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									         An Overview of the UCAS Process at Eltham College: 2012 entry

                             Step 1: Which Course? Which University?
   Oxbridge and Higher Education advice (September onwards), Centigrade Questionnaire
              (December), Centigrade debrief and research advice (January)

                Step 2: Supporting Your Application (a continuous process)
  Gaining work experience, wider reading, taster courses, Independent Research Projects...

                   Step 3: Higher Education Evening, Tuesday 22nd March 2011
                An opportunity for parents to gain an insight into the UCAS process.

                          Step 4: UCAS Day, Monday 13th June 2011 (TBC)
   Advice on completing the form, writing a personal statement and interview technique.

                   Step 5: Academic Review Day, Thursday 23rd June 2011 (TBC)
                  A discussion with a subject specific member of staff, focusing on
                              what needs to be done over the summer.

                                Step 6: Complete UCAS Form Online
       Submit a draft personal statement to your form tutor on the first day of Autumn Term;
       submit an edited version to an assigned subject specialist; provide a final copy of your
           UCAS form and personal statement to your form tutor; click 'PAY AND SEND'.
        Deadlines for all of the above: Oxbridge and Medical: Friday, 16th September 2011
                      All remaining forms: Friday 30th September 2011 (TBC)

                                      Step 7: Reference Added
            This process will only start after all the previous steps have been completed.
        Pupils will be allowed to read their references before they are signed (electronically)
                              by Mr Henderson and uploaded to UCAS.


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                                             Upper Sixth

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