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					                                            TOWSON UNIVERSITY
                                         Towson Learning Network (TLN)
                                                 FACT SHEET

                      Please Read Carefully Before Completing the Official Registration Process


Graduate Application
If you have not attended the Towson University Graduate School for the last three years, you must
complete a graduate application. If you are applying to a graduate program, you must send official
transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended and any additional materials required by the
specific program to the Towson University Graduate School, 8000 York Rd., Baltimore, MD 21252.
Go to for a list of program admission requirements.

All applicants will be initially activated as non-degree seeking students for registration purposes. If you
are seeking a degree, once you are admitted to the program by your advisor, you will receive a welcome
packet from the Graduate School. If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate School 410-
704-2501. As a new student, once your online account has been set up by the Graduate School, you will
receive an email with instructions for you to activate your Towson University account.


Closed Contract Fee
The closed contract fee is a processing fee associated with the partnership between Towson University
and school systems.

Each school system has a separate partnership agreement with Towson University based on its rate of
reimbursement. Typically the school system is billed directly for your tuition; however, in some
circumstances you may receive a tuition bill from the Bursar’s Office, such as:

       Your school system will not pay for your tuition if you receive a grade that does not meet your
        school system’s reimbursement requirements. For example, if you receive a grade of I
        (incomplete), or if you receive a grade of FX. Instead, you will be responsible for the non-
        refundable, non-reimbursable closed contract fee and tuition.
       Your school system will not pay your tuition if you exceed their reimbursable credit limit. If you
        exceed your school system’s reimbursable credit limit, you are responsible for the closed contract
        fee and tuition.
       If your school or school system does not have a partnership agreement with Towson University,
        your tuition will not be paid by your school system, and you are responsible for the closed
        contract fee and tuition. If eligible you may seek reimbursement directly from your school
       Tuition and closed contract fees are subject to increase.
       If your school system does not make a location available or if there is not an appropriate location
        available off campus, it will be necessary to schedule the class on campus. Regular tuition will
        be charged and it will be necessary for students to seek reimbursement from their school system.

Your account balance must be paid by the due date. Unpaid bills will be assessed late fees and after
90 days will be sent to a collection agency. Tuition reduction is for off-campus classes only. Therefore,
if you take a class on campus, you will pay traditional tuition and fees.

Billing via eBill
You will receive an email in your TU email account instructing you to view your bill at the “eBill Web
Site” for your account balance. A late fee will be assessed if the bill is not paid by the due date. If you
choose not to use your TU email account, please change your account settings to forward your Towson
University email to your school system email address so you will receive all notices from the Bursar’s

                                                     1                                            06/30/2010

If you have not received an email from the Bursar’s Office by the end of the second class, contact
the Bursar’s Office at 410-704-6231.

*Beginning July 1, 2010, Visa will no longer be accepted for payment of your account; only MasterCard,
Discover and American Express. Also, credit card information will no longer be taken over the phone.
You will be able to make payments online through our billing system called TouchNet.
When making a payment thru TouchNet, you will be charged a 2.75% convenience fee. You also have
the option to mail in a check or make an ACH payment from your checking account at no charge.

Bursar’s Hold
If there is a balance on your account from previous semesters in the amount of $55.00 or greater, it is your
responsibility to contact the Bursar’s Office at 410-704-6231 to settle your account. Until the balance is
cleared, you cannot be registered for courses; therefore, you are not permitted to attend classes.

Withdrawal from Class
    TO WITHDRAW FROM A COURSE you must fax a request with your name, social security
      number, course number, and reason for withdrawal to the Towson University Program
      Director BEFORE the third class meeting. The contact information for the Program Director
      at Towson University can be obtained from your instructor. As an off-campus (TLN) student,
      do not withdraw online, through Enrollment Services, or through the instructor.
      If you completed the official registration process and never attended class, you are required to
      withdraw from the course. WITHDRAWING FROM THE COURSE DOES NOT
      RELEASE YOU FROM THE CLOSED CONTRACT FEE. If you do not officially
      withdraw from a course, you will receive a grade of FX.

New students will receive a ONE CARD in the mail approximately ten days after the semester begins.
The ONE CARD has your identification number and bar code necessary to access on-line campus
technology resources.

To view grades, log into Towson Online Services via and navigate as follows:
       SA Self Service>Learner Services>Academics>View My Grades

To request a transcript, go to

If you are registering for a course that is to be held at Towson University, the HEAT Center, SMHEC,
Shady Grove or Hagerstown campus, you will need to submit immunization paperwork. Please contact
the Dowell Health Center at 410-704-2466 for additional information. Failure to comply with the
immunization policy will prevent your registration and class attendance. You can obtain an immunization
form at

All International students on F or J visas or other non-employment-related visas are REQUIRED to have
a health insurance policy while they are in the U.S. that meets the university’s minimum standards.
International students will be automatically enrolled in the Towson-sponsored student health insurance
plan when they enroll at Towson. The cost of this insurance will be charged to their university tuition
account. This applies to full-time, part-time, and on and off campus students. To waive this requirement,
the student must complete a waiver application and submit it by the end of the second class meeting with
proof of the alternative insurance policy. Contact Health Services for additional details at 410 704 2466.

                                                 2                                             06/30/2010