takes every opportunity to explain what is required to prevent such
Brian's Story: You Can Make A Difference (DVD)      Behaviorial Safety                                                                                                   ERI                           2008   20
                                                                            Do your employees believe an accident-free workplace is a possibility? Let Billy
                                                                            Robbins convince them that it is absolutely possible if they are highly motivated,
                                                                            committed and have a vision for it. In this unique, fast-paced presentation, one of the
                                                                            top motivational speakers in the safety field shows viewers how changed attitudes
                                                                            produce safety. Billys blend of humor, audience participation and the story of his own
                                                                            incident drive home the point that accidents don't just affect your life, but also the lives
Billy Robbins' Hooked on Safety - My World (DVD)    Behaviorial Safety      of everyone around you.                                                                      American Training Resources   2008   18
                                                                            Excuses, excuses--we all have given and heard our share of excuses. We often make
                                                                            excuses so fast and with so little thought that we fail to realize how dangerous they can
                                                                            be. If were lucky, we are able to learn the danger of using them to justify unsafe acts
                                                                            without experiencing permanent consequences. Luck, however, is just not something
                                                                            we can depend on to keep us safe and all too often our excuses have tragic results. To
                                                                            show these results, this program features many common workplace examples of
                                                                            people using excuses to justify unsafe acts. Our goal is to help viewers recognize risky
                                                                            excuses so they can stop, think and make a better choice. (NOTE: contains some
What's Your Excuse (DVD)                            Behaviorial Safety      graphic images)                                                                              American Training Resources   2008   16
                                                                            "Don't be an accomplice to unsafe acts" is the theme of this second episode of our
                                                                            popular "Safety's Most Wanted" Series. Our host Tom Clark shines the spotlight on
                                                                            three injury-causing culprits: the prankster Horseplay, the "get it done" Cowboy and the
                                                                            infectious Apathy are each exposed as a source of workplace injury. Through co-worker
                                                                            interviews, incident reenactments and testimony from the culprits themselves, viewers
                                                                            learn how to defeat these safety culprits and maintain a safe workplace. Each of the
                                                                            safety villains in this program require accomplices in order to thrive. The viewer will
                                                                            learn that by refusing to participate in horseplay, not calling on the cowboy to get it done
                                                                            and refusing to be infected with someone else's apathy towards safety, we can all help
Safety's Most Wanted - Episode 2: The Accomplices   Behaviorial Safety      create a safer workplace.                                                                    American Training Resources   2008   19

                                                                            In this episode of "Safety's Most Wanted," we investigate the tendencies and modes of
                                                                            operation of three injury instigators: Uncorrected Hazards, Shortcuts and Complacency.
                                                                            Through undercover interviews, victim statements and reenactments, viewers will see
                                                                            how these culprits contribute to injuries and fatalities in our workplaces and homes. Our
                                                                            goal is to keep these dangerous characters from lurking in the shadows by identifying
Safety's Most Wanted                                Behaviorial Safety      them and putting them out of business.                                                    American Training Resources      2006   16
                                                                            This video illustrates how to effectively communicate with our co-workers when we see
                                                                            them behaving unsafely. Examples of poor communication methods are demonstrated
                                                                            as workers confront co-workers about their unsafe behavior in three potentially
                                                                            hazardous workplace incidents. The incidents are then redone using effective
What Would You Say?                                 Behaviorial Safety      communication techniques to help correct the unsafe behavior.                             American Training Resources      2006   16

                                                                            In this unique safety presentation, we witness children using common excuses not to
                                                                            wear safety gear: It's uncomfortable, Don't worry, nothing will happen to me, etc. Of
                                                                            course, the parents do not give in to these childish excuses and explain to their children
                                                                            why safety rules must be followed. But when the kids discover their parents using those
                                                                            same childish excuses at work, they wonder how their parents' attitudes would change
                                                                            if their children were to come to work with them. As each child begins to perform the
                                                                            same job tasks as their parents, the adults' safety attitudes quickly change, explaining
                                                                            how important workplace safety is and insisting that the children follow procedures and
                                                                            wear proper protective equipment. The children then drive home the point that the
                                                                            adults should protect themselves at work with the same passion with which they would
                                                                            protect their child. They also explain that the adults should be just as quick to stop an
                                                                            adult co-worker from committing the same types of unsafe acts, "because everybody is
Do It For Me                                        Behaviorial Safety      somebody's child."                                                                         ERI                             2007   16

