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Job Title:                  Translator                               Date:             [January XX, 20XX]
Job Description:
You will be involved in a combination of the following activities:

        reading through original material and rewriting it in the target language, ensuring that the meaning of the
         source text is retained;
        using dictionaries, thesauruses and reference books to find the closest equivalents for terminology and
         words used;
        using appropriate software for presentation and delivery;
        researching legal, technical and scientific phraseology to find correct translations;
        liaising with clients to discuss any unclear points;
        proofreading and editing final translated versions;
        providing clients with well-expressed final version of the translated text;
        using the Internet and email as research tools throughout the translation process;
        prioritizing work to meet deadlines;
        providing quotations for translation services offered;
        consulting with experts in specialist areas;
        retaining and developing specialist knowledge on specialist areas of translation;
        networking and making new contacts.

Job Location:               [Country]                             Company              [ie: Accounting, Auditing,
                                                                  Industry:            Advertising, Agriculture,
Job Role:                   [ie: Administration, Customer         Joining Date:        [February XX, 20XX]
                            Service, Engineering, Finance]
Employment Status:          [Full-time, Part-time]                Employment           [ie: Employee, Internship,
                                                                  Type:                Contractor, Temporary
Monthly Salary Range:       [$9,000-$12,000]                      Manages              [Yes or No]
Number of Vacancies:        [2]                                   Other:
Required Qualifications:

    Complete knowledge of both source and target speech;
    Must understand the diverse genres in both source and target verbal communication;
    Write appropriately in both source and target languages;
    Should be well aware of different styles of writing and morals of editing in both source and target language;
    Listening ability to understand and alertness to grasp various expressions, idioms, and specific vocabulary and
     their uses;
    Should be well aware of diverse registers, styles of speaking, and social stratification of both source and target
    Attentive of different knowledge-providing sources like bilingual dictionaries, encyclopedias and how to utilize
    Should know the sentence structure of indirect speech and different figures of speech in the source language
     like hyperbole, irony, and meiosis.

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