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									       PADS                                                                                               PADS
         Top - men                                                                                     Basic - men

       Fusion Top                                                                                             Basic Coolmax
       A seat pad of the highest quality, made from the bioactive      Standard Coolmax seat pad with no special protective
       4-way-pad. Pressure-fused, it has differentiated padding             features. Recommended for those who cycle only
       to guarantee optimum protection.                                    occasionally. Good quality and moderately priced.

       Protector Top                                                                                        Lady
       Made from the bioactive 4-way-pad, it has extra-thick
       protection patches. Ideal also for mountain biking.
                                                                                                              Top Protector
                                                                       Made from the bioactive 4-way-pad, it has extra-thick
                                                                         protection patches. Ideal also for mountain biking.
       Elastic Top
       The latest generation of seat pads, moulded as a single


       piece. Seam-free, it gives maximum protection and is non-
       deformable in the wash.                                                 Basic Coolmax for women and youngsters
                                                                       Standard Coolmax seat pad with no special protective
                                                                    features. Recommended for those who cycle only occasio-
       Silver Dry Top
                                                                                  nally. Good quality and moderately priced.
       Seat pad with body-contour-moulded inserts of varying
       thickness and containing silver threading for increased
       perspiration absorption.

       Coolmax Body-contour-moulded Top
       A Coolmax seat pad that is exceptionally resistant even
                                                                    Mini seat pad for the triathlon, available also in mountain
       after repeated washing. Its special body-contour moulding
                                                                    bike, men’s and women’s versions. Bioactively treated, it
       is designed with inserts of varying thickness for maximum
                                                                     provides maximum comfort and softness, allows the skin
       comfort and protection.
                                                                             to breathe naturally, and gives good protection.

       Enertex Top
       Extra-light for maximum comfort and optimum protection.                                                          Ready
                                                                          A non-slip seat pad that can be applied to clothing,
                                                                                                without any need for sewing.

             Materials                                                                                          Materials

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     MATERIALI                                                                     MATERIALS

                                                                                                       Trafo Light:
                                                            A microfibre fabric particularly suitable for summer wear.
                                                              The special honeycomb type of weaving ensures optimum
        The textiles used to make garments special
                                                             breathability and comfort. Weight 133gr/sqm. Printable.
        for cycling, triathlon and spinning must have
        specific, technical characteristics. These vary
        according to the use made of such garments
        and to changes in atmospheric conditions:                                                   Light Waffle :
        breathability, body warmth retention, rain and          A fabric in microfibre well suited for summer wear. Its
        wind proofing, softness, lightness, elasticity,      waffle type of weaving ensures breathability and comfort.
        etc.                                                                             Weight 128gr/sqm. Printable.

                                                                                                                             UPPER PART
        These characteristics will remain unaltered,
                                                                                          Extra Light Waffle :
        even after undergoing our process of
                                                            A fabric in microfibre whose characteristics are lightness
        personalisation by thermotransfer of digital
                                                            and breathability. It is particularly suitable for competiti-
        images at more than 200 degrees. Only through
                                                                             ve cycling. Weight 125gr/sqm. Printable.
        a careful selection of materials can we guarantee
        a customized and technically up-to-date product.                                   Meryl Actisystem:
                                                                  An innovative fabric obtained by combining Meryl Mi-
        All the fabrics we select are thoroughly tested          crofibre with Meryl Skinlife. The results is the latest
        for thermo transfer and for prolonged cycling          in textiles: it is light, highly protective, makes for good
        conditions.                                             performance, is strong and versatile and dries quickly.
                                                                                            Weight 125gr/sqm. Printable.

                                                                                                       Hard Trafo:
                                                            A plush-lined microfibre fabric of medium-weight, excellent
                                                                                                   for mid-season wear.
                                                             Despite the plush, it allows the skin to breathe and feels
                                                                                                   soft and confortable.
                                                                                         Weight 187gr/sqm. Printable.

                                                                                                  Winter Waffle:
                                                                A plush-lined microfibre fabric suitable for mid-season
                                                               wear. Can be combined with heavier textiles for winter
                                                                wear. Allows the skin to breathe. Weight 224gr/sqm.

