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					                                      Hawaii Top III
                                       Hickam AFB, Hawaii

                                                                                          7 July 2010



SUBJECT: Hawaii Top III General Membership Meeting Minutes– July 2010

Executive Council:
President: MSgt Theodore Guillory
Vice President: MSgt Robin Sabala
Treasurer: MSgt Justin Helin
Secretary: MSgt Paula Poole
Sergeant at Arms: MSgt Edward Pena

1. Location/Time: Tradewinds Enlisted Club Oahu Room, 7 July 10, meeting began at 1505.

2. Attendance: Total Members Present: Report not available

3. Opening Remarks: Hawaii Top 3 welcomed all attendees along with 1 Master Chiefs and 3 CMSgt.

4. Guest Speakers: CMSgt (Ret) Dan Yeomans, AFSA Division 14 President/International
Membership Chairman

5. Financial Report (MSgt Justin Helin): Report not available

Outstanding checks:
Total expenditures:

Ending Account Balances:
Total Balance:
Petty Cash:

6. Committee Reports:

Membership (MSgt Joseph Carter/MSgt Daren Dykes): For our meeting we had four new members, 2
CMSgt (Grant/Webb) and 2 MSgt (Vaughn/Bennette).

SNCO Professional Enhancement: (MSgt Brook Whetsel/MSgt Angell Stone): The next SNCOPE
course dates are 28 Sept 10 – 1 October 2010 at the Aloha Conference Center. The banquet will be on 1
October 2010; there will be an email coming out to all First Sergeants soliciting for briefers and

                 Integrity First…Service Before Self... Excellence In All We Do
                                        Hawaii Top III
                                         Hickam AFB, Hawaii

NCO Professional Enhancement (MSgt Joshue Guzman/(M)Sgt Miguel Diaz): The next course is
coming up from 9-12 August 2010. If anyone is interested in being a briefer or facilitator, please contact
MSgt Guzman and MSgt Diaz.

Social Functions (MSgt Isaac Newberry): MSgt Newberry is looking for ideas for a social get together.
If anyone has ideas, please contact MSgt Newberry. Also, if anyone is interested in helping MSgt
Newberry out with the Social Functions VP duties, it would be much appreciated.

Military Ceremonies (SMSgt Jeffrey Inman/SMSgt Terry Topouzoglou): SMSgt Inman wanted to
thank the presenters that have helped out in the previous military ceremonies: SMSgt Hansford, SMSgt
Palmer, SMSgt Topouzoglou, and MSgt Pena. This is a great program that recognizes the hard work our
Airmen and NCOs are doing during PME. SMSgt Inman still needs a volunteer presenter (non-speaking
part) for the next NCOA graduation. It will be NCOA Class 10-3 scheduled for 11 August 2010; the
volunteers meal will be paid for by the Hawaii Top III.

Elections (Vacant/Seasonal): Nothing to report

5/6 Council Rep (MSgt David Jackson): MSgt Jackson is still working on the mentorship program. If
you are interested in mentoring a 5/6 member, please submit a biography to MSgt Jackson so you can be
paired up with a member from the 5/6 Council. The next 5/6 council meeting will be 21 July at 1530 in
the Enlisted Club. We are also looking for anyone interested in taking over as VP for the 5/6 Council.

Airman’s Council Rep (MSgt Tracy Washington): There is still low attendance for the Airman’s
Council. Please get the word out to the personnel in your work centers. Some of the members of the
Airman Council are interested in helping the Hawaii Top III out with the fundraisers at the Stadium.
The next Airman’s Council meeting is 12 July @1530 at the Enlisted Club.

Joint SNCO Integration (SMSgt Topouzoglou/MSgt Gradel): Master Chief Vanderhagen wants to
have a get together at Barber’s Point or possible another place to celebrate the anniversary of the Air
Force Anniversary. Look for an email to come out soon with specifics.

Promotions (MSgt James Smith/MSgt Jason Rankin): Nothing to report

Community Relations (MSgt Jennifer Wilson): The Hale’iwa Arts Festival coming up. There are still
plenty of slots available where we need help. The Festival is on 17 and 18 July but we need help from 14-
20 July (includes set up and tear down days). If you are interested in helping out, please contact MSgt
Jennifer Wilson.

Guest Speakers (MSgt Ashanti/MSgt Simon): The guest speaker for today was CMSgt (Ret) Dan
Yeomans, AFSA Division 14 President/International Membership Chairman. CMSgt (Ret) Yeomans
briefed the importance of professional military associations. He discussed a few of the goals of AFSA:
Quality of life, equitable pay and benefits to all service members. He also discussed how important
AFSA is in getting all service members educational benefits, comparable pay to the civilian sector,
retirement and facilities such as the commissary. Please continue to spread the word about AFSA and
how important this organization is. If you are interested in becoming a member of AFSA, please contact
SMSgt Tricia Benning.

                 Integrity First…Service Before Self... Excellence In All We Do
                                         Hawaii Top III
                                         Hickam AFB, Hawaii

Publicity (MSgt Thomas Robinson): The by laws are posted on the Hawaii Top III web site. MSgt Robinson is
working on the site so members will be able to click on a button signifying a by law review. If anyone has
information to be posted on the web site, please contact MSgt Robinson.

Marketing (MSgt Everett Jennings): T-shirts - $12; Polo-shirts - $25; and hats - $10. There are
currently some extra large polo shirts available for purchase. If you are interested in taking over the
Marketing VP position, please contact MSgt Jennings.

Fundraising (MSgt Williams/(M)Sgt Bennett): MSgt Williams and (M)Sgt Bennett volunteered to be
the fundraising VPs.

7. Old Business:

Ohana Newcomers Brief Representation: Needed every Tuesday 0745 – 0830 at the HCH Community

8. New Business:


9. Announcements:


10. Next Meeting 04 August 10 at 1500. Meeting Adjourned at 1600.

                                                          THEODORE M. GUILLORY, MSGT, USAF
                                                          President, Hawaii Top 3

                   Integrity First…Service Before Self... Excellence In All We Do

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