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					       LOOKING FOR A JOB

               1. LEAVING SCHOOL                                         2. CONTACT CENTRELINK
       *Final interview with Careers/MIPs teacher:                You may select to be interviewed by a
       *Collect the lists of contacts & information               Centrelink officer by:
       *Assistance with making appointment with                   *telephone, OR
           Centrelink officer                                     *in person at the Centrelink office
       *Assistance to find a a Job Network Provider

                                3. CENTRELINK: THE INTERVIEW
       There is a set of questions you will be asked, either over the phone or in person
       What is the purpose of these questions?
       Part A to register with Centrelink, and be given your JOB SEEKER NUMBER
       Part B will help Centrelink work out what assistance you will get in your job search
       NOTE: The questions include really personal details
       It is recommended you talk to your Careers/MIPs teacher or the Centrelink Youth Services Officer
       about the details of these questions BEFORE you do the official interview. Be honest and truthful
       as your answers may mean extra assistance for you. Your privacy is protected by law!

                                    OUTCOME OF THE INTERVIEW
                      As a result of your answers you will be regarded as either:

           NOT YET READY FOR A JOB                           OR                   JOB READY
       This means you will get special help on an                 *YOU will be asked to select your own Job
       individual basis for such things as:                        Network Provider.
       *Aboriginals & Torres Straits Islanders                    Do your research before the Centrelink interview
       *refugees; *homeless; * sole parents                       with help from your Careers/MIPs teacher,
       *people with: disabilities, or mental health               and by checking www. jobsearch.gov.au
        issues, or drug/alcohol issues                            for their special services and ratings
                                                                  *The Centrelink officer will phone your selected
       Aim of assistance:                                         Job Netwok Provider, and help you make an
       Help you become "JOB READY"                                appointment to see them

                                    4. THE JOB NETWORK PROVIDER
       * Who is the best JNP for me?      See www. jobsearch.gov.au, and seek advice
       * THE FIRST APPOINTMENT: You will be helped enter your resume onto Job Search
         Take to the appointment: proof of your education level; details of your work history; the names
         and contact details of your referees
       * You should start receiving your Job Search Support (JSS) within two days of your interview
       * JSS will match the details you entered on to Job Search with suitable job vacancies
       You can ask to be kept informed of vacancies in different ways e.g. email,SMS, Touch Screen Kiosk
                        YOU must check the information
                        YOU must apply for any job
       * HELP AVAILABLE includes:
          advice on job search techniques, career options and employment programs
          guidance in using job search facilities, including resume preparation
          feedback on any job interviews arranged for the job seeker
          Intensive Support if you do not have a job after 3 months
       * PROBLEMS? COMPLAINTS? You are promised help under the Service Guarantee. If there are
         issues of concern contact your case worker or the Manager of the Job Network member


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