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Restaurant Manager Job Description (DOC)


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Job Title:                  Restaurant Manager                    Date:               [January XX, 20XX]
Job Description:

Restaurant manager must ensure that restaurant operates efficiently and profitably while maintaining reputation.
Must coordinate a variety of activities, and be responsible for the business performance of the restaurant, as well
as maintaining high standards of food, service, health and safety.

The role may have creative aspects, particularly in marketing and business development and require strategic
planning, organization and day-to-day management activities.

Typical work activities generally include the following:

         Responsible for the business performance of the restaurant.

         Planning restaurant sales.

         Coordinating marketing activities, such as promotional events.

         Preparing monthly reports, including food and staff control, and sales figures.

         Creating and executing plans for department sales, profit and staff development.

         Preparing and setting budgets.

         Planning and organizing menus.

Job Location:               [Country]                            Company              [ie: Accounting, Auditing,
                                                                 Industry:            Advertising, Agriculture,
Job Role:                   [ie: Administration, Customer        Joining Date:        [February XX, 20XX]
                            Service, Engineering, Finance]
Employment Status:          [Full-time, Part-time]               Employment           [ie: Employee, Internship,
                                                                 Type:                Contractor, Temporary
Monthly Salary Range:       [$9,000-$12,000]                     Manages              [Yes or No]
Number of Vacancies:        [2]                                  Other:


         Planning
         People Management
         Promote Teamwork
         Providing Feedback
         Responding to Customer Complaints
         Creating Budgets
         Self-Motivated
         Coordination
         Organizing and Supervising
         Multi-tasking
         Resolving Conflict
         Strong Communication Skills
         Recruiting and Training Staff
         Maintaining High Standards
         Managing Petty Cash

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