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                                                                    ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH and SAFETY VIDEO LIBRARY

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      updated 10/26/10 (recent additions in red)       TOPIC (sorted by)                                       DESCRIPTION                                                           VENDOR                 YEAR MIN       COMMENTS
                                                                           While working as a paramedic and firefighter, Martin Lesperance frequently hears injury
                                                                           victims say "I just wasnt thinking" or "I didnt think." If not thinking causes their pain and
                                                                           suffering, then thinking about safety could prevent their pain, suffering and possibly
                                                                           even death. In this new live pres-entation, Martin uses his on-the-job experiences to
                                                                           show that taking a moment to think and act on safety can make a huge difference in our
Think & Be Safe                                    Behaviorial Safety      lives and the lives of our families.                                                          American Training Resources        2007     17
                                                                           This short 5-minute video shows how taking a shortcut to save time can have
                                                                           devastating consequences for you and your loved ones. Every Saturday, Ted missed
                                                                           his son Brad's little league baseball games because he had to work. When Brad's team
                                                                           made it to the championship game, Ted promised Brad he'd be there. On the day of the
                                                                           game, Ted had to decide whether to bypass a series of safety rules during a
                                                                           maintenance procedure so he could get to the game on time or follow the rules and
                                                                           arrive late. Viewers will see how the right choice allowed Ted to see Brad play and how
Better Late than Never                             Behaviorial Safety      the wrong choice cost him his life.                                                           ERI                                2006     5
                                                                           Best-selling author and popular safety speaker Martin Lesperance takes his 20 years of
                                                                           experience as a firefighter and paramedic and molds them into an entertaining and
Accidents Aren't Just One Of Those Things          Behaviorial Safety      thought-provoking safety presentation. Highly recommended!                                    American Training Resources        2003     20

                                                                           This 19-minute video outlines the 3 critical elements for maintaining personal safety at
                                                                           work - knowledge, attitude & judgement. Each employee, with management's help, is
                                                                           responsible to acquire all the necessary knowledge and training required for the job;
                                                                           maintain positive attitudes about him/herself, the job and safety; and exercise sound
                                                                           judgement based upon his/her training and knowledge. This video uses 8 dynamic
High-Impact Staying Alive in Industry              Behaviorial Safety      accident reenactments to underscore these 3 principles.                                         American Training Resources      2000     19
                                                                           Zero accidents in the workplace is a possibility - and it all starts with a vision. Astronaut
                                                                           Buzz Aldrin helps to emphasize the importance of proactive safety by reminding us that
                                                                           there was a time when the possible seemed impossible. Also includes: vision and
                                                                           initative, creating expectations, accident prevention, building trust, maintaining              Coastal Training Technologies
Pro-Active Safety Attitudes - Target Zero!         Behaviorial Safety      leadership.                                                                                     Corp.                         2000        16
                                                                           This motivational video shows how choices and decisions we make about personal
                                                                           safety both on and off the job impact our ability to keep promises to our family and
                                                                           friends. The theme of this video is that seemingly minor safety decisions can have huge
Promises, Promises                                 Behaviorial Safety      unintended consequences.                                                                        American Training Resources      2004     14
                                                                           This video will teach your employees about the basics of pro-active safety and will
                                                                           explain the importance of taking responsibility for safety on the job. Set against the
                                                                           backdrop ofa local diner, this unique toolkit uses the conversations between the owner
                                                                           and his customers to emphasis the importance of following acceptable standards to               Coastal Training Technologies
Safety Attitudes - Food for Thought                Behaviorial Safety      prevent incidents from occurring.                                                               Corp.                         2000        15
Rewards and Consequences - Supervising safety by
positive recognition                               Behaviorial Safety                                                                                                      ITS Corporation                  1989     24
Blood Borne Pathogens                              Bloodborne Pathogens                                                                                                    Safety Care Services             1992     10
                                                                           This video will cover the three main bloodborne pathogens - HIV, HBV and HCV and                Costal Training Technologies
Blood Borne Pathogens                              Bloodborne Pathogens    their definitions, symptoms and routes of transmission                                          Corp.                            2003     20
Stop It Burning                                    Burn Safety                                                                                                             Safety Care Services             1991     15
Thermal Burns/Demo (2 copies)                      Burn Safety                                                                                                             Valley Videos, Inc.              1980's   5
Hazardous Chemical Containers                      Chemical Containers                                                                                                     J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.   1989     15
                                                                           This video stresses the importance of working safely with compressed air to prevent
                                                                           injuries. Featured are four workplace incidents that illustrate the fact that compressed
                                                                           air hazards are often not easily recognized, but still can have tragic consequences.
                                                                           Topics include: the hazards associated with using compressed air for cleaning
                                                                           purposes; the importance of hearing protection in areas where compressed air
                                                                           produces excessive noise levels; what types of injuries a person can suffer when
                                                                           cleaning the body with compressed air; and why it is important to inspect and maintain
                                                                           compressed air systems, tools and equipment.
Compressed Air Safety                              Compressed Air                                                                                                          American Training Resources 2009          15
                                                                           Proper handling is the focus of this video. Also includes: classifications, labeling,           Coastal Training Technologies
Compressed Gases - Safe Handling                   Compressed Gases        flammable, non-flammable and toxic gases, handling cylinders, valves and leaks.                 Corp.                         2000        18