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             MATERIALI                                                                                 MATERIALS

               Windtex:                                                                                                           Lycra:
               A thermo-regulatoring membrane which protects from                   Good for making garments that allow freedom of move-
               rain and wind while maintaining the microclimate between          ment, comfort and fitting, maintaining shape and preven-
               skin and fabric. It is elastic and light.                           ting creasing. These garments have a streamlined look,
                                                                                   adhere to the body without interfering with movement,
               Light Windtex:                                                        they are comfortable and look attractive. Technically,
               A rainproof breathable fabric obtained by combining a               Lycra belongs to the general category of synthetic Ela-
               Windtex membrane with two layers of a special polyester         stam fibres, a segmented polyurethane, i.e. it is composed
               called Firma. It protects from rain and/or medium-low             of a flexible sequence of segments joined to rigid segmen-
               temperatures (10-18 centigrades). Weigh 130gr/sqm.               ts. Lycra can be stretched four to seven times its normal

                                                                                                                                                INFERIOR PART
               Printable.                                                             length, but immediately returns to its original shape
                                                                                    as soon as the stretching is relaxed. Though the fabric

               Medium Windtex :                                                 looks like a single continuous yarn, in fact it consists of a
               A rainproof breathable fabric obtained by combining a Win-      bunch of thin filaments. Lycra is always combined with one
               dtex membrane with a layer of Vela Plus, and one of Pile.           or more natural or synthetic fibres. Weight 195gr/sqm
               It protects from wind and rain at low temperatures (4-12                           - 2100gr/sqm - 230gr/sqm. Not printable.
               centigrade). Weight 275gr/sqm. Printable.

               Strong Windtex :
               A rainproof breathable fabric obtained by combining a
               Windtex membrane with a layer of Vela Plus and a thick                                                         Tavolara:
               one of Pile Elastic. It protects from wind and rain in cold     This is a highly compressed fabric combined with a balan-
               temperatures                                                    ced, multidirectional elasticity. It gives complete protec-
               (-5-5 centigrade). Weight 315gr/sqm. Printable.                   tion from ultraviolet rays and is very resistant to wear
                                                                               and tear. This latter characteristic makes it particularly
               Dryarn:                                                         well suited for personalised (printed) shorts, Bib Short or
               A superlight breathable fabric that maintains body tempe-                     Bib Knickers. Weight 210gr/sqm. Printable.
               rature and a dry skin in all seasons. Effective in elimina-
               ting perspiration. Comfortable and allergen-free. Ideal for
               Supplex:                                                          A fabric with a net-like type of weaving. It is very elastic
               This is a fabric in multifibre nylon which is light and soft.     and adheres to the body without compressing it. It does
               It dries quicker than cotton, which it resembles when                      not lose these features with frequent washings.
               worn next to the skin. It is opaque in appearance, allows
               the skin to breathe and protects against the wind. Not

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                MATERIALI                                                                                    MATERIALI

                  Superroubaix:                                                                                             Silver Dry:
                  This is a doubly elasticised fabric with technical-tactile     The high performance of Silver Dry is due to a combination
                  characteristics. It is used in active sports. Its appearan-        of precious moisture-absorbing yarns. These feature a
                  ce is opaque, has plush on its reverse, wears extremely        special system of channelling and special micro-fibres that
                  well, and has a superior elasticity which makes the gar-         contain silver particles that permanently prevent bacte-
                  ment superior to similar ones on the market. The sophisti-      rial proliferation, reduce unpleasant odours and increase
                  cated process and use of special fibres make for a product                                             epidermic comfort.
                  that is pleasing to the touch, has unmatched qualities of
                  comfort, and is long lasting. A special material for special                                                 Enertex:
                  garments. Weight 245gr/sqm. Not Printable.                        This fabric is obtained from a weaving of finest yarns of

                                                                                    100% propylene. Because of the chemical-physical cha-
                                                                                   racteristics inherent in the prime material it is particu-
                  Superfiandre:                                                              larly suitable for garments for technical work.
                  This is a unidirectional, elasticised fabric. It guarantees
                  adequate protection in cold weather, and wears well. Its
                  elasticity makes it comfortable to wear. It is the best win-

                                                                                    An entirely new polyester microfibre material, surface-
                  ter fabric in its price range. Weight 221gr/sqm. Printable.
                                                                                  treated with Bioactive Trevira. The fabric contains silver
                                                                                      ions that prevent the formation of bacterial flora and
                                                                                    unpleasant odours and ensure maximum hygiene. These
                  Yoga:                                                                  anatomically designed bioactive 4-way-pads ensure
                  This is a fabric used in active sport as well as in other       optimum comfort over all the seat area, allowing the skin
                  sectors such as fashion and the technical world. It is dou-           to breathe and reducing the formation of dampness.
                  bly elasticised, has plush on its reverse and is made with
                  elastomer and polyamnide yarns. It wears well and has
                  good stretchability. Quality and price are well matched.
                                                                                  This is a fabric composed of hollow fibres that rapidly ab-
                  Weight 235gr/sqm. Not printable.
                                                                                 sorb humidity, dries rapidly, and leaves the wearer feeling
                                                                                                                              fresh and dry.

                  A fabric that has good elasticity and body-heat retention.
                  Printable, and thus ideal for combining with winter fabrics
                  to make customized bib tights, bib knikers and thermo
                  accessories. Printable.

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