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                                                                            ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH and SAFETY VIDEO LIBRARY

                        VIDEO                                                                                                                                                                                                   BORROWED &
      updated 10/26/10 (recent additions in red)            TOPIC (sorted by)                                        DESCRIPTION                                                       VENDOR                YEAR MIN            COMMENTS
                                                                                  This video is specifically designed for non-licensed operators to give them the
                                                                                  knowledge they need to safely operate several types of cranes. Also icludes: pre-          Coastal Training Technologies
Indoor Cranes - Safe Lifting Operations                 Cranes & Hoists           operation safety inspection, rigging techniques, lifting and moving.                       Corp.                         2000     19
A No Nonsense Look At Substance Abuse                   DOT Drug Testing                                                                                                     CDL Systems, Inc.             1991     60

Dow Jones Technology (2 copies)                         Dow Jones                                                                                                            Wall Street Journal Television 1993    10
                                                                                  This video shows you how to deal with road hazards, poor weather conditions, vehicle
                                                                                  collisions and crime. This program shows you how to stay in control by being prepared
                                                                                  for the worst! Also includes: nature's forces, night driving, breakdown basics, accidents, Coastal Training Technologies
Defensive Driving - Prepared for the Worst              Driver Safety             road construction, personal security.                                                      Corp.                          2000    18

                                                                                  Part 1 introduces the Smith System's 5 keys to space cushion driving: Aim High in                                                 14-
                                                                                  Steering, Get the Big Picture, Keep your Eyes Moving, Leave Yourself An Out, and                                                  part
Smith System - The Critical Point (truck version)                                 Make Sure they See You. Part 2 reviews common driving errors by analyzing several                                                 1;15-
(copies at SB and several ONI sites)                    Driver Safety (trucks)    real-life simulations.                                                                     Smith System                  1999     part 2
                                                                                  This video shows workers how to protect themselves from this controllable hazard and       Coastal Training Technologies
Electrical Safety - Beware the Bite!                    Electrical Safety         what to do if danger arises. Covers OSHA electrical safety requirements.                   Corp.                         1999     20
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             LaGrange, Charlotte,
Electrical Safety for the Qualified Worker (6 copies)                             This video provides vital lessons for qualifed electrical workers and covers portions of   Coastal Training Technologies                   and Beaumont have
includes booklets                                       Electrical Safety         NFPA's 70E as well as arc flash protection                                                 Corp.                         2004     18       permanant copies
                                                                                  Would you know what to do if a severe weather event occurred in your area? Severe
                                                                                  weather can happen anywhere at any time. You must be prepared, because you often
                                                                                  have to respond with little or no notice. This program offers some facts, tips and
                                                                                  warnings that can help you survive serious weather emergencies. Topics include
                                                                                  severe weather watches and warnings, hazards posed by thunderstorms, flooding and
                                                                                  moving water, being prepared for tornadoes, emergency response plans and
Severe Weather Alert: Are You Prepared?                 Emergency Mgmt            precautions to take once a storm has passed.                                               ERI                            2003    15

                                                                                  When faced with an emergency situation, the chances of survival increase a great deal
                                                                                  with adequate training, preparation, and an emergency action plan. Reviews how to          Coastal Training Technologies
Emergency Evacuation - Getting Out Alive!               Emergency Mgmt            respond in several emergency situations, the importance of drills, and RACE.               Corp.                         2000     16
                                                                                  This video describes what to do and what NOT to do when conducting Employee
                                                                                  Activity Observations (behavior-based observations). Discusses the importance in
Observation & Feedback - Creating Postive               Employee Activity         giving feedback to the employee after the observation, and the skills and steps            Coastal Training Technologies
Consequences                                            Observations              necessary to gather data and create positive consequences for safe behavior.               Corp./BST                     1997     20
                                                                                  This video unravels the mystery and complexity of the Environmental Protection
Environmental Awareness - Recipe for a Cleaner                                    Agency's rulings and trains employees on how to better protect the environment.            Coastal Training Technologies
World                                                   Environmental Laws        Reviews the basic laws for clean air, clean water, and hazardous waste.                    Corp.                         1997     20
Environmental Laws & Regulations: An Overview           Environmental Laws        Overview of EPA's history, powers and regulations                                          Government Institutes, Inc.   1989     16
                                                                                                                                                                             Printer's National
Environmental Management Systems for Printers: It's                                                                                                                          Environmental Assitance
a Bottom Line Benefit (2 copy)                      Environmental Mgmt                                                                                                       Center                        1999     21
                                                                                  This video demonstrates "do-it-yourself" strategies for improving comfort, illustrates a
Computer Ergonomics: Joyce Institute Approach (2                                  broad range of cmputer uses, highlights ergonomic workstation issues in offices such
copies)                                          Ergonomics                       as lifting and storage, and focuses on low-cost/no-cost solutions that work.               Joyce Institutes               1995    31
Ergonomics and the Newspaper Operation/Ergo made                                                                                                                                                                             Booklets filed in Ergo
easy (2 20-min videos); (2 copies)               Ergonomics                                                                                                                  NAA                            1997    40       files
Workplace Ergonomics - Your Visual Display
Terminal                                         Ergonomics                                                                                                                  ITT Hartford                   1994    15
                                                                                  Focuses on avoiding eye injuries and also covers emergency procedures should an
                                                                                  accident occur. Includes eye protection and injury prevention, care and maintenance,       Coastal Training Technologies
Eye Protection - See the whole picture                  Eye Safety                and emergency procedures.                                                                  Corp.                         1999     19
                                                                                  This one-of-a-kind , interactive fire safety video program will take employees through
                                                                                  some "real-life" situations and force them to think about how they would respond. It
                                                                                  encourages them to make life-or-death decisions from the safety of their seats. In a                                                       The Beaumont plant
                                                                                  contemporary appproach, this program covers all the important information regarding        Coastal Training Technologies                   highly recommends this
Fire Safety Real Life (4 copies)                        Fire Safety               fire safety.                                                                               Corp.                         1998     15       video.

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                                                                        ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH and SAFETY VIDEO LIBRARY

                       VIDEO                                                                                                                                                                                                 BORROWED &
      updated 10/26/10 (recent additions in red)          TOPIC (sorted by)                                       DESCRIPTION                                                        VENDOR                 YEAR MIN          COMMENTS
                                                                              One of the keys to fighting fires is using fire extinguishers - and using them right. With
                                                                              this video program, teach workers abut the different classes of fire and how to use the      Coastal Training Technologies
Portable Fire Extinguishers                           Fire Safety             appropriate fire extinguishers.                                                              Corp.                         2000        14
Forklift Safety For Newspapers (all copies are at
plants to keep)                                       Forklift Safety                                                                                                      NAA                              1997     15

                                                                              In 1980, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) was passed in
                                                                              response to public concern about mismanagement of hazardous waste. Under RCRA,
                                                                              hazardous waste generators are required to follow certain steps guaranteeing the safe
                                                                              disposal of waste. RCRA Small Quantity Generators: A Commitment To The Future
                                                                              gives supervisors and employees an overview of the federal requirements.
                                                                              It includes:
                                                                              • Introduction to RCRA
                                                                              • Identifying hazardous waste
                                                                              • Notification of hazardous waste activity
                                                                              • Transportation procedures
                                                                              • Waste minimization program                                                                 Coastal Training Technologies
RCRA Small Quantity Generators                        Hazardous Waste         • Emergency plans                                                                            Corp.                         1994        23

Hazardous Waste Management (4 copies) Note:
there are also two videos for instructors that have                                                                                                                        National Production &
both the haz waste management and Haz com video.      Hazardous Waste                                                                                                      Operations Support               1993     20
                                                                              This award-winning video program will help your employees use and understand the
                                                                              MSDS and in so doing help to control the chemical hazards in your facility.Topics
                                                                              include product information, exposure situations, hazard prevention and PPE, and             Coastal Training Technologies
MSDS: Read It Before You Need It                      HAZCOM                  toxicology, ecology and disposal.                                                            Corp                          1993        20

                                                                              For employees who are working with chemicals, hazard communication is their safety           Coastal Training Technologies
Hazard Communication - Your Safety Net                HAZCOM                  net. This DVD focuses on the essentials necessary to safely work with chemicals.             Corp                          2004        14
                                                                                                                                                                           National Production &
Hazard Communication (3 copies)                       HAZCOM                                                                                                               Operations Support            1993        21
HAZCOM for Janitors and Custodians (SB Campus)        HAZCOM                                                                                                               The Training Network, Inc.    1996        10
NAA - HazCom for Newspapers from Kelley Clark-
draft                                                 HAZCOM                                                                                                               NAA                              1999     31:12
The Hazard Communication Standard                     HAZCOM                                                                                                               J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.   1989     12
Your Health Matters:Basic Concepts of Chemical
Safety                                                HAZCOM                                                                                                               ITS Corporation                  1986     15

Your Right To Know: The Material Safety Data Sheet    HAZCOM                                                                                                               J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.   1987     15
Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow                             Hearing Conservation                                                                                                 ITS Corporation                  1986     12
                                                                              Featuring country music legend Charlie Daniels, the video covers the effect noise has
                                                                              on the human ear, the 4 P's of prevention, reducing high noise levels, and audiometric       Coastal Training Technologies
Hearing Protection - Sounds Good to Me (2 copies)     Hearing Conservation    testing.                                                                                     Corp.                            1999     14
                                                                                                                                                                           Cabot Corporation (EAR
How To Use Expandable Foam Air Plugs                  Hearing Conservation                                                                                                 Division)                        1980's   5
                                                                                                                                                                           Cabot Corporation (EAR
It's Up To You                                        Hearing Conservation                                                                                                 Division)                        1989     11
                                                                                                                                                                           Cabot Corporation (EAR
Less Than A Minute                                    Hearing Conservation                                                                                                 Division)                        1989     6
                                                                                                                                                                           Cabot Corporation (EAR
Listen Up With Norm Crosby                            Hearing Conservation                                                                                                 Division)                        1989     17
Nice To Hear                                          Hearing Conservation                                                                                                 Bilsom International, Inc.       1986     10
                                                                                                                                                                           Cabot Corporation (EAR
The National Hearing Quiz                             Hearing Conservation                                                                                                 Division)                        1989     26

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                                                                        ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH and SAFETY VIDEO LIBRARY

                       VIDEO                                                                                                                                                                                                        BORROWED &
      updated 10/26/10 (recent additions in red)           TOPIC (sorted by)                                               DESCRIPTION                                                         VENDOR                 YEAR MIN       COMMENTS

                                                                                       Noted motivational safety speaker and best-selling author Martin Lesperance discusses
                                                                                       the safety precautions that people must take to prevent injuries and deaths during the
                                                                                       winter holidays. He recalls his experiences, as an EMT / firefighter, several true stories
                                                                                       of emergencies he has attended to make the point that Injuries Don't Take Holidays!
                                                                                       Topics include: Fire hazards posed by holiday cooking, candles, Christmas trees and
                                                                                       careless smoking; What happens during a real residential fire; Why smoke detectors
                                                                                       and seatbelts are so important; and the dangers of alcohol during the holiday season.
Holiday Safety                                         Holiday Safety                  An excellent video to show during Decembers' safety team meeting.                          American Training Resources         2005   23

Housekeeping & Teamwork in Industry                    Housekeeping                                                                                                                  American Training Resources      1999   18
                                                                                        This video intends to accomplish 4 things: (1) show hov a 5S approach to safety can
                                                                                        eliminate the conflict between productivity and safety. (2) show how to control shop floor                                                SEND THE 5S
                                                                                        conditions before they become safety problems. (3) Give a step-by-stp method of how                                                       BOOKETS ALSO
                                                                                        to apply the 5S system to improve safety. (4) Supply worksheets to help you apply the        Productivity Press                           WHEN VIDEO IS
5S for Safety (New Eyes for the Shop Floor) 4 copies   Housekeeping/Slip, trips & falls 5S for safety approach.                                                                      Development Team                 1999        REQUESTED
                                                                                        Job Safety Analysis is a way of planning ahead, a way to spot problems before they
                                                                                        become accidents. An effective JSA focuses only on those steps that create a hazard
                                                                                        to the safety or health of personnel. This program is designed to help you and your
                                                                                        employees learn to prepare a Job Safety Analysis. Topics include preparing for the           Coastal Training Technologies
Job Safety Analysis: Pro-active Planning               Job Safety Analysis              JSA, identifying job steps, and self-inspection.                                             Corp.                         2002      15

                                                                                       Job related injuries happen every day - often employees do not use proper procedures.
                                                                                       Establishing safe procedures is a benefit that involves carefully studying and recording
Job Hazard Analysis - 17 copies to plants, (2 copies                                   each step of a job, identifying existing or potential job hazards and determining the best
E&S)                                                   Job Safety Analysis             way to perform the job to reduce or eliminate these hazards.                               Safety Short Production, Inc.       1998   5

                                                                                       This video discusses common industrial knife safe work practices, including topics such
                                                                                       as sharpening knife blades, changing and disposing of utility knife blades, hazards of
                                                                                       dull blades, keeping body parts and co-workers away from blade paths, cut-resistant
Knife Safety in the Workplace                          Knife Safety                    gloves, and the severity of nerve and tendon lacerations and response to knife injuries. American Training Resources           2005   16
                                                                                       While ladder manufacturers strive to produce the safest ladders possible, a well-made
                                                                                       ladder is not enough. Our safety while climbing or working on a ladder depends on
                                                                                       following safe work practices: choose the correct ladder for the job; inspect the ladder
                                                                                       before use; set up the ladder properly; and, use the ladder in a safe and proper
                                                                                       manner. This new program discusses the basic precautions that will keep employees
                                                                                       safe when using ladders. Viewers will also see the consequences of failing to follow
Ladder Safety: A Practical Approach                    Ladder Safety                   these safe work practices.                                                               American Training Resources           2006   19
Lockout/Tagout Safety Training: A Program For
Employees                                              Lockout/Tagout                                                                                                                J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.   1991   15
OSHA's Lockout/Tagout Regulations & the Printing
Industry                                               Lockout/Tagout                  Excellent review of LOTO and how it applies to printing operations.                           Sandler Films, Inc.              1993   10
Lockout/Tagout Electrical Safety (4 copies)            Safety                          Videotape version of web-based program.                                                       Dow Jones & Company              1997   30

                                                                                       Maintenance workers maintain all aspects of operations and equipment. They are such
                                                                                       an important part of the process that they feel pressure to get all repairs done fast! In
                                                                                       this program, maintenance workers learn how to overcome pressure and redouble their
                                                                                       efforts to always follow safe work procedures. Also featured are reenactments of
                                                                                       common maintenance incidents, testimonials and examples of safe work practices. In
                                                                                       addition to developing and maintaining a good safety attitude, other topics include: job
                                                                                       hazard analysis, lockout/tagout, ladder safety, elevated work platforms, fall protection,
Maintaining Your Safety                                Maintenance Safety              use of hand and power tools, electrical safety and arc flash protection.                  American Training Resources          2010   20

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                                                                      ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH and SAFETY VIDEO LIBRARY

                        VIDEO                                                                                                                                                                                         BORROWED &
      updated 10/26/10 (recent additions in red)         TOPIC (sorted by)                                       DESCRIPTION                                                     VENDOR                YEAR MIN        COMMENTS
                                                                             In today's work environments, many machines are used to make our jobs easier, safer
                                                                             and more productive. Various types of equipment can bend, punch, press and perform
                                                                             countless operations. As useful as these machines are, their movement and operation
                                                                             can create extreme hazards.

                                                                             - Potential machine hazard areas and how they are controlled and/or eliminated.
                                                                             - The importance of properly using, installing and maintaining fixed and adjustable
                                                                             machine guards.
                                                                             - The various types of safety devices that are used for added protection.
                                                                             - Why machine guards and safety devices must not be defeated, bypassed or
                                                                             - Testimony from workers who have been injured by taking risks around moving
Machine Guarding Hazards                             Machine Safety          machinery.                                                                                  American Training Resources 2005     18
                                                                                                                                                                         Coastal Training Technologies
OSHA - An Introduction                               OSHA Regulations        An intro to OSHA: its history, powers and regulations.                                      Corp.                         2004   19
                                                                                                                                                                         Coastal Training Technologies
OSHA Inspections: Overcoming Your Fears              OSHA Regulations        This video discusses how you can best prepare for an OSHA inspection                        Corp                          2002   23

                                                                             This 15-min video discusses how to safely operate electric-powered pallet jacks so
                                                                             operators can deliver their loads while avoiding injury and property damage. Topics
                                                                             include pre-operational inspection, driving and handling characteristics, lifting, moving
                                                                             and placing loads, avoiding incidents involving pedestrians, traveling on sloped
Operating Electric Pallet Jacks Safely (4 copies)    Pallet Jacks            surfaces and working on loading docks. Also included is the Leaders Guide and Quiz.         American Training Resources   2006   15

                                                                             This unique interactive video takes employees through some real-life situations and
                                                                             forces them to think about how they would respond. Covers awareness-attitude-action, Coastal Training Technologies
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Real, Real-Life PPE                    proper use of PPE, knowing equipment limitations, and cleaning/storing PPE.                Corp.                          1997   15
An Overview of Safety Considerations                  Press Safety                                                                                                      Goss Graphic Systems                  6:42
Safety Awareness                                      Safety Awareness                                                                                                  Safety Care Services           1992   20
                                                                             This video was developed to teach supervisors how to improve workers' safety-related
                                                                             attitudes and behaviors by using the seven performance principles of professional
                                                                             athletic coaches. It examines how to be a safety coach by establishing a solid
                                                                             relationship with workers and genuinely caring about them as people. It also discusses
                                                                             how to resolve interpersonal conflicts quickly and how to collaborate, so everyone can Coastal Training Technologies
Safety Coach - the 7 C's of Safety (3 copies)        Safety Team/Mgmt        work together as a team.                                                                   Corp.                          2001   19
                                                                             In this video, safety professional Tom Harvey discusses the traits that make a good
                                                                             safety leader. Several true-to-life situations in the workplace are used to illustrate his
                                                                             points. Stressed in the program is the fact that all of us can be safety leaders no matter
                                                                             what job or title we hold. Topics include connecting safety messages with actions,
                                                                             setting examples, why safety prizes often don't work, recognizing safe actions of co-
Safety Leadership for Everyone                       Safety Team/Mgmt        workers and "employee-powered" safety.                                                     American Training Resources    2004   23
                                                                             This video shows managers, supervisors and team leaders how to lead, plan, and
                                                                             conduct the best safety meetings. Includes executing a plan, keeping it interesting, and Coastal Training Technologies
Safety Meetings: Give'em What They Want              Safety Team/Mgmt        trying out new material.                                                                   Corp.                          2000   16

The Proactive Safety Committee: A Team for Success                           This video shows how to make a safety committee work. Also includes: setting up a           Coastal Training Technologies
(17 copies at plants, one copy at NP)              Safety Team/Mgmt          safety committee, organizational structure, feedback and evaluation.                        Corp.                         1997   13
                                                                             Most emergency situations arise with very little warning, and we now know that a
                                                                             terrorist attack can strike in any form. This video highlights important points in
                                                                             maintaining facility security and explains that in an emergency situation, human
                                                                             intelligence is the critical link.
                                                                             It covers:
                                                                             •Bombs, fire, fraud, chemical and biological weapons
                                                                             •Security measures and ID checks
                                                                             •Perimeter security and building access
                                                                             •Recognizing suspicious activity
                                                                             •Electronic security and cyber-terrorism                                                    Coastal Training Technologies
Facility Security: The Critical Link                 Security                •HazMat safety/transportation                                                               Corp.                         2001   18

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                                                                      ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH and SAFETY VIDEO LIBRARY

                         VIDEO                                                                                                                                                                                           BORROWED &
      updated 10/26/10 (recent additions in red)        TOPIC (sorted by)                                        DESCRIPTION                                                        VENDOR                YEAR MIN        COMMENTS
                                                                            This video discusses the procedures lift operators need to follow to prevent incidents
                                                                            such as electrocution, falls, crushed body parts and tip overs. Topics include operator
                                                                            training, factors that affect stability, pre-operational inspection, testing of functions and
                                                                            controls, safe driving procedures, use of harnesses and lanyards, and avoiding falls
Elevated Work Platform Safety                       Scissor/Boom Lifts      from platforms.                                                                                 American Training Resources   2007   19

                                                                            Some of the worst fall injuries don't always involve someone plummeting from a 100-
                                                                            foot chemical tank; they result from simple accidents like a trip over an unsecured rug
                                                                            or a fall on a slippery surface. Martin Lesperance recalls stories of fall injuries he has
                                                                            attended during his 22 years of experience as a firefighter and paramedic.

                                                                            - Stories and re-enactments used to stress to viewers that small falls can be a big deal.
                                                                            - Wearing the proper footwear.
                                                                            - Recognizing and controlling fall hazards.
                                                                            - Maintaining situational awareness when hazards are present.
                                                                            - Keeping work areas free of unsafe conditions.
                                                                            - Transitional areas, changing walking-surface conditions, snow and ice, seeing where
                                                                            you are looking and moving from one level to another.
Small Falls are a Big Deal                          Slips,Trips & Falls     - The importance of correcting a slip, trip or fall hazard as soon as you encounter one.        American Training Resources   2005   19
                                                                            This video will teach your workers to be aware of potential dangers and minimize
                                                                            serious injury on the job. Also includes: action, awareness and attitude, identifying           Coastal Training Technologies
Slips, Trips and Falls                              Slips,Trips & Falls     hazards, minimizing improper use of equipment, simple housekeeping.                             Corp.                         2000   17
                                                                            This video alerts your employees to the serious consquences of falls and explains how
                                                                            most falls can be prevented. Also includes: negotiating slippery surfaces, controlling          Coastal Training Technologies
Step by Step - Avoiding slips, trips and falls      Slips,Trips & Falls     hazards, proper equipment.                                                                      Corp.                         1989   17

                                                                            This video program focuses on controlling small spills and leaks. It covers the essential       Coastal Training Technologies
Small Spills and Leaks                              Spill Management        procedures all employees should know if a leak should occur on their shift.                     Corp.                         1994   15
                                                                            This video shows the devastating effects of stormwater runoff from oil, grease, harmful
                                                                            bacteria, pesticides and fertilizers, and how the government and private industry can
                                                                            work together to clean up before the problems set in. Best practices to minimize                Coastal Training Technologies
Stormwater Runoff - I can make a difference         Stormwater Management   harmful stormwater runoff at facilities are discussed.                                          Corp.                         2003   15
                                                                            This video progam encourages viewers to consider the many dangers that can be part
                                                                            of using powered hand tools. A variety of powered hand tools are shown in use in
                                                                            different job settings. Training is outlined along the lines of "avoid, protect, and defend".
                                                                            Employees will see the benefits of working safely with powered hand tools - on and off          Coastal Training Technologies
Powered Hand Tools Safety: Handle With Care         Tool Safety             the job.                                                                                        Corp.                         2000   19
Tank Closure Without Tears:(An Inspector's Safety                                                                                                                           New England Interstate Water
Guide)                                              UST Closure                                                                                                             Pollution Control Com.        1988   30

                                                                                                                                                                 University of Wisconsin -
                                                                            Module 3: Green and Profitable at Press. Module 4: Green And Profitable Gets The Job Extension. Solid & Hazardous
Green and Profitable Printing (2 modules)           Waste Minimization      Done                                                                                 Waste Education Center       1996               40/32
High-Impact Welding Safety (two copies)             Welding Safety                                                                                               ERI                          1998               19